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Selena's Big Break

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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Selena Gomez or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

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Selena’s Big Break
By Muhabba

Selena Gomez was very nervous as she sat in the lobby of one of the executives of the Disney channel. This was one of her biggest auditions she would ever have and it was down to her and nine other girls. All the girls were about her age and all with a similar appearance, all had very dark, long hair and dark, wide eyes. Selena had lighter skin than you’d expect from someone with the last name “Gomez” and she hoped it wouldn’t count against her. She had a wide smile, a cute upturned nose and what her mom called “chipmunk” cheeks.

Selena’s parents had woke her up early that morning, especially considering how late they had kept her up drilling her with everything they thought would be expected of her, and her mother had picked out her clothes for her to save time so they could get some more last minute practice in. She was wearing a white T-shirt with pink designs around the collar underneath a fuzzy pink sweater with white stripes at the cuffs and around the neck. She wore a pink and white striped belt with her denim Capri pants and sandals with pink nail polish on her toes and fingers. Her mother had even pulled her hair back using two pink and white berets.

Selena was told parents weren’t allowed in the final interview and so she had sat without them for the last twenty minutes with the other girls. Finally the intercom on the secretary’s desk buzzed. The secretary walked around her desk and began ushering all the little girls into the executive's office. The office was a very large room with the executive’s desk at the far side of the room. One whole wall was what Selena guessed was a window but she didn’t know for sure because the blinds were closed. On the opposite wall were several large couches and chairs with two chairs in front of the executive's desk. The secretary lined the ten girls up with their backs to the window and then left.

Behind the desk were two doors set to each side and out of the left hand door a man entered the room and walked over to the young girls. “Hello young ladies. My name is Richard Johnson and I am one of the executives here at Disney. And since we are all going to be such good friends you can all call me Dick.”

Dick beamed down at the girls before continuing his speech, “Now one of the things we are looking for today is a certain ‘type’. A certain type of face and a certain type of girl. What we in the business call ‘presence’.”

Dick began pacing back and forth in front of the girls slowly and they all followed him with wide, expectant eyes. “The first thing I’ll be looking for is this ‘presence’. Anybody I feel that doesn’t have this ‘presence’ will be asked to leave through the left hand door that I came through. Now anybody I ask to leave, I don’t want you getting upset. It just means I don’t think you have the right ‘presence’ for this specific show. If I didn’t think you had any talent for acting you wouldn’t have made it this far. Please come back and audition again and again. You're all very talented and attractive young girls and I hope to see you again and again. O.k.?”

The girls all nervously nodded their heads as Dick paced back and forth in front of them.

Dick stood in front of the girl at the furthest end of Selena and ruffled the top of her head. “Sorry sweetie. Better luck next time.”

The girl looked down at her feet in disappointment and shuffled off towards the door. Just as she reached the door a man wearing a brown suit and tie opened it from the inside and escorted the girl though.

Dick walked over to one of the couches opposite the nine girls and sat down. “Now another part of what we are looking for is attitude. I want you all to pretend you are famous super-models. So everyone start posing for me.”

The girls all started doing their poses for Dick. Selena’s parents had made her practice this in front of various mirrors at home so she simply strutted back and forth in front of Dick, swaying her hips and pouting her lips. She stood still and acted as demure as she could. For another pose she pretended she was a cheerleader and for another pose she acted like she was a ninja.

After about five minutes Dick pointed at two of the girls, “I’m sorry girls. Better luck next time.”

Both girls pouted as they slumped to the door. The same man opened when the girls reached the door, only now his shirt looked rumpled and his tie was crooked as he escorted them in the next room.

Dick gestured for the seven remaining girls to stand in front of him. “O.k. girls. The next part of the audition is ‘accessibility’. When somebody see’s you will they see you as a ‘open’ person?”

Dick leaned forward on the couch and took the first girl’s face in his hand. Caressing the features of her face Selena watched as he leaned in closer and kissed her. It was a pretty deep kiss from what she could see but she wasn’t nervous even a little bit because she had been practicing very hard with her parents.

