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Leah Remini and One Smart Student

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“Come on Dustin, think,” Leah said disgustedly as she tossed her hand in the air. She shook her head and took a deep breath watching the fourteen year old boy sitting by her at the table. She dropped her hand to the tabletop saying with as much patience as she could muster, “You know this stuff. What’s the trouble? You act like you really don’t care.”

The youth just shrugged his shoulders and said, “What difference does it make?”

“It makes a lot of difference,” Leah told him firmly. She leaned towards him saying, “You need to know this stuff if you want to go to college.”

“My old man has enough money to send me where ever I want to go,” he answered with an almost bored tone.

“But you won’t be admitted to any college if you flunk the entrance exams,” Leah countered. She tossed a hand in the air asking, “And then where will you be?”

“My old man has plenty of money,” he said as he sat there with a sullen demeanor. He shook his head telling her, “And besides I’ll be working for my Dad after I get out of school. So I won’t have to go to college.”

Leah shook her head in dismay; his father was very wealthy and she didn’t want to admit it but that was why she had offered to tutor his young son. She had learned that his father, who she had worked for, was looking for a private tutor for Dustin. Leah had let it be known, indirectly, that she could help the boy if his father was interested. The reason for her offer was that she hoped she could garner the favor or at least the assistance of his father in helping her to further her career desires. Maybe if she was able to help his son he could in turn help her.

Unfortunately Dustin was not all that keen on being helped; although it was only their second session he had made it quite clear that he had no real interest in improving his grades. Leah knew that her plan to capitalize on helping him improve his grades was in serious jeopardy if he refused to allow her to help.

“Besides why do I need to know this stuff?” He asked with a wave at the text book they were using.

“You have to know how to add and subtract,” Leah responded slowly shaking her head.

“Why I can always use a computer,” he told her with a shrug.

“But what if the computer is broke?” She countered.

“Well I can always have someone else do it,” he said with an almost arrogant assurance.

“But how will know if they’re doing it right?”

“Well they better,” he said with a confident nod. He folded his arms across his chest adding, “Cause when I’m in charge they better do what I say.”

“I see,” Leah said with a slow nod. She shook her head surprised by the kid’s arrogance. She didn’t know how to motivate him not when he had such self confidence. She knew that he was planning to ride on his father’s success and wealth. Slowly she asked, “What will you do if your father loses his money?”

“He won’t,” Dustin assured her.

“But what if?” She persisted.

“What are you gonna do if he does?” He countered locking stares with her.

“What do you mean?” Leah asked a little perplexed by his question.

“Hell I figured you’re wanting something out of this,” he said with a shrug. He nodded at her saying, “You probably are hoping to get something out of this. I mean you’re not a real teacher.”

“No I’m not,” Leah admitted with a slow nod.

“So what’s in it for you?”

“Well yes I’m hoping that maybe your father can help me out if I help you improve your grades,” Leah confessed with a casual shrug.

“Well it looks to me then that you need my help too,” Dustin said confidently as he settled back in his chair.

“And how is that?” Leah asked curtly. She was getting rather tired with his game and his attitude in general.

“Well it would seem to me that if my grades don’t get any better then my Dad just might decide that you ain’t doing a good job and dump you,” he said with a smug grin. He cocked his head to one side asking, “And then what for you?”

Leah stared at the arrogant boy her disdain for him steadily creeping up. Id it wasn’t for her hope that his father could help her career dreams she probably would have said the hell with it. She didn’t want to admit it but she would have been quite pleased to see this conceited little punk fail completely; probably would be the best thing that could ever happen to him. Unfortunately she wasn’t hired to provide moral guidance to him; she was just supposed to help him get better grades.

“Well I guess I’ll just have to try another way to get what I want out of life,” Leah said with a casual flick of her hand. She wanted to grimace, she sounded like one of those cheesy characters on the old TV shows, spouting good old fashion values. Well they did make sense so maybe there was some value to them.

“But if I do better in school?” Dustin asked as he unfolded his arms and rested one on the table. He glanced down at the smooth wooden surface as he casually drew a small circle on it with the tip of his finger. As he did he nonchalantly asked, “If that happened you wouldn’t have to try something else, right?”

“Yes,” Leah answered tiredly and nodding her head. She ran a hand through her shoulder length dark brown hair tossing a quick glance over at the clock and saw that they had just under an hour left. She hoped that he wasn’t trying to drag this out in hopes of avoiding any more work.

“So like I said, it seems to me that you need me more than I really need you,” the youth said as he stretched his legs out and slipped his hands behind his head.

