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Harry potter 12-17

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Snape's Story

"Potter I wanted talk to you." Snape told Harry as they walked away from Ginny laid down naked. He continued, "Dumbledore had made me promise to kill him if the circumstance was right. Malfoy's job was to kill Dumbledore and help the death eaters into the castle. I had not found out about this until after I talked to the dark lord." he paused for a second and looked at Harry. When Harry did not say anything he continued, "Now I want you to understand I did not want this to happen. I cared for Dumbledore as much as more people that is why I dared not disobey him. I did not try to kill him either, you many know that you have to mean a curse in order to use it. I there fore could not use the killing curse on him. There fore I said the words but I was thinking, "Levicorpus" I tried to float him out the window and I figured he would be fine. Nevertheless when I heard he had died I had blamed myself for the longest time until I remembered my promise I made to him about keeping you safe."

Harry just stared at him for a second. He then spoke up, "Well I know about the unbreakable bond you made with Malfoy's mother. I also know that Dumbledore trusted you with out a doubt. But what I want to know is," Snape interrupted, "is why I had remorse for your parents. I thought we might get to that. You see Harry your father saved my life, after school had happened we all went our separate ways. I ended up joining the dark lord and he married your mother and had you. A week after you were born I was attacked by a group of dogs. I was left bleeding to death and your parents did not live that far away, from where I was attacked. I had somehow made it to their house and they took me in and cared for me until it was safe enough to transport me to St. Mungo's where I healed the rest of the way.

"Now Harry we don’t have much time but I have found the three Horcruxes you seek. The snake is a Horcrux, as well as the cup. I destroyed the cup without the dark lord knowing, and the snake can be easily killed when the time comes. Now the only problem is the third one. It is an item of Rowena Ravenclaw. I have not found out what it is but I know Draco was told to sneak it into the school last year. That is all I way able to find out." Harry spoke up just as Snape finished, "so there is only one Horcrux we have to worry about, it belonged to Ravenclaw, and it’s in the school?" Snape bowed his head and Harry took it as a yes. Before Harry could think about it Snape spoke up, "It is time to go now Harry.

Harry woke up and Ron was up getting dressed for breakfast. Harry slowly got out of bed and got dressed. He followed Ron down the stair to an awaiting Hermione and Ginny. They gave them a quick kiss and headed down to breakfast after everyone else. Harry had them hang back a little from the group so he could tell them about the dream. Hermione's response was as Harry had expected, she started suggesting books they could look in. Ron and Ginny did not say anything as she talked. They all traveled down to eat and then headed off to classes.

They next few weeks were uneventful. Harry didn’t have Snape come to him and they spent most of their time in the library. Hermione even tried Ancestry logs she found but they were having no luck at all. They were well into October and Halloween was approaching fast. Ron and Ginny both made the Quidditch team again so they all spent allot of time practicing along with schoolwork was making time fly.

Harry awoke on the morning of Halloween before anyone else. He got dressed and headed down to the common room. There were a few early risers so Harry sat in his chair and waited for everyone to wake up. Harry started wandering, "Why are we looking for what belonged to Ravenclaw. Why not look for where Malfoy would have hid it?" Then Harry started thinking of where he would have hidden it. Harry was thinking boys’ bathroom, his dorm room, maybe even Crabbe or Goyle had it. Before Harry realized it Ron, Ginny and Hermione came over and shook him out of his thinking. He looked at them shocked; he had forgotten they were coming. He they relayed to them what he was thinking as they headed down to breakfast.

Luckily, it was Saturday and they had no classes today so they sat around the common room thinking. After an hour or so Harry noticed Luna and Neville walk through then it hit Harry. "What about the room of requirement." Harry blurted out, "Malfoy spent most of his time in there last year. It is bound to be in there." They all jumped up and headed to the room. Harry stood there for a few seconds staring at the wall then it hit him. Last year when Harry entered here to hide his book, which still was sitting inside, he saw the vanishing cabinet. Therefore, Harry started pacing back and forth thinking, "I need my book back. I need my book back. I need my book back." As soon as he thought it, Ginny grabbed his arm and he opened his eyes.

The door stood there right in front of his face so he reached out and turned the knob. They all stepped inside and shut the door. This room was filled with odds and ends ceiling to floor. Harry thought to himself, "this is going to take some time." and he started looking. The rest took their own areas and started searching around. Harry picked up a broken wand, a cauldron with a big hole in it and even an old book, which was torn to shreds. They searched for what seems like hours until they decided to give up and try again tomorrow. As they left, they noticed everyone was heading down to dinner. They joined the crowd and sat at their table. They just sat there enjoying the meals the house elves prepared for them. Then it hit Harry, he could get Kreacher and Dobby to look for the Ravenclaw item.

Harry contemplated this while he ate and had a good time with everyone else. Pumpkin, apple and cherry pies, along with other items, were a great dessert. Being full and all Harry decided to go down and visit Dobby in the morning. He followed the rest of his classmates out into the hall with Ginny hugging on his arm. Ginny decided she wanted to have a little Halloween party in the room of requirement. Ron and Hermione followed them as the split from the rest of the class.

They showed up in front of the room but this time Ginny decided to pace back and forth in front of the room. When she finished they all stepped inside, the room was covered in red velvet curtains and satin sheets. There were candles lining the room to give it a little light. Harry looked at Ginny and she just smiled, "I've been planning this for a while." She then mentioned more of her plan, "I want both you and Ron in me at the same time."

Harry was a little taken back by this but he quickly agreed. Hermione was in on the plan so she didn’t mind because she would get them next. Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and walked him over to a huge bed in the middle of the room. The bed could have held all of Dumbledore's Army on top plus some. Ginny stripped down quickly and jumped into the bed. Ron and Harry quickly followed suit. Just as they started getting into bed, the door opened up. Luna and Neville walked into the room and shut the door. Harry looked at Ginny and she just smiled again, "I invited them along to. I also invited someone else but I guess she isn't coming."

Before Harry could ask whom Luna, Neville and Hermione Stripped down. Harry and Ron jumped into bed next to Ginny while the other three climbed in next to them. Ron laid down onto his back and Ginny climbed right on top. Harry (just helping it go faster) grabbed Ron’s cock and pointed it to her pussy, Ginny slid down his shaft until she bottomed out. Harry got up behind her and gave his cock a few strokes. Harry got a firm grip on it and pointed to her ass. When he felt it was going to stay, he let go, grabbed her hips, and pushed against her. She moaned as he slid the entire length in. Harry and Ron started moving in and out of her. It did not take them long to find a good rhythm since they had already done this a couple of times.

Meanwhile right next to them Hermione, Neville and Luna were having their fun. Neville was lying down on his back with Hermione trying to push his cock into her pussy. She had only managed to get the head in and was trying to push the rest in. Hermione started moaning with anticipation. Neville's cock was bending as if it was going to break when it straightened up. Hermione's eyes shot open like a rocket. Neville's cock shot all the way into Hermione with one shift movement. Hermione's eyes glazed over as she felt him settle in her. She moved her hips in a rocking motion back and forth on his stomach. Luna climbed up and settled her pussy onto his face.

Neville stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. Luna gave him a moan of pleasure; she leaned forward and stuck her tongue down Hermione's throat. Hermione never missed a bounce as she impaled herself on Neville. Hermione reached out and grabbed Luna's breast and squeezed her nipples in-between her fingers. Neville grabbed Hermione's hips, shoved her down onto his cock, and moaned into Luna's pussy. Hermione got off and laid down next to him, Luna meanwhile got up off his face, got between his legs, and took his cock into her mouth.

Next to them, Harry decided he wanted some pussy so he pulled out of Ginny and lay down on the bed. Ginny pulled off of Ron and impaled herself onto Harry's awaiting cock. Ron meanwhile climbed over to Hermione and stuck his dick into her pussy. Luna seemed to get Neville’s cock to stick back up so she planted her pussy on his member. All six of them were now fucking and enjoying themselves. Hermione felt like the weird one so she rolled Ron over so that all three girls were on top of the men.

They were lucky that the room was sound proof because they were making allot of noise by now. After what seemed like hours, but only 20 minutes had passed, Harry grabbed Ginny's waist and impaled her as much as he could and came deep into her pussy. Just as Ginny fell onto Harry's chest Neville moaned again and came so hard, sperm started seeping out of her pussy. Luna meanwhile fell backwards and Neville’s cock plopped out of her. Ron on the other hand lasted a few more minutes longer than the rest until Hermione collapsed on him. All six of them were exhausted and fell asleep.