Dick took each girl in turn. First he would lovingly caress each of their faces and then gave them a deep kiss. When he reached Selena he stroked each of her chipmunk cheeks with his fingertips before leaning forward for the kiss. As their lips touched his tongue caressed her pink lips and slid inside of her mouth. Her warm, wet tongue met his and stroked it as it slid inside her mouth and then back out.

Dick finished with the last of the girls. “Very good. Very, very good all of you. I’m afraid 'tho," he pointed at two of the girls, “that you both didn’t quite make it. You did very well ‘tho and I certainly hope to see you both again.”

Both girls stared at each other with tears in their eyes and slowly walked to the door leaving the other 5 girls. Just as the two girls reached the door the same man opened it from the inside again. Now his shirt was completely untucked with the first few top buttons undone, his tie was completely gone and his hair was mussed. Selena thought his shoes might have been missing as well but she only caught a glimpse before the door closed again.

Dick spoke to the remaining girls, “Very good. Now the next part of the audition is body type. I want you all to take three big steps back,” The girls all stepped back in unison as Dick continued on, “Excellent. Well, the best way to do this next part would be for you all to take your clothes off so I can see your bodies.”

A few of the girls blushed but they all started taking off their clothes. Selena took a bit more time than the rest, wanting to make a show of it. First she took off her sweater, making sure to push out her chest as she reached behind her neck to grab her collar and pulled it up and forward. She used her arms to cover herself as she pulled the shirt over her head and down her front. Finally she pulled the shirt down her arms, baring her just forming breasts capped with puffy, light brown nipples. She grasped the front of her jeans and unsnapped them as she began making exaggerated swaying motions with her hips and pulling her pants down and over her feet, revealing her pink panties. She turned her back to Dick as she grasped the sides of her panties before bending at the waist. She slowly pulled her panties down her plump ass, making sure to give him a good look at her naked butt.

Selena turned back around to face Dick and clasped her hands behind her back to help push her chest forward as she smiled. Her hair was slightly messed but she made no move to fix it and just smiled at him. Her tiny breasts were pushed forward and her puffy nipples stood out hard and erect. Her breasts had just started forming and her parents both told her that they looked very nice and assured her that that they would grow into a large B-cup or a small C-cup when she was older. She had a bit of a tummy but it barely showed and she had what she was sure was the cutest belly button ever. Her hips had barely started to widen and her plump little ass-cheeks were firm and smooth. She hadn’t started growing her pubic hair yet and her pussy was a tight little slit nestled between her delicate, little labia.

Selena kept her hands clasped behind her as Dick called each of the girls to stand in front of him. He used his hands to stroke and caress every part of their bodies before calling the next one over. When it was Selena’s turn she boldly walked over and gave a little hop when she reached him. He caressed her chin and down to her arms and then back up to her chest. He ran his fingers across her barely formed breasts and used his finger tips to give a quick pinch to each of her tiny nipples which caused her to draw a quick breath between her teeth. He ran his finger’s down her silky smooth tummy and down to her feet and up her legs. When he reached her ass-cheeks he gave them a firm squeeze as he ran his finger tips between them and across her puckered little ass-hole before finishing up and inspecting the other girls.

Dick pointed to one of the girls who had been the smallest and the least physically developed, “Sorry darling. Maybe next year.”

The girl began crying as she picked up her clothes and walked nude to the door as everyone watched her tiny little butt swish back and forth. The door opened and the man was there again and now Selena could see that his jacket was gone, his shirt was completely unbuttoned, his hair was messier and he was barefoot and now it looked like his pants were unzipped. He took the naked girl by the shoulder into the other room and closed the door.

When the door closed and blocked the view of the girl’s little ass-cheeks Dick turned back to the other four girls, “O.k. girls. Now we are going to see how well you get along with others.” Dick pointed to two couches, “I want you to pair off and go sit on those couches. O.k. girls?”

