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The Sexy Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t seem to control herself. Sweat was building up on her curvaceous body and short but obviously pleasured gasps were coming from her mouth, starting deep inside of her then moving out. The guy below her eating her tight little pussy paid no heed to the signs of her getting more turned on by the second. Instead he let his tongue move up and down the lips of her pussy, tasting the sexual juices that were already leaking out of her.

His tongue stroked her in firm hard licks, making Lindsay’s gasps grow louder every second. Lindsay moved her hands to her large, firm breasts, squeezing them as hard as she could, sending a shock of pleasure and pain through her entire body. “Mmm! Oh God!” She moaned out loudly. The guy licking her pussy seemed to get extremely turned on by her moan, and really who wouldn’t, because he took his hands to her pussy and spread her open with two fingers.

He stared inside of her tight pussy walls for a minute, as if looking into something he never thought he’d get to see, then gave her opened pussy a long hard lick. Lindsay jumped as if shocked by electricity and let out one loud moan that echoed all about her room. By this time she didn’t care what he did to her. She didn’t even care if he raped her, because of the chaos going on in her life right now this felt like the perfect way to let it all out.

The feelings assaulted her sexy frame, making her grope her tits harder, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples to the point where it even hurt a little. But if she felt or cared any about the pain she sure didn’t show it. The guy continued licking her in long hard strokes, pinching her lips between his fingers, and finally pointed the tip of his tongue inside of her pussy and pushed it in as far as he could. He met resistence almost right away but not because of her virginity, it’s because of how tight she is squeezing him.

Everything about Lindsay’s body screams “tight”. When you see her on tv or even in a bikini, she looks like her body is tight enough to squeeze your dick off. Well he can confirm it now. Her pussy was squeezing his tongue so tightly he was having problems moving it. He let go of her lips and let them close around his tongue, then took his hands to her ankles to spread her legs. From the moment he pushed his tongue inside of her Lindsay lost what control she had left.

Lindsay started to thrust her hips up toward his face, making his long tongue fuck in and out of her tight little pussy. “Oh fuck!! Push your tongue inside of me! Harder!!” She screamed and gave her tits such a hard squeeze it sent jolts of pain throughout her entire body. She let out a pained moan but she seemed to enjoy it a lot. The guy pulled his tongue out of her and stood up. He’s a handsome guy, short brown hair, muscular body, piercing blue eyes, and a smirk on his face.

He’s still half dressed, only his shirt off, but he took his hands down to his pants and as he unbuttoned and unzipped them, he turned around so she couldn’t see when he threw his pants aside and then brought his boxers down off his body and threw them aside as well. Lindsay’s anxious, very anxious because of her still being a virgin. She’d done other things with guys, like oral and even a 69 but had never gone beyond that.

The guy turned around and she got a full look at him. Her eyes widened at the nine inch long cock in front of her eyes. The size of it scared her a little bit which showed in her eyes but for some reason she couldn’t explain, her own fear of it turned her on and made her want it even more. This guy had something else in mind though. He walked up slowly to her, letting her arousal build quickly. But instead of moving to her dripping wet pussy, he got on the bed with her.

She was wondering what he was doing until he sat down on her stomach and took her large, firm tits into his strong grasp, making her moan slightly from his touch. Up until this time the guy hadn’t said a thing but she heard him clearly when he said, “Now I’m going to fuck your tits, Lindsay.” Before she could say or do anything he squeezed her tits together and pushed his cock in between them. He moaned slightly but didn’t move his cock yet. He just held her tits firmly together and started moving them up and down his shaft.

Lindsay hadn’t had her tits fucked since her and getting it now made her moan loudly in lust. She always loved having her tits fucked. Usually they are annoying because a lot of people look down instead of at her face. But when someone fucks them she is very glad she has them. Her tits are very sensitive to any kind of touch so she can usually cum with someone just fucking them. The guys hands were squeezing them very hard and making them fuck his long, thick shaft.

He knew he wouldn’t take long to cum all over her, he’s been waiting so long to have her like this it’s not exactly easy to keep it in. Their loud, lustful moans filtered through the entire room and neither could think clearly past all of the lust. Lindsay looked down as his cock moved in and out between her tits, moving her head slightly so each time the head came out she would lick her tongue across it. “Yes!! Fuck my tits! Cum all over them! Please!” Lindsay moaned lustfully.

Now if anyone was doing this some to Lindsay and she moaned that out to you, you would cum. Period. This guy is no different. His hips started to thrust his cock between her tits really fast and hard, squeezing her tits brutally hard and making her scream in pain. “Oww!!” She screamed. It did hurt but for some reason she felt a huge buildup inside of her pussy, it wanting out of her so badly it hurt. With a moan that could be undoubtably heard blocks away, he finally let loose.

Stream after stream of hot thick cum shot all over her beautiful face. The moment she felt his cum on her she also came, screaming in such pleasure that she thought she might pass out. The guy kept fucking her firm tits until every last drop of his cum was out and on her body. Almost immediately, with his cock still between her breasts, her started to rub his cum all over them. Lindsay had stopped cumming but hadn’t quite gotten enough of her senses back to say anything.

The guy rubbed his dick against her nipples then whispered in her ear, “I wonder how much you’ll moan and scream when I fuck your cunt...” Her eyes widened but was suddenly interrupted by a phone ringing. She closed her eyes and shook her head slightly to free the cobwebs then opened her eyes again, instead staring into an empty room. “A dream...?” She asked aloud, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

She blindly felt for the phone as she checked parts of her body for cum. Her pussy could rival Niagra Falls right now but she definitely hadn’t been fucked. She could hardly keep her disappointment in even as she picked up the phone. “Hello?” She asked. A very familiar voice answered her. “Yes, Ms. Lohan? There is somebody here to see you.” She instantly recognized the voice of one of her bodyguards.

“Who is it?” She asked and yawned, wondering why hearing his voice was turning her on a little. “Ahh...Hilary Duff. She mentioned that she’s supposed to be staying with you for a week.” Lindsay groaned and placed a hand on her forehead. “Ok let her in. I’ll be down shortly.” Her bodyguard acknowledged that and they hung up. “Just great.” Lindsay muttered and got out of bed. “Another reason to hate Hilary...”

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