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Atlanta Surprise

gokothegiant on Cheating Stories

I went to Atlanta fully expecting to get laid by my old college girlfriend. I hadn't seen her in years , but a while back we exchanged some very hot and seriously suggestive emails and pictures. On the second day I called her and much to my was like talking to my second grade teacher. Nothing...nada.So it was back to the hotel for an evening of dick in hand pay-per-view.

Opening the door to my room I found quite a surprise. A facebook friend was there....out of the blue. And in the buff. ???? What the fuck? But we talked, after exchanