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Young mans breeding.

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100% FICTION    

One time there was a young man who was drunk at a bar. When he got up to leave an older heavy set man followed him out. This man took a hold of the drunk guy and pulled him down the street against his will to a car. He pushed the drunk young man into the car and took off. Once the car stopped the mad picked the younger guy up and carried him into his place. Then the man raped the younger guy and he was tied down naked to a table against his will. His head and bottom was lifted up so it could be used for sex. Then a dog was brought in for breeding him. The dog was led to his face and he mounted the young mans head and breed his mouth. Once the dog completed fucking his mouth he moved to the rear and breed him in the ass. Then after the dog was done and the young man was left alone for a bit, he fought feverously to get free when the door opened. The man brought another dog to his face and the dog mounted his head again and bread his mouth again and once more went to his rear and took another turn breeding his ass. The man then took the dog out and came back in and fucked the young mans mouth. When he was done he let the young guy loose from the table. He told the young man, you come back anytime the dogs seems to like breeding you. I told him I would be back next weekend.



Ok, that was just bad. I have never seen such a lack of detail and honestly, the guy just got raped, WHY THE HELL WOULD HE COME BACK!!!!!!????? I'm sorry but if I could give this story a score from 1 to 10 I would give it a -10. You sir, should really consider giving up writing stories.

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