Harry was dreaming he was swimming in the prefects’ bathroom. Myrtle decided to pay him another visit and while Harry tried covering up from her, she just stuck her head through his hands. Harry felt his cock get warm and wetter as she sucked him off. Harry decided to remove his hands and enjoy the feeling. He took his hands, grabbed the back of her head, and fucked her face as good as he could. Harry then realizes she is a ghost and should not be able to do this. Harry awoke with a fright and laid there. He could still feel Myrtle sucking on him; he then realized someone was actually sucking on him.

Harry looked down and saw a head full of black hair. Who ever it was knew what they were doing so Harry laid his head back down. She kept picking up speed and she took all of Harry's cock down her throat without any problems. She then released his cock and Harry felt a little disappointed until he felt her climb up his body. Harry looked her straight in the eyes and smiled.


To Be Continued....

Snape’s Story part 2

Cho Chang was looking back into his eyes. Harry grabbed her waist and helped her up. He then helped her slide onto his cock and he pushed it as far as he could until he felt some resistance. He had felt this before and knew it was her hymen. "That’s one thing Cedrick didn't take" Harry thought to himself. He grabbed her hips and pushed up into her to break the resistance. She gave a high-pitched scream, Harry looked over at Ginny and she looked at him and smiled, “she’s the one I was waiting on.” Harry then leaned over and kissed her.

He then turned his attention back to Cho. He pushed up with his hips to get her going. She then bucked upward and slid back down. Harry grabbed hold of her and moved her faster up and down on his cock. Cho closed her eyes, started moaning by which time everyone else had woken up, and started having sex with each other. Ginny reached up, grabbed hold of Cho’s breasts, and gave them a hearty tug, which she seemed to like. Harry looked closer at Cho's breasts and noticed she have each nipple pierced. Harry then looked down at her pussy, spread her lips open, and saw another piercing down there.

This had just turned Harry on even more as he picked up speed. Still this was not fast enough for Harry so he grabbed hold and in one quick motion spun her around onto her back and stayed on top. Harry laid down onto her until he felt her breasts press against him. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed into her as hard as he could. Harry pulled out of her until he was about to fall out and then pushed back in as fast as he could. Harry then started his speed fucking by sliding his cock in and out of her in fast, steady movements. He looked down and her breast looked like they would hit her face if he went any faster. Harry pulled his cock out on Ginny quickly went down to it and stuck it into her mouth. Harry shot his load into her mouth and she took it all without spilling a drop. All three of them laid down right next to each other with Harry it in middle. They laid there watching everyone else finish. Everyone was asleep within a half an hour; it was about two in the morning by now.

Harry was looking up at a house he had never seen before but, somehow, he knew about this house. Harry walked up to the door and knocked. A tall figure was walking toward the door. Harry heard, "who's there?" from the other side of the door. Before Harry could say his name he heard himself reply, "It is Severus, I need to talk to you. It is important, a matter of life and death." The door opened and Snape stepped through the door. He then turned around to look at who had let him in.

Harry's heart gave a little lurch; his father was standing right in front of him and alive. "Who's at the door?" Harry heard from behind him and knew that this had to be his mother. Harry turned around and saw his eyes looking back at him. "Oh hello Severus." she had said. After Severus greeted her, they all went into the living room to sit down. Lily had disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a few bottles of Butterbeer. When she sat down and Harry started talking in Snape's voice, "I have come here on behalf of the dark lord. He is asking you to join him or he will kill you and your son." James started to stand but Snape continued, "It not me who wants this, in fact I was reluctant to come but he made me. I am grateful for you saving my life, but I must do as I’m told.

I beg you to leave here tonight because the dark lord will not be happy with a rejection and he will show up here. Do not waist any time, Dumbledore might have a place for you to go to be safe and I suggest asking him to add some enchantments." Harry's father had sat back down by now and said, "Thank you Severus for coming and warning us but I shall talk this over with Dumbledore and see what he says. Thank you for coming and now I must ask you to leave." Harry stood up, Shock his father’s hand, and made for the door. "Wait Severus I want to thank you for warning us properly." Severus had turned around and Lily was lowering her dark blue nightdress.

She had a beautiful body, even though it was Harry's mother, and perfect tits. Nice little hand fulls like Ginny's, and she was completely shaved. "Why do allot of women do that?" Harry thought to himself. She walked over to Severus, dropped to her knees and took Snape's cock into her mouth. She was not bad at it either, he had better but it was enjoyable nevertheless. James meanwhile had taken off his clothes and was walking toward them. He got down on his knees and buried his face into her ass. Harry could see his tongue enter her ass hole and lick it in and out. He then got up, took his cock into his hand, and pushed it into her ass. Lily moaned around Snape's cock as James pushed in as far as he could.

When James pushed, Severus withdrew his cock. When Severus pushed back into her willing mouth, James withdrew his cock. They were really getting a good rhythm going. Lilly looked like she was enjoying herself. Snape withdrew his cock and stripped off his clothes while James grabbed hold of Lily's waist and pulled her with him until he was sitting on his ass on the floor. Lilly started bouncing up and down as the cock implanted into her ass deeper and deeper. Snape had all of his clothes off and walked over to the couple. He got down in between her legs and planted his cock into her awaiting pussy.

Snape pushed with all he had and bottomed out in seconds. He pushed and pulled his cock the entire length and was picking up speed. Lilly held her breath started coming around his cock, which made it slicker, and he just moved faster. The three of them were sweating really well by now and Lily just looked even better. Severus leaned over and took one of her breasts into his mouth. He circled her nipple with his tongue; he then took her nipple in-between his teeth and pulled until it popped out of his mouth.

Severus pulled his cock out, grabbed it with his hand, and stroked it ever so slightly. Snape shot his load all over Lily's breasts. Then Harry felt himself do something he had never seen done before, Snape bent over and licked all of his cum off her breasts. James then grabbed her hips and pushed in as hard as he could. Harry knew that this was over because he felt himself waking up.

Harry put on his glasses and looked around the room. Only himself and Ginny were left in bed naked. Everyone else seemed to have left them alone. Harry looked over and saw Ginny still fast asleep so he decided to wake her up in a good way. Harry climbed down the bed and got in-between her legs. He grabbed hold of her hips and stuck his tongue into her as far as he could. Harry could hear Ginny moaning and he knew she was still asleep. Harry then climbed on top of her and pointed his cock to her pussy. When the head settled in her hole, he leaned over and gave her a kiss, which seemed to wake her up.

As Ginny kissed him back, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her. Harry took this as a "fuck me" and pulled his cock out of her hot, wet pussy. Harry pushed until he felt their pubic intertwine. Harry decided he wanted to try something new and took her left leg up his chest and put it over his shoulder. Harry hugged her leg and pushed into her. Doing it this way seemed to tighten her pussy for him around his cock. Harry pushed and pulled, in and out of her while caressing her breasts. Harry withdrew his cock and slowly stroked it until his cum shot out and landed on her face. Ginny just took her finger and wiped the cum off then stuck it into her mouth.

They got dressed and cleaned up then set out for the dorm room. Ron, Luna and Hermione were sitting there studying. Harry sat down and relived the dream he had just had leaving out the sex part. After a long discussion, they all headed to the Quidditch field where everyone was waiting to get practice over. After a few hours and the sun started setting, they headed off to diner then bed.

To Be Continued....

Thankful Thanksgiving

The next few weeks went buy dull. After searching the room of requirement a hundred times over, Harry went and made Kreacher and asked Dobby to help look. Harry awoke the morning of thanksgiving and decided to skip breakfast and search the room. Harry slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Pavarti and Padme Patil were inside at the back of the room and had not noticed Harry enter. Harry crept down the isle and hid behind a bookcase.

"We need to find a place to put these before someone finds them." Harry heard one of them say. "There’s this cabinet but it looks to open. How about behind that stack of books?" the other one replied. Harry tried to look better to see what they were hiding, but they had their backs to him. Harry just stood there quietly, watching and waiting. They moved over to the stack of books one of them pointed out and put something back there. "We could get one more use out of them." one of them stated and the other just smiled and reached behind the books.

They both pulled their cloths off and walked over to a bed Harry noticed that just came out of nowhere. They lay down with their knees touching and their pussies were inches apart. Harry finally saw what they were hiding when one of them pulled it out into the open. Harry saw a pink double-headed dildo that had to be 10-12 inches long. The one toward the bottom of the bed put it to the opening of her pussy. She pulled the middle of the dildo and it seemed to slide right in. The other sister did the same thing except she seemed to have a little trouble but it slid in nevertheless.

