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My wife's secret desires part2

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I woke up the next morning and Tami was already getting dressed for work.I walked in the bathroom and Tami was just getting out of the shower.I gazed at her beauty.She's 5ft7,132lbs.,36d breast,long sexy legs,and a ass to die for.My 8in cock slid out my boxers.She ran her hand over my cock,later baby i have to get ready.I said lets talk,i got us a cup of coffee.You know any black men i asked Tami.Well there is this guy that works in the same department as me.His name is Charles,his best friend is Tyrone.Which one do you like best i asked her.Tami said she went out to lunch with Charles ex-girlfriend.She told me he was really hung but broke up with him because he's a player.

Does that bother you that he's a player.Tami winked at me,i only want his big dick,not my heart.Tami said she would talk to him during there lunch break.She went back to the bathroom and said i have to finish gettin ready so Charles thinks i'm sexy.I walked in and she was putting shaving cream on her pubes.I sat down and watched her shave all her pubes off.You haven't been clean shaven since we were dating i said.Your a naughty slut i said.She smiled and kept getting ready.Tami put on a sexy laced bra,crotchless panties.sheer nylons,and a sexy short black dress.

The whole time i was jacking my cock.I wanted to fuck her so bad.I was so horny i said if Charles says yes you can get alittle sample.Tami went mmmm maybe i will.She leaned down closing her eyes, and wrapped her fresh lipsticked lips around my cock.I knew she was fantasizing it was Charles black meat in her mouth.She grabbed my cock and twisted and jerked my cock deeper down her throat.I reached under her dress and ran my fingers over Tami's bare pussy.I stuck two fingers in her dripping pussy.I hiked her dress up not to cum stain it.Tami screamed with her orgasm,as i shot a full load in her mouth.She let some cum drip out her mouth on my dick and my balls.To my surprise she swallowed the rest.She's ususally a spitter.I got a cloth and wiped her excess pussy juices.She redid her lipstick and said how do i look.Like a sexy slut i patted her ass.Gotta go hon.I gave her a kiss and wished her luck.As she was going i yelled plan for it this weekend.

I was horny all day at work.I decided to call Tami during her lunch break.She answered like she was out of breath.What's going on i said.You said i could sample him she laughed.So he said yes.Charles is coming over Friday night she panted.I parked in the back lot for more privacy. We put the seats down and back.You seen his cock yet?Tami said its dark charcoal black,9in. and nice and thick.I'll tell you everything when i get home.I hope your not fucking Charles i said.She said bye and hung up.I called her numerous times and only got her voicemail.

I raced home from work.My cock was hard since our phone call, thinking of the sexual things they did together.I sat down and had two fast shots.I heard Tami pull her van into the garage.I ran and put the shot glass and bottle away and sat down.She smiled at me when she walked in,and sat down next to me.So what happened.I saw Charles and his friend Tyrone at work.I have something to tell you first Steve.Charles sent me flowers two weeks ago.Really i said.He had them sent to my desk.The card said he thought i was sexy and wanted to see me alone.I didn't tell you because i thought you would be mad.Ive wanted to thank him for the flowers the next day.We were talking in my van and he just kissed me.Just doing that he had a huge bulge in his pants.He told he liked me and thought i was the sexiest girl at work.You want me to go on Steve?Tell me everthing Tami!Well the van was facing the trees at work so nobody could see us.I undid his pants and took down his underwear.His cock sprung out of his shorts.As i was sucking his cock he got my tits free.Hearing all this i couldn't take anymore.I took of my pants and let my hard rod slide out the pee hole.She moved closer to me and slowly started jerking my cock with long deep strokes.Tami said its you i love.With that i relaxed and told her to tell me the rest.

Tami said she had to use two hands to handle his meat.When Charles undressed her they did the rest in the back.He licked my pussy with his long tongue,and finger fucked me with his thick fingers.He got in the 69 position and lowered his throbbing black meat to my lips.He slid his mouth over my swollen clit.It felt so good i jacked and sucked harder.As my orgasm overwhelmed me,Charles shot load after load of his cum down my throat.I knew i was close to cumming after hearing that.I threw Tami on the couch and told her to get dress off and bra.Did you fuck him then?No i only gave him a blowjob that one time.I was just so horny, and we had a fight the night before.He's always telling me how pretty i am.Is was nice hearing it from another man.

As i lay over her i ran my fingers over her pussy.What did you do with Charles today?Before Tami could speak i ran my finger into her still wet pussy.As i was fingering her cunt i could see cum dripping out her hole.You slut you fucked him!Tami looked down and said Charles would only come over friday if we could fuck alone first.That wasn't the deal bitch.Steve it was your idea that i fuck a black man.I to see what it felt like and drilled my cock into my wife's cum filled pussy.As i took long strokes i could feel she felt looser.His cock must be alot thicker than mine.Tell me the rest.Are you sure Steve? I said now as i rammed my cock deeper in her cunt.Tell me every detail!Well he was with Tyrone.Charles got in my van and Tyrone was outside by the sliding door.

I gave him a wet kiss and asked him if he would fuck me while you watch.He said i wanted to fuck you for along time.As before we got in the back and put the seats down.We both undressed each other.His cock looked even bigger than before.My wife's tits were swaying up and down as she talked.I could see her nipples were swollen from Charles sucking on them.My wife pussy tighten on my cock as she orgasmed.I was sucking Charles cock when the sliding door opened halfway.Just then acouple girls i knew walked by.I think they saw me giving Charles a blowjob.I took his cock out my mouth and told him to just the fucking door.I put his cock in my mouth.Tyrone watched for acouple minutes,then took his pants off.His black member was even bigger than Charles,but not quite as thick.Charles knelt over my head and rammed his dick into my mouth.He was holding my hair as he fucked my face.

Tyrone opened my legs wide and forced his tongue in my pussy.Tyrone was lifting my butt cheeks as was fondling them.Charles cock expanded as he rammed it seven inches down my throat.I pushed my pussy in Tyrone's face.As i was gagging on Charles cum.My pussy squirted on Tyrone's face.My wife squeezed my cock as i creamed her cunt.Then what happened Tami?My cock still hard in her cum dripping pussy.Steve i thought they were done with me.Charles flipped me over told me to get on my knees.I told Charles no wait till friday night to fuck me.That's when he told me he wouldn't be there unless we fucked now.

I knew you wanted him to fuck me friday,so i said ok.After hearing that my hips moved my cock deeper in her cunt.As i got on my knees i lifted my butt so Charles could fuck me deep.He rubbed his black steel over my pussy lips.His huge mushroom cap forced open my pussy lips.By this time Tyrone slid down so i could suck his cock.As i was sucking on his ten each meat,Charles was pounding my pussy hard.Just then we heard a knock on the side door.What are you doing in there? We could hear two girls laughing.I felt so dirty.As my orgasm started charles filled my pussy deeper than i every felt.Charles filled my pussy with his sweet cum.I licked Tyrone's balls and rubbed up and down his long shaft.He was sucking my nipples hard like a baby.Tyrone spewed his cum all over my tits

We got cleaned up with a towel i brought.We only had five minutes to get back to work.We got out of the van,and saw the two girls ahead of us.They kept looking back at us and snickering.As we walked in to work Charles reached up my dress and rubbed my butt.I sat down at my desk and felt my pussy dripping cum on my chair.Tami finally stopped talking.I took my cock out of cunt and decided to titty fuck my slut wife.She held her tits tight on my shaft.I fucked her tits hard until i shot my load all over Tami's face.Just what she deserved.

Part3 coming soon

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