“Okay it might seem like that,” Leah admitted with an exasperated huff. She sensed that he was working towards something and knowing what a scheming little boy he was she figured it probably wasn’t right. Hoping to end his procrastination and get back to work she asked in a frustrated tone, “Okay Dustin you obviously want something, now what is it?”

Leah figured that if he wanted to try and blackmail her there was little he could get from her. She had very little money he could try and get out of her and if he was hoping to somehow get her to provide the answers he would need for his upcoming tests he was sadly mistaken about that. She shivered slightly when she saw his eyes drop briefly down to her ample bust and then back up to her face. Her unease stirred a little more when she noted the ends of his mouth were tipped up in a slight smile; a cold, cocky smile.

“Okay its real simple,” Dustin said as he sat up. He locked stares with her and calmly said, “I wanna feel your boobs.”

“You what?” Leah exclaimed her eye brows shooting up in surprise. Her jaw drop and she sat back in her chair as she stared at the youth as he calmly sat there looking at her.

“I want to feel your boobs,” he repeated acting as if it was a simple request.

“I…I don’t think so young man,” Leah said in a measured tone. She wanted to smack the arrogant little bastard clear out of his chair but she knew that would not resolve the problem. She was both stunned and upset by his casual demeanor. He was just sitting there acting as if he had just made some kind of neutral comment about the days’ weather. Regaining her composure she leaned towards him slightly and waved a finger in his face saying with as much firmness as she could muster, “I’m not going to say anything to your father about what you just said. I should but I won’t.”

“Doesn’t bother me,” he said with a cocky wave of his hand. He looked at her saying, “But I ain’t gonna do any of this crap you’re wanting me to do. In fact I just might tell my old man that you’re not helping me at all. I might tell him that you just sit and listen to music while I’m here and aren’t helping me at all. Gee and since my grades won’t be any better he might just get rid of you. Hmmm’

“Or maybe I’ll tell him that you tried to put the moves on me. Gee what do you think he’d do then, if I told him that you were trying to get me to fool around with you?”

“You wouldn’t,” Leah said in a shocked voice.

Try me,” he responded in a haughty voice. Leah could tell he wasn’t kidding. She also knew that if he did do as he threatened and even if she was able to disprove his allegations the harm it would do to her career hopes would be devastating.

Leah sat back in her chair, staring at the kid whose eyes were alternating from her face down to her bust and back. She had a bad feeling that even if she denied the kid’s bogus claims his dear old Dad would probably whole heartily believe him. The little jerk was probably quite adept at manipulating his father; she could just imagine the little jerk telling his father his outlandish tale, complete with tears. Maybe he should be considering a career in acting instead of her.

“So we got a deal?” He asked after a few quiet seconds.

“A deal?” Leah asked with a quick shake of her head. She again ran a hand through her hair asking, “What deal? You’re blackmailing me.”

“Whatever,” he said with a bored shrug. He nodded at her saying, “Let me feel your boobs and I’ll make sure to tell Dad what a great teacher you are.”

Again Leah fought the urge to slap the kid clear into next week. This kid was going to be one hell of a fiend when he grew up; if he grew up. She again cast a hurried glance at the clock vainly hoping that somehow the remaining hour had magically passed. The only consolation she could find in the whole thing was that he was so young. She hoped that he wasn’t too experienced in sexual matters. But then again with the kind of devious mind he apparently possessed he could be quite experienced.

Accepting the sordid fact that she had no real alternative Leah slowly shook her head. She averted her eyes as she sat there clearly feeling his horny eyes on her chest. Keeping her eyes directed to a spot on the far wall, Leah carefully scooted her chair over so she was directly in front of him. She clearly heard his triumphant grunt and from the edge of her vision saw him shift forward.

“Take your top off,” he told her eagerly.

“Oh no,” Leah said as she brought her eyes to him. She smiled grimly as she wagged a finger in front of his face saying, “You said that you wanted to feel my breasts, you didn’t say anything about me taking off my blouse. That was our deal.”

Dustin stared at her with a hard glare; she could see the muscles in his jaw twitch. She wished she could laugh at the complete lunacy of the whole thing; she was setting limits on what she was going to submit to by this sexual manic fourteen year old. After a brief stare down he apparently decided to not press the issue. He grimaced slightly and shrugged his shoulders. Leah sighed softly finding some pleasure in her small victory; her triumphant feeling was short-lived.

Eagerly Dustin scooted to the edge of his chair and leaned towards her. Leah again looked away as the young man reached out and placed his hands firmly on her boobs. He groaned longingly as he pressed his palms full against her mounds and his fingers closed on them. He sat there for a long moment, gripping her boobs and apparently savoring the feel of them through her blouse and bra. Leah wondered if this was the first time the little freak had ever played with a woman’s breasts; not that it really mattered one way or the other.

