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Lust At Mardi Gras

perrycarter on Cheating Stories

My name is Greta and I think of myself as a pretty average girl.  I’m fairly skinny, about 5’6” and 118 pounds with straight brown hair that goes just past my shoulders.  My bra size is 34B. My boobs aren’t huge but my boyfriends in the past have never complained and have often said that they liked the size of my chest.  I don’t have a huge ass like J-Lo or anything, but my ass is a little bit bigger than normal for my body type.  Personally I don’t like big butts but some guys seem to really be into it. 

Prior to my little adventure, I had only had sex with four different guys in my life.  The first was in high school with my first serious boyfriend, Greg.  I was a sophmore and he was a senior.  I was excited to go out with a senior, so much that I didn’t even think of the possibility that he might just be after me for sex.  Greg pressured me for sex from the start.  We would make out for hours and after a while he would take his penis out. I was a virgin though and wasn’t sure if I was ready yet.  I would get really horny during our make out sessions.  My pussy would be dripping wet and Greg would finger me a little bit, really gently, to the point where I really wanted it.  I held out though and didn’t let him go all the way.

After about two months into the relationship I was starting to wear down.  Each time during our make out sessions I would go a little bit farther.  One Saturday we were on a date and Greg parked me on a secluded street so we could be alone.  After making out for about an hour I was completely naked, dripping wet, and really horny.  Greg would always stare at my ass and tits when I was naked.  H had his penis out and was getting dangerously close to my pussy.  At that point it felt too good to resist.  I made him put on a condom and then Greg put his dick in me.  I finally let him fuck me that night.  He held my side with one hand and cupped my tit with the other hand while he pumped my virgin pussy.  It hurt a little at first but I kind of enjoyed it.

From that point on we would have sex every weekend.  Usually it was in his car because we had nowhere else to go, but sometimes one of our parents weren’t home, or we had a friend’s house we could go to.  Every time that Greg and I fucked I enjoyed it more each time.  After about four months I was begging for it. That is about the same time that I found out that Greg was an asshole.  I overheard him one day bragging to his friends on the baseball team about how often he fucks me, what we do together, and what I like.  I knew that he was only dating me for the pussy.  We broke up and I did not date anyone else in high school.  I would still get horny.  Once you start having sex it is really hard to stop.  Sometimes I would get so horny that I would be hoping that someone would just come up to me and offer me sex.  All of the creepy old perverts who used to disgust me when they hit on me now kind of turned me on.  If they caught me on the right day I would probably fuck one of them.  I considered having one night stands or getting a fuck buddy but I was too young and timid for that kind of thing.  I thought about it and fantasized about it.  To satisfy my sexual appetite I would masturbate just about every night.

I matured a lot in college and felt more confident about my sexuality.  I hooked up with a couple guys that I studied with.  I was too horny to just masturbate my whole life so I kind of picked those two guys at random.  Guys are easy; they always want to fuck so that was pretty convenient for me.  There is something erotic about being alone with a guy studying for a test together.  A couple of dorky guys got lucky with me because of that and ended up fucking me doggystyle with my face planted in a textbook.

Later on in college I met the guy who would go on to be my husband.  Dan was a nice guy and treated me right so when he proposed to me at graduation I could not help but say yes.  Dan was okay in the bedroom.  He was a bit selfish though and did not really care if I did or did not have an orgasm.  Foreplay was completely out of the question.  I am a sexual person by nature so I could still enjoy whatever kind of sex that Dan gave me, but I never got as horny as I did when I was with Greg, my first boyfriend from high school.  I was a dirty little cock tease for Greg back in the days.  The thought of having sex was so exciting back then, but not so much anymore. 

I am 26 now with a job at an accounting firm.  I am happy with my marriage even if the sex is just okay.  Greg and I are both really busy with work and have to travel often, but always calls me and lets me knows that he cares. 

About a month ago I had to travel to New Orleans on a business trip.  After Julie (my best work friend) and I got out of the meeting where we found out that we were going to New Orleans, Julie had a big grin on her face.  I asked her what she looked so happy about and she mischievously said, “We are going to New Orleans while Marti Gras is going on!  This is going to be so much fun.”

