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Zoey 101: Senior Year Episode 1

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It was the beginning of senior year. Zoey had just drove up to PCA to begin her 4th and final year. Chase now going out with Zoey is finishing his last year at PCA. Michael has been feeling left very left out since everybody has a girlfriend except him. Lola, is still going out with Vince Blake. Quinn and Logan are also still going out but Logan is seeming to be drifting away from Quinn and eyeing new meat. More specifically the two new girls Carly Shay who is sort of a mini celebrity, because of her web show iCarly., and Alex Russo, who Quinn believes is a witch........

Zoey gets out of her car wearing shorts that barely covers her tight virgin ass, and a tight tank top that says, "Likes it Rough" in bubble letters. She looks over and sees Chase sitting on a bench wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, and a plaid t shirt.

"Hey there, cowboy" Zoey said

"Whats up my love" Chase winked

"So, wheres the rest of the gang?" Zoey asked

"Ahh, well Lola and Vince, I think they"re in Lola's room......"

"I wonder what there doing?" said Zoey

Chase laughs and says, "Quinn's, of course in the Library, Michael is in our dorm room. And Logan is busy chasing around the two new girls, Carly Shay, and Alex Russo."

"Isn't Carly Shay the one that host the web show iCarly?"

"Yep the one and only." Chase says "So what are we going to do?"

"Ahh, well we could go and get my dorm set up." said Zoey

"Great, you know that Seniors are allowed to have CO-ED dorms and guess who I picked to stay with." Chase said looking at Zoey.

"Yeaaa!!" Zoey yelled "I guess that means you can have me anytime you want" Zoey said putting her hand on Chase's penis

"This is going to be a great year" Chase laughed

Back at Lola's dorm her and Vince were making up for the time they lost to summer.

"I've been craving your dick for 3 months, I need it." Lola whispered "Let me be your sex slave do whatever you want with me."

Vince pushed Lola onto the bed and began to French kiss her, Vince's hand moved up her body moving with each curve, until he reached her left breast. He slowly rub it, feeling her nipples get harder and harder the longer he did it. Lola let out a cute little high pitched moan as Vince continued to rub her breast. He then lifted her shirt and removed her bra, revealing her beautiful succulent breast, along with her little pink nipples that stuck out yelling to be sucked. Vince started sucking on them, Lola started moaning every few second as her pussy got wet with lust. After he was done sucking on her breasts he moved his hand down and unbuttoned her pants. He moved his finger down into her wet thong and starting fingering her. Lola began to twitch as Vince began rubbing faster, Vince could feel Lola's juices trickling out of her pussy. Lola started moaning letting out high pitched moans Lola yelled,

"YES, Vince make me CUM, finger my PUSSY!!!!"

Vince stopped right before Lola orgasmed, he slid down and removed her pants. Revealing her soaked thong.

Lola looking at Vince said,

"Take me now, cum in my pussy, make me scream."

Vince then removed Lola's thong and turned Lola over to fuck her from behind. Vince then pulled down his pants and slammed Lola right in her pussy making her toes tighten and eyes squinch. He grabbed Lola's hands and and used then to thrust even faster in and out of her tight pussy. Lola's pussy started to squirt and Lola began to scream. Yelling Vince's name, she collapsed onto the bed. She looked at Vince and said,

"Cum on my face!"

Vince then turned Lola over and squirted his hot juices all over Lola's face. Lola started licking the cum off her face, moaning as she did it.

While Lola and Vince lie in bed with each other, Logan was still stalking the two new girls, Carly Shay and Alex Russo. It seem that they both had hit it off on there first day at PCA. Logan was waiting to make his move on the girls, he really didn't care to much about Quinn anymore all she was to him was a piece of ass he can constantly tap anytime he wanted to. Carly and Alex both went into the Old Auditorium where nobody usually is, Logan thought this would be the perfect time to make his move and have them both.

"Hey what's up girls" said Logan

"Nothing much just checking out the campus." said Carly

"Well I'm checking you girls out." said Logan

They both laughed.

"Well you are pretty cute, and I'm pretty horny." Alex said looking at Carly

"Well then lets change that!" Carly said looking at Logan and winking

Carly and Logan both grabbed a tiny two person couch and a bag of string leftover from the school play. They both stripped Alex of her clothes and pushed Alex onto the couch, spread her legs and tied her arm and legs to the seat.

"Your under our control now." they both said in a sexy voice as Alex try to move her arms.

She could barely move. Logan started eating her out as her pussy stared to drip. Carly went over and started sucking on her tiny pink nipples. Alex's body started twitching from all the pleasure she was getting from Logan and Carly. All of the sudden Alex felt something enter her pussy and looked down to see that Logan started fucking her. Alex was a virgin so he pussy was very tight which made this a little painful for her. Eventually she started liking the pain. Just as she was getting use to it Logan took it out and came all over her tight stomach.

Carly came over and said,

"It's time we finish her off."

She pulled at a toy from her behind her back.

"The Rumbler3000" Carly said

The toy was a long 9 inch purple toy that hooked at the end to hit G Spots. It was know to have the highest vibration of any toy on the market. Carly slowly eased in the toy and put it on high. Automatically, Alex started moaning . Her body began convulsing, she started letting out loud moans.


As she said it she began squirting all over the room, like a hose it reached yards away, her body convulsed and then she relaxed. Cum dripping out of her pussy she looked at them and said,

"We should do this again."

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