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Chance Encounter

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Chance Encounter , by Fyre

Then there was Jeff. And that incredible afternoon. Shit oh dear. Our eyes met one day on the bus ride home, and that was that.

I’d been reading a novel. I looked up to find him studying me from across the way. We sat in the seats that were among the last claimed by the regular commuters, the ones facing the aisle, situated over the rear wheels, so high my legs dangled.

Jeff wasn’t even trying to be discreet. I would read one half page and oh look, he was looking at me! I would read a little further, and oh there he was, still looking at me. He had the most amazing crystal blue eyes. His black hair swept back from his face. A leather briefcase angled into the aisle. A laptop was propped open on his knees, but he wasn’t working. He was staring at me! Goosebumps formed on my arms, and I dared myself to return the glance. I met his eyes, stayed locked inside the sweet blue of them, until I struggled with the "I can’t do this, what about Matthew?"

I looked away.

It had been a long, long time since anyone had noticed me this way! I was thrilled. I looked up and caught his eyes again. There was something about a man with black hair and blue eyes... Sexual tension jumped between us like a grasshopper. I was not sure if I wanted to grapple it into submission or let it spring away to safety. The bus jostled and I pretended I wasn’t staring.

He grinned.

"You like taking the bus?" I ventured. Most commuters didn’t speak on the bus; it was an unwritten code of conduct.

"It’s fine with me, especially when the scenery looks fabulous."

Outside, the weather slid into the standard Seattle drizzle. Cold and grey. He wasn’t talking about the view outside.

"The scenery looks pretty good to me today, too," I said quietly.


"Oh, I was agreeing that the scenery looked amazingly nice for such a dank day."

"A dank day, huh?" He chuckled.Oh, I liked the way he laughed! He had an ease about him that I was immediately drawn to. He was someone I could imagine in my life--stepping from the shower, pulling biscuits from the oven, curled against my pillow. I evaluated the briefcase, the Dockers, and the simple shirt he wore with "Boeing" embroidered on the pocket. Wholesome. Amazingly trustworthy.

I smiled, thinking thoughts that would never be considered wholesome nor trustworthy. There was something about the way his eyes sparkled. Something compelling. I wanted to smell the back of his neck.

"You work at Boeing?"

"I’m an independent contractor, but I did a job there last year. Right now, I’m troubleshooting the network system at Starbucks."

He looked too young to be working hi-tech, but that was the new Seattlite. Smart ones went to school in Silicon Valley then moved to the Seattle area and worked in computer-driven jobs, making insane salaries.

"You take the bus all the time?" If he did, I’d certainly never noticed him before. With those incredible blue eyes, he would certainly have turned my head.

"I do when I have to work the hours I’ve been working lately. If I commute, I don’t have to fight the traffic. I can use my computer during the hours I’m in transit, which I can’t do if I drive."

"Makes sense." I shuffled my bags, sitting up straight. He glanced at my chest, looked down the rest of my body, and raised his eyebrows. He liked what he saw! I shifted in my seat, assessing. I couldn’t help but hold in my stomach. He didn’t look like the type who would pick up strange women.

"What about you?" he asked.


"You take the bus often?"

"Three to four days a week, but I don’t always ride the same one."

"I usually ride a lot later," he said, smiling, "but I am glad I caught this one today."

I thought his smile would swallow me whole.

I flipped back open my book and stared at the print. What the hell was I doing? This was harmless, wasn’t it? He was still watching me! I creased the corner of the page I was reading. I had read it five times but couldn’t remember a word. He smiled. I looked away. Rain formed on the windows and trickled down in streaks. I couldn’t help it. His glance formed on my soul and I wanted it to saturate me.

The bus stopped at the Tacoma Dome Station. I wasn’t ready for the ride to be over.

I stepped off the bus. He followed. I noticed he was over six feet tall.

"What’s your name?" he asked.

"Karen. And yours?"


"Well it’s nice to meet you, Jeff."

"I’d like to do more, if it’s okay with you." Jeff remarked.

"Huh?" I wasn’t sure I’d heard him. I couldn’t have heard him. It was one thing for me to imagine what he was thinking. It was quite another for him to actually say it. "What do you mean?"

"I mean--all I got to do was look. I’d like to touch."

