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The Suite Life on Deck- Bisexual Experiments

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The Suite Life on Deck

Bisexual Experiments

It was Zack and Cody Martins first real time away from their mom, their first chance to be independant when the decided to go on a cruise all around the world. It was also the first time where the twins weren't going to be sharing a room in 15 years.

After only a few weeks on board the S.S. Tipton, Cody was starting to miss the mischevious days of staying up late talking to his brother about school, life and girls. At about 2 AM, he couldn't sleep. He tiptoed by his roomate and went into Zack's room, who just so happend to be alone tonight.

"Zack?" he whispered, "HEY ZACK!!!!" He yelled.

"AAAHHH!" Zack screamed and fell out of bed. "Whadya want CODY?!?" Zack stayed laying on the floor, scratching his head.

"Nothing really, I just couldn't sleep, and I wanted to talk." Cody said and went and sat on Zack's bed. Zack untangled himself from the sheets and stood up beside Cody, "you broke into my room and woke me up just to talk?!?" Zack yelled

Cody then turned to look at his brother and was shocked at what he saw. Not only was his twin brother completely naked, but he was sporting a huge hard-on. "We really are identical" Cody thought, he recognized the body and penis very well. The twins were about 5' 5", had fairly long blonde hair, tanned muscular bodies and 6" penises when they were hard. It had been years sense the twins had been naked together, they no longer took baths and showers together. But back in Boston, Cody had gotten a couple peaks at Zack's body late at night. He wasn't sure why he was so interested in his twin brother, but he knew he got a huge boner whenever he'd check Zack out.

Zack suddenly realized that he was nude and started to try and cover up. "Oh uh sorry man.. I uh... The sheets are just so much more comfortable when there is nothing in between you and them..." And Zack grabbed the blanket to cover himself up.

"Relax Zack, it's nothing I haven't seen before!" Cody reassured him, "But hey man, what's with the erection?"

"Oh I don't know... I mean sometimes... Well you know... hey! speak for yourself bro!" Zack said, pointing at the tent in Cody's pants, "What's got you so excited?"

Cody became embarrassed, "Well that's one of the reasons I can't sleep! I've had a boner for an hour now, but I can't wack off without any modivation!"

"So why are you over here? You expecting me to give you a handjob man?" Zack said sarcastically.

"Don't you still have that huge stack of playboys? I was wondering if I could borrow some reading material?" Cody asked sheepishly.

Zack reached down under his bed and pulled out about 100 magasines. "Take your pick my brother!"

Cody took one at random and said "I'm not picky!" And started to walk back to his room. "Ah hey! Where do you think your going? Last time I let someone borrow a magazine i never saw it sense. All this 'reading material' stays in my room" Zack stated, and Cody stopped and turned around.

"So you just want me to shoot off my load right in front of you?" Cody said. "No man, you just come under the covers and take your clothes off. I gotta deal with my own boner, so we can just jack off together."

Cody was not hesitant at all, he secretly hoped that he could catch a few glipses of his brothers hand rubbing up and down his hard cock. Unknowingly, Zack was thinking the same thing about Cody. As Cody began to strip, Zack watched out of the corner of his eye. Seeing his brother naked almost made Zack shoot his load before he even looked at a Playboy.

The two boys got under the covers, and put one hand under the sheets and opened up their pornos with the other. After 3 or 4 minutes of shyly masterbating beside each other, Zack couldn't help but notice that his brother kept looking over in his direction. At first, Zack thought Cody was just looking at Zack's playboy, but soon he realized Cody was looking at him. Zack knew he had to be the first one to make a move.

Slyly, Zack reached over and took his brothers hand off his cock and replaced it with his own.

"Whoa Zack! What are you doing?" Cody said, he was pretending to be shocked but in reality, he was loving it.

"Just looked like you could use a hand there bro!" Zack smiled and continued to stroke his brother. Zack pulled off all the sheets off his bed and strattled Cody, so that their dicks were almost touching. Zack continued to stroke Cody faster and faster. Cody was squirming and moaning, "Zack! OH My GOSH ZACK! Where'd you learn this?!? I think I'm cumming... I'm going to CUM Zack!"

Zack stroked even faster until he knew his brother was going to shoot his load. Zack stopped and quickly moved his lips onto Cody's dick. As cum started to shoot out of Cody's dick, Zack started to suck harded and harder. This was almost too much pleasure for Cody, it was the best orgasm he had ever had. After a few minutes, Cody had been licked clean and had almost passed out. Zack was still bobbing up and down on his brothers dick and he has swallowed all of his cum.

"Oh my gosh that was so great Zack!" Cody said smiling, "And look you're already getting me hard again! But I think it's time I take care of you now." Cody sat up and pushed his brother over and started to stroke his hard 6" penis. Zack enjoyed this for a few seconds but then he rolled away from his brother and reached under the bed again.

