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Serendipitous moment with the maid

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This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I was 26 then and was taking a break from my professional life. It was like a gap year to re-discover my passions. I moved into a new place which a pent house in a very calm and salubrious locality. I liked the place very much and got acclimatized to it very quickly. The owners suggested that the same maid who works for them would also work for me as she was very trustworthy.

This is when I first met Sarita “the maid”. I reckon her to be around 23-24 years old and a nice girl of few words. I would have to say that she is attractive even though not quite beautiful. She has a tad dark complexion and a slender figure. She always wore chudidars which covered the entire body.

After a couple of months, I realized that she was completely trustworthy and therefore gave her more liberty at my place. She would come in the mornings and take care of the work without my intervention. She kept the place neat and always arranged the shelves. One day she wanted to clean the attic, which had many heavy suitcases of mine that haven't been moved in a while. I went to take a shower while she was doing the cleaning. Just when i finished my bath and opened the bathroom door, I found her struggling to balance a heavy suitcase to avoid it from falling. The suitcase was very heavy as it contained lot of books and she had both her hands supporting it as it went off balance from the attic. It could fall on her and injure her. I figured that she couldn't hold on any longer and rushed to help her. I too started to lift the suitcase with both my hands since it was very heavy. At this moment the towel wrapped around my waist fell loose. I had nothing below it and therefore stood there completely naked in front of the maid with both my hands over my head, supporting the suitcase. The maid was appalled at the view of my naked body and thus let go of the suitcase and closed her eyes with her palms. This made the whole weight of the suitcase fall on my hands and I couldn't hold it any longer. She sensed the burden that I was bearing and again lifted the suitcase. She became perturbed. I told her to stay calm and asked her to push the suitcase up. So, both of us heaved the suitcase back onto the attic. And suddenly both of us burst out into laughter. I bent down and picked up my towel and fixed it back around my waist. I told her it was inadvertent and not intentional. She said it was okay and that she understood the situation.

Now from the next day onwards she started teasing me in jest about that incident. She would always enact the position in which I was standing at that time and make fun about it. I too enjoyed her mimics. This is when I got this feeling of having sex with her. So I decided to check if she wouldn't make an issue out of it.

The next day when she came in, I again went to take a bath and came out naked. She couldn't understand my actions and didn't know what to say but remained calm. I then told her that I usually stay naked when there is no one around and since she had anyway seen me naked, it would be fine for me. And she agreed on my point!!! So for the next few days this continued and now I wanted to up the ante. So after a few days, when she was doing the chores in the kitchen, I lay on the ground naked in the hall and started jerking off. She noticed me and started seeing my act from the corner of her eye as if she wasn't noticing it. I saw this and called her in. She came in and again acted as if she didn't want to see. I told that I would like her to see me while I jerked. (A bit perverse? Well…this perversion sets the tone for the next part of the story).She agreeeed!!!

This continued for a couple of days and now for the next move. This time during our session (which has become more common now), I asked her whether she masturbated. She blushed and said yes. Then I told her that I knew a technique which would give more pleasure and that I can teach her. She hesitated for a while but then said she wanted to know that. I asked her to take off her pants. She was wearing a chudidar and so even after removing her pants, she was covered to knee length by her upper garment. I made her lie down on the floor and then lifted the garment to expose her cunt. She had a lot of pubic hair. I told her to stay calm as I ran my fingers over the outline of her vagina. She became very nervous from the touch of my hand and jerked a bit. She started to breathe heavily. Sensing that she was becoming nervous I removed my hand and asked her about her sexual life. She told me that she is a virgin and didn't have any boyfriend. This small talk relaxed her and again I started the act. This time she responded very well. I placed one palm on her mount of Venus and inserted a finger into the vagina. Slowly I inserted another finger and started to move them in and out. With my fingers inside her cleft, I lifted my fingertips. This made her moan. I made my fingers into a hook shaped position inside the vagina and started lifting her body slightly. Her hips started to bounce and she was turning her head in a haphazard manner out of ecstasy. I increased the momentum and was now fingering her more furiously. Precum started flowing out and a sweet smell followed. Now she was wriggling her body and spreading her hips far outward. I have never seen a woman go into such a heated situation. I suddenly pulled out my fingers and let her relax a bit. I now removed the upper garment and exposed her body completely. I lied down next to her and started to make small talk again. She said that she didn't know sex would be so ecstatic. After a while I started fondling her breasts and played with her hair. I started to smooch and also kissed her neck line several times. I made her hold my boner and jerk me slowly which she did perfectly. She asked me to fuck her. I told her that her first experience would be special and that I would use the best posture I knew. So I lifted her body at the hip part and put my legs around hers and slowly went into her. She took it in beautifully and then I let her lie down on the ground. This posture eliminated even the air between us. It was like two snakes with their bodies entangled. I slowly started fucking her and she started sweating and moaning. I gently took her head in my hand and placed it next to my head in the opposite direction. I continued fucking her for 3-4 minutes before we both came out with a wave of fluids at our crotches. We lied down for a while and then took a shower together. Now we do this regularly and i also started giving her sex education. She now knows everything about sex and keeps prompting me to be more adventurous.  



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