Oh, I’d like that too , I thought. My stomach quivered. I forced composure, imagining it smothering all these crazy impulses. "I’m married," I blurted, certain the announcement would squelch the possibilities and put the conversation back into a conventional context. I’m married, aren’t I? For something like this, certainly I was married. My live-in boyfriend Matthew decided a month ago that since we’d been together seven years, we might as well be married. He told me that as far as he was concerned, we were married. Common law. We’re committed to each other and we have joint accounts, he said. Matthew said that was good enough, might as well be married. But I wasn’t used to thinking it. I wasn’t sure I liked it. I’m married.

I didn’t feel married.

"So am I," Jeff admitted. "I’m married too. That won’t be a problem. It’ll mean that we both have a reason to be discreet."

He didn’t care! I wasn’t sure what to do. You want to screw around, even though you’re married? I glanced at his left hand. Sure enough, there was a plain gold band.

My hands gripped so tightly around the straps of my tote bags that nails bit into my palms. I dropped the bags and opened my hands. I looked at Jeff. "What exactly do you have in mind?" As if I didn’t know.

"Well, this time of day, it would be easiest to get a motel, don’t you think?"

Shit oh dear. I blushed and looked at the cement. There was some kind of quartz mixed into the sand they had used to pour the concrete and now that it was wet, the sidewalk shimmered. I looked at him again. "You do this often?"

"Not at all. Never. It’s just that I’m really attracted to you, and I don’t take that lightly. You have wonderful eyes." He spoke not like a come-on, but like it was simply a matter of fact. If it sounded like a hustle, I would have turned on my heel and went on up to my car. But because there was something different about him, the fact that he looked so comfortable and spoke so directly about what he wanted, I stood there swallowing it up. Uh-oh. His eyes devoured me. I didn’t know why I was looking! I’d better go.

As common sense kicked in, I grabbed my bags and walked into the parking garage. My car was parked three flights up. Jeff followed without speaking, not pushing, not expecting, just following. I stumbled on a step. He put his hand out to catch me.

"Thanks." I said, and kept walking before I dared myself to spin and tell him just how adorable he really was. My heart raced. It felt so delicious to have torrid, outrageous thoughts about sex in the afternoon. Hot, sultry sex on the way home from work. Who would know? No, I told myself. I would know.

"Where’s your car?" I asked.

"Fourth floor. I drive a truck."

At the third floor, it was all I could do to turn and walk away from him. "Enjoyed meeting you!" I called.

"Maybe I’ll see you again." He skipped a step and continued up the stairs.

I was shaking. I put the bags into the trunk and pulled my wallet from my purse. I considered driving my car to the other side of the parking garage where I could see the exit and watch for his truck to descend the ramp. I wanted to follow him. I picked at my bottom lip.

I started the motor and backed into a space where I could watch the cars coming down from the upper levels. After a few minutes, I saw a Dodge Ram Pickup. It had to be his.

I waved.

He slowed to a stop in front of me. He rolled down the window.

"A hotel?" He mouthed.

I nodded. My hands felt clammy against the steering wheel. I had to swallow because there was no moisture left in my mouth. I’d never done anything like this!I almost couldn’t help myself. He looked so wholesome. So wonderful. I wanted to run my hands through his black hair. I wanted to kiss his mouth and stick my tongue inside. I wanted to feel his cock inside my body. I wanted to know how he sounded when he came.

He drove out of the parking garage. I followed him to a Day’s Inn in Fife.

I waited in my car while he went and made arrangements in the office. I wondered what name he was putting on the register. I wondered he was paying and if he’d have to account for the money to his wife. I even wondered if he would write it off as a business expense. It felt shameful to think of myself as some man’s business expense.Karen, you little slut.

What the hell was I doing? I kept an eye on the cross traffic, wondering if anyone I knew would notice my car. I didn’t think that Matthew ever came this way, but what if he did? How would I explain myself? I dug for a piece of gum in my purse and nervously snapped it while I waited for Jeff to come out.

I watched him walk down the sidewalk to Room 114. He opened the door with one of those programmed credit cards. I put my gum in the ashtray, pulled my coat collar up around the back of my head and crossed the parking lot to the room. He pushed the door open to let me in.

Inside the room, it felt suddenly uncomfortable. We were both looking at watches. Was your wife setting the table, waiting for you to get home? Were your kids in the yard, hoping you’d come home and toss a football? I felt arrested. I didn’t know if I could go through with this. He was risking his marriage. I was risking Matthew, who would be destroyed. I would have to keep this afternoon secret for the rest of my life. For the rest of my life. No matter how exciting this would be, how lit up I got, how amazing and unbelievable this was, I could never tell another soul. Could I keep a secret forever?