Leah looked at Dustin from the corner of her vision and not surprisingly saw that his excited eyes were glued to her chest. She grimaced slightly as he pressed his fingers into the mass of her boobs, holding them firmly. After a few seconds of just squeezing her mounds he began move his hands side to side. Slowly, hesitantly he moved her boobs out and then pushed them together in the center of her chest. He held them pressed together and rubbed them against each other. Leah shuddered slightly and closed her eyes as she heard his nervous quick laugh.

“This is great,” he said in a breathless whisper as he allow her boobs to settle back to their normal position on her chest, but still keeping his hands on them. He moved his palms to the underside of her ample bust and then slowly pushed her mounds upward. He held her boobs up on her chest and roughly moved his hands back and forth, saying, “Boy you’ve got a great pair of jugs.”

Leah gritted her teeth lightly wondering if the little jerk was wanting her to thank him for the compliment. He lessened his pressure on her mounds and allowed them to heavily sag back down to their proper position. His hands never left contact with her mounds as soon as they had settled back he pressed his fingers back into them. He quickly gripped her boobs, pressing his palms against them as he did. Leah could feel her mounds being pressed back against chest; her tit flesh spilling out the top part of her bra cups. Keeping her boobs mashed back against her ribs he began to rub them from side to side, grunting loudly as he did.

Suddenly he pulled his hands from her slightly aching boobs causing Leah to open her eyes hoping that her torment was over, and look at the kid. As she did Dustin reached out with one hand and hooked his index finger inside the neckline of her blouse. Leah gasped loudly and brought a hand to his as he roughly pulled her neckline down and away from her chest slightly. She was worried that he would rip her blouse as she heard the loud rending noise from her blouse as he pulled the fabric taut.

“Wha…wait a second,” was all she could say as she leaned forward slightly to prevent him from tearing her top and ease the pressure it was causing on her neck.

“I wanna see what kind of bra you’re wearing,” he told her as he came out of his seat. He leaned forward, forcing Leah to sharply lean her head back so their heads wouldn’t bump together. She could feel the tip of his index finger lightly touching her chest, between her breasts and just below the short strap between the cups of her bra. She assumed that most of her chest, at least the middle part of it, was uncovered. She also feared that her blouse was stretched out but that was just a minor thing at the moment.

“Ummm yeah that looks great,” he muttered as he hooked his other finger inside the stretched neckline and drew it over uncovering more of her chest. He groaned longingly as he gazed at her chest, saying, “Oh man I was hoping you’d have on a see through one.”

Leah wondered if she should apologize; she didn’t know that she was going to let some punk grope her or else she would have dressed better for it. She guessed that he had uncovered the upper half of her bra clad breasts; she was wearing a plain flesh toned bra. She wanted to ask the jerk if he liked the bra she was wearing but decided against it.

A little clumsily he sat back down, keeping his fingers hooked inside the neckline of her top. Once he had plopped back down he leaned forward again and roughly thrust his hand inside her top. He grunted as he grabbed her bra encased boob. She gripped his forearm with both hands but made no real effort to make him remove his hand as he squeezed her boob. She groaned softly as he mashed her boob, drawing it up her chest slightly as he did. She shifted slightly as his fingertips dug into her flesh, luckily the satiny material of her bra cup shield her tender flesh from his fingernails.

Dustin released her aching boob and slid his hand up her chest until his palm was pressed against the smooth skin of her upper chest. He moved his other hand over, hooking his finger inside the strap of her bra and pulling it over. He then jammed his other hand into the cup of her bra, forcing it over as he did. Leah grimaced as he roughly worked his hand into the cup of her bra and gripped her boob.

Dustin inhaled sharply when his fingers moved over her nipple. He giggled softly as he began to firmly rub her cone of tit flesh with his fingertips. His caress was rough; not light or gentle at all. Firmly he pressed his fingers against her boob as he rubbed her nipple about, groaning hungrily as he did. He stopped his rubbing and worked his thumb into her bra cup, clamping her nipple between his thumb and index finger. Leah inhaled through her nose as he began to pinch her stiffening nipple. She shuddered and closed her eyes, partly to try and block out the arousal that was stirring in her and also to block the sight of the little punk. He had a smug, triumphant look on his face; one that Leah would have loved to smack off.

