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Military wife and her co-worker

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                Amanda and Greg worked together on a fairly regular basis in their Intel shop.  Amanda came to admire Greg as one of the few people who would stick up for her in almost any situation, usually protecting her from their typically immature coworkers.

                Because of this, Amanda was pleased to learn he was the one selected to go with her on a TDY to DC to attend a military integration conference.  The long plane ride over to the East Coast, and the week away from her husband would be made a little more bearable  by having a good friend beside her.  Or at least someone who wouldn’t drive her nuts.

                “Let’s go do the touristy stuff as soon as we get settled in.” Greg offered up as their plane lifted off from Las Vegas in the early morning.

                “Sure, that sounds good to me.” Amanda replied as she looked out the window, watching the ground disappear beneath them.  She was already groggy from having to get up early, and touring DC seemed like the last thing she would want to do at that point.  But a five hour flight would give her plenty of time to take a nap and wake up refreshed to enjoy the city.

                Amanda had brought her Nintendo DS along for the flight, as well as a couple of books, but she didn’t find herself needing either.  With Greg sitting next to her and striking up conversations with both her and with random passengers, she was too distracted to even try and entertain herself.  They spoke about their jobs, his family, her marriage, and mostly gossiped about coworkers.  The plane finally landed in Dulles and they disembarked.  After waiting for their luggage and checking out a rental car they finally headed out on the road.  After another two hours of battling DC traffic, they arrived at their hotel.

                “I am STARVING.” Amanda commented, “I can’t go anywhere until we get some food first.”

                “I think the hotel serves a free dinner” Greg offered.

                “Whatever you want to do is fine with me.” Amanda agreed.

                As it turned out, the hotel served a full dinner, complete with beer and wine.  They both knew their limit and kept it to just a couple of drinks, so that they could still do some sightseeing.  But as the booze set in, Amanda knew it was already too late.

                “Are you ready to go?” Greg asked excitedly, getting up from his seat.

                “Ugh, not really.  I think I want to just relax tonight.”

                “You can’t be serious!  We just got here, it’s 6 o’clock, we still have the entire evening.”

                “I’m just too tired,” Amanda admitted, “we can still see the sights the rest of the week.”

                Greg though for a moment, “If we just hang out for a bit and watched a movie, could we go out later.  After you’ve had a chance to recover?”

                “I don’t know, maybe.”

                “I’ll take it.”  Greg said, as he lead the way off towards the elevators.

                Arriving at her room Greg waited patiently for her to catch up.  Amanda slid her card into the slot and unlocked the door, revealing a very well equipped room, with a comfortable little couch that she headed straight for.  Unzipping her heavy bag she took out the laptop that her husband had given her for the trip.  Setting it up she began looking through all the DVD’s she had brought, “What do you want to watch?”

                “It really doesn’t matter to me, I like just about everything.” Greg answered, “Do your worst.”

                Amanda was feeling the warm glow of the alcohol coursing through her veins.  She felt bold enough to take the offer seriously and put in exactly what she had wanted to watch.  Her husband Adam had outright refused to watch a romantic dance movie with her, so she had bought it on DVD to watch on her own.  She now had a captive audience to watch it with and was not going to let the opportunity go to waste.

                “Oh, I remember when this movie was in theaters.” Greg said unexpectedly.  “I kind of wanted to see it.”

                “Really?” Amanda asked, caught completely off guard.

                “Yeah!  I love dancing, and the girl in this movie is really hot.”

                “Yeah, I like her too.” Amanda said, instantly realizing her mistake.  While it was fine for her friends from the civilian world to know she liked soft girly flesh, she tried to keep that information more closely guarded around other military types.

                “Oh really?” Greg’s interest suddenly peaked, not missing the subtext of the comment.  Seeing her discomfort, he decided to change the subject, “So would you like to head out for some dancing tonight?”

                “That sounds like fun,” Amanda admitted, glad for the conversational out, “but I’m just too tired and sore from the plane ride.  Maybe some other night?”

                “How are you sore from the plane ride?” Greg demanded in disbelief, “We just sat there for hours not doing anything but talking.  You look like you’re in much better shape than that.”

                Amanda suddenly became aware of her figure.  She had been training at the gym for months trying to earn herself a reward from her husband, and now her figure was clearly well developed, trim, and even somewhat muscular.  So much so that when she finally gave in and bought the new Air Force uniform she found herself buying it in a much smaller size, which turned out to be even more compact than she expected.  Her curves were suddenly apparent to everyone in her office, although no one had been bold enough to say anything about it until now.