Jeff took off his jacket and set it across the back of the standard-issue hotel chair. He had surprisingly muscular arms for the type of work he did. He was really going to do this. He was really going to cheat on his wife. Shit oh dear.One look into Jeff’s devilish eyes, and I melted. He had a twinkle that I couldn’t resist. There was something about that black hair with uncanny blue eyes...unusual...almost unnatural. So hot I wanted to eat him alive.

I took off my coat and placed it over his. My hands were shaking. I felt him looking at my bod. I felt like a bug under a microscope. Do something, please.Jeff pushed a strand of hair out of my face and trailed his fingertips along my cheekbone. He kissed me, so intense. It shook the foundation of my being. It was the sort of kiss that I hardly admit that I do. Matthew didn’t kiss me that way. Jeff wrapped his arms around me, and held me tight. Then he sank down into the chair and I collapsed into him, giggling nervously. I wanted to rock his world.

I felt challenged. Would I be as wild, as wonderful as his wife? In a matter of seconds, I made up an entire history for the woman he was cheating on. I reasoned that she had to be fabulous, after all this gorgeous hunk married her. But certainly she was dull in bed. Why else would he cheat? That had to be her downfall.

I imagined that she was willowy and tall, wore patent leather shoes with pennies in them. She probably wore slacks, even around the house, and preppy turtlenecks. She probably majored in accounting and kept her kitchen immaculate. With all that to measure myself against, I felt like I had to make sure I was going to out-do her. I had to be incredible in bed. I really wanted to impress Jeff. And the only way I could, the only moment I had with him was this one. This one unique, stolen moment in time. Complete serendipity.I wanted--no, I needed–to be more exciting than his wife. I wanted to be the most awesome fuck he’d ever had. I wanted him to go home and remember me--to remember this afternoon--and smile. No matter where he was, if thoughts of this afternoon passed through his head, I wanted him to smile. I wanted him to think, Oh that was one fucking amazing piece of ass!

Okay, Jeff, ready or not, here I come.I leaned into the sweet smell at the back of his neck and nuzzled there, tasting and kissing, before I came around the front and licked the stubble across his chin. Jeff’s button-down shirt was a bit of a challenge to unbutton (with my teeth, anyway) but I was sure with patience and persistence, I could get it undone. I used my teeth and tongue to wrestle each button away from its buttonhole. I kissed my way down his shirt. The bottom ones were harder to get leverage against, so I cheated a little and pulled his shirt away from his chest. Jeff splayed his legs out. I could tell by the swell below his belt that he was ready.

Let him wait. This was my one time to cheat, my sole indiscretion. I wasn’t going to rush. I took my time unfastening his brown leather belt and pulled it away. I attacked the button on Jeff’s jeans with my fingers and unzipped and yes!--Jeff’s sweet dick curled upwards and pulsed against his belly, straining to get out of the confines of his cotton briefs. At least seven inches. Omigod!I moved his legs a little to indicate that I was going to pull off his pants. Jeff shoved them down to his ankles and poked his dick through the gap in his drawers. What? C’mon man, I’m not going to fuck through your clothes. What if he wanted me to bend over, push the elastic to the side, and do me through my panties? Yuk! That would not be amazing. I was not going to risk both our relationships over a quickie on an overstuffed chair. Fucking me through my panties, I’m just sure! The elastic would drag against the length of his cock. And what if it left a mark for his wife to find at home tonight? Oh no, that’s not going to happen. I leaned over and pulled his shoes off, then removed his pants. And his underwear.

I wanted Jeff’s undivided attention. I spun around and lifted my dress off over my head. Jeff could see how the back of my thong slipped up between my ass cheeks. It rode low on my back. I unfastened my bra and dropped it on the floor. My shoulders were soft and inviting. I leaned forward and slipped off my panties, nice and slow. I kicked them to the side. I sat down on his lap and felt his dick bulge against my bottom. It poked into the crack of my ass, straining. Oh! I loved the way I could feel his dick, so hard, twitching anxiously. I shifted and opened my legs just enough to slide his cock tight between my thighs. I kept myself clean-shaven, and his dick poked up against the front of my pussy. Dicks always had such unique personalities! Jeff’s wasn’t anything like Matthew’s. My smooth pussy folds fit around the head, and it peered out like a groundhog. I wondered if Jeff’s wife had a bare pussy.

"Tell me about your wife."

"Huh?" I felt tense thighs sag into the chair below me.

