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Filthy little ants

Stale Gerkins on Bizarre Stories

Carey had been having a hard day at the tunnel construction site. he was building a link between two colony walls.
all the young larva were finishing school and he noticed how many hot lil larva were looking his way. he was a verry attractive ant, his antenna was strait like a stick! and his abdomen was big and covered in veins. He was the strongest of all the worker ants, and faster then any of the soldier ants who tried to catch him. but he didnt show of, instead he casually worked, breeder ants liked it better that way.


One breeder ant in particular liked Carey alot! her name was Katie. she had smooth smooth antennas and warbled her abdomen teasingly at him when ever she walked pasted. she didn't no weather or not he liked her so she wanted to find out.


she decided to just go for it, and invited him over to her cavity for a movie with some friends. she snuggled into him, rubbing against his feeler every chance she got. he started to press against her abdomen and she got a feeling of hot lust flow threw her exo-skaleton.


the movie ended and they bi katie bid her friends farewell! but she didn't dare send carrey away, she wanted to lock him up in her closet, and stick his hand in her ant sized pock. that wasnt the only place she wanted him to stick his hand. and his hand wasnt the only thing she wanted him to stick in her!

 she took him back to her room and before she got the chance to pull out a photo of her American ant friends, Carey had slipped up on her and was 1mm from her face. the looked at each other, and then, their pincers touched! she nipped his pincer as he nipped hers and then, as if it wer completely natural, Carey rubbed his antenna against her abdomen. she shivered inside her outer shell. her body was so shapely, it was as if the ant god had created her as an art work newarly to be desired by all ants bellow her.


she was sick of playing around now. she bent over and presented her abdomin to Carey, and he knew exactly what to do.  near the place his abdomen conects to his body, a huge penis emerged. she gaped at it's size and then pushed her abdomen against it. POP, it slid right in, and it felt great on his penis. so soft and fragile, so tight!


she bounced back and forwards, her breathing increased in all six of her respiratory holes on both sides of her body. his penis rubbed the walls of her vagina and sent shivers up her  antenna. he was about to cum when she turned around and nibbled his penis with her pincers, receiving a beautiful facial all over her delectable face. he bid her her farewell and left. she still to this day chases after Carey, but he has no time for her. Hes a busy little bee, or should i say ant.


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