                “Thank you.” She accepted sheepishly, “It’s just my neck and shoulders are really sore.  Adam usually gives me a massage after I get home and now I think I’ve gotten dependant on it.

                “That’s a weak excuse for a simple problem.  I’ll work the kinks out of your neck and shoulders, then we’ll go out for some dancing tonight.”

                Amanda thought about it for a moment.  Normally she didn’t like having anyone touch her but her husband, even when it was a professional masseuse.  But she had gotten to know Greg so well, and the alcohol also helped somewhat in her willingness to let someone else touch her.  “I don’t know”, she said unsurely.

                Before she could even protest his warm hands were already upon her neck, rubbing away just like her husband would.  She became tense for the first few seconds, until she finally became comfortable with the massage and gave in to it.  Her neck flopped forward, giving way to the stress upon it.  Her head rolled around, enjoying every pulse of the pressure, releasing all of her tension into the warm, strong hands of her friend.  “Could you work just a little lower?” She finally asked.

                “Sure.” Greg said and slid his thumbs about an inch below the neck line of her shirt.

                “Oh, that’s exactly it.  That feels so good.” She melted.

                “I used to give a lot of these to my sisters when we were growing up.  Our mother taught us and we would take turns on each other.”

                “Your family always sounds so close.” Amanda mumbled.

                “Yeah, I got really lucky.  We all grew up getting along really well.”

                As Greg’s massage went on for the next 15 minutes while they watched the movie, Amanda kept leaning farther and farther forward, bringing his hands equally farther down onto the middle of her back.

                “Y’know, if you want I could just massage your whole back.” He finally offered.

                For the first time, Amanda became somewhat uncomfortable.  A neck massage was already physical enough as it was, but going all the way down her back with his hands seemed like it might be a bit too much.  Although, she reasoned to herself, his hands were already there, and they had been for several minutes.  Plus she trusted him completely, and he had done this with his sisters.  “Alright.” She finally agreed.

                “Ok, take off your shirt, unhook your bra, and just hold it in the front.” Greg commanded.

                “Wait, I thought you were just going to rub my back through the shirt.” Amanda said, taken aback.

                “Well, I could.  I thought you wanted me to rub your actual back though.  This shirt is pretty thick.  I didn’t mean to surprise you, that’s just always what my sisters did before they ordered me to give them a back rub.” He said, suddenly worried he had overstepped a boundary.

                Amanda thought about it for a moment.  She was wearing a thick shirt, and it wouldn’t really be bad as long as she wasn’t showing anything off.  She didn’t really want to be shirtless in front of him, but she had already agreed, and it seemed like the most normal thing in the world to Greg.

“Alright.” She agreed, somewhat timidly.

“No, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.  I’m not trying to get you in trouble or anything.”

“No, it’s alright.  Like you said, I’ll be holding my bra, so it’s not like we’ll be doing anything wrong.”  She proceeded to stand up and lift up her shirt.  She still felt kind of strange disrobing in front of someone other than her husband, but Greg was the most trustworthy friend she had at that point.  He was so good to her, and if he could treat her as well as he always said he treated his sisters she wasn’t going to pass up on the chance.  Pulling the shirt up over her head she revealed her back to him.  Her toned, slender figure was now laid bare, except for the black bra strap on her back.  She then proceeded to reach back and unhook the strap, quickly moving her hands to the front to keep the bra from falling.  She sat back down, allowing him to get back to work.

“Wow, you have a really toned back!” Greg blurted out

“Thank you.”  Amanda said sheepishly again.  She started melting away again as he worked his hands around her back.  Up and around he dug his fingers in, squeezed every inch, and rubbed every muscle in her aching back.  As the massage went on she became more and more tired, gradually working closer and closer to falling asleep.  Leaning back she fell against Greg’s chest, and he moved his hands out of the way as she sank back against him.  The room was cold against her skin and his body felt so warm, she was instinctively drawn towards it.

Greg was now, for the first time, keenly aware of the half-naked foxy brunette who was now pressed up against his body.  Her long straight hair fell just over her face in the front, and down her shoulders and back all around.  He now also got a look at her barely covered breasts.  The cleavage she occasionally displayed in social situations was now visibly not just the result of a good bra. The combination of all these amazing sights, smells, and physical touches were now entirely too much for him to handle.  He felt himself getting an uncontrollable erection, which his pants thankfully stopped just short of reaching her back.  But she had clearly shown some degree of friendliness on her own, and he wasn’t about to fail at meeting her gesture.  He had moved his hands aside as she laid back, and he took a chance, now allowing his right arm to fall down, resting across her toned abs, giving her just a slight friendly squeeze.