Selena grasped the hand of the girl next to her and both of them walked to one of the couches and sat down. After they were seated, their legs dangling, Selena let go of her partners hand and began stroking the other girl’s naked thigh soothingly.

Dick walked over to stand in front of the couches, his pants tented in front by his throbbing erection. “All right girls. Let’s see how will you get along with each other.”

Selena looked over at her partner and smiled sweetly, “Nervous?”

“A little," the girl whispered as she looked down at Selena’s hand.

“Don’t be. My mom has had me practicing a lot.”

With that Selena leaned forward and gave the girl a quick peck on the lips. Their lips met quickly and then parted as she watched the other girl's face. The naked girl closed her eyes and pursed her lips, waiting for the nude Selena to really start.

Selena grinned and kissed the girl again but longer this time before parting. She scooted forward, chest to chest with the girl and their small breasts pushed together. She kissed the girl again, longer, harder, her pink tongue caressing the girl's lips before sliding past and into the other girl’s mouth. She rubbed her naked chest against the other girl’s arm and thigh. The other girl moaned into Selena’s mouth as Selena pushed her back to lay down on the couch. She spread the other girl’s legs and laid down between them as she finished kissing the girl’s mouth.

With the other girl on her back Selena began kissing down her neck as the other girl tilted her head back and moaned out loud. Her hands stroked the insides of the other girl's hips as she kissed her way down to the other girl’s chest. When she reached the other girl’s delicate breasts she kissed her way to the right breast and gave it loving kisses while avoiding the hard, pink nipple. When she finished covering the right breast with wet kisses she moved to the left and repeated the process and left both breasts shiny with her saliva and lip gloss.

Selena took one of her hands and slowly ran it up the inside of the other girl’s thighs until she slowly got to the girl’s hairless pussy. She took one of the girl’s nipples into her mouth and began lightly sucking on the hard nub as she traced a finger up and down the girl's wet slit. As she got bolder with her finger she increased the sucking pressure on the girl’s nipple, trapping the hard bit of flesh between her teeth and caressing it with her tongue. The other girl was panting faster and faster and moaning louder and louder. She knew the other girl was about to cum and wanted to finish big.

Just as the other girl was about to climax Selena pulled her mouth away from the other girl’s chest. The girl’s eyes shot open in surprise as Selena dove down between the girl’s legs to her now dripping pussy. She used her fingers to pry open the other girl’s wet and swollen labia, revealing the pink treasure inside. She bent forward and trapped the girl’s clit with her lips and began giving it the same treatment she had given the girl’s nipples and quickly slid her finger deep into the other girl’s pussy. She found the girl’s G-spot and began stroking that special patch of flesh with her finger as she trapped the girls hard little clit with her teeth and sucked hard.

“OHHHGGGODDDD!” the girl yelled out as she orgasmed. Her sweet juices spilled out of her pussy and covered Selena’s chin as her finger’s clutched Selena’s head and tried to pull her even further in-between her legs.

“O.k. girls. That’s enough.” Dick was leaning against his desk with his erection tenting his pants as he watched the girls. Selena’s head popped up from between the other girl’s thighs, the other girl’s juices dripping from her chin as she smiled up at him.

Selena looked away from Dick and over at the other 2 girls and saw them disentangling themselves from a 69 and then looked back down the girl she had just eaten out. The girl’s arms hung limply at her sides and her eyes were closed in post orgasmic bliss. She slid her finger from out of the other girl’s pussy and caused a shudder to trail down the other girl’s body before helping the naked girl to sit up.

Dick walked up to the girl with Selena, “I’m sorry sweetheart. Better luck next time.”

The other girl hardly even pouted as she slid off the couch and gathered her clothes up. She shambled over to the door and the other man opened it up again. Now the other man was naked from the waist up and his pants were completely undone. In fact if he hadn’t been holding his pants up they would have fallen down completely.

