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Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

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Ned, Mose, and Simon (a.k.a. Cookie) were going to start High School in a few months. Ned and Mose's were starting to have feelings for each other but they did not know how to act on them.

One Friday night, Ned, Mose, and Cookie got together to watch a few movies and to just hang out. When Ned and Mose got there they put the first movie in and watched about the first 45 minutes of it. Ned and Mose held hands during the whole thing.Cookie then had to go to the bathroom so they stopped the movie. When he got back he was stopped short when he noticed Ned and Mose on the couch making out. He stood there unnoticed while they made out and then watched as Mose lifted her shirt exposing her green bra holding her 34C cup tits. She started to play with them as she kissed Ned. Ned then stood up and took off his pants and pulled out his 7 inch cock. Cookie just stood there out of sight as Mose put Ned's cock in his mouth. Cookie had watched enough porn to know what was going on and just watched as Mose gave Ned a blowjob. Cookie was getting hard himself when Mose then got up to take her pants off exposing her bright green thong and beautiful ass. "Cookie! What are you doing?" asked Mose angrily. "If you wanted to join you should have just asked."

Cookie walked over to Mose as she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his pants. He had only a 5 inch cock but Mose still sucked it amazingly. "I'm gonna cum!" said Cookie after about 5 minutes. He then shot his cum in Mose's mouth. She tried to swallow it all but there was to much and she started to choke and it went on the floor. Ned then went to pulled down her thong and started to eat her pussy as Mose continued to suck Cookie.

Mose then finished with Cookie and went to suck on Ned so Cookie went to fuck her from behind doggy style. He fucked her unlike she was ever fucked before and made her cum after only 3 minutes. She then got a massive orgasm and her juices got all over Cookies cock.

"OK, OK" said Ned. " You have made her cum now let her suck the cum off your cock while she sits on mine." That is exactly what happened. Mose sat on Ned as she tried to keep Cookies cock in her mouth which was hard because she was bouncing up and down and screaming with pleasure. Ned then got the feeling that he was going to cum. He then pulled out his cock and came all aver Mose's face and she tried to get it all of. After she did she then got back of Ned's cock and went up and down again.

"Cookie, im done suckin your cock" I want you to fuck me in my asshole while Ned fucks me in my pussy. So Mose lied down with her front to Ned's stomach as he fucked her in her pussy. Cookie then stuck his cock in her ass and fucked her. She screamed out with pleasure and pretty soon came all over Ned's cock.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. it was Cookies girlfriend Lisa. She saw what Mose and Ned where doing and asked if she could join. Cookie said she could so she came in and took off her shirt and pants. She had 32A cup breasts and quickly took Cookie's cock in her mouth and gave him an amazing blowjob. He suddenly came in her mouth causing her to gag choke slightly on the cum before swallowing it.

Mose was now giving Ned another blowjob. Cookie was fucking Lisa and Lisa was now licking and eating out Mose. Both girls where screaming with pleasure. Mose then came on Lisa's face causing Lisa to have a massive orgasm all over Cookie's cock. Mose then went and sucked on Cookie's cock to get all of Lisa's pussy juice off and Ned began to fuck Lisa doggy style from behind. Cookie then went and fucked Mose as Mose and Lisa sucked on each others tits. Both girls then had another orgasm. They then licked the juices off the other guys cocks which made Cookie cum all over both Mose's and Lisa's face. Watching this made Ned then cum all over the girls faces. The girls the licked it off one another. After all the teenagers just lied on the floor exhausted.

All four of them became a lot closer to one another and they began to hang out a lot more needless to say what they did when they hung out with one another.

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