They both lay down and grabbed the top and bottom of the bed, whichever end they each were at, and pulled themselves apart. They then pushed until the dildo was buried into both of their pussies. Harry was hard as a rock by now, took his cock out, and stroked it slowly. They moved faster and faster until they both screamed at the same time and released their grips. Harry just stood there waiting for what seemed like an hour, when he checked his watch in fact only 15 min past, when he heard them both start to snore.

Harry decided he would like to have some fun to so he walked over to the side of the bed. Harry just noticed that they were indeed twins, everything was the same even the triangle pussy hair, with the same size breasts. Their breasts were allot bigger than Ginny's and Hermione's put together, although laying down he couldn't tell exactly how big they were, so he decided to caress the one toward the top of the bed. Harry bent his head lower and stroked her nipple with the tip of his tongue; she gave a moan of pleasure.

Harry reached down and pulled the dildo out of both the pussies, considering it was falling out anyways, and stuck three fingers in. Her pussy was nice, hot and wet around his fingers. Harry pulled them out and in as fast as he could while sucking on her tits. Harry figured it was not fast enough so he rotated her until her pussy was at the edge of the bed. Harry got down on his knees and stuck only two fingers in this time. He gave her pussy a little flick of his tongue and started going at it. Harry pushed and pulled his hand as fast as he could, after a minute or so he decided thought to himself, "Why should she have all the fun? They are twins after all." Harry got up, after a little wine from the first twin, turned the second around like her sister, and put them side by side. He then got back down, put two fingers in each pussy, pushed them in and out in a back, and forth motion. He pushed his right fingers in and as he pulled them, out he would push the left hand in.

Both girls were bucking their hips in unison and moaning, "faster" Harry was surprised to hear this because he thought they were sleeping but he had expected it eventually because he did not know anyone that could sleep through this. Harry moved his hands as fast as he could but it didn’t seem to be enough so he pulled his hands out and took off all of his clothes while looking at them in their eyes. He then climbed on top of the first girl and slid his dick into her. Harry noticed the other one got up and went off somewhere. Harry looked around for her while he was fucking her sister. She came back from the stack of book wearing a dick. Well it was a strap on dildo. Harry figured she was going to use it on her sister's ass so he tried rolling onto his back but they both just held him there on top. Harry did not think anything of it so he kept pounding away.

Harry could feel something wet on his asshole but before he could turn around, he felt a dick shoved into his ass. It was the most uncomfortable thing Harry had ever felt so he stopped humping and tried pulling it out. The girl underneath him just grabbed his arms and held him in a firm grasp. Harry started enjoying it pounding into his ass. Harry decided to keep fucking along while being fucked. All three of them were moaning and groaning loudly. Harry felt the pressure fill up in his balls and he pushed hard and deep into her. Harry's cum just exploded into her. It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt. He pulled out of her and fell to the side releasing the cock in his ass. The other sister was not done yet so she took the cock off and strapped it to her sister.

Harry had gotten dressed while the two sisters continued fucking. Harry slipped out of the room, went back to Gryffindor town, and sat by the fire. "Harry, Harry wake up." Harry had fallen asleep sitting in the chair. Ginny was shaking him awake and asked him where he’d been. Harry told her he was just searching the room of requirement all morning. It was now closing on lunch and Ginny just sat on his lap before they went and ate. When lunch came, Harry was starving this time and they walked down to the great hall together.

They sat down across from Hermione and Ron waiting for the food to arrive. Harry could already smell the pumpkin pies baking for the feast tonight. After eating, they all went to the room of requirement to do some more searching. Harry went first to make sure the coast was clear, to really look for the Pavarti twins, and they stepped inside. They all searched all over until diner was ready and they left. As they walked, they started talking about the Horcrux not being in there and it might be in Slytherin somewhere. They sat down and the food popped up in front of them, which consisted of turkeys, hams, casseroles, beets and stuffing along with other items. Harry ate as much as he could save some room for pies. After diner, they all went up to their common room to rest. Ginny and Ron knocked off early with everyone else but Harry and Hermione was not tired so they started talking about the Horcruxes.

Hermione and Harry were sitting across from each other talking. Hermione bent over to pick up Crookshank, who was rubbing her legs, and her top fell open. When she sat straight, again she did not seem to notice her nipple was hanging out in the open. Harry got hard right away, which made a tent in his robes. Hermione noticed right away, looked into his eyes, and followed where his glare was. She looked down and noticed her nipple hanging there but instead of covering up she, after putting the cat down, got up and down in between Harry's legs and released his cock. Hermione put it all into her mouth and sucked on it like a pro. Bobbing her head up and down was a beautiful sit to Harry but he wanted to do something with his hands so he bent over and cupped her breasts from the sides.

Harry looked down as his cock entered and exited from her mouth. Harry grabbed he head slightly and leaned his head back, with his eyes closed, to enjoy the sensation. Hermione released his cock and removed all of her clothes. She then climbed up on Harry's lap and sank his cock into her pussy. It was a loose fitting, but it felt, and Harry grabbed her hips and helped her up and down on it. Both Harry and Hermione threw their head back and started panting. Hermione also gave some moans every other plunge. Harry reached up and cupped her breasts, giving each nipple a twist. After a few more bounces Harry reached around and shoved his finger up her ass. Harry then grabbed her ass, with his finger still buried, and pulled her down so he could come in her.

After getting dressed and cleaned, they went off to bed. In the next couple of weeks, they had checked the room of requirements but found nothing so Harry decided to give up and try something else after the holidays. Hermione was going home for a few days and then meet up with them at the burrow on Christmas day. That would give her some time with her parents and then some time with the Weasleys.

To Be Continued.….

Christmas Snowballs

Harry, Ron and Hermione started their holidays by sitting down at the kitchen table with Mrs. Weasley, Fleur, Gabrielle and Lupin. Mr. Weasley and Bill were still at work and the twins would be joining them in a couple of days. Percy still was not talking to anyone from the family. Charlie was going to be there on Christmas Eve. It was nine at night but no one felt the least bit tired. They all drank hot apple cider while chatting about Voldemort and his followers; and what they were up to. He was now trying to get goblins to follow him but with Bill's pull in that community, from getting them allot of money, they turned him down. Voldemort did not like the idea so a couple of goblins were killed before the order arranged some protection for them.

Mrs. Weasley shooed them off to bed after a while and Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione were aloud to sleep with each other. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what was going on almost before they did. Harry's items were in Ginny's room waiting for him so he pulled on his nightclothes and turned to watch Ginny slither out of her Sunday dress she was wearing and pull on a silky gown. They climbed into bed and chatted for a while; they decided to pass on sex for tonight and just go to bed.

In the morning, they all got up and the twins decided to come home early so they all decided to go out side for some fun. Harry, Ginny and Ron were against the twins and Gabrielle in a little game of snowball fight. They each magiked a small fort in which to hide in and magiked snowballs to make them fly at each other. Harry was hit in the head a couple times trying to protect Ginny while she aimed snowballs at Gabrielle. Ron meanwhile tried shooting off two at the same time trying to hit Fred and George at the same time. He failed of course and got pummeled by a group of balls sent by the twins. Harry and Ron worked together, while Ron's snowballs came from in front; Harry's came from behind and nailed them. They then took aim at the fort, sent dozens of nice sized snowballs at their fort, and brought it down.

After a fun filled morning, they all went inside for some lunch, and to warm up, before going out for some Quidditch. Gabrielle was not too bad either but Harry's team had won, as always, they played first to ten goals. The twins had to stop early because they had to go into the village and gather some items for the joke shop which left Harry, Ron, Ginny and Gabrielle to play together. They all decided to go inside for some hot cocoa and rest. Ron and Harry played a game of wizard chess while the girls sat and watched, talking to each other in whispers. Ron had won by only a small margin because Harry was learning Ron's every move. "One of these days ill win." Harry said to himself.

After the game the girls snuck off to Ginny's room, they said they had to do something alone, so Harry and Ron went to see what Molly and Fleur were up to. They were not in the kitchen, basement or living room, considering they just came from there. They took a quick peek outside and did not see them anywhere so they decided to go up to Ron's room and rest. As they passed Bill and Fleur's room they heard some noise coming from inside. The door had been left open a crack so Harry went over to peek in.

Fleur was on her back completely naked with Molly in between her legs, naked also. Fleur was stretching and pulling on her nipples while her pussy was being eaten. Ron had whispered, "What’s going on?" but Harry did not hear him as he watched. Therefore, Ron got down lower than Harry and peeked in. With out realizing it both Harry and Ron had their hands inside their pants slowly stroking their dicks. "Oh Molly you are so much better than Bill at this." they heard Fleur say but Molly just nodded her head and kept on eating. Harry noticed her ass staring them straight in the face so he looked between her legs and noticed her pussy lips opened up and dripped liquid from inside.