Slowly, steadily he increased the pressure he was exerting on her turgid nipple. As he did he began to slowly rotate it back and forth. Leah cursed both him and her own body when she heard him chuckle softly and felt her nipple hardening from his action. Apparently the little deviant knew what it meant when a woman’s nipples were hard. He continued to tweak her turgid nipple for a number of seconds before releasing it. He forced his hand further into her bra cup until his fingertips were touching the inside edge of the lower part of her bra cup; he had jammed his whole hand into her cup. He began to move his hand back and forth rubbing her nipple against his palm.

“I wanna see your boob,” he eagerly told her. With his other hand still pulling her neckline down he forced it even lower, until he had drew it over and beneath her breast. As he did he hooked the end of his index finger inside the cup of her bra and drew that over and down too. Once he had he gripped her boob and raised it out of the cup of her bra. Leah wanted to stop him but she figured he wouldn’t give up and there was little sense in arguing with the creep.

Dustin released her boob, moving his hand to her stretched neckline and pulled it over so her boob was completely uncovered. He sat back slightly and stared at her bare boob, shaking his head slightly and grunted approvingly. After a few quiet seconds he gently placed his index finger on her erect nipple and slowly jiggled it back and forth. He then slipped his finger off her nipple and began to slowly, firmly trace the dark puffy circle that surrounded the base of her nipple.

“Like that?” He asked quietly as he continued to tenderly trace her areola. Leah still had her eyes closed and her mouth was partly open. She wanted to tell him no but she was afraid her words would fail her; the best she could do was groan softly deep in her throat. She heard him chuckle softly, an almost triumphant chuckle, and she sensed that he knew he was getting her aroused. He continued lightly caressing her areola, telling her, “Man you really ought to not wear a bra.”

Leah hastily swallowed and licked her strangely very dry lips. In a breathless whisper she asked, “Wh…why?”

“Damn ‘cause you have such a great rack!” He responded almost sounding like he was surprised by her answer. He shook his head and with a quick nod at her chest said, “Man you ought to be showing these puppies off more.”

Again the only thing Leah could do was groan deep in her throat as she sat there rock still, gripping the edge of the chair she was sitting on. She knew that she had a nice chest, she really didn’t need this scheming little kid telling her that and she had no real problem displaying it, within reason of course. She didn’t want to admit it but she had decided that if it was necessary to further her career ambitions she would be willing to use her body, again within reason. Part of her pointed out that she had offered to tutor this kid to try and further her career hopes and this creep was now enjoying her body to help her. She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing but she tried to tell herself, if it helped her get what she wanted then maybe it wasn’t all that wrong. She just wished she could be sure that it would help her career dreams.

Leah’s eyes fluttered open as Dustin slid his hand across her chest, hooking his fingers just underneath her bra strap and began to pull both the strap and her blouse over. She knew that her blouse was probably stretched out since he had already forced it down below her boob and now was pulling it over to uncover her other one. As he was drawing her top over he used his other hand to keep her first boob uncovered. Rather roughly he forced her top down below her boob; he had pulled her top down far enough so that both of her boobs were thrusting out over the neckline. As he was forcing her blouse open he also pulled the strap of her bra over, along with the upper part of the cup of her bra. Leah meekly sat there as he drew her top open, totally baring her chest. He moved his other hand and jammed it into the cup of her bra, forcing it down and gripped her boob. He lifted it out of her bra, pulling the now empty cup down.

Eagerly Dustin grabbed her blouse, just inside the neckline and drew it open as far as he could. He had pulled her top down to below her boobs and over so that they were totally uncovered. He sat there staring at her bare chest and grunted approvingly, shaking his head slowly.

“Sweet,” he said admiringly.

Dustin moved his hands back onto Leah’s now bare boobs; she shuddered as his hands closed about her mounds. His manner, compared to just a few seconds ago, almost seemed tentative. He pressed his hands fully against her steadily rising and falling boobs but not as roughly. It was almost as if now that he had them uncovered he was fearful of hurting them if he was too rough. Slowly, firmly he moved his hands over her pale boobs; across the upper gentle swell, along the outsides of them and then along their full undersides. He ended his rather gentle sweep at her erect nipples, rubbing them with his fingertips. He moved his hands to the outside of Leah’s ample bust and then slowly pushed them together in the center of her chest.

Leah took a shaky breath as he held her boobs pressed together and began to slowly rub them against each other. As he did he pressed his fingers into the milky white flesh of her boobs. Leah noted that there was a soft smile on his lips; obviously he was thoroughly enjoying himself. As he held her boobs together he moved his thumbs over so he could rub her nipples, again making her shudder.

Apparently he detected her shiver because he moved his hot stare from her chest to her face. With an almost teasing tone he asked, “Like that?

