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On the way out

sane37 on CFNM Stories

So my Wife was getting ready to go out with her good friend for drinks when I mentioned how hot she looked. I was feeling a little horny and wanted some quick relief.
"Well, she'll be here in about 15 minutes to pick me up, so let's hope you can cum in time ok?"
"Let's use the porch this time so I can see when her good friend arrives."
"Umm, its still daylight out. The neighbors will be able to see."
"I suppose you'll have to stay low then," she said, lying back on the loveseat.
So there I was, on all fours humping her well lubed hand, trying to keep a lookout for anyone who might happen by.

I had to duck when Jess and Amy stopped on the sidewalk to say hi to my Wife while on their evening walk. my Wife's hand never stopped moving through the entire encounter. my Wife even talked about inviting them in sometime for some tea or wine, which they readily agreed to, but not today (thank god). She squeezed me a little while making the suggestion to Jess an Amy, making me panic.

They moved on and I settled a slippery rhythm into her twisting palm, eyes fixed on hers.
"How're you coming along?"
"Really well"
"Going to cum anytime soon?"
"I hope so."
She raises her eyebrow at me. I start grinding in circles to get things going. I close my eyes and start kissing her, she kisses back. We exchange kisses for what seems like ages, pushng me closer and closer to the edge.
I start bucking into her hand, kneeling, upright, I turn and notice that her good friend's car is parked behind the tree in front of the house. Before I can check to see if she's still in it I notice that she's standing by the glass windows of the porch, with her mouth agape, shocked.
I immediately start cumming in fucking huge waves. I was twitching wildly between waves, squirting and moaning. my Wife looked apologetically at her good friend, "Sorry, I'll be there in a minute, have to wash my hands". At which point her good friend and her erupted into laughter. Leaving me with cum all over me on the front porch, they got into her car and drove off for their evening out.


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