"I have a little different idea Cody!" Zack pulled out a tube of personal lubricant and opened it up. "What's that for Zack? Just more pleasure?" Cody asked, looking confused.

"You could say that, and less pain for you." Cody was still clueless, so Zack decided to spell it out for him. "This right here!" Zack said grabbing his own hard cock, "Is going into this right here" Zack grabbed his brothers ass cheeksand squeezed them, making Cody jump. Zack stood up and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Uh actually, I think I'm going to need to go to the bathroom first Zack!" Cody said and quickly went towards the bathroom. "Oh that's cool, just going to make some room for your brothers penis then are you?" Zack smiled. "That's what I was thinking!" Cody said, and shut the washroom door.

Zack started to rub the lubricant all over his penis, making sure to be generous and not miss any spots. After a few minutes Cody came back out, fully nude and pretty soft. Zack smiled at him excitedly and continued stroking his own dick.

"I'm not so sure about this Zack, I mean, isn't this going to hurt a lot! And no offense, but I was never planning on losing my virginity to my brother!" Cody said and he walked over and sat on the bed.

"Hey Bro, you don't have to worry, i'll go easy on you! I've fingered my own ass before and it feels pretty great, I must say." Zack grabbed both of Cody's shoulders, "And technically Cody, neither of our dicks are going into pussys tonight, so we're both still going to be virgins. Now turn around and let me see that beautiful but of ours!"

Cody sheepishly smiled and then turned over so he was on his hands and knees with his ass sticking out at Zack. Both of the twins had completely hairless, very tight butts. "Ready whenever you are!" Cody said.

"I think I'm just going to have to do a little prep work first!" Zack said and started to lube up his hands. To start, Zack grabbed both of his brothers ass cheeksand squeezed tight. He then lathered up his entire ass with the lube, making it shine, before he went to his asshole. Zack started by just sticking the first part of his index finger in Cody's ass. This made his butthole squirm and open up a little more, and Cody moaned a little. Slowly but surely, Zack inserted his whole finger inside, then slowly pulled out. After repeating this a few times, Cody's ass had opened wide enough for Zack to stick a second finger inside. Quickly now, Zack was pumping two fingers deep inside his twins asshole. Cody couldn't hold back anymore, and he was now screaming and moaning ver loudly, it was a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. The whole sensation was completely new to him.

Zack pulled out his fingers. "Now time for the big boy to go inside!" Zack smiled. AFter rubbing a little more lube on his penis, Zack put the head of his dick to his brothers ass. He started off slow again, inserting his entire 6 inches into Cody. After his balls slapped against Cody's balls, Zack slowly pulled all the way out. Zack moaned, "Oh my gosh your ass is So tight CODY!" Zack put even more lubrication on his penis. "Please don't stop Zack! I want you to fuck me doggy style right now!" Zack was taken aback at his shy brothers sudden assertiveness. Zack did not need to be told twice though.

Shoving most of his penis inside his twin, Zack began to thrust quickly. In and out, in and out, the twins were both very very loud. "OOOOH!!! AAAAH AAAH AAH OOOOOOH!" Was all that Zack could say, but Cody was more vocal, "Fuck me man! Fuck my asshole! Cum in my ass like i came in your mouth! Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

With one last thrust, deeper then any Zack did before. Zack grabbed his brothers ass and pulled it close to his waste. With a deep groan, Zack came in Cody's ass. It just kept shooting out of him, for almost 30 seconds. Finally, Zack and Cody just fell down onto the bed. Zack was still inside of his brother and laying on top of him, and Cody was spread eagle underneath. They two just rested together for about 20 minutes, in the process Zack's dick became soft, but still inside of Cody.

Cody opened his eyes. "Zack?" he whispered, "HEY ZACK!" He yelled. Zack jumped up, but did not fall of the bed this time. He pulled his cum covered dick out of his brother and said, "Oh hey Cody! Dam that was fantastic! Wouldn't you agree?" Zack layed down on his side, and Cody did the same, so they were facing each other.

"That didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought, and dam I almost came just from the sensation of you fucking me! Oh my god there is so much more I want to try now Zack! Like, I want to fuck you now! But not doggie style, i want to lay you on your back and lift up your legs and fuck your ass there! Oh and I want to try 69ing with you, oh and then-"

Zack leaned in and kissed his brother, it was both of their first kisses. The two opened their mouths, and their tounges wrestled for a minute or two before Zack pulled away, "Listen I love you and everything bro, but i'm tired as hell! Let's just go to sleep, and we can save the rest for another night!"

Cody agreed and the two closed their eyes. Zack inched closer to his Cody, and Cody inched closed to Zack. Zack wrapped his arms around Cody, grabbed his ass again and pulled him close. Each of them had a huge boners and they continued touching eachother until they both drifted off to sleep.


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