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Ty'ed Up In A Knot

kathykat70 on Animal Stories

I met Rob who was a lot older than my age of 26 on Yahoo chat. Over time we talked about everything sexual and traded photos and then talked about our fantasies. We discussed dog sex. He said it turned him on to watch a beautiful woman sexually engaged with a dog but that he had never seen it in person and really would like to. One day, we agreed to meet at a Starbucks in Manhattan Beach, California near where he lived. We talked and I felt comfortable with him. It was turning me on to hear him go on about how hot it would be to watch me and his dog “play” on the floor naked and that we should go back to his house and meet his dog. I agreed.

We got to his house and Rob invited me into his living room for a drink and we made small talk. Lying in the middle of the living room floor was Ty, a large chocolate colored Labrador with a beautiful shiny coat and totally disinterested in anything but his nap. I had another drink. I was so smoothed out after that. He turned on the video on his big screen TV; I just sat there slumped into the couch and began watching a DVD he popped in.

There was this beautiful dark haired woman on her knees and elbows with her legs open wide. She was wearing over sized sunglasses and looking behind her. Slowly the camera panned back along her body to her rear end, where the now sleeping dog was hungrily lapping away at her wide-open pussy. She was wriggling, but the dog was taking his time, licking her and licking her until she finally started to surrender and relax. Beside me, Rob had moved in close. He asked me if I liked the video and I just looked at him. I had never been so hot in my life. I could feel my heartbeat in my clit and a lump in my throat. He just smiled and began to untie the belt on my light blue wrap dress. He opened my dress and discovered I was not wearing any underwear or bra.

“God you look hot”, he gasped and slipped his hand into my damp cunt, sliding two fingers into me and slowly just made me feel like I was going to explode. I put my hand on his to stop him and told him it would be like cheating on my husband. Rob recoiled and we watched the screen. The big dog's prick hung out of its sheath about six red, thick inches, dripping while he lapped and slurped the woman's opening. Now the dog was no longer sleeping. He wandered over to us and sat expectantly in front of me. I was so hot and wet that my juices wiped down the inside of my thighs. The big dog stood up and moved forward, but I instinctively closed my legs.

Rob chuckled and the dog began to bark. It was apparent that I'd better do what the dog wanted, so I slumped forward on my back and tentatively opened my knees a bit. Rob began sucking my nipples, pushed open my legs and spread me open with two fingers so that the dog could get in there.

Again I asked Rob to stop. He sat back and watched my reaction to the dog. The first touch of that huge, warm, wet tongue made me jump, but when I settled down again the dog continued. He licked me with long, gently agonizing swipes, while Rob watched and brushed my thighs with his hands so that I could feel relaxed. The dog's tongue went inside of me, as he pressed his head forward looking for more of my pussy juice. I was literally gasping from excitement and almost ready to come. My lips formed a perfect "O" while my body looked suspended in mid air...and then I fell back on the cushion my head rolling from side to side.

“That was hot!” Rob said. I smiled up at him, my arms and legs totally limp and rubbery. My breathing began to slow down.

“I think you should reward him.” Rob insisted.

“What do you suggest?” I said mischievously.

“I think you should blow him!” he shot back. I looked back at Ty who now lay on his side and licked at his bright red prick. I slid forward onto the floor and crawled over to him and lay on my stomach stretching forward and bringing my face up to his, just inches from his penis. Ty and I began playing and exchanging kisses on the muzzle and I let him lick the inside of my mouth. This made my clit tingle.

I raised my feet bending my legs at the knees as I enjoyed letting him work his tongue in and out of my mouth. Ty suddenly stopped and laid his head on the floor. I looked down on his prick and lowered my head and kissed it. I kissed it some more and then I gave it one long lick. Rob gasped. I smiled, amused at his reaction. I continued licking, eventually “painting” the entire length of his prick. I enjoyed kissing and licking all over his cock head until the now smooth wet tip of his penis pressed against my closed lips made glossy by his heavy secretions. I drew in my breath, and then gently sucked Ty’s dick into my mouth while stroking the shaft with my fingers.

“What are you doing?” I asked watching Rob remove his clothes.