Dick addressed the girls as he began loosening his tie, “Now we are going to see how the audience will respond to you.” He took the tie off and removed his jacket, “We want the audience to respond well to you.” Next he untucked his shirt and began to unbuckle it, “Basically we want them to like you.” Taking off his shirt he began pulling off his shoes and socks, “So now I want the three of you to get me to like you.” He walked over to a chair and slid down his pants before sitting down, exposing his erect, throbbing cock. “Now one at a time, I want you to come over here and get me to like you.”

The three girls lined up with Selena being the last one. The first girl walked up to Dick as he opened his legs and slid his hips forward. She knelt down between his legs and grabbed his hard cock. Her small hand couldn’t reach all the way around the throbbing tool by itself so she used both hands to grasp around it’s thick base. The girl began to softly jack his cock, pulling the warm skin up and down slowly as he smiled down at her and stroked her hair. Next she started planting soft, delicate kisses all over his cock while still slowly and softly jacking him off. After a few minutes he patted the tip of the girl’s head and said, “O.k. sweetie. Good job. Let’s have the next girl have a turn.”

The girl smiled up sweetly at Dick from behind his cock before standing up and making her way to sit down on the couch.

The next girl came up and knelt between Dick’s legs and roughly grabbed his cock with both hands before bending over and opening her mouth wide. She seemed to try to swallow the prick whole as she shoved as much of his throbbing cock as deep into her face as she could. The girl quickly began bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could, her sweet, pink lips stretched wide around his tool and her mouth so full she could barely move her tongue around. None the less she tried her best as her face became a jack-hammering blur sucking his cock.

Dick grabbed the girls’ head to steady it before speaking, “Well you’re just the most enthusiastic little cock sucker I’ve seen in a while. Let’s give the next girl a turn tho’. O.k. honey?”

The girl quickly bounced up off her knees beaming with pride and skipped over to the couch with the first girl.

Selena slowly strutted up in-between Dick’s legs and let him stare at her nude, young body. She grabbed one of his wrists and brought his hand up to her barely developed chest. He stroked her silky tit and used his thumb to caress her hard little nipple. She moaned and grabbed his other hand and brought it up to her belly. His hand lay flat against her soft, smooth tummy and she began to push down on his wrist. His hand slid down her warm stomach and she guided it to the hot, wet junction of her thighs.

Selena let loose a loud moan as Dick palmed her entire little pussy and gave it a little squeeze. She closed her big, brown eyes in pleasure as the man began rubbing her wet pussy slowly. She looked down at his face before leaning forward and kissing him. Her pink, little tongue darted forward to rub across his lips before plunging into his mouth. Drawing back from the kiss she saw that his eyes had closed during the kiss and she felt so proud of herself.

Selena drew Dick’s hands away from her nude body and knelt down in front of the older man’s cock. She used one hand to slowly start jacking his cock and her other hand to firmly grasped his heavy balls. Her delicate hands were so small that his ball sack was too large to grasp totally but she bent forward and ran her tongue over each of his testicals. A moan escaped from his mouth as she gave a long, slow lick from the base of his cock up to the tip and back down again. Next she gave a twisting lick to his sensitive cock head before using her tongue to draw the tip into her wet mouth.

The other girls had gotten Dick’s cock wet enough that Selena could immediately get to work. She sucked his velvety head into her mouth and slowly ran her warm tongue around it. She then slowly began sucking the long tool down but was only able to get the first few inches inside. She raised her head up and began to bob up and down on the thick tool as she used one hand to jack the base of his cock and her other hand to firmly massage his cum filled balls.

Selena lost track of time as she concentrated on her cock sucking, her mouth going up and down as her tongue fluttered around the head and underside of the throbbing tool. She lost herself in her work and before she knew it Dick grabbed the sides of her head and slowly pulled her head off his cock.

“Jesus. You nearly finished the interview early there darlin’," Dick panted. “Been practicing sweetie?”

“I’ve been practicing with my daddy twice a day, sir. And I practiced on the cabbie on the way over here and the guy that gave us our food at McDonalds this morning," Selena beamed hoping Dick would be impressed with how much she had been practicing.

“Well dear, it certainly shows.” Dick patted Selena on top of her head as he walked over to the other two girls.