This gave Harry and idea so he slowly pushed open the door while Ron looked on in shock. Harry released his cock, which had been straining to get out, and got down behind Molly and shoved it into her pussy. Molly stopped in shock to look behind her but when she saw it was Harry she just smiled and turned back to eat Fleur out. Ron figured it was ok by now so he also whipped his cock out and climbed on the bed. Fleur opened her mouth and willingly took it. The four of them started up one nice orgy working in unison.

Molly's pussy was so damn loose around Harry's cock so he decided to pull it out and slide it into her ass. He pumped it into her ass then placed it into her pussy to get it wet some more. Then he planted it back in her ass, he kept this up for a while. Meanwhile Ron had his entire cock planted inside of Fleur's mouth. Ron decided her head movement was not fast enough so he positioned his waist right on top of her face and fucked her mouth up and down as fats as he could. Ron rested his waist down on her face while he released his cum deep into her throat. Harry noticed this and not to be out done he pulled his cock out and gave it a few strokes to make it shoot across Molly's back and up to Fleur's mouth.

Harry and Ron then left to go to Ron's room. They each fell asleep on a different bed and fell right to sleep. Molly opening the door and stating that diner was ready waked them. When they made it down stairs, everyone was home including the twins, Bill and Mr. Weasley. After diner and a quick chat about what else had been happening, the four young ones went up to Ron's room. Harry lay down on his bed and closed his eyes to think. He then felt someone open his pants and pull them down. He just kept his eyes close and enjoyed the mouth making him hard again. The mouth had then released and he was about to open his eyes when he felt someone climb into bed and plunge their pussy down on him.

Harry noticed that it was too tight to be Ginny but before he could look he heard "Fuck me, I need you in me." coming from Gabrielle. Harry snapped his eyes open and looked up and sure enough, Gabrielle was impaled on him. Harry looked around for Ginny and noticed she was naked on Ron's bed with Ron fucking her brains out. Therefore, Harry grabbed Gabrielle's hips and pulled her up and down on his dick. Gabrielle bent over and put her breasts to Harry's chest. Harry looked over and Ginny was now doing the same thing to Ron.

All of a sudden, Harry felt something move on the bed but Gabrielle was blocking his view. He then felt some thing touch his dick from inside Gabrielle's pussy. Harry looked over at the other two and noticed there were three. One of the twins had his cock buried inside Ginny's ass. Harry figured the other twin was on his bed fucking Gabrielle in the ass. Harry just though this was better and picked up his speed. Harry pulled down on her ass to push as far as he could and came deep into her. Harry could feel the twin on him cum to when it dripped down on his cock. Once the other twin was finished they left, and Gabrielle and Ginny switched partners.

Harry was now with Ginny and Ron was with Gabrielle. Harry was to limp to continue but Ginny wouldn't take no for an answer so she got down between his legs and sucked him hard again. Harry figured Gabrielle had done the same for Ron because he was on top of her fucking her brains out. A couple of times her head had hit the wall and Harry giggled. Once Harry was hard, again Ginny climbed on top and planted herself on him. Harry wanted to be on top so he grabbed her and spun around on top. Harry pushed and pulled as fast as he could getting moans from Ginny telling him he was doing it right. Harry bent over, took her nipple into his mouth, and gave it and little nibble.

After they all finished they went to bed there naked next to each other. The next day the girls woke up and wanted a quickie so Harry and Ron obliged. Afterwards they went outside with the twins for another snowball fight that was cut short when Gabrielle was hit in the eye. The next few days were pretty much the same with a couple more orgies that involved the twins. On Christmas Eve Charlie showed up and told Harry, he could tell Hagrid his dragon was doing well.

On Christmas day, Harry awoke to plenty of presents. He and Ron had gotten sweaters again and some chocolate frogs from Molly and Arthur. Hermione had gotten him a really advanced book on the dark arts. Harry just threw away Kreacher’s gift because of what happened last year. Hagrid's present was tooth-breaking sweets and Dobby gave him a little statue of Harry ridding on a broom. Ron gave him the new copy of play witch and the twins a new Skiving Snack box. Harry looked all around but Ginny had not given him anything, which he though was weird.

They both went down for breakfast after Ginny came and got them. Harry asked her where his present was and she told him she would give it later. After breakfast, they all sat in the living room and had some fun discussions, because Voldemort was never mentioned. Hermione showed up after lunch had finished and joined in a real game of Quidditch because they had enough players. Ginny had to join Fred, Gabrielle, Fleur and Bill while Harry, Ron, Hermione, George and Charlie teamed up. Ron and Bill were keepers, the twins were beaters, Gabrielle/Fleur and Hermione/Charlie were chasers, which left Ginny and Harry to be seekers.

Harry's team had won spectacularly 210 to 70 because Ron was still having problems with his nerves and Harry was quicker than Ginny. Afterward they all went back inside to eat diner. Mrs. Weasley Made a big diner that they needed two rooms, one for the food and one to eat. They all had a merry old time talking and playing at the table. Ron had reached for a turkey leg and went to sit back down, but the twins had their own idea and made his chair disappear. Ron fell and took the tablecloth with him who pulled all the food toward him but Mrs. Weasley caught the food before it hit Ron and the ground and magiked it back to the table. She also gave Fred and George a stern yelling while everyone else laughed.

After diner, Harry followed Ginny back to her room where they got undressed and climbed into bed. Ginny climbed on top of Harry and sat down on top of his cock. Ginny wanted to wait on the sex. She leaned down, put her lips to his ears, and whispered, "I'm pregnant." She leaned back and Harry just stared at her. He had no idea what to say to that. He asked if anybody else knew and she told him, her mother did, that is why she allowed them to sleep together. However, no one else had been told before she could tell Harry.

Harry grabbed Ginny by the shoulders, pulled her down onto his chest, and embraced her in a tight hug. Harry rolled Ginny onto the bed beside him and felt her stomach. "Come to think of it," Harry said, "there is a little pooch here." Then he kissed her on the stomach and laid his head down. He no longer wanted sex, he just wanted to lay there and hold her.

The next morning when everyone was at the breakfast table they told everyone. Hermione was the first to jump up and rub Ginny's stomach. Everyone was excited for them except Ron; he had hoped to beat Harry to at least becoming a father that is why he sent the condoms. The next day they would be going off to school so everyone packed that night so there are no surprises the next day. Harry awoke in the middle of the night because he had to go to the bathroom. He crept out of the bed not to wake Ginny and slid out the door.

He made his way down to the bathroom and did his business. Just as he was shaking off the door had opened. Fleur was standing there, naked, with cum dripping out of her pussy. She seemed half-asleep and went right over to where Harry was sitting on the toilet and sat on his lap. She pissed right between his legs right onto his cock, which had gotten hard right away. Harry felt his cock slowly started entering Fleur’s pussy. She did not even seem to notice she had a cock entering her. She started moving her hips back and forth. This just made Harry harder and he grabbed her hips and moved her up and down. It took a little effort but she obliged him and started ridding his cock.

She was wet and hot inside her pussy. Harry guessed a good deal of cum was still in her from Bill fucking her. Harry reached around and cupped her tits in each hand, which made her lean back on him. "Oh god yes" was all Harry could her as he pounded her, or rather she pounded him. Without any warning, Harry just let his sperm fly into her pussy without stopping her. When his dick finally got soft and fell out is when she stopped bouncing and got up and left. Harry just sat there for a second to compose himself and got up to leave. The door had flown open once again but this time Molly stepped in but she looked wide-awake.

Harry's cock was still hanging in the open. She just walked over, dropped to her knees, and started sucking him off. It took a few minutes but Harry was hard again. Once this happened Molly lay on the floor and spread her legs wide open. Harry removed all of his clothes and lay down on top of her sliding her nightgown above her tits. Harry took his cock in hand and slid it slowly into her pussy. It seemed tighter this time for some reason. Harry pushed in as far as he could and pulled out until him cock was about to pop out. He pushed in as fast and as hard as he could. "Fuck my pussy raw. Please" Molly whispered in his ear.

Harry withdrew and pushed harder and faster with each stroke making her slide on the floor a little. Harry bent his head down in mid stroke and bit her nipple, which made her yell out, "yes" Harry gave each nipple the same attention back and forth. Harry then lifted both of her legs up onto his shoulders and started jack hammering into her. Molly started yelling out it was hurting but when Harry tried to stop she told him to keep it up. After a few more strokes, Harry gave her what cum he had left. Harry rolled off and closed his eyes to catch his breath.