"No, I mean it. I want to know what she’s like."

His penis started to shrivel and sink into nothingness.

I started grinding against him. Stay hard, I thought. You have to stay hard. That cock’s too delectable to have it fade away...."I want to out-fuck her," I said, all breathy, hoping my dirty talk would make him crazy. "I don’t get to have you, Jeff, but for a minute. And you don’t get to keep me afterward. But while we share this stolen time, I want to be the hottest thing you’ve ever had. I want to fuck your brains out."

"Uh...uh, she’s just normal. Nothing special." He said. "Brown hair and glasses. She likes to read. We have a baby and she’s redecorating the baby’s room. To make it look a little older...for a toddler."You have a toddler? Shit oh dear. Thinking about out-fucking his wife was a complete turn-on, but now there was a toddler... Snap out of it, Karen.

I eyed his softening dick. Even now, it was larger than the cock I was used to. And frankly, I went this far, and I wasn’t going to have him turn into a shrinking violet. No more talk about the little wife.I turned and faced Jeff. I threw my legs over the arms of the chair. I moved my hands down to spread out my wet, pink slit. The pale outer lips peeled away to reveal my inner labia, all purplish. I was ridged like chewed bubble gum. I started petting my clitoris just inches from his face. My pussy was drenched. I’d been soaked since first seeing him on the bus. Juices seeped down my thighs.

"You want some of this?" I tentatively inserted my forefinger into my cunt. It came out glistening.

His eyes were locked on my pussy. His dick perked back to life.

I don’t usually get this wet all by myself. I was really turned-on. I wanted this man.

I wrapped my hands firmly around his shaft. My smooth, slick thumb glided across the swollen head. He pulsed. Yes!

I climbed down on the floor between his legs. I spit on my hands and wrapped long fingers around the length of his shaft. I started sucking the head. Just the head. This was going to be such a treat, I was going to take my sweet time. I traced circles around his balls while I sank his cock deep into my mouth. I loved the way he hit the back of my throat, like he was the perfect size and shape for me. So much bigger than Matthew. I slid Jeff in and out. I stroked the ridge behind his balls. My tongue pulsed against the base of his penis. When he pulled out, I lapped at the top of him, stroking diligently with the slight texture of my tongue. I loved having him inside my mouth! I settled in to suck more, a little harder even, and then when he pulled back, there was an uncomfortable slurping sound as he resisted the suction. I felt his hand push at the back of my head. I opened my mouth wide and slid down, my tongue flicking frantically. This time he slipped just into my throat. Oh, I wish I could take you that deep every time! I was self-conscious of my teeth–I’ve never had my wisdom teeth pulled. And I wasn’t used to anyone filling my mouth so completely. No matter. Jeff’s hand was at the back of my head again, and he started to set a pace of up and down, up and down. He probed as deep as he could go.

Gasping, I pulled off suddenly, abruptly enough to make him tremble. Breathing heavy, I strained for the air I needed. He wanted my mouth on him again, and started to force my head. I was making him crazy. I gulped and sank down on his huge organ. It extended clear into my throat. I swallowed and pushed a little harder, the tip dragging against the super-sensitive skin that had never been touched. I almost gagged. I choked, the muscles clenching around his girth. Oh no, I was certainly too tight, my teeth too close! I could hear him catch his breath, then he dared to thrust it into the spongy tissues in my throat again. He shoved past my reflex, then I could rock him in and out of my oral cavity. Fuck my face, Baby, fuck my face!Jeff thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. He dipped past my wisdom teeth into my throat time and time again. Oh it felt wild to have him so deep in my throat! I knew I would be hoarse in the morning. I couldn’t do this to Matthew. Matthew didn’t take nearly this much room. My face felt so full! I could smell the slight musky smell, unique to Jeff. I loved it. I wondered if his wife could take the full length of his cock. Does she swallow you, Dear? He kept fucking my face.

I felt him getting harder and harder. I thought for sure he was going to cum. No! I needed to slow it down. I didn’t want him to ejaculate before I could ride the thing! He was so much bigger than Matthew. He was going to feel incredible inside my cunny. I stood and turned. I put one foot on each arm rest and crouched down over his erection. I slid him inside my pussy from behind and kept my feet on the armrests to push. I did squats up and down on his lap, his goddamned dick opening parts of me that hadn’t felt a man before. Omigod! How I loved a nice, thick dick. I loved the way he fit inside of me, stretching all the way to knock against my cervix. I could feel a little ping of sharpness every time I dropped down his full length and the head of his penis tapped that sensitive spot. Oooh, it was good! When I slid up, I slid down hard, my weight slamming against his hips. I knew from behind, he could see my grasping cunt muscles clenching his thick cock. Oooh, it felt so so good. My breath started to catch, and I kept rocking my hips up and down, steering him into the front of my vaginal wall, against my G-spot. Omigod.