This woke Amanda up, as she now became aware of just how compromising her position had become.  His strong arm felt good to her, warming her body, and even turning her on a little.  But she was now somewhat tense, and worried that things might have gone too far.  She finally reasoned that as long as she kept herself covered up it would be ok to stay there as she was.

Greg leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I love this movie.  I’m glad we stayed in tonight.”  The sound of his voice was so warm and reassuring to her ears, Amanda felt her panties starting to get moist.

Her mind raced and she started to panic, “I’m actually getting pretty tired, maybe I should just go to bed.”  She said, leaning forward slightly to get up.

Greg’s arm didn’t budge.  “Are you sure?  Could we just finished the movie?”

Amanda’s heart was now racing as well.  “Alright.” She gave in to the request.  She knew she could still trust Greg.  He was getting caught up in the moment, but ultimately she knew she could tease him all she wanted and he would still leave when she asked him to.  All the same, her heart was beating wildly and she felt the slightest twinge of excitement.  Leaning back against him again, she felt something else.  His massive erection was now pressing up against her back.  Not sure what to do about it initially, she simply sat motionless, petrified of touching her friend any further.

Greg, she could clearly tell, was equally petrified.  He had almost stopped breathing as soon as she laid back against him.  Unwilling to move for fear of molesting this girl who so clearly trusted him, he hoped only that his excitement would subside in time.  Focusing entirely on the movie, he attempted to simply enjoy the moment without taking the situation any further than it had already gone.

The movie progressed eventually towards the romantic scenes.  The young, beautiful couple began to undress and passionately kiss.  They climbed into bed together and , in the movie’s PG-13 way, began thrusting into each other under the sheets.  Greg became very hypnotized into the scene and unconsciously began stroking his hand on Amanda’s bare abs, just below her breasts.  Closing her eyes in ecstasy she now decided to push the boundaries of her trust for Greg by slowly grinding her bare back from side to side, up and down, against the bulge in his pants.  He groaned with excitement for a moment before catching himself.

Confused and unsure of what to do with himself, he thought about it for a moment and decided that he knew what he wanted, and taking action and having to apologize for it later was better than doing nothing and regretting not having tried.  He leaned forward and caught a hint of her sweet fragrance.  Nuzzling his face past her hair he hovered his mouth over her neck and lightly kissed her skin.

“Wait…you shouldn’t.” Amanda sighed, half-heartedly.

“I know…but I don’t want to stop.” Greg spoke softly into her ear, and returned to kissing her on the neck again, followed by several more across the length of her right shoulder.

“But…I’m married.” She whimpered, “My husband wouldn’t want me teasing other guys.”

“That’s probably true,” Greg replied, undeterred, “but what do you want?”

“I…don’t know.”  She managed to moan as he ran his hands underneath her breasts.

Greg couldn’t handle the teasing anymore.  He leaned forward further and positioned his lips just over hers, “If you want me to stop, just say so and I will stop.”

He hovered there for just a moment, waiting to see what her response would be.  She merely laid still, panting heavily for several seconds.  Unable to hold himself back any longer, he slowly leaned into his paralyzed little bird, bringing her soft, full lips together with his.  At last he kissed the beautiful girl in his arms and realized how good it felt to have what he could only imagine before.

Amanda trembled in his arms, her panties continuing uncontrollably to become more soaked between her legs.  Her arms were now weak, and as a single act to signal her desire, she let them fall down at her side, leaving her unstrapped bra to rest loosely over her lovely breasts.  Greg took the sign and now committed to an even bolder act.  Reaching up from her abs where he had rested his hand, he brought his fingers up under her bra, where they found the softest skin he had ever touched.  She jumped a little as he touched her breasts, then broke their kiss and moaned openly as he found her now rock-hard nipples.

She had given herself entirely to the act.  If she were going to get in trouble for this, she had already surpassed the point of no return.  “Or have I?”  She thought to herself.  “Maybe if I just jerk him off he’ll be happy with that and we will come back to our senses.”