Harry must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes the sun was rising. Harry closed his eyes again to will himself to get up when his cock started getting wet again. Harry just laid there enjoying it before they climbed up on him and slid his dick into her. Harry opened his eyes and looked up to see Gabrielle sitting on him. Harry just laid there and let her do all of the work because he was just to tired. He closed his eyes again and grabbed her hips to help guide her. After a couple minutes, she stopped and Harry thought she was done but then he felt a pair of legs on the sides of his head. He tried looking up but all he could see was a pussy coming down. Harry just grabbed the hips (which he recognized as Ginny's right away) and steered her to his face. Harry stuck his tongue deep inside her pussy while Gabrielle started bouncing up and down again.

After a few minutes, Harry felt Ginny tighten up and he felt a warm liquid slide down his throat. Ginny's cum tasted good to Harry, which just made him cum in Gabrielle. After composing themselves they all went to get packed for school. Gabrielle was going back to Beauxbatons and the rest were off to Hogwarts. This time since everyone could apparate to Hogwarts they would get there from Hogsmeade. It was a teary goodbye but they all made it to school unharmed.

To Be Continued.…

Added Security at Hogwarts

Harry spent the next two days with Ginny until classes started up again. The first class Harry, Ron and Hermione had was Transfiguration. Prof. Radcliff was not taking it easy on them either. Since they were taking N.E.W.T.S, they were now up to changing live monkeys so they can change themselves soon. Hermione was actually starting to change her nose because she was more advanced than the rest of the class.

Next, they went to potions with Prof. Slughorn and he started teaching them how to make Polyjuice Potion. Now this one Hermione, Ron and Harry had already known how to make. Their potion started better than everyone else did, but it would take a month to finish. They each earned extra credit for being so far with it.

After lunch, they had DADA, which was Harry's favorite class so far. The teacher always wore nothing or very little under her robes and every time she bent over Harry and all the other boys, and a select few girls, could see right down at her ample tits. Every time Harry thought about just bum rushing her and fucking her right there on the spot. Nevertheless Harry held his urges and earned top grades.

After class, Harry met up with Cho because something was bothering him. When he caught up, she looked beautiful with her hair in a ponytail. "Hey Cho can I talk to you for a second?" Harry asked her and she said goodbye to her friends. Half way down the hall Harry just came out with, "Why are you still in school? You were a year ahead and you shouldn’t be here." Cho just stopped and looked at him; she thought for a second before answering, "I failed last year.

"My potions grade was horrible, transfiguration was non existence and my charms were abysmal. The only class I got an E in was DADA thanks to you, I really learned a lot from you in the Dumbledore's Army classes you taught us in. I really miss those lessons; I wish we could have continued them last year because you were the best teacher." Cho had turned a deep red at these words, and so did Harry.

That night in the room of requirement came back full force in Harry's mind. It had given him a full hard-on, which Harry tried to cover up inconspicuously. Cho had looked over, noticed his hard on, and went even redder, if that was even possible. Harry saw him looking at his cock and smiled. He then looked around at where they were and noticed they were by Myrtle's bathroom. Harry grabbed her arm and pulled her inside without much effort.

As soon as they were inside Harry looked around to make sure it was empty and then pulled Cho into an aggressive embrace. Harry held her arm tightly to her side and pulled her in to kiss her. She met his mouth with he tongue already out so Harry took it in to his mouth. He released her arms and wrapped his arms around her mid section. She, in return, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss.

Harry rubbed his hands up and down her back getting lower and lower until his hands were resting on her ass. He grabbed her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze. He then grabbed her robe and pulled it up until her underwear was showing. He grabbed the waistband and pulled them down. When he came back up, he spun her around so her ass was sticking out to him and she was leaning on a sink.

Harry pulled out his cock and moved it up and down her pussy lips barely sticking it in her, which mad her push back against him to try to get it in. Harry positioned the head at the opening of her pussy and grabbed her hips. Harry spread his legs to get more stability and pushed into her as hard as he could. Harry pulled his cock out and rammed it back in a little to hard because she hit her head on the mirror in front of her and she passed out. Harry froze for a second to think about what to do but in the end he figured fuck it, or rather fuck her.

She was still being held up by the sink so Harry pulled out of her and pushed back in. Harry kept up a slow steady stoke enjoying the hot wet pussy he had wrapped around his cock. After a while, Harry started to get bored so as he fucked her he reached up, turned on the cold water, and splashed some of it on her face. After a few hand fulls she woke up and looked confused. She looked behind her, saw Harry had been fucking her, and went along. She did how ever push herself back away from the mirror so she did not hit her head again and gripped the sides of it hard. Harry reached up with both of his hands and cupped her swaying breasts. The fabric was softly stoking her nipples and Harry rubbed them gently.

Harry stood straight up and started pounding even harder into her pussy and he decided to give her ass a smack occasionally. Cho seemed to really enjoy it when his hand made contact. Harry grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into him as he unloaded his cum in her pussy. Harry thanked her for a good fuck and left to meet up with Ginny.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together and went off to diner together. As Harry walked into the great hall, he saw Cho sitting with her normal crowd and he just smiled at her. With Ginny at his side he could not risk her finding out he still had feelings for Cho. Diner was another wonderful meal and when the deserts disappeared, he made to get up when Prof. McGonagall stood up and started to speak.

"I hope the first days of class were enjoyable for everyone and I hope you all learned plenty. I must however inform you that trips to Hogsmeade have been canceled for the remainder of the year." this had gotten a lot of moans and groans but she just kept going, a little loud at first. "We have received word that known death eaters have been spotted there and we can’t risk students getting hurt. I am also informing students to stay clear of the forest just incase some death eaters decide to hide in there."

At this, everyone started talking while getting up and headed to the dorm rooms. When Harry and Ginny showed up everyone seemed wide-awake talking about the threats of the death eaters. "What if they get inside of Hogwarts? Without Dumbledore around are we safe from YOU-KNOW-WHO?" Harry heard a third year say to a group of girls. Harry thought she had made a good point to, with out Dumbledore is the school safe with McGonagall in charge.

Harry decided to go ask her himself. He made for the portrait hole telling the rest he would be back shortly and made for the Head mistress office. He knew the password because she had used it in front of him when she told him of the will. Harry knock on her door and heard her say enter so he did. She was sitting behind her desk talking to Tonks.

Harry asked her what she was doing there and if the rest of the order was there. "Yes Harry I have asked more members of the order to stand watch at the school." McGonagall told him. "Tonks here and some new and old members have graciously volunteered to watch the school all the time to protect students. We even have a few look outs in Hogsmeade to report if any death eaters show up."

They talked for about half an hour discussing the security and Harry gave hi opinion on what should take place. Harry bode them a good night and went back to the dorm room where he told Ron, Hermione and Ginny about what they talked about. They had their own conversations about what should take place before heading off to bed.

They spent the next couple of weeks busy with Quidditch, school work and worrying about Voldemort showing up that they for got about the Horcrux until the last day in making the Polyjuice potion. Harry had an idea and bent over to Ron to tell him, "We need to pocket some of out potions. That way we can take the form of Slytherins and search their rooms for the Horcrux Draco had."

Harry whispered to Hermione to take some potion also. They met up at the girls’ bathroom to discuss things and decided to get hair from Slytherins during their next class and come back here. They went off to charms and each sat behind some Slytherins and casually picked hair off their robes. Harry sat behind a first year boy he recognized from Quidditch and Hermione sat behind a girl Harry had seen around. Hermione was not taking any chances this time and pulled it right out of her head. Ron n the other hand sat behind a short hair boy Harry had never seen before.

They all meat up at the bathroom and deposited their hairs into their potions. They stood around in a circle watching each other. Harry felt like getting sick but stood there watching Hermione’s hair grow longer and darker and Ron's hair shortened and lightened. To Harry's surprise Hermione's breasts grew bigger and bigger. They looked good to Harry but now was not the time for that. Harry looked over at Ron and stared. Harry laughed so hard he thought he would pass out. When Hermione looked, she started laughing to. Ron had breasts as large as Hermione's.

It was Millicent, the girl Hermione fought the girl for her hair in their second year, and she must have become butch lately. After calming down and everyone feeling on Ron’s new breasts, including Ron, they set off to the Slytherin dorm room. They lucked out because some first year girls were leaving when they arrived and they slid right in.

There were only a few people lingering around so they searched the main room first. They each took a part of the room and looked around without any luck. The three of them then headed up to Malfoy's old room, Hermione found out which it was somehow, and started searching in there. They had only just started when the door opened and some Slytherin boys waked in.