I had not even thought of that.  Julie was in a sorority in college so she knew how to party.  I did not do a whole lot of partying at all in college.  Julie was also inviting me to go to such drunken wild party somewhere but it wasn’t really my thing.

The day I was leaving I told my husband that Mardi Gras was going on and he happily told me to have a good time.  He trusted me completely and had no reason not to. 

When we first got to New Orleans, Julie asked me what I was going to wear the next night while we were out partying.  I said that I didn’t bring anything special.  Julie just shook her head and we went shopping.  We went to a clothing store that had really slutty clothes.  At first I scoffed when Julie wanted me to try on some of those clothes.  After all I was married!  Julie kept saying that wearing a certain kind of clothes is not cheating. 

Just to entertain her I tried on a micro mini skirt and a little tank top.  To my surprise I really liked what I saw in the mirror.  I was reluctant to walk out of the dressing room to show Julie because my ass was almost hanging out of my skirt!  This outfit left nothing to the imagination.  I built up my courage and walked out to see Julie in a shirt that showed a ton of cleavage.  You could almost see all of her 36D breasts.  She loved what I was wearing and insisted that we buy it for me.  As Julie and I were talking I could see the sales clerk, a guy in his mid 30’s, was checking us both out wearing our slutty outfits.  Knowing that someone was looking me over like I was a complete whore kind of turned me on.  I felt a twinge in my pussy knowing that the sales clerk wanted to fuck me.  I handn’t felt that dirty since Greg was finger fucking me in the back of his car.  That was when I decided to buy the outfit.  Something about being in a strange place with Julie made me let loose a little bit.  I liked the idea of guys showering me with attention.  Tomorrow at Mardi Gras, there was going to be hundreds of guys lusting over my body.

I was having a lot of fun hanging out with Julie.  I could tell that she was having a big influence on how I was behaving.  After we left the clothing store there was a stand that was selling beads.

“We should buy some beads for tomorrow.” I said

“We don’t need any.  We are going to get some for free tomorrow.”  Said Julie.  It was obvious that she was implying that she was planning on flashing her tits to tomorrow in order to get beads.

“Oh my god!  You are such a whore!”  I said, mostly joking.  I was actually getting excited and debating whether I was going to show off my boobs as well.  Julie and I joked the rest of the way home. 

The next day I could not get out of our meeting fast enough.  I was excited about going to Bourbon Street and partying.  Julie and I got dressed in a hurry and hit the street.  We were wearing our outfits and even before we got out of our hotel we were getting looks from every guy we walked past.  The attention was really getting me horny. 

The first thing we did was hit a bar and got some guys to buy us shots.  As I started getting drunk started let loose even more.  One of the guys who bought us a drink put his arm around me and kept looking down at my tits.  After a few minutes we left so I did not go any farther with that guy, but having a man other than my husband touch me got me excited and feeling sexy like I used to in college before I met Dan. 

When Julie and I hit the street I was already about 5 drinks back and I am a lightweight so I was really feeling the alcohol.  The street was packed with people and everyone was crazy having a good time.  There were a bunch of guys staring at us but every now and then all the guys would look one way.  I saw that they were trying to sneak a peak at a girl showing her tits.  It was going on all over place.  There was someone from a balcony who was looking down in our direction.  Before I knew it, Julie had pulled down the front of her shirt exposing her D-Cup breasts for everyone to see.  The man in the balcony threw her some beads. 

Julie was flashing everyone who asked and was collecting all kind of beads.  She gave me some beads to wear too.  I was still debating whether I was going to lift up my shirt for everyone to see, my tits weren’t as big as Julie’s.  We were having a great time teasing the guys and drinking. 

I ran out of what I was drinking and I wanted more so I stumbled over to a group of guys underneath a balcony and ask if they could get me a drink.  One of the guys said, “Show us your tits and I’ll give you a beer.”  I knew that I shouldn’t, but I really wanted another beer.  I lifted up my shirt and every guy in the area started cheering and hollering.

