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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody part 2

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Zack and Cody just sat there oggling at Londons tits. Noticing this London shook them abit.

"So boys, did you like seeing me and Maddie fuck?" she asked.

They nodded, still looking at her tits. Maddie groaned on the bed. Zack and Cody looked up at Maddie with her ass and pussy still in the air in doggy style. London thought for a minute, smiled then said, "Boys, how would you like to fuck me and Maddie?"

Zack looked at Cody and said, "I'm gonna fuck Maddie!"

"Ah, ah, ah!" said London wagging her finger accusingly, "Let her rest for a bit, she's a bit worn out... Zack sit next to me a second"

Zack, grinning at Cody, sat next to London. "Now lets see this cock of yours..." said London pulling down Zack's trousers, revealing a hard 4 1/2 inch cock.

"mmmmm, lovely..." she said before giving Zack his first blowjob.

Zack groaned as London bobbed her head up and down on his young pecker. Cody got up while this was happening and pulled off London's strap on dildo, and started to lick at her pussy.

London moaning on Zack's cock bucked her hips into Cody mouth.

After five minutes of this Cody pulled away, pulled down his pants and took out his five inch cock.

He aimed it at London's entrance, then shoved it in making London moan louder on Zack’s cock. Zack started to fuck London’s head faster and faster until he yelled “OH FUCK I’M GONNA CUM, OH GOD YESSSS!” and shot his load deep into London’s mouth, making her gag but she still swallowed it all. Zack pulled out of London’s mouth and looked at Maddie’s pussy. London nodded at him and Zack moved over to Maddie. Zack lightly pushed Maddie onto her side, layed down then pulled her onto his now hardened cock. Maddie deeply moaned and started to ride Zack’s cock. Cody, still pounding London’s pussy hard, started to suck on London’s tits making her cum over his cock. Cody began to grunt and started to gush his cum into her pussy making her pull his head of her tit and started to snog him. Meanwhile Maddie was riding Zack like a cowgirl, orgasms and orgasms waving over each over.

Zack pulled one of Maddie’s luscious tits into his mouth and started to suck making Maddie moan even louder.

Cody pulled out of London, crawled behind Maddie and pushed his cock up her asshole, both him and Maddie moaning in ecstasy as he did so.

“Hello, Ms London? Mr Mosby wants to see you, wha!?!” exclaimed Estcavon as he burst through the door looking on at the sight before him, London with cum dripping out of her pussy and covering her mouth and Maddie being double penetrated.

London walked up to him saying, “Didn’t anyone ever teach you to knock?” before she was down on her knees pulling Estcavon’s erect 7 inch dick out of his pants and deepthroating it, squeezing Estcavon’s ballsack as she did so.

Meanwhile Maddie, Zack and Cody were getting into a rhythm, Maddie having multiple orgasm’s while the two young studs pistoned in and out of her young holes.

Estcavon pulled out of London’s mouth, dragged her by the hair to her bed and pushed her other it so her head was right in front of Maddie’s and she was in a doggy style position. London and Maddie started to snog passionately while Estcavon pushed his cock all the way inside London and began to fuck her.

After ten minutes of this Zack and Cody both began to spurt their seed deep into Maddie’s bowels and pussy making her orgasm even harder and moan into London’s mouth, while Estcavon pulled out and shoved his cock deep into London’s ass, before promptly emptying his seed into her bowels. Estcavon slumped over London while Maddie slumped over Zack with Cody leaning against her. They rested like this for a while before they started to depart, Zack and Cody having to go home before their mom started to worry, Estcavon having to go see Mr Mosby while Maddie and London went and had a shower together.

I may do a part 3, getting Mosby and Carrie (mom) involved, let me know if you want to by posting a comment!


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