Dick’s erect cock bobbed up and down as he made his way over to the girls and as he stood in front of them his tool throbbed in front of their faces. He bent down in front of the first little cock sucker and ran his thumbs lightly over her little, pink nipples. “Sorry sweetie. Better luck next time.”

The girl immediately broke into tears as she slid off the couch. As the girl bent down to pick up her clothes it was easy to see her pussy lips peeking out and shiny with moisture before she stood back up. When the girl made it to the door it opened to show the nameless man again, completely nude now except for a pair of underwear that did nothing to hide his erection as he escorted the naked girl through before closing the door.

Dick watched the little girl’s ass-cheeks flex as she walked away before turning back to the last two girls. “Now the next bit is viewer interaction. How well you get along with the fans. Let’s see how you both do.”

Dick walked over in front of the other couch and sat down on the floor. “Now let’s see how well you get along with your fans. You first sweetie.”

Selena’s last rival walked over to Dick as he laid flat on his back with his cock pointing straight up. The girl stood with her feet on either side of his head, facing towards his throbbing tool. Lowering herself down she gasped out as his tongue made contact with her pussy as she knelt down. The girl leaned forward, grasped his cock and pulled it towards her face as she opened her mouth and stuck out her pink tongue.

Because of the extreme height difference the girl had to stretch her tiny body as far as she could but even then she could only get the first couple of inches into her tiny mouth. The young girl swirled her tongue around the velvet head of the older man’s dick as she bobbed her head and body back and forth.

Dick stretched his head up and forward as he ran his tongue up and down between the girl’s swollen pussy lips and lapped at her sweet juices. He grabbed each of the girl’s delicate ass-cheeks to brace himself as he darted his tongue into her hot hole.

A jolt ran through the young girl as Dick’s tongue penetrated her pussy. She immediately sat up and clamped her tender thighs against the sides of his head and began bucking her hips. She ran her hands up her chest and began pinching her nipples as she moaned out and ground her pussy against his mouth. Her pussy exploded as her orgasm ripped through her and he lapped up her juices.

The girl slid off Dick’s mouth and lay on her side as Dick sat up, his spit wet cock pointing straight towards the ceiling. He patted the girl’s plump, little ass before motioning at Selena, “O.k. darlin’. You’re next.”

Selena skipped over to Dick as he lay back down. She lowered herself down on to his mouth and he immediately began lapping away at her tender little cunt. She moaned deep in her throat at the feel of the older man’s tongue as she began humping his face. Setting up a nice rhythm for herself she leaned forward but found she was too short for her mouth to reach his cock.

Thinking quickly Selena reached forward and gripped Dick’s throbbing tool and began jacking him off as she began shouting out, “Oh God Dick! Your tongue feels so good. Feels so good inside of my pussy. I love your tongue. Please lick my little pussy, Dick. Please make me cum!”

Dick’s cock pulsed in Selena’s hand as the little girl rode his face. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her down hard on his mouth as he thrust his tongue as deeply into her gushing pussy as it would go.

“Oh God yes Dick! I’m coming!” Selena gripped hard onto Dick’s cock as her pussy spasmed around his tongue. Her juices spilled out onto his plunging tongue as her plump little ass clenched tight.

As Selena’s orgasm subsided the little wanna-be actress slumped forward and then collapsed completely, falling off of Dick’s face onto the floor. Gazing up dreamily at him as a goofy, embarrassed smile spread across her face she lay flat on her back with her arms and legs spread wide.

Dick gazed down at the young girl. She looked like a slutty, little angel with her wide eyes closed, her delicate tits raising and falling capped with light brown nipples, her tender thighs spread open and showing her wet pussy and a goofy grin spread across her face.

Dick looked over at the other girl and saw her masturbating spread eagle on the floor and pinching one of her nipples while the other hand thrust between her legs. He stepped over Selena’s sweat slick body and reached over to the other girl and patted the top of her head. “I’m sorry honey. I think we’re going to go with the other girl.”