The guy who offered the drink told me that the beer was inside and I had to follow him.  I told Julie and she was eager to go inside and get on the balcony.  We followed this guy upstairs and there was about 20 people upstairs partying.  Most of them were hanging out on the balcony throwing beads.  Julie and I both grabbed a drink and went outside on the balcony.  While we were out there Julie and were getting more and more drunk.  Julie would flash her tits and then grab my shirt too and expose my tits for everyone to see.  I would playfully try to get her to stop but knowing that hundreds of guys were lusting after my tits was getting me horny.  My pussy was starting to get really went.  Julie and I laughed together as we took turns taking each other’s tits out.  The guys on the balcony were getting more daring with us as well.  Julie was grinding her ass to the music on one of the guys in a chair.  She was dancing with her tits out for all of Bourbon Street to see.  One of the guys that I was next started to have his hand wander across my body. 

I was so horny that I didn’t mind his hand stroking my inner thigh as we danced.  My pussy was dripping.  I could see that Julie was having a good time flashing and being the center of attention for a group of guys on the other side of the balcony.

I did not realize too much because I was drunk and just going with the flow, but the guy who I was dancing with me was leading me into the room.  The room was very dark and he led me toward the corner.  Everyone else in the house was either on the balcony or preoccupied so nobody was paying attention to us although anyone could have walked by at any moment.  He sat down in a chair and I stood in front of him facing him.  He lifted up the front of my skirt and started licking my pussy over my panties.  I was too drunk and horny to stop him.  I just stood there as this stranger was playing with my clit with his tongue.  I don’t remember how long he tickled my pussy but he started trying to move my panties out of the way.  I moved his head back only to see that his cock was out and it was fully erect.  I stood there and looked as his dick in awe.  I had not see a cock other than my husbands for years.

I couldn’t torture myself any more.  My animal instinct kicked in.  I don’t think I had ever been hornier in my life.  I reached down and slid off my panties as the owner of this strange dick stared and stroked himself.  I put my legs on each side of him and sat down, positioning his dick at the entrance of my pussy.  I started rubbing the head of his penis on my clit, hoping that this would satisfy me.  Some voice deep inside me was telling me that I should not go all the way with this guy.  The head of his cock rubbed my pussy back and forth, from the clit to the wet, juicy lips.  I was in ecstasy and almost reached an orgasm.  Slowly, the guy pushed his cock passed the barrier and entered me.  I gasp but instinctively started to ride him.  My pussy lips were moving up and down on his dick as my ass gyrated in the air.  I lost all control, I was consumed by lust.  I was fucking a stranger with no condom on and all I could think about was shoving his cock deeper inside me.  My pussy juices were dripping down the balls of my stranger.  I lifted my shirt up and started massaging my naked breasts as I rode the hard cock.  He was fucking me rough like I was a little slut who needed to be punished.  My pussy lips could feel every vein on his shaft.  This stranger was filling me up completely.  I started to wonder if Julie was watching me ride a perfect stranger. 

He grabbed me tight and started pumping violently a few times.  His dick slid effortlessly into my soaking wet pussy.  After just a couple minutes he pushed me away as he stood up.  As I fell away he jerked his dick off and it exploded with huge loads of cum across my skirt, stomach and shirt.  After his orgasm subsided he pulled up his pants, grabbed his beer, and left me as he walked outside to the balcony to party some more. 

I don’t remember the particulars of the rest of the night.  I woke up with Julie in our hotel room the next morning.  I had no panties on, cum stains on my clothes, and had a hangover. 

Julie and I talked about the crazy night we had.  She told me how guys were grabbing her tits and whipping their dicks out wanting her to touch them.  She said that she didn’t do much with any of them, just showed her tits and grinded. “What happened with you and that guy you were with? She asked. 

“Oh, we just messed around a little bit.” I said.  I felt guilt for the first time since I was no longer drunk but I knew that my secret was safe with Julie.  Even though I knew Julie wouldn’t tell, I was still a little embarrassed that I went farther than her and she was supposed to be the wild one. 

We left New Orleans that night.  I fucked my husband really good when I got home.  I feel a little guilt sometimes, but hey, a girl needs some excitement every now and then.  My one night stand at Mardi Gras will be my secret forever.  

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