Leah didn’t trust her words so she simply shook her head; she had a feeling that he could tell that her denial was a little forced. If he did or didn’t obviously didn’t affect his actions. He continued to push her boobs together and toy with her erect nipples. He returned his gaze to her mounds, saying, “Man you have a great rack. This is great.”

Easing his inward push on her boobs Dustin allowed them to settle back to their normal position. Once he had he shifted his hands to the underside of them and began to slowly push them up. Leah glanced down at her chest as he steadily shoved them up. After he had he asked in a breathless rush, “Ever licked your own nipples?”

Leah wasn’t sure just how to respond to his crude question; if she should just answer it or if it was more of a suggestion. Hastily she just shook her head no. She didn’t want to tell him that she had had enough men lick her nipples.

“Try it,” he told her giving her boobs a hard quick little shove. In an excited whisper he said, “Let me see you lick your nipples.”

Shuddering and wishing she was in control so she could refuse his disgusting request Leah closed her eyes. She bent her head forward as far as she could. As she did she could clearly hear the boy’s excited breathing. He gripped her boobs a little firmer and even forced them a little higher up on her chest as if trying to assist her. She felt her lips touch her turgid nipple and quickly she kissed the end of it. Without really pausing to think she stuck her tongue out and ran it over her erect nipple. She didn’t want to admit it, at least not the little jerk, but it was rather exciting. Without being told to she moved her head over and repeated her efforts on her other nipple and then raised her head, letting it roll back to relieve some of the kinks that had formed. As she did Dustin allowed her boobs to settle heavily back down on her chest.

“My turn,” he eagerly said as she slowly rolled her head.

Before she could react he leaned forward, still gripping her boobs tightly. Leah bent her head forward and watched as the youth pressed his face to her boob. He opened his mouth wide and pressed it firmly against her boob, almost as if he wanted to try and stuff her big boob completely into his mouth. She wanted to proudly assure him that his mouth wasn’t big enough to take all of her boob; despite how big his mouth may be. Hungrily she nuzzled on her boob, jamming his tongue against it as he did. She just hoped he wouldn’t leave a mark; she didn’t want to have to try and explain how she got a hickey on her boob.

After noisily sucking on her boob he quickly shifted to her other and repeated his efforts. Leah shivered as the air from the room washed over her wet nipple making it even a little harder. After nuzzling on her other tit for a few seconds he pulled his mouth away. Before he straightened he gave her nipple a hard kiss.

“Satisfied?” Leah asked after he had sat back but keeping his hands on her boobs.

“I guess so,” he said with a casual shrug but maintaining his hand placement.

Finally finding so resolve Leah reached up and moved his hands from her aching and tingling mounds. After she had she hastily moved the straps of her bra back up onto her shoulders and adjusted the cups of her bra so they once more covered her boobs. She then fixed her top as best she could; she had been right, it had been stretched out severely. Her blouse now loosely hung down so the, what had been a modest neckline, now dropped to just a little above her nipple line. The upper part of her chest was quite visible, along with the upper half of her bra covered boobs. She would obviously have to change tops before his father arrived.

“We need to get back to work,” Leah said in a weak tone. She glanced over at the clock, dismayed to see that there was still close to forty-five minutes left. She silently prayed that his father would be early in picking him up real early.

“I’ve got an idea,” Dustin said as they moved their chairs back near the table.

“And what’s that?” Leah asked.

Reaching out he placed his hand on her boob, giving it a quick squeeze and saying, “If I improve my grades you let me play with these again.”

Leah carefully moved his hand away, saying, “We’ll see.”

“He raised his grades to a B Leah,” Dustin’s father said proudly. He was grinning broadly as he stood in his office his arm around his young son’s shoulders. He shook his head as he looked at Leah saying, “I didn’t think it was possible but you really helped him out. How in the world did you do it?”

“Oh well,” Leah said with a quick shake of her head. She glanced at the young man and wasn’t too surprised to see that he was eying her bust. She glanced back at his father saying, “He’s really a very smart kid. He just needed some motivation.”

Dustin moved his eyes from her chest to her face and gave her a knowing smile, which she quickly returned. His father laughed and patted his son on the back saying, “Well I guess you knew what it was to get him to buckle down.”

“Yeah she’s a great teacher Dad,” Dustin said quickly.

“Well she must be,” he said shaking his head. He glanced at the two as he said, “And I understand you’ve agreed to help tutor him through the summer now too?”

“Sure,” Leah said with a nod. She glanced at Dustin adding, “If that’s okay?”

“It sure is.”

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