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That 70's sex show

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            He couldn’t believe it. Eric was spending his Saturday night at home with his hands down his pants. ‘Man im turning into Fez’ he thought. He wished Donna was not out of town with her dad. If she were there he could at least have sex with her. Just then the door to the basement opened and Laurie walked in after just fucking Kelso. Eric quickly got his hands out of his pants and watched TV.

            “Why are you just sitting here playing with yourself on a Saturday night dork? Why don’t you go fuck Donna or something?”

            “Well I would but she’s out of town. I guess I could go do what you do and sleep with every guy in town.”

            “Ouch that hurts Eric. But not as much as it hurts to fuck that retard Kelso. He cums too fast I need to find another steady dick. Maybe ill go find Hyde.”

            With that she walked up stairs leaving Eric with his thoughts. Eric hated to admit it, but he had been noticing Laurie more and more lately. He wasn’t sure which was worse, that she was his sister or that she was the biggest skank in point place. How could he help it though? She would walk around the house in just her bra and those new style thongs that leaves her tiny ass hanging out. Every time after seeing that he would go fuck Donna so hard leaving her breathless and yet leaving Eric thinking about his sister. He finished jerking himself, cleaned up and went up stairs.

            As he went to his room he heard moaning coming from Laurie’s room. ‘I guess she got Hyde to fuck her’ he thought feeling kind of depressed that he wasn’t in there fucking her. Just then the phone rang. “Foreman it’s me, listen I need you to come with $2000 to the police station”. “Ya, ill work on it” and he hung up.

            If Hyde was in jail then who was fucking Laurie? Eric had to know so he went up to the door and opened it a crack. “Come in little brother” she said smiling. “I knew you would come up here eventually. Eric sat down on her bed and looked up at her. She was stark naked. Her little brown nipples were hard and her pussy was soaked. She had been finger fucking her self. “I’ve been up here masturbating thinking about you. I know you want to fuck me. I’ve seen the way u look at me. Do you like my tiny little panties Eric?” With that she sat on his lap and started to kiss him. Their tongues were wrestling in their mouths for about 5 minutes when she all of a sudden stopped.

            “mmmm ive wanted this for so long.”

            She unzipped his jeans and took out his 9in dick. “OMG I can see why Donna likes you so much.” With that she put the entire thing in her mouth. Up and down on his dick. She licked it and chocked on it until he was about to cum then she stopped. “Don’t want to waste the good stuff.”

            She stood up and pushed Eric back. Laurie straddled him and lined up his cock with her waiting pussy. She slammed down taking him all in at once. She was surprisingly tight around his cock as she bounced up and down on him for about 10mins. She was grinding on him very hard and Eric was trying to hold back. Then all of a sudden she said “im gona cum. OMG your making me cum. Cum with me lil brother.” And with that Eric slammed in her hard. She came with such force that she was convulsing. At the same time Eric was dumping his load into her soft pussy.

            “That was so awesome” said eric. “Now I know why everyone fucks you hahaha.”

            They fell asleep with his cock still buried in her pussy.



            In a hotel in Madison Donna had just finished showering and was standing infront of the mirror in the bath room eyeing her body. She has a very hot body. Her boobs were a nice c cup and her butt was just perfect. She liked the way it looked in those thongs that Laurie took her shopping for. She maybe a tramp but she can sure pick out some underwear. Donna finished up in the bathroom. She put he pajama’s on leaving off the bra and went in to the room. Her dad had gone with her to look at colleges in Madison, but the hotel fucked up and gave them a room with only one bed. So now Donna had to sleep in the same bed as her Dad which wouldn’t be too bad she thought. As she got into bed she all of a sudden became very horny. Eric had been fucking her really good lately on daily basis and they didn’t get to fuck that morning leaving Donna craving a cock.

            Donna wasn’t sure what triggered the good sex, but she was not about to complain, she had never felt more satisfied. As she lay next to her sleeping dad she couldn’t resist so she slowly slipped her hand down her pants and into her panties. She was rubbing her clit for a while which felt really good but could not replace Eric’s giant cock. As she got closer and closer to cumming, she got louder and could no longer contain her self. She moaned loudly waking up Bob next to her.

            “Whats wrong hunny? What was that noise?”

            “O it was nothing,” she said panting still coming down from her orgasim. “Go back to bed.”

            “No it wasn’t nothing,” he said as her desires grew. “I think you were masturbating.”

            “OMG yes I was masturbating because im soooo horny and I need a dick. I want you to fuck me Daddy. I need your dick”

            “Whoa kitten I don’t know about this. You’re my daughter besides what if I get you pregnant.”

            “Im on the pill so fuck me now!” With that she ripped off Bob’s pants and took out his dick. It was huge! It wasn’t even fully hard and it was already 7in. Donna started to stroke it and got it up to its full 12in. “Wow I cant wait to put this in me”. With that she straddled Bob and sunk his long fat dick in her tight sweet cunt. “OMG daddy its so big don’t move for a minute.” She sat there getting used to his dick Feeling her cunt stretch. After a minute she started to pump up and down working his cock inside her. ”oooooo ya that’s just what I need”. She put her big titties in his face and had him suck on her long ½ in nipples. They fucked for 20 mins, when bob said “im cumin donna where do you want it?” “Don’t stop fucking me cream all inside my tight little cunt, just don’t stop cuz im cumming!” she yelled. Bob came deep inside her cunt filling her with sperm. It was the biggest load she had ever had in her and she loved the way it felt. She grabbed some tissues and got off Bob’s dick. She stuffed the tissues in her tight little cunt and said “I want that in me all night daddy”. They fell asleep with his mouth on her nipple.


To be continued?  

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