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Sweet Jane

sane37 on CFNM Stories

Its was early in the afternoon. I walked into the living room and Jane was there with a couple of her friends. "Hi". "Hi", they all replied cheerily. "What's up?" "Not much"."Jane said you had a couple of tattoos" said Sue."Yes, I do"."May I see""Sure"I took off my long sleeved shirt to show Sue the dragon on my shoulder."Show them the one on your thigh", said Jane."I'd have to take my pants off"."You're wearing boxers aren't you?"So I take my pants off and turn to the side so they can see the tattoo on the side of my thigh."Show them your first tat"."Ok Jane". I carefully peel back the elastic band on my boxers to reveal the tattoo just below my belly button. I facing the girls now, and Jane is sitting slightly behind me. I go to put my boxers back into place when Jane suddenly pulls my boxers out of my grip and down to my ankles.There I am, stark naked in front of the girls all of a sudden. They look shocked and are giggling. I quickly reach for my boxers to pull them back up. When I bend over, Jane's hand is between my thighs, gently cupping me. Her other hand reaches around."Its ok", she says gently, "you can leave those off". She pulls me back so that I am sitting next to her, still facing the girls, who are now looking a little nervous but still smiling and chattering away. I feel the cool air against my body and the fabric of Jane's clothes beside me as she begins stroking me."Pass the lube please", she says, and is instantly handed a bottle by Michelle , who has a devilish grin on her face. She pauses to apply a generous amount of the cream to Jane's hands, who continues.The girls are now paying more attention to my predicament and are talking and laughing nervously. I try to turn to face Jane as much as I can in a vain attempt to cover up. Pretty pointless when you consider that the only thing I'm wearing is a necklace with a pendent on it. Michelle and Sue notice my shyness and start cat calling me. "Don't worry, its nothing we haven't seen before". "how does that feel?"Things like that. Smiling and sipping at their drinks. I feel amazing. I can't stop and I don't think about the others now. I could be in the middle of the street as far as I cared. Suddenly she stops and gets up.Jane walks out of the room for a minute. "I'll be right back". "Umm, ok?".Left to fend for myself, naked and erect in front of the girls. "Here have some lotion", says Michelle leaning towards me with the bottle. Everyone's looking at me, smiling at me.Jane walks into the room in her short green mini dress. "I thought you'd need some inspiration" she said. Hitching up her dress a little, she looped her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them to the floor. Winking, she stepped out of them and took a seat with her friends."Well, get to it" said Michelle, as I hold out my hand for lotion.The girls all smiling now as I begin pumping my fist. Slowly at first, but I ended up humping my fist wildly and blasting my load all over the coffee table to giggles and cheers. Its the strangest feeling cuming to a cheering group of people.



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