"What are you doing in our room?" the taller of the two said. Hermione was quick on the uptake, "We were bribed to um give you a show from some friends." Harry and Ron looked at her puzzled and then she started removing her robes. Her breasts were at least three times bigger than before. The smaller boy looked at Ron and said, "How about you?"

Ron removed his robe with a deep red in his face. Ron's breasts were slightly smaller than Hermione’s but it even turned Harry on. Ron and Hermione just started dancing, sexually, with each other. "And you are?" the taller one asked Harry. Harry played it as he was here to make sure there was no touching.

Hermione and Ron pressed their breasts together and rubbed their pussies together. Harry just stood there getting a hard on with the other two boys. Hermione licked her fingers, reached down, and placed them inside Ron's newfound pussy. Ron moaned slightly as he cupped her ass. Ron slid a finger into Hermione's ass and she responded by pushing her fingers into Ron harder.

Harry looked up and they were kissing with tongues, which was erotic for Harry. Suddenly Harry went limp; Ron's hair was growing slightly and turning red. Harry stepped in, "Ok that’s enough. That’s all that was paid for." he said throwing their robes at them. They quickly got dressed and left the two boys sitting there stroking their cocks.

They ran all the way back to the girl’s bathroom. When they got in and locked the door Harry told them, "This is the second time almost getting caught, we should stop doing that." He looked over at Hermione, she dropped her robes and crawled over to Ron’s cock, and before sucking it said, "Shit I'm still horny. Give it to me." Ron had no problems sticking his cock in her mouth. Harry got instantly hard and started stroking his cock.

It was not good enough so he got down behind Hermione and scooted her ass back a little and stuck his cock into her hot awaiting pussy. They were missing a class but Harry did not dare mention it because Hermione might stop. Harry grabbed a handful of hair and started pounding her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Harry pushed his cock as deep as he could with each stroke and withdrew it almost pulling out. Hermione was moaning into Ron's cock as he fucked her face. Ron grabbed her head, pushed his cock deep into Hermione’s throat, and came as much as he could. As Ron pulled his cock out of her mouth, Harry saw a little cum trickle out of the corner of her mouth.

This just made Harry push harder and faster in and out of her pussy. Harry felt the pressure build up in his balls so he took his cock out, stroked it a few times, and came on her ass cheeks. The three of them leaned up against what they could to rest before getting dressed.

By time they reached the dorm room classes were over and Hermione was pissed she missed Ancient ruins and ran off to get her homework. Harry and Ron explained what had happened to Ginny, leaving out the sex in the bathroom. Ginny laughed at Ron as hard as Harry did.

Hermione showed back up just in time for them to set out for diner. Over the next few days they went back to searching the room of requirement although not as much as they should have been doing. Quidditch finale was approaching and they were practicing as much as possible. Harry awoke the day of the match as nevus as ever when it is the last match. He decided to take his mind off the match by searching the room of requirement. Harry opened the door and, "WHAM"

To Be Continued.....

Harry's Victories

Harry fell flat on his back by the impact of something hitting him. "Harry Potter sir Dobby is coming to get you. Dobby thinks he find what you look for." Dobby held out a wand. Harry stood up and took it from him while stepping into the room and shutting the door. Harry looked at it closely.

It was about ten inches long and a sleek black color. It looked like it was in perfect condition; Harry ran his finger all around it up and down its shaft. Harry looked at the handle and saw there was an R on it. This made Harry jump up with excitement and before running off to Ron and Hermione he told dobby, "I owe you for this one Dobby. If you need anything just ask."

Harry bolted out of the room, down the corridors, and up many stairs to get to Gryffindor common room, with a couple passages. Hermione, Ron and Ginny were sitting there by the fire and before they could ask where he’s been he grabbed Ginny and told them all to follow him. He led them up to the boys’ dorm because it was empty.

Harry pulled the wand out of his pocket and showed it to them. Hermione grabbed it right away and looked it over the best she could stopping on the R at the base of it. "Wow Harry how'd you find it? Where did you find it?" Hermione asked him while she stroked it. Harry took it out of her hands before saying, "Well I didn't find it actually, Dobby did. I also don’t want anybody touching this until we can find a way to destroy it."

Harry went to his chest, pulled out an old pair of socks, and stuck the wand inside. He wrapped it up and placed it at the very bottom of the chest underneath his clothes. Harry made sure that when he locked it he added a few protection charms on it so no one accidentally found it.

They all set out to a wonderful lunch which included roast, chicken, mashed potatoes and an assortment of pies for desert. Harry on the other hand could not eat; neither could Ron, because right after lunch was the last Quidditch match of the year and probably the rest of their lives. They all headed to the field and Hermione bode them good luck before heading to the stands.

Harry, Ron and Ginny entered the tent where the rest of the team was waiting nervously. Harry put on his Quidditch robes and stood in front of his teammates, "For some of us this is the last official match we will be playing. I say we make it a match that no one will forget for years to come." This got some cheers from his teammates and he continued; "Now I want the best efforts out of all of you. Let's bring the cup home again for the seventh straight year."

They all cheered and left the tent ready to go for it. The fifteen people lifted up off the grounds and Harry circled the playing field looking for the snitch, as he would always do. Harry heard Luna commentating on the match, which was as enjoyable as always when she messed up the names. The only names she got right were Harry, Ron and Ginny's.

Harry heard the score of 70 to 30 Gryffindor was in the lead and Harry was still searching for the snitch. He was searching every inch of the field and could not see it so he circled lower and lower. Harry weaved in and out of players racing from each end of the field to the other and back. Harry flew up behind Ron to look the entire length of the field, which did not help at all.

As he took off to look higher, he was hit smack in the side of the head by a quaffle soaring past Ron. Harry laid flat on his back looking up and heard the whistle indicating a time out. He looked up and saw Ginny standing over him but all he could hear was ringing. Harry sat up and stood for a few seconds before mounting his broom and kicking off again.

Harry circled the field as the whistle was blown to continue playing. The score was now 100 to 70 and Harry knew he needed to find the snitch soon. Harry looked over at the opposing side of the field and noticed something shimmer behind the goal post. Harry took off streaking toward it with the other seeker on his tail. Harry was streaking toward the ground at breaking speeds and lifted himself up just in time with the snitch in hand. Harry looked up and he blacked out.

Harry awoke some time later in the hospital wing. Ginny was sitting beside his bed putting a cool cloth on his head. Harry looked at her but before he said anything, she spoke up. "You ran smack into the wall below the stands where Ravenclaw were sitting and passed out. You pulled out of your plunge a little to close to it." Ginny told him with a little worry on her face, "The match ended three hours ago and diner is about to start. I'll go and nip some food for us and come right back."

As Ginny, left he looked around the room and noticed he was the only one there. Harry lay back down, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Harry awoke some time later to a loud smashing noise. He sat straight up and looked around but the room was still deserted. Harry got out of bed, pulled on his robes, and grabbed his wand out of the pocket. Just then, the door flew open.

To Be Continued…

The True Hero Falls

Harry turned to the door just as a flash of green light flew past his head. Bellatrix was standing there with her wand pointed at Harry. He ducked behind his hospital bed just as another curse hit the bedspread and caught it on fire. Harry pointed his wand at the door and sent a spell (nvbl) back at her missing and exploding a picture hanging on the wall.

She ducked behind a dresser that was standing right next to her as she sent another curse at Harry. Harry saw the bed was engulfed in flames and had an idea. Harry grabbed the bed and pushed it toward Bellatrix while he pulled his cloak out from his back pocket. After putting, it on Bellatrix was looking all around the room for him sending random spells everywhere.

Harry snuck out the door and looked down the deserted corridor. The only thing Harry could hear was Bellatrix getting mad because she could not find him. Harry bolted down the corridors and stopped right in front of the portrait of the fat lady but she told him the room was deserted and she heard that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had everyone trapped in the great hall.

Harry told her he still needed to get in to get something out of his trunk so she let him enter. Harry ran up to his room and back down in a matter of seconds. Harry ran for the great hall taking the shortest rout possible checking the map as he went, he had grabbed it out of the chest. Harry stopped inside of a passage real close to the great hall and noticed that Voldemort, Snape, Drako and everyone else was in there.

The children were sitting against the wall behind all the teachers and members of the order except Hagrid who was still in his hut. The death eaters, twenty or so of them, were walking back and forth in front of his friends with a few of them circling the room. Voldemort was standing in the middle with Snape, Wormtail and Drako by his side while his snake circled them.