Amanda suddenly felt her legs spasm with pleasure as Greg reached down her panties and began stroking the pubic hair just above her clitoris.  She was losing herself quickly.  If she wanted her plan to work at all she had to start working fast.  Sliding Greg’s arm out from inside her pants she ducked under his arm and resumed her spot next to him.  Greg appeared disappointed for a moment, until Amanda reached down and grabbed hold of his zipper.  Her face was flushed red with embarrassment as she pulled it down and reached her hand inside, searching for the hole in the front of his boxer-briefs.  Fumbling around clumsily Greg nearly keeled over from pleasure.  Finding the hole, she shoved her hand through it, wrapping her fingers around his now massive cock.  She was overwhelmingly turned on by the feeling, and struggled to yank it out of his pants.  Finally setting it free she forced herself to stay focused on the task.  “All I have to do is yank up and down until he shoots his load, then he can leave and no one ever has to know this happened.”  She set to work, pumping furiously.

Not to be outdone, Greg undid her pants as well and started gently running his fingers up and down her slit.  Amanda became distracted as he played with her pussy, and she gradually eased up on her strokes.  She yelped as he slipped his finger into her opening.  As he masterfully worked her pussy from top to bottom with his fingers, Amanda gradually set into the idea that maybe she would go slow until he was done with her first.  She was too far along now.  Not feeling the end of this elegant finger ballet would have been absolute torture.  And definitely unfair considering the handjob she was giving him.

“Amanda,” Greg finally said, breaking her out of her malaise, “use those beautiful lips of yours.”

She was surprised to hear him giving orders, but his commanding voice made her want to do anything he asked.  He kissed her again, and when he broke the kiss she lowered her head to do as she was told.  Finding where her hand held up the head of his shaft she began to lick the tip, which was already oozing juices.  Her tongue darted around the head, and lapped up the juices.

“Oh, Amanda…” Greg moaned.  This was her cue.  She lowered her head and sucked in half the length of his entire shaft.  Now slowly sucking up and down she felt his veins pulsating in her mouth, and began pumping harder, trying to earn the load from her friend that she desperately wanted for a job well done.

Just then her phone rang.

Again it rang, but she refused to draw her attention away from the task at hand.  She wondered who would be calling her now, but she had been given a command and she wanted to obey.

“Answer the phone.”  Greg said to her, ceasing his fingering.

She lifted her head up for a moment, “No, if it’s important they’ll just leave a voicemail.”

He leaned over and said forcefully in her ear, “Answer your phone.”

Her heart jumped a little again.  She got up and leaned forward over the coffee table where she had set up the laptop.  Picking up her phone she looked at the name on the caller ID, “It’s my husband.”  She said worriedly, looking back at Greg.

Unconcerned, Greg simply smiled and looked to his pet, “Answer it.”

Nervously Amanda opened up her phone and placed it up to her ear, “Hello.”

“Hey, Mandy.  How ya doin?”  Came the sound of her husband’s voice over the phone.

Amanda felt Greg behind her, now wrapping his hands around her panties and pulling them down around her ankles.  “I’m good, how have you been?” she replied.

Her pussy now exposed to Greg, he couldn’t help but be impressed.  It was so perfectly formed, and she had kept it well trimmed for the man on the phone.  In this moment though, her pussy belonged to him, and he was going to take full advantage of it.  Probing and exploring at will he ran his fingers over every inch of her mound.  Her voice was audibly shaking as she tried to speak, “That’s good.  Did you need anything?”

“Mmm, I’d like you here beside me.  It’s pretty lonely here without you.”  Adam said, still having no clue of her situation.

“Aww, Sweetie, I miss you tAEEP!” She yelped as Greg suddenly probed inside of her without warning.

“Are you alright, Mandy?” Her husband asked.

“I’m alright…I just…I tripped.”

“Are you sure?  You don’t sound very well.”

“I’m ok.  I just got done with working out so I’m kind of winded.”

“Aww, my good wifey.  I should go to the gym too so I can be in shape for when you come back.”

“Mmm, that sounds really good to me.”  Amanda cooed, greatly enjoying the massage her insides were receiving.

“Have you been taking care of yourself today?”

“Um, not yet.  Have you?”

“Of course.  You did leave me with that picture of you in the new bikini you got.”

Amanda felt the fingers slide out of her and disappear.   She was kind of disappointed that Greg had given up.  It was probably for the best though while she was on the phone, she reasoned.  If he had kept going she probably would have started moaning, and she would have gotten caught.

“I do look pretty hot in that bikini.” Amanda admitted playfully, regaining her composure.

“Yes you do.”