The masturbating girl stopped her ministrations and looked up. The dazed girl chewed her bottom lip as she stood. Gathering her clothes the girl walked over to the door. The door opened immediately which caught Selena’s attention and caused her to sit up and watch.

The other man had opened the door and was now completely naked, his dick hard and he was panting as if out of breath. He looked hungrily down at the nude girl and reached down to grab her. The man picked the small girl up and tucked her under his arm and tried use her feet to flick the door closed. The door slammed shut but didn’t latch completely and slowly opened back up.

Dick walked back over to Selena and reached down to help her stand up. “Well sweetie, looks like you’re our new Disney star. What was your name again?”

Selena took Dick’s hand and stood up. “Selena, sir. Selena Gomez.”

“Well Selena. Let’s head back to my private room and finish up this interview," Dave said as he took Selena by the hand and walked her to the door no one had used yet. “You won’t need your clothes.”

As Dick and Selena reached the unopened door Selena glimpsed through the open door the man and girls that had gone through. She had never seen a orgy before but she guessed that was what see saw. All the other girls were engaged in sex with a large group of men, she even recognized some from her past auditions. The man formally wearing the brown suit had the last girl he had walked through and was pressing her up against a wall, fucking her deep as her little legs pointed straight out from around his hips. Another girl was on all fours as one man fucked her from the rear and another was feeding her his cock. Two of the girls were lock in a 69 as a group of men surrounded them and jerked off. The last girl Selena could see clearly was riding the dick of one man as another slowly penetrated her ass. The other girls were lost under a sea of thrusting, sweating male bodies with only the occasional arm or leg visible.

Selena looked worriedly up at Dick who was still clutching her hand. “Um… Dick? Are we… I mean, am I…”

“Don’t worry Selena," Dick smiled sweetly down at the young, nude girl. “Those are just exit interviews. This way the girls will leave a good impression on the executives for their next auditions.”

Dick opened the right side door and led Selena inside. The room was dark and the only thing visible was a large bed in the middle of the room and a expensive looking lamp on a bedside table. The only light in the room was coming from the lamp and it was the only reason Selena could even see the bed. From the doorway she noticed the bed was the largest she had ever seen. Her parents had a king sized bed and this one was much, much larger. She figured you could fit more than six people side to side on it.

Dick let go of Selena’s hand as he closed the door. “Selena, honey, why don’t you go climb up on the bed.”

Selena walked nervously over to the bed and climbed up. After crawling to the middle she sat cross legged and waited for Dick to join her.

Dick walked slowly over to the bed, staring in lust at the young girl, until he reached the side. “Now Selena. Normally we’d do a review of the interview before continuing on. But since you did such a good job there’s no way I’d be able to last that long. So we’re going ahead and skipping to the entrance interview.”

“O.k. Dick. What do I have to do? I’ll do whatever you want.”

Dick nearly came right then and there at Selena’s words and how she said it. She beamed up at him with pride and the widest, sweetest smile he had ever seen. “Just lay back, spread your legs and try not to be nervous. O.k.?”

“Yes Dick. I’m not nervous,” Selena said as she laid down flat on the orgy sized bed. She spread her legs wide and ran her hands up from her knees to just above her drooling cunt. As Dick reached the bed and began climbing up she ran her hands up to her chest and cupped her tender breasts and began playing with her erect nipples.

Dick climbed in-between Selena’s legs. He couldn’t remember the last time a girl had made him so horny, normally he’d take more time with the new girls and make a good performance of it. The audience hidden in the dark of the room always liked a good show but he had to finish. The need to cum inside of this young girl was so strong it had taken all of his will-power not to simply throw the girl down in his office and violate her every hole.

Dick placed the head of his cock at the opening of Selena’s pussy. “O.k. baby. Take a deep breath and try not to be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous Dick. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me Dick. Please make me cum again," Selena pleaded.

Dick couldn’t wait anymore, he hadn’t been this turned on since he had auditioned Miley Cyrus. He pressed his cock forward, parting Selena’s swollen labia and entering her pussy. "Oh God! This is the best pussy I’ve felt in years!" he thought.

