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Stargate Atlantis

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Col. Shephard walked into Teyla's room and saw that she was in her usual Atlantis clothes, stretching.  Her amazing ass looked out at him while she was gripping her toes.  He walks up to her and asks her if she wants to go to the gym and work out.  she declines, saying she'll just stay and stretch.  She invites him to stay and wait and maybe they can get some lunch.  He agrees and lays back on her bed, watching her finish her stretching.  She lays down and he agains gets a view of her amazing butt.  He stealthily gets up and walks up behind her and gives her ample butt a gentle slap.  she stands up and asks what he is doing, but then she notices the bulge in his pants.  She pulls off his pants and boxers and throws them across the room.  He grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head, revealing her beautiful  breasts.  He pulls off her pants and then taks off her black lace panties.  She kneels down in front of him and begins to suck him off.  He blows his seed in her mouth and then she lies on the bed and he begins to lick her pussy.  His tongue plays with her clit and then dives between her pussy lips.  Suddenly, her pussy begins to pull on his tongue.  She screams out that she's cumming.  After that he flps her over into a doggy style postiion and positions his cock at her pussy.  He enters her and begins to pump in and out of her. She moves in rhythm to him .  He announces he's cumming again and they both cum at the same time.  They lay in bed panting and she licks the rest of the cum off his dick.

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