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Young Bi-Curious Bathroom Boy

CalicoJack on Bisexual Stories

This story takes place one night at a restaurant in
Queens. I was out with my girlfriend and
another couple we hung out with often.Â
The night started completely ordinary, but that all changed when we
arrived at the restaurant and I went to use the rest room. The bathroom was completely empty except for
one young teenager standing at the urinal.Â

I walked up a few urinals away and began doing my
business. I glanced over and saw that he
was looking right at me with an odd smile.Â
I just turned away. I then
noticed he came one urinal closer to me, now there was just one between
us. Again, I just ignored him. And then he moved next to me. Feeling really uncomfortable, I looked at him
and before I could say a word, he had his huge fully erect penis pointing
strait at me.

I was speechless.Â
This young boys penis had been at least 7.5 inches and was very
thick. Without realizing it, I had
gotten stiff also. He looked and laughed
and said, “so you like what you see.” I
didn’t know what to say. I was
completely embarrassed. I turned for the
door and started walking out and he told me to stop.

I looked back and he was walking towards a stall and told me
to follow. I was so damn horny; I
followed him, just out of curiosity. In
the stall, with the door still open, he dropped his pants, turned around, and
bent over spreading his ass cheeks. I
could his tight little virgin hole. It
looked to be never touched.

He said, “I am very bi-curious and I really want to end that
curiosity. I want you to fuck me and I
want to fuck you.” Hearing such a young
boy say things that dirty made my cock pulsate.Â
Because I was always a little curious also, I decided to deal with the
guilt later, and have some fun now. My
company would just have to wait.

I knelt down and stuck my tongue into his ass crack. I licked his tiny ass hole furiously. I kept licking as I was pulling my pants
down. I pulled out my cock and it was bigger
than I had ever seen it before. I placed
it near the entrance and applied some pressure.Â
Within seconds, his ass opened up enough for me to get the head in. I held it for a few seconds, knowing any
movement would cause me to cum. I
eventually got into rhythm and began fucking him.

I guess he could sense when I was about to cum because right
before I did, he pulled away. He turned
around and pointed his cock to my face.Â
I got on my knees and began sucking his cock. He squirmed back and forth and came within 30
seconds of me starting. Without warning,
I had cum all over my face and some on my shirt.

I stood up, a grabbed the back of his face and pulled it
down do my cock. I put my dick in his
mouth planning on returning the favor.Â
When I came, I held his head over my dick and came in his mouth. I could hear him gag a little, but he made no
effort to leave. I felt my cum and his
spit running down my balls and my leg.

We both got up, cleaned ourselves off and went our separate ways. I still go to that restaurant hoping to meet
that same kid in the bathroom. Every
time my girlfriend asks me where I want to go, I say there. I will never tell her why, and I keep hoping
to meet my little friend again.

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