Harry told himself he had to think of something before going in there. He checked the map again for Ron, Ginny and Hermione. He saw them in the middle sitting with Luna, Cho and Neville. Harry knew he had to think fast because he could tell Voldemort was getting restless. Harry whispered, "Kreacher" which in an instant he appeared along side Dobby. "Kreacher I want you to run past those death eaters to distract them. Dobby can you go down to Hagrid’s hut and tell him Voldemort is in the castle. I need to get inside to help my friends.

They both bowed in acknowledgement and left from the hidden passageway. Harry stood there and threw on his cloak when he heard yelling then silence. He crept out from his hiding and made his way to the door. "Where is Potter? He should be here by now." Harry heard Voldemort complain. "Bellatrix should be here by now; she should have found him by now."

Just then, Harry heard footsteps behind him and slipped inside the room before Bellatrix came running in. "He got past me sir. He had his invisibility cloak with me and slipped into the hall." Harry could tell Voldemort was mad. He walked over to the students saying, "Well I shall entertain my self while I wait." He then reached out and grabbed Cho from the mist of the students. "From what I heard," he said looking at Draco, "you were the girlfriend of the boy I killed on the night I returned."

Voldemort shoved her into one of the tables sitting on the far side of the room. She slumped down to the ground looking up at Voldemort crying and pleading with him. Voldemort pulled out his wand from his robes and walked over to her. He had a nasty little grin on his face Harry from what Harry could see. Harry slipped along the students behind the death eaters looking on at the entertainment.

Harry made it to Hermione and bent over to whisper in her ear, "Don’t say anything to show I’m here just listen. Do you guys have your wands on you?" he asked her and she shook her head looking over at a table sitting at the head of the room, right below the teachers table. Harry saw that there were all the wands of the students sitting there.

Harry bent back over and continued, "Well I’m pretty sure I can go over and get a few of them. I need your help if I am to pull this off. Tell Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville to be ready and not to act surprised when their wands appear. I need you guys to take out as many death eaters as you possibly can while I work on Voldemort. Try getting the Order's wands for them so they can help out."

After Harry knew that she understood and snuck off to the table. Harry heard Cho crying loudly behind him but he had to get to the wands and get back. Harry stowed a handful, about ten wands inside the cloak with everyone else’s attention turned elsewhere made his way back to Hermione and the others. Harry put all but a few into her hands and gave the others to Ginny, Ron, Luna and Neville who all gripped them tightly.

Harry knew he was now that everyone was ready to go. Harry saw the room light up in a green color and froze. He could not hear Cho anymore and slowly turned around. Cho was on her back with her teary eyes wide open, spread eagle and dead. Harry felt his eyes tear but he turned it into pure anger and stepped forward pulling off his robes as he approached Voldemort. Harry had his wand pointing right at the back of his head as he passed the first death eater who shouted for his master to turn around as he tried grabbing Harry.

End of part one

To Be Continued...

The True Hero Falls pt.2

Harry yanked his arm out from the death eaters grip. "Harry potter, so nice of you to join us." Voldemort said with his back to Harry looking down at Cho's lifeless body. "Tell me Harry, how does it feel to loose another loved one? You have been a thorn in my side for way to long and you shall die on this night. Do you have any last pleads for your life?” he said turning to look Harry in the eyes.

Harry was steaming mad by now and had almost forgotten his plans. Harry lowered his wand slowly to his side but keeping a firm grip on it. "Do you have any last for YOUR life" Harry mocked him back. All Voldemort could do was laugh at Harry, "Stupid stupid boy. Do you not realize how far I have come in life? I am immortal and after I kill you no one will ever question my powers."By now Harry just felt like mocking him because he knew if he could distract him he could execute his plans. “Oh are you talking about your seven Horcruxes. Yeah I know all about them. Dumbledore told me all about them before he died."

Harry saw the shock on Voldemort's face and smiled, "Didn't think I knew did you? Well I do and I’m pleased to tell you all but two have been destroyed." Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out Ravenclaw's wand from his pocket. Harry saw Voldemort's eyes light up and look at the wand. Voldemort tried lunging at the wand but Harry just backed up a little.

"Now let’s negotiate here." Harry told him feeling confident in his actions. "You release every here and ill face you one on one. The better man wins." Voldemort did not like this one bit, "How about you face me here and now in front of everyone or my death eaters will start killing your friends." With this all, the death eater withdrew their wands and pointed them at a student of their choice.

Harry thought that this would work in his favor and started thinking of a new plan. Meanwhile Voldemort took his silence as weakness, "I can always make new Horcruxes by using your classmates here. Kill them," Harry yelled but it was too late. The death eaters each sent out their own curses. One by one student fell over, Seamus, Katie, the Pavarti twins and some other students Harry did not know. Harry Took out his wand and yelled, "Now"

Harry jumped sideways and shot whatever curses came to his head at the death eaters while receiving his fair share. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the others jumped up and fired their own curses at the death eaters. Hermione threw the extra wands to members of the order who grabbed them and jumped in on the fight. During the confusion, Voldemort's snake vanished from sight. Harry had his wand in one hand and Ravenclaw's wand in the other.

Harry had an idea to try to break it as he hid behind a desk. Harry took the wand in his had and snapped it in half but nothing happened. Harry set it on the floor and with a few select words set it on fire. Its flames glowed black emitting red smoke from it. Harry knew this had worked and decided to go after Voldemort. Harry lifted his head up and saw Voldemort and Wormtail exit through the door. As Harry got up, the desk he was behind exploded with a powerful curse, which knocked him off his feet.

Harry regained his structure and bolted for the door. He saw Voldemort's cloak disappear around a corner that lead to the front doors. Harry took some hidden passages and wound up right behind Voldemort as he headed out the front door. Harry stopped at the door way because Voldemort and Wormtail were standing there looking up into the sky. Harry looked up to and saw Gwarp standing there, "You not leave. Hagger I stop them." Hagrid came running and stopped at the ankle of his brother who had grown considerably since the last time Harry saw him.

"Turn around and face me you coward. This ends here and now and I promise you I will be walking away." Harry felt more confident than he had ever felt before. Harry held his wand straight out toward Voldemort and Wormtail slinked off to the side. "Very well, Potter if you choose to die today I will accommodate you. "Avada Ked..." Harry was quick on the uptake, "Expelliamus"

Their wands had connected again with lava like lights spewing from both of their wands. Harry however was ready for this and pulled out the mirror his godfather gave him. Harry lowered his wand and at the same time lifted the mirror in its place. Voldemort jumped out of the way just in time for his curse to burn the side of his robes.

Harry threw down the mirror because it had been destroyed by the impact. He then raised his wand at the now dazed Voldemort. "Crucio" was the first spell to Harry's head but it had no impact. "HA HA HA you still don’t mean to cause me harm do you." Voldemort said raising his wand. "Let me show you how it’s done. Crucio." Harry saw the wand light heading straight at his head. Harry did not know what to do. He just prepared for the curse to hit him. "AAAHHHH"

End of part 2

To Be Continued...

The True Hero Falls pt.3

Harry opened his eyes and looked down. Wormtail was lying on the ground screaming in pain. Harry was confused at to why Wormtail protected him but had a fight to get to.” Harry just stand still and let this be painless on your self. Your parents died with courage and your just being a baby." Voldemort yelled at him. Harry saw flashes of his parents, Serious and Dumbledore dieing in his head, which brought the rage out of him. "Avada Kadava" Harry yelled out and the spell hit Voldemort square in the chest.

He had done it; he had killed Voldemort after all this time, it was over. Harry looked down at the lifeless body. Wormtail had stopped withering on the ground and just looked asleep. Harry sat down on the grass, exhausted from the fighting. It was dark out by now and everything was fading from sight. Harry all of a sudden saw a flash of green light coming at him and a shadow seemed to block him from it.

Wormtail was lying in front of Harry, dead and lifeless. Harry jumped to his feet but Gwarp saw this and brought his arm down to hit Voldemort. "No Gwarp he's mine I can handle him." Harry yelled at him, which made him bring his massive hand back. Harry was shocked at how Voldemort could have withstood that straight at his chest. "Silly boy, I am not alive so there for can not be killed.

Harry was lost; he could not kill what is not alive. Harry just started shooting off curses toward Voldemort and most of them, blocked as if they did not exist. Harry was the target of a curse, which hit him in the ribs, and he felt them break on impact. Harry grabbed his sides and looked up at Voldemort.

Harry lifted his wand, "Sectumsempra" Harry could see Voldemort open up with cuts all over but there was a problem. There was no blood spilling out of the slices. Now Harry was worried, he knew he had to kill Voldemort but he did not know how. "What has Dumbledore always told me? I know of something Voldemort can not understand." Love was the answer but the question was how he was supposed to use it.