“UNGH!” Amanda groaned involuntarily, as she felt something massive ram its way inside her waiting vagina.  Greg hadn’t given up at all, but had become completely overwhelmed by all the temptation of having his beautiful friend’s pussy waving, leaking sweet juices in front of his face for so long.  Amanda was now completely guilty of cheating, if there was any question before, and trapped in a position she couldn’t escape from if she wanted to.  Still bent over the coffee table, his hands on her hips, his cock buried to the hilt inside her, she couldn’t even ask him to stop without getting caught by her husband.

“Seriously, are you alright, Mandy?”  Her husband now sounded concerned.

Thinking quickly she tried to explain her noises the best she could, “It’s ok…I’ve just gotten so horny talking to you…I started playing with myself.”

“Oh, Mandy.  You are so hot.”  Her husband said, bemused and blissfully unaware of the cock that was now deep inside her.

Greg, who seemed like a freight train of confidence to Amanda, was actually slightly terrified inside.  She had not actually given him any kind of approval or permission to go this far.  He had overstepped his bounds way too much by taking some friendly oral sex and turning it into unprotected penetration without so much as asking if he could.  She had every right to punch him and throw him out, but somehow she was too good to resist.  Holding motionless behind her, he awaited a response.

“Oh, it feels so good.”  Amanda spoke up, having now found a way to speak to both of her men at once.

Greg didn’t need to be told twice.  Removing his shirt, he now started thrusting slowly in and out of his lovely brunette.  Amanda shuddered slightly from the motion.  She was still terrified herself, but she needed it so badly, there was no way she could ask him to stop.

“What’s got you all worked up?” Adam asked, now getting excited by the conversation.

“Oh, you know, just thinking about you.”

“Ahh, that’s such a boring answer.”  Adam said, disappointed by her seeming lack of imagination.

“I love the feeling of your cock inside me.”  She said, now speaking more to Greg than her husband.  She began pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts, making sure Greg knew it was ok to take advantage of her.

“I should give you more of it when you get back.  You’ll probably need a whole day of loving after being ignored for so long.  Someone should take care of you.”

“Yes they should.”  Amanda said, now feeling guilty for how much she was enjoying herself.

“Maybe you should find a cute girl at the convention and bring her back to your place.”  Adam suggested, hopeful for some stories when she came home.

“Uh, I haven’t really met anyone here yet.  It’s just me and Greg so far.”  Amanda struggled to stay silent as Greg pounded her back and forth.   The feelings of ecstasy were almost more than she could handle.

“Lame.  Well, at least you’re taking care of yourself.”

Greg reached down under Amanda and began stroking her clit for her.

“Oh, I need this so bad!” She moaned in response.

“That’s my girl,” Adam laughed happily at the scene he was imagining, “now be a good girl and finish yourself off for me.”

“Yes, Master.”  Amanda replied, half consciously.  She continued moaning and grinding for the next several minutes, while Adam continued speaking loving to her over the phone.  Greg’s hands slid up to her breasts, pulling her bra fully off one arm at a time.  Caressing all over her trim, curvy, body he sent shivers up and down her spine, which caused her to tense up her muscles around his cock.  The sensations were so intense that he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back much longer.  Bringing his hands back, he began to stroke her clitoris again.

Amanda’s body tensed up as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm building up inside of her.  The feelings of guilt, the fact that her husband was still on the phone with her, none of it mattered anymore.  It all faded away as she felt the most amazing orgasm grip her and cause her whole body to spasm and clamp down around the penis inside her.  She screamed into the phone, taking Adam by surprise, before going silent and collapsing onto the table below her.

“Wow, that sounded pretty amazing.”  Adam commented.

“That was incredible.”  She mumbled, kind of hoping she said it loud enough for Greg to hear.

“I hate to cut this short, but I’m getting a call on the other line.” Adam said, “Feel  free to call me back later if you want to chat any more.  Love you, Mandy.  Have a good time with Greg.”

“Love you too, Sweetie.  I will.”  Amanda hung up.

                Now thoroughly exhausted and shaking, she hung over the edge a moment longer before Greg spoke to her again, “Come back over here, Amanda.”  Sluggishly picking herself up she did as she was told.  She slid backup the couch, taking her place at his side.

                “You call your husband ‘Master’?”  Greg asked.

                “Sometimes.  Only when we’re playing around.”

                “Do you like it when he takes control of you.”