“Are you kidding? I’m taking my clothes off!” he exclaimed. “Why?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not going to let you fuck me or do anything sexual.” I said while trying to remove strands of fur from my mouth and around my lips.

“I know.” Rob answered. “But, wow, I have to jack off to this. It’s so hot”

I smiled and returned back to Ty’s cock, propping myself up on my knees and elbows and continued giving him his oral “reward”. I enjoyed knowing that Rob’s view was my asshole, pussy and mouth on Ty’s dick. I took Ty deep into my mouth and licked the head and then swallowed him again. I could feel my tits swing back and forth each time I took him in and out of my mouth. Some don’t like the taste but I took to it from the very first lick of doggie cum. I began realizing that I giving Ty something no girl dog ever gives a boy dog. A blowjob. And this was turning me on big time.

Rob sat naked on the couch and slowly pumped his dick. “You look so fucking hot sucking him like that.” he said.

He continued to watch transfixed as I rubbed my clit with one hand and rubbed Ty’s neck with the other and brought Ty off within a few moments, swallowing it all! I felt liquid in my mouth and I raised to Rob. "He came in my mouth" I said proudly, and he laughed at my delight.

"No, not yet" Rob said. "That's pre-cum he’s squirting. He usually cums a lot more that, but he is getting ready". I was still stroking Ty’s cock gently, and I could sense he was getting restless.

Ty pulled away and his dick slipped out of my hand leaving me lying face down on the carpet with my ass up in the air. A sight I’m sure Rob enjoyed looking at. As I lay there I thought what an enjoyable experience that was. Really awesome. There was doggy cum all over my face from the constant pulsating squirts Ty managed to spray me with during the few times his dick was not in my mouth. As I lay there licking my lips and comparing the taste of dog cum to man cum, Rob and I exchanged looks and we both smiled.

Suddenly I felt my whole body shoved from behind and the right side of my face scrape hard into the carpet. It was Ty. He was trying to mount me. His huge paws wrapped tightly around either side of my upper waist. I could feel his hot cock poking into me, trying to find the opening to my vagina. I struggled, but Ty was too powerful. Rob found his moment and took his dog's penis and guided the dripping tip of it to my hole. When the dog felt the warmth of my vagina around his tip, he lunged forward. In three quick thrusts he impaled me completely. Once I regained my balance, Ty began humping me with short, hard shoves of his thick cock making me come instantaneously. The clenching of my vagina drove the big dog wild, making him squirt coursing hot streams of his sticky doggy cum inside me, filling me almost to the tapping point and then gushing out as he sank his fat prick into me again. He thrust deep inside, hunching until the ball at the base of his cock was banging at my clenched cunt. He punched into me, relentlessly forcing that thick, hard ball of his inside me. I was relieved when it finally got past my battered opening but then, to my surprise, it became even bigger.

The dog and I were locked together by that thick knot of his. It hurt when I tried to pull away, and every time I moved, the dog would hunch deeper into me. Rob noticed the alarmed look on my face and jumped up and knelt directly in front of me and began massaging my exposed back trying to soothe me.

“Oh my God, Kathy, try to relax!” he said anxiously.

I tried to relax, but I was getting excited again from the intensity of it, the sweet pain. He was so huge I could feel his cock jammed up and stretching me, almost bloating me. I came again, and the contractions made the dog hunch more, and I could feel the dog cum running down my legs into a puddle on the floor. I came and came, the orgasms following each other in succession as the dog hunched wildly into me. He would shove that big cock of his hard up and into me and then hold it there while my cunt gripped him and squeezed him as I came hard around that gigantic invader. After about 30 minutes of this, I began to relax and give into him totally. Ty was “mating” with me and I was his captive bitch. Rob felt for me. Just being there to hold my hand helped enormously so that I could just get through this.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you look totally hot being fucked by a dog.” Rob said with a smile.

