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She Hulk goes wild

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She Hulk was in a bit of trouble. It was not due to super villains. It was not

due to aliens attacking earth or an asteroid coming to earth. It was not even

due to a demonic force coming down on people. It so more deadly and threaten.

It was lawyers. She Hulk was carried away with fighting a the Blob. She lifted

the villain up over her shoulder and chucked him into a building destroying

several city blocks. Nobody got hurt thanks to Dr Strange protection. That did

not protect the property damage. She Hulk got sued big time. She needed some

money and good press real quick.


So she decided a contest. It was called win a date with She Hulk. She was

going to give a lucky fan a good time. Avenger didn't know about this because

she posted some risky pictures. It was pictures of her flexing in the nude.

Her perfect Amazon breast stood up straight and perky. Her sexy green body

dripped in sweat from the a workout. One picture she had two 5000 pound bar

bells in each hands. She lifted them up easily. Her muscles were flex and with

veins. Her pussy stood dripping wet. Another picture had her fucking her self

with a steal bar. She bent the steal bar in her pussy. The caption asked if

you were man enough for She Hulk. There were many pictures like this. She got

responses from men and women. The response she got was huge. She made her

money back tenfold. It cost 10 dollars to enter. She made sure each contestant

got sent pictures. It was time to pick a winner randomly.




Chris was a young black man and big fan of She Hulk. He was currently home

alone and reading one of her comics. That was when the doorbell rang. He

walked down stairs and quickly took his hands out of his pants. He had just

finish thinking of making love to She Hulk. He had enter the contest on a whim

but really expected nothing out of it. He open the door and was shocked at the

sight. It was She Hulk standing in front of her. She towered over him and

didn't seem like she could fit through the door if she just tried to walk in.

He was looking up at her massive chest. Her outfit was a sparkling red dress

that showed off her legs. She had high heels. She had the nerve to wear high

heals at her height. It was pure perfection.


"Hey baby. Are you ready for some fun." She purred.


He fainted right there.


"Jessh kid. Come on wake up." She said.


She bent down to get in the door. She put him over her shoulders. He was kind

of cute. She help him upstairs. She saw his posted. He was a fan. She laid him

on the bed and saw the computer was on. She smiled and decided to see what he

was downloading. Luckily being near Reed Richard made her good at computers.

He saw sites of female dominance and strong women. Stories about her sexually

dominating men and men worshiping her. She smiled across her sex red lips. It

was a few parts of her that wasn't green. She had to admit it excited her a

bit. Was this kid whacking off to her before she came. She all ways knew men

did that to her but knowing he did it was a turn on because she had him here.

It was time to give this boy a treat.


She woke him up. She smiled down on him. Her teeth were pearly white and seem

the size of a billboard.


"Am I in heaven." He said


She laughed


"No but you will be. What do we have here. Is that an erection under you

pants. Tsk Tsk. You shouldn't get that in front of a girl who can bend steal"

She said


He was about to apologized. She didn't give him a change. She tore his clothes

off with one hand. She rubbed her giant breast against him. He looked like a

child compare to her.


"Why this is an erection. You naughty boy. Mommy going to give you a

spanking." She said


She put him over her shoulders. He tried to get down. She ignored him.


"Hey put me down." He said.


"Where you keys kid?"


"On the table over there. Why?"


"Take you someplace they won't hear you screamed" She smirked.


She locked the door as she left the house. She leaped in the sky jumping. He

found himself up in the cloud.


"I wouldn't struggle. There a long fall from here" She said


He closed his eyes. She landed on a street making a dent before jumping again.

She sure she had the money to cover that. She did it again leaping to her

destination miles and miles away. She crossed length that would take a car

hours to reach to. She did in less then a minute. She landed in a moutons.

There was a cabin she sometime used. She kicked the door open. The cabin was a

safe house. It was huge with all the finish furnishing the Avenger's credit

card could buy. It was a water bed in the. The water bed was soft but made out

a special material that can withstand damage. It was the same kind of fabric

Reed Richards uses for the Fantastic Four's suits. She dropped him on the bed.


"Listen this getting out of hand ... "


She dropped her dressed. She appeared now in black see through panties that

were soaked. He could see the outline of her big swollen clit. It was huge. He

bra were barely holding her gigantic mountains up. Her abs were perfect and

looked like it could take an asteroid. He became rock hard at this site. She

flex her huge bicep and gave a wink.


"That shut you up."


She walked over to his shaking body. She moved her hands down her body and put

her finger into her clit. She spun around so he


"You really think your man enough for this."




She laughed.


"Smart boy."


She went into a cabinet and took out a liquid vial. She poured it down his

mouth forcing it. It tasted both sugary and salted. The vial seem to have been



"What was that."


"Make it so you can cum more then humanly possible without going soft. Little

something Tony Stark people made when we dated."


She pushed him down and place a foot on the bed.


"Kiss it slave" She said


He started kissing her feet. She smiled getting into the role.


"Remove those shoes" She said


He did as told as she force a foot in his mouth. She took a chair and stretch

her legs out. She got a view of her panties as she played with her clit. He

started sucking her toes and licking them. She smiled. He was a nasty little

boy. She Hulk was really enjoying the toe suck. The boy was a good sucker. He

was so turn on by her that he greedily lick like a starving man seeing a meal.


"Make sure you get the big toe..rub it" She said




"That's it mmmmm" She moan


She place a foot on his crotch. She rubbed his cock and balls with one foot as

she force the other one in his. Her started choking on it a bit. Her feet seem

bigger then his chest as they worked his cock between her toes. He came with

an explosion. She force the toe in as he came. Her finger dived into her pussy

as she caused herself to orgasm.


"Mmmmm Lucky for you I gave you that pill. If you went soft on me I might get

mad" She Hulk teased


She Hulk stood up and gave a little flex for her biceps. His eyes widen and he

felt faint. She grabbed his hair.


"No you don't. Stay up. Sooo to speak."


She showed his abs. Her sticky finger ran smoothly down him showing a V shape

curve under her breast and over the biceps. She ran the sticky finger across

her lips letting his suck it. She took him and lifted him up like a child. She

took some oils from the cabinet and poured it on herself. She started rubbing

his cock across the V. His cock seem to fit right in.


"Suck my breast." She said


She put the breast down to let him suck. The nipples were dark and pointy.

They were very big circles. Her sucked and kissed them. She Hulk wrapped his

legs around him fucking him without taking him inside. She took his ass in his

hand and slipped a finger in. She was fucking him digging deep. She kept him

from cumming this time. She would slow up and then speed up. She would squeeze

his cock when he was about to explode. She kept it up for a while. When she

finally let him erupted he exploded with a multiple orgasms. His soaked her

stomach. He was amazed that he was still harder.


She kissed him. Her tongue explored his mouth. It went where ever she wants.

She was in complete control as she squeeze his butts cheeks. His toes curled.

The kiss seem like it was for hours. He felt like he was lighter then air. He

dugs his nails into her tough skins as he gasped for air. She let go of the

kiss and nibbled on his lips and neck. He licked his ear and whispered.


"You made a mess. Naughty. I am going to have to get real rough now." She



She took him inside her and laid him on the bed. She rode him up and down. His

body lifted with every move off her body. The room rumbled as her pussy

muscles massaged him.


"Ohhhhhhh god."


"Shhhhh just hold on." She said


Her body dripped with sweat as she fucked him for hours and hours. He was in

bliss. He lost count of how many times he came. She Hulk love juice drench him

and he ate her out and made sure to get every dropped. When she was finish

with him he collapsed in her arms.


The end.

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