"Uhn-uhn-uhn-uhn," I moaned, groaning with each motion. In my head, I started counting. Matthew would have come by now. I hardly had a chance with him. But Jeff was hitting me in all the right places. Hitting it just right. And with his extra volume, my cunny felt so full, so brimming with dick. "Uh-uhn-uhn-uhn."

Forty-nine, fifty....I didn’t think I could do squat thrusts much longer. It wasn’t that I was in such bad shape, but it really didn’t take this long to get Matt off and I wasn’t used to the extra exertion. Fifty-nine, sixty...

Jeff picked me up. Suddenly I was airborne. Omigod! I couldn’t believe he could support my weight. I wasn’t huge, but I wasn’t one of those lithe, darling things that could ride up and down a man’s pole like a pro. He wrapped his arms around my front and lowered me to the bed. I crouched on my hands and knees. He scarcely lost a stroke. He started pounding me from behind, doggy-style.

Omigod! Now I knew I was going to come. I arched my back so my ass was square against his lap. I could feel the scratch of his pubic hair as he slammed me from behind. He stood behind me, coming at me from beside the bed. Matthew was too short to do me with me on my hands and knees on the bed!

Jeff was ruthless. His breath started catching, he was making groaning noises and sighed every time he sank his full length inside. From that angle, he was jamming it good against my G-spot and I started to cum. I screamed and gripped the bedspread. "Oh-Oh-Oh-Omigod. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

And he did. I started clenching and shaking from the force of my orgasm. My cunt muscles closed around him like a vice. He leaned down, put his fingers over my clit and started diddling. "Oh!" I screamed, and the cum started pouring out. "Oh–Oh shit. Omigod. Oh shit!" I started spasming. I was wound tight, coiled like a spring. My toes curled involuntarily. The force of my orgasm surprised him, and he lost his rhythm for a moment while I continued to cum, clenching and arching, slamming against him.

"Fuck me more. Please, keep fucking me." I begged. I was all wet, kneeling in a puddle of cum, but I didn’t care. I wanted it as long as he could give it to me.

It wasn’t going to be much longer. My cunt felt hot and so slippery against his shaft. Jeff straightened his back and jammed it in particularly deep, as deep as it could go. I bent forward and tensed, feeling so full of his good, hard cock. Ride the wave, I thought. I started backing into his pole, tightening my PC muscles. I felt his cock buckle, and he shouted, "Stroke it, stroke it, stroke it!" I felt the glug, glug, glug of the load of cum as he spurted inside.

After a moment, he pulled out. The string of semen stretched from his cock head to my vagina. I fell on the bed heaving, my forehead sweaty, my hands and knees drenched with cum.

"I have to shower," he said after a few minutes. "Then I guess we have to go." He glanced at his watch again.

To hell with what it might or might not have meant for him. It was the fuck of my life.

It was all I could do to leave. Twenty minutes later, I climbed into my Toyota Tercel and drove to the Dairy Queen.

I needed ice cream.

Somehow I managed to order. Butterflies raged inside. Omigod. That was fucking amazing.

The cone came with the chocolate coating still warm. Drops of white fell from the cone into my blouse and trickled between my breasts. I imagined Jeff licking them away with a deft, warm tongue. Shit oh dear.

 I saw Jeff one other time, about two weeks later. I got on the bus and saw him sitting in the very back seat. Talking to one of his co-workers. I sat down in the seat next to him, and I smiled. I had to look distant, like I didn’t know who he was.

After we got on Interstate 5, his friend dozed off. Jeff had his jacket laying casually across his lap. I reached underneath. I worked his zipper down. I loved how my hand perfectly cupped his dick. Neither of us said a word. I jerked him off under the coat. He laid his head against the neck rest and closed his eyes. He opened his mouth when he came, but he didn’t make a sound. I felt his cock jerk in my hand, and the jizz dribbled down like a candle. He looked at me with a crazy grin in his eyes. I wiped my hand on a Kleenex from my sweater pocket and opened my book. We didn’t speak.

Unfortunately, I never saw him again.

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