I knelt there, stretched forward on the carpet, on my elbows and knees, eyes shut tight and whimpering every time the dog started to move. Rob would gently “shish” me and rub me while he reached as far forward as he could toward my lower back and other parts of me that he hadn’t massaged giving me a wonderful back and shoulder massage and many words of encouragement. There was one time when Rob’s rock hard dick began tapping my forehead as he stretched forward to massage my hips. He widened his stance and I felt its wet tip smear against my cheek. I opened my eyes. I felt lost and confused and then began to remember the dog’s knotting me and my own horniness. For a long time I stared lustily at Rob’s swaying balls and dripping penis. I was locked in a weird moment, torn by the desire to complete the climb Ty had started but uneasy at being compromised in front of another man. The situation was both exciting and unsettling. As Ty continued adjusting his grip tighter around my waist and Rob smoothed out my skin, I did something that surprised us both. Something neither of us could believe when we discussed it later.

I stretched forward and licked off the pre-cum that oozed out of Rob’s dick. After that initial taste, I paused to see if Rob noticed. He didn’t. I made a decision. I leaned forward and popped the head of his dick into my mouth and sucked tightly.

“What?” Rob exclaimed.

It was his turn to be confused. I tried to get more of his cock into my mouth but couldn’t reach any further with all the weight I had to support on top of me. Rob realized what I was doing and only too happily obliged the rest of his length for me to pleasure. He sat back on his heels and I could taste all parts of his dick easily now.

Rob’s cock head was just inside my mouth when he moved forward onto his knees and almost punched a hole into my throat. I gagged and he moved back some.

“Sorry” he said.

Then he quickly went from massaging my back to holding my head steady and controlling the amount of his cock in my mouth. Rob began moving the entire length of his member in and out of my mouth while I just concentrated on tightening my lips. I recognized that he was becoming more aroused as he was able to get more and more of his dick closer to the back of my throat. I relaxed my throat and accommodated his entire length without gagging.

With his dick completely inside, Rob came. He ejaculated a load of cum so forcefully that it shot straight down into my stomach. Rob’s hands kept my face hard onto his cock and close to his groin, his testicles pressed against my chin. My eyes widened and I struggled as another load of his cum jetted into my mouth. I tried pushing back. But I was held in place by Rob’s hands and Ty’s weight. What little space was left in my mouth quickly filled and heavy white globs of his sperm leaked out around the corners of my mouth as he convulsed in and out, my lips adjusting to the give and take of his shaft. I swallowed all the semen I could while the rest of the mess slowly slid down my face and down my chin into a pool on the carpet. Rob suddenly moaned and I began to moan through my nose. I felt another spurt and Rob’s dick plopped out of my mouth like a wet mess. I continued licking his penis and cleaning it off. I moved down to his balls and sucked and cleaned them of sperm and saliva. I licked back up to the dick head and let it enter my mouth again. Rob caressed and played with my tits while I sucked hard and drew the last drops of semen from his spent prick.

Rob sat back onto the floor, his legs open and his dick shiny and limp. “My cock is so sensitive” he groaned. I smiled.

Just then, Ty gave up and his now softer prick pulled out of me, releasing a torrent of thin, hot liquid out of me. I collapsed onto my stomach totally satisfied and definitely feeling the sensations of each male’s member in my respectively used holes. I could feel and smell cum all over my body.

I got up, used the bathroom and left.

Ever since then I've been a faithful wife, though occasionally when I see a "Lab", I get so hot I have to relieve myself as soon as possible. I've been known to masturbate in public bathrooms, or in my car. I have still got the fixation, obviously, but haven't had the opportunity to get down on all fours ever since. Oh well, maybe some day...again!

Thank you for reading my story. If you liked it and are registered, please vote for it above and I will submit another new one. Thanks again. xoxo



My male dog loves to lick my ass and cock.He even cleans my cum off me when I've I want to get him hard so I can suck on his cock to get him to fuck me.

My ex wife used to love to have our Dane fuck her.It was hot to watch them together.


OMG, I would LOVE to meet a man who wanted to watch a dog fuck me! This is my fantasy............very good story! I loved it! I really wish I had a male dog, I would so love to do this again!


Kathy, your story was incredibly hot.....I want you to know I have been talking with this beauty on and off for a long time now, more like years.....and little by little she has grown to enjoy this as much as me, this story excited us both causing this guy to think insane about her as he unloaded.....this shout goes out thanks Kathy

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