                “Yes, I really do.”  She confessed, still shaking from the excitement he had given her.  She was left with the sensation of his penis, as if it were still splitting her open.  She now got a good look at it, towering in front of her eyes, pulsating, begging to be taken care of.  She took its shaft into her hand and began stroking it lightly.

                “You’re such a sweet girl, Amanda.  Your husband is such a lucky man.  I hope I find a girl half as great as you someday.”  Greg’s words fell softly on her ears, warming her heart and reminding her why she still trusted him completely.  “Tonight, however, you are mine.  And I need you to do exactly as I say.”

                “Yes, Master.”  Amanda said obediently, even more excited by the turn this night was taking.

                “Get down on your knees in front of me.”

                She did as she was told, looking up at him with her sweet innocent eyes.

                “Take the head of my cock into your cute little mouth.”

                Again, she did was she was told.  Greg felt the warmth of her mouth around him again and it drove him wild.

                “Now suck it all down, as deeply as you can.”

                Amanda managed to get his cock about 3/4ths of the way into her mouth before her gag reflex made her stop.  She could taste her own juices all around him, reminding her once again of how good it felt inside her just moments ago.  Lapping at it with her tongue, she managed to re-moisten his shaft almost all the way around.  His dick jumped in her mouth, letting her know how much he enjoyed everything she was doing.

                “That’s a good girl.  Now start sucking me up and down until I give you your next instruction.”

                She obeyed dutifully.  Greg couldn’t believe this was happening.  Not only had he managed, unintentionally, to seduce his hottest friend, but now she had turned into a sex slave and was willing to do anything he commanded.  It was all too much.  There was no way that tomorrow he was even going to believe any of this had happened.  He needed her to go slowly at first to make it last.

                “Oh, you’re so good at this.  Go faster now.”

                Amanda pulled his cock out of her mouth for just a moment to look it over.  She was suddenly overcome by a feeling of affection for this specimen in front of her.  Not only was it just the right size to do everything she needed, but it was also part of a man that she was coming to realize she deeply cared for.  He was always there to protect her, helping her out any time she had a problem, always listening when she had to rant.  If any cock in the world deserved some tender, loving care from her sweet mouth it was his.  With that thought, she set to work.  Giving him one seductive look first, she plunged his rod back into her throat, pumping furiously now.

                “Oh…my God.”  Greg stuttered while his eyes rolled back into his head.  Her tongue was working magic on him.  He felt so guilty.  “Do I deserve any of this?”  He was surprised to hear himself think.  “Oh, who the hell cares?”  He needed someone to suck him like this.  No one had given him a blowjob this good since his first time with his girlfriend back in high school.

                Amanda kept sucking wildly, her free hanging breasts bouncing and jiggling with every stroke.  She wanted his cum, she needed his cum.  She needed to feel that splash of warm liquid hitting the back of her throat, letting her know how badly she was wanted.  Greg obviously wanted her very badly indeed.  His cock was rock solid, pulsating, and oozing pre-cum into her mouth.   She felt his shaking and knew he couldn’t last much longer.

                “Oh, Amanda.  You had better move, I’m going to cum soon.”  Greg finally mustered reluctantly.

                Amanda thought it was cute that he was trying to be such a gentleman about it.  She really did trust him completely, and she wanted to show how much she cared for him.  She figured letting him cum in her mouth was the least she could do to show her appreciation.

                “Amanda, seriously, you are way too good at this.  If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth this is your last chanUUUNGH!!!”  It was far too late.  He shot load after load of his sperm into her mouth, making her cough a little bit, and caused some of the seamen to drip down his cock.  She quickly swallowed as much of his load as she could.  He was uncontrollable as he kept spurting the last drops into her mouth.  A few moments after he was done she began licking the remainder off the length of his shaft.  Once he was completely licked clean she finally looked up into his eyes, “Did I do good, Master?”

                Feeling that twinge of excitement again, while overcome with euphoria, Greg responded, “Yes you did, Amanda.  You were amazing.  Come sit with me.”

                Crawling up onto the couch she sat down next to him, and he put his arms around her.  She laid back against him as he laid against the arm of the couch.  His hands found their way to her shoulders again and he continued the massage they had begun earlier, still causing her body to twitch in the wake of her own orgasm.

                “I hope you don’t regret anything.”  Greg finally spoke up.

                “Not at all.”  Amanda replied.

                Greg’s arms eventually got tired and made their way to her breasts.

                “It’s going to be a fun week.”  Amanda said, before they both drifted off to sleep.

                Greg never found out what his room looked like that week.

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