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Jennifer Aniston Duped

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Jennifer Aniston’s surprise phone call


            It all started one day on the movie where Jennifer was filming for a new movie. While she was shooting a scene one of the stage hands took a phone call for her. Explaining that she was in the middle of a scene the stagehand took a message for her. As the crew broke for lunch, the stagehand gave Jen the note, upon reading she immediately told the director she had to leave and would be back tomorrow. She ran out of the studio, wearing her miniskirt and halter top from the scene she was shooting. She got into her BMW and drove off squealing her tires on the way.

            While she was driving she again read the note and couldn’t believe it. The note was from Brad Pitt and said, “Dear Jen, I miss you and need to see you today, meet at the Hollywood Hilton Hotel room 1269 as soon as possible”. Jennifer thought to herself, “I guess he got fed up with doing Angelina Joliet and was looking to settle down again. As her car raced up the driveway to the Hotel, she jammed on the brakes in front and tossed the keys to the bell man and told him to park the car. She practically ran through the lobby of the hotel to the elevators. Pushing the button she muttered to her, “what’s taking these damn things so long today”? Finally the door opened and Jennifer Aniston flew inside and pushed the button for the 12th floor. With each passing floor Jennifer got more and more excited to the point where she thought she would have an organism before she got off the elevator. Then the elevator reached the 12th floor and Jennifer bolted out the door and started toward room 1269. As she neared the room, a nervous anxiety came over her, it had been so long since she was with a guy she almost forgot how good it felt. Then she arrives at room 1269 and knocked on the door. As the door swung open, Jennifer Aniston’s heart sank to the ground expecting to see her Brad Pitt on the other side of the door; she was shocked to see 4 huge black men standing inside.

            Immediately Jennifer turned and attempted to run back towards the elevator, but was tackled by 2 of the men and dragged into the room. Jennifer started kicking and screaming, but a well placed slap to the face caused her to become very quiet. Once inside the room, one of the men looked at her and said to his partners, “Looks like we got us a real prized beauty this time”. “Go ahead and scream if you like, but that pretty face of yours will never be the same”. “Now that we have established the ground rules, its time for us to tell you what we expect from you”. “You will service each one of us as we request or there will be much pain and suffering on your part”. “Do we have an understanding”? Jennifer could do nothing but weakly nod her head in agreement.

            Ok, let’s get this party started, first you will take off that halter top. The words stung Jennifer Aniston like a cattle prod. At first she stood there and did nothing hoping that she misunderstood what they had asked. One of the men repeated the demand and said, “If you don’t take it off, we will do it for you” At that Jennifer reached down and pulled the halter top over her head. “Very good, now the miniskirt”. Almost without hesitation, Jen unbuttoned and unzipped her miniskirt. Standing before these 4 would be rapists in only her bra and a thong, her heart was racing beyond belief. Then from the back, one of the men said, “Ok now the bra, let’s see those 34B’s in all their glory. Slowly Jennifer Aniston reached behind and unhooked the bra, letting it fall to the floor. She put her hands up to cover her tits and was slapped and told to put her arms down. As she did this, she was told to take the panties off next. Reaching the sides of the panties, she slowly pulled them off and stood there naked for all the world to see. As she stood there a strange urge came over and caused her nipples to stand fully erect. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Two of the men couldn’t wait any longer and dropped there pants exposing their fully erect shafts. Jennifer gasped the size of both of them; they had to be a full 10” long and 2” inches in diameter. She was told to go lay on the bed, and was literally carried to the bed. Once on it, the assault started, one of the men grabbed her by the hair and twisted it until she opened her mouth to scream. Before she could scream, he jammed his 10” dick into her mouth and nearly choked her to death. Jennifer Aniston however, had done this before with Brad, so she knew how to realize her mouth and not choke. While she was busy sucking one fellow off, a second rapist, started licking her pussy causing her moan, this pleasure lasted only a short time before he replaced his tongue with his 11” long 2”diameter dick into her pussy without any warning. As Jennifer squirmed to accept this monster, the first man, unloaded his wad into her mouth. She gagged on it as she swallowed the entire load. By this time, the second man was about to unload in her hot pussy.

When they finished, the last 2 thugs, had there turn with her, one biting on her nipples so hard she felt as though they were being ripped from her body. As he was chomping on her nipples, she suddenly felt 2 fingers crawling there way into her tight asshole. She yelped as the pain grew with each thrust of the fingers. That soon ended as the fingers where replaced by an enormous size pole shoved into her asshole. While that was going on the other fellow shoved his fully erect dick into her already dripping pussy. Jennifer Aniston had never experienced a double penetration before and was about to blow her mind. Suddenly both men shot their loads into her and she bucked away from one and into the other doing this repeatedly until both had finished. Having satisfied there lusts, the rapists took out a camera and photographed Jennifer Aniston naked on the bed and covered with cum from the 4 guys. “This is our insurance policy that you won’t run to the police and report this, because if you do, these pictures will be over the internet and your career will be ruined”.

With that, the 4 rapists got dressed and hurried out of the room. Jennifer Aniston frightened lay on the bed for several minutes still not believing what had just happened. After a while she got up took a shower and left the room. Once in the lobby the doorman summoned her car and she drove off vowing never to the lured in by a Brad Pitt note ever again.

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