Harry ducked when a curse was heading toward him. He knew he was running out of time but he knew he had to do something. Just then, it hit Harry. He ran forward, dodging curses flying at him, and grabbed Voldemort around his mid section. He then reached up and planted his hands on Voldemort's face.

Voldemort started screaming in pain and anguish. Harry reached inside his robes and let his hand burn straight into Voldemort's stomach. Harry stood up and watched as Voldemort turned to ashes in front of his eyes. Harry collapsed and passed out. Harry was filled with, for the first time in his life, the sense that everything was going to be fine.

The End!

Just kidding

To Be Continued...

The War Ends

Harry awoke some time later to the felling of a cool rag pressed to his head. He tried to get up but he was pushed back down onto his bed. "Just lay there. You need your rest." Harry heard Ginny tell him before falling asleep again. He awoke the next day to loud talking in the room and knew that Mrs. Weasley had arrived. Harry sat up and looked around for his glasses but could not find them until someone handed them to him.

Harry looked up and his heart jolted. Dumbledore was sitting next to his bed. Harry was at a loss for words that he just stuttered. "Easy Harry I shall explain in a moment when we are alone. But for now some people want to see you." Dumbledore told him. Harry looked and at the other side of the room with their parents were Ron and Ginny. Hermione was sitting on Harry's other side sleeping. Harry reached over and shook her to wake her up.

Hermione stirred and looked around before she saw Harry and jumped up embracing him in a hug. "I'm so happy you’re alright. I knew you would be but some others didn't." she said with a smile and tears streaming down her face. Ron and Ginny noticed Harry had awakened and ran over to him. Ginny attacked him by jumping on the bed right on top of him. Ron on the other hand just shook his hand, "Good job."

Harry was pleased everyone wanted to be with him but he asked him all to leave so he could talk to Dumbledore alone. After all the hugs and kisses, the room emptied leaving the two of them alone. "I know Harry, I should be dead. Your right I should be but, as you can see, I am not. After Snape lifted me out of the window and I floated to the ground I was dead. Although Voldemort has Horcruxes, there are other ways of extending your life. You see Harry there is an old and powerful magic I came across to where if some were to sacrifice their lives and something else sacrifices their lives for that person. They can live again.

"I can tell you’re confused so I'll explain it. As you know, Snape made the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa. Draco's job was to kill me, and if he failed, Snape would have to kill me. As you saw Draco could not kill me, he just did not have it in him. Therefore, when Snape showed up he had no choice to do it. You heard Snape and I had an argument earlier last year. I was making him promise to me that he would kill me if it came to that.

"So that was my sacrifice, I would die instead of Snape. At the funeral, Fawkes sacrificed her life to save mine by flying into the coffin and giving me her soul. I was able to Apparate out of the coffin to a safe place no one knew where I was. I had to let you face Voldemort alone, it was the only way you could succeed."

Harry sat there for a minute taking in all Dumbledore was telling him. Then it hit him, "Sir, why did Wormtail sacrifice his life for mine?" Dumbledore smiled at Harry, "Wormtail is your uncle. To be more exact your fathers brother, well adopted brother. Your father’s parents adopted Wormtail when he was young and that is why he was always around him. Wormtail, I am guessing, never meant for Voldemort to kill your parents. He perhaps expected him to turn them to his side.

"When Voldemort tried killing you he couldn't let you just die so he sacrificed his life to save yours. Perhaps he wanted to undo what he had done some how." Dumbledore sat to await Harry's next question. "When I touched Voldemort my skin seemed to burn him. I thought he was immune to my touch now?" Harry asked him. Dumbledore shook his head, "No Harry he was immune to your mothers love and sacrifice for you, but not Wormtail's. When He jumped in front of you, that set another powerful protection on you. That is why you were able to touch him again.

"Now I shall go speak to the minister and Minerva. Yes, she is still headmistress of the school. I think I shall apply for the minister of magic position and get Stan Shunpike out of jail. You are ready for the real world and I shall watch over you." Dumbledore got up to leave but Harry had almost forgotten, "Sir one more thing. The snake is still out there." Harry told him. Dumbledore turned to him, "Actually Gwarp can be thanked for not letting the snake away. This morning when we searched the grounds for any death eaters left over we came across a smashed snake in the middle of a giant foot print."

Dumbledore turned and left which let the others come back in. "So what happened after I left last night?" Harry asked them and Ginny was the one who spoke up first. "Well after you left we fought the death eaters and Snape joined us. All the death eaters were grouped together against the swarm of people coming down on them. A few of them died before the rest gave up after we injured them a lot.

"We had some injuries but nothing major although Slughorn will be retiring for good. I killed Greyback for attacking my brother and Hermione knocked out Bellatrix after she hit Ron with the Crucio curse. But all in all we did great." Madam Pomfrey came in and gave Harry a dose of the sleeping potion and he fell asleep felling warm all over.

Harry was released the next day for the end of the year feast and awarding on the school trophy, which Gryffindor won again. Yearbooks were handed out to all the seventh years as they boarded the train to head home. Everyone spent the entire time getting signatures and it seemed everyone wanted Harry's. After being aloud through the barrier, Harry saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley standing there but no aunt and uncle. Harry was relieved he did not have to go back there and they were probably glad of the same.

Harry was planning to stay with the Weasleys until he could find a place to stay. Harry approached them, said his hellos and just came out with it. "Can I stay with you until I find a place to stay?" Molly just looked at him with a straight face, "I'm sorry Harry but we just don't have the room. I'm pregnant again so the twin's room is being turned into a nursery." Harry had a disappointed look on his face. Molly continued though, "But, if you will remember you own your own house and we shall take you to it.

They all piled into the ministry car, which the new minister Dumbledore arranged. Moreover, they drove for about and hour, Harry did not want to go back to Grimmuald place but he had no choice. He needed a place to live. The car pulled to a stop and Harry looked out of his window. Harry was not outside of his godfather’s house but he was outside of a place he never expected.

To Be Continued...

A New Beginning

Harry got out of the car and walked up to the house. He was standing at Godrics Hallow staring up at his parents’ house. Harry turned to look at the Weasleys with a look of shock on his face. "I was rebuilt this year for you. We all knew you needed a place to stay after school ended so all of your friends chipped in and built this for you. It's an exact replica of your parents’ house." Mr. Weasley told him but there was only one thing on his mind right now.

"Where are my parents buried?" Harry asked them and they al took a trip about a block away to a cemetery. Mr. Weasley walked him to two headstones. "Here lies James Potter, beloved father, brother, friend and husband. “We shall overcome all evil" next to his father was his mother's tombstone, "Here lies Lily Potter loving mother, sister, friend and wife. “Love will conquer all."

Harry read them and started getting teary eyed. He knelt down on his knees and whispered, "I did it, I got revenge for your and everyone else’s death. I just wish you were still alive but it had to turn out this way and I know that. Well I am going to be a father now and between you and me, Mrs. Wesley’s baby is probably mine to. I am going to go look at my new house and I will be back to visit you from time to time.

Harry got up and looked around and Ron, Ginny and Hermione were the only ones left. Harry walked over to them asking where their parents went, "they went home leaving us here to keep you company." Ginny had told him. They all headed back to the house and through a marvelous remake of the front door.

The inside was exactly as Harry had seen it inside the pensive, although without his parents. The house had three bedrooms and Harry had an idea, "Why don't you three move in with me?" Everyone loved the idea. A few months went by and Ginny gave birth on July the fourth to a healthy baby girl. She looked like Ginny with the green hair except for her eyes, as green as Harry's and his mother's.

A month later on the eighth Molly gave birth to yet another boy who, thankfully, looked just like his father. Hermione had never gotten pregnant so they went to see a doctor and found out that she could not get pregnant. When school started the baby, named lily, would stay with her grandparents while Ginny finished her last year of school and Ron and Harry had auror training. Hermione decided on becoming a teacher.

Life was great for everyone now that Voldemort was defeated and all of his death eaters were rounded up. Giants were corralled back into the mountains to live while Dementors, under strict supervisee, went back to guarding Azkaban.

Over the next few years, Harry and Ginny had a few more babies, an average of one a year. By the time Ginny was finished with her auror training they had 5 kids running around. Lily, Albus, Serious, James and Lupin along with the four adults were out growing the house so they built on to it. Even though Ron and Hermione never had kids Harry's would call them mom and dad.

Life had turned out as good as Harry could have expected and loved it. He would visit his parents grave and talk to them at least once a month to tell them how everything was going. Harry took them flowers each time and laid it upon their graves. Harry never wanted to leave but he knew each time that he had a family of his own and his parents were proud of the way he turned out.


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