Selena’s cunt slowly stretched open as Dick penetrated her. Her tiny pussy was so wet he knew he’d be able to slide in on the first try, but it was so tight he also knew he’d have to go slow. Plus he was sure that she had the hottest pussy he’d ever been in. She was panting underneath him as he filled her pussy with his cock, her tiny, budding tits raising and falling quickly as entered her, he was almost afraid she’d hyperventilate she was breathing so fast.

Time seemed to stop as Dick slowly filled this tiny little girl’s cunt, it could have been five minutes or five hours since he had started. All that mattered to him was the feel of this young actress’s body writhing underneath him and the feel of her tiny, little pussy stretching around his dick. Inch after inch of his hard cock filled Selena and he forgot everything else, even the audience spread around the room.

Finally Dick reached bottom as his and Selena’s pelvis’ met and pressed against each other. He could feel his ball sack pressed against her plump, contracted ass-cheeks and could feel the head of his prick bump against her cervix.

Dick adjusted his position ever so slightly and Selena’s hard little clit exploded at the friction it caused. “OHH DICK! I’M CUMMING! Thank you Dick for fucking me and making me cum!”

Dick lost all sense of self control as he felt Selena’s pussy spasm around his prick as she thanked him for it. He pulled out a few inches and thrust back quickly.

“Fuck, Dick! Yes!” Selena screamed as another orgasm tore through her.

Dick began thrusting as deep inside of Selena as he could. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. His pelvis a blur as he fucked this young girl as hard and fast as he could, jack-hammering away inside of her. He felt her cum as he hammered himself in and out of her, cumming over and over again. He could feel her tight little cunt spasming around his cock as she came again and again and again.

“Yes Dick! Yes Dick, Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me again and again! Make me cum!” Selena’s hands gripped the blanket she was laying on. Dick was right. All she had to do was lay back and let him fuck her. Fill her up with his cock. Let him make her cum. “Thank you Dick! Thank you for fucking me!” And with her final scream Selena passed out from sheer pleasure. The last thing she saw was Dick’s chest above her as he kept pounding into her.

Dick grabbed hold of Selena’s ass-cheeks and used them to pull her slender hips up from the bed. Placing the bottom of Selena’s thighs on top of his allowed him a deeper angle and he placed his hands around her waist and resumed pounding her prone, unconscious body.

With one final thrust Dick buried himself balls deep inside of Selena’s cunt and roared as he came. He couldn’t remember the last he had ever cum so hard. Stream after stream of thick cum erupted from his cock and filled the young starlet. Hot, ropey cum filled her pussy nearly to the bursting point and as he pulled his spent cock out his cum shot back out and slid down her ass-cheeks and soaked the blanket underneath.

Dick untangled himself from the unconscious girl and rolled over to sit on the side of the bed. A small smattering of applause trickled through the room.

Dick rested his head in his hands a moment before sitting up straight and addressing the room, “Ladies and Gentlemen. Please excuse me from not raising to speak to you but I’m afraid my legs are shacking a bit at this time.”

A round of chuckles filtered through the room.

“Also please forgive the lack of showmanship. My… need over ruled my hospitality. But as you could see, she is a rare and talented young girl.”

A small round of grunts and murmurs of agreement floated through the dark room.

Feeling the strength returning to his legs Dick stood up to address the room, “Ladies and Gentlemen. May I present to you Miss Selena Gomez. The presently naked and vulnerable star of our new series ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’. Please feel free to enjoy her many charms.”

Dick turned and left to return to his office as a group of men and women, all executives of the Disney channel, emerged from the darkness to surround the large bed and naked, young girl.

Selena had no idea how long she was unconscious but when she finally awoke she could feel a warm tongue lapping away between her legs and a hard cock filling her mouth. When she could finally open her eyes she could see the top of a woman’s head between her legs and a strange man thrusting into her mouth. And as she looked past the man and woman fucking her she could see a long line of naked men and women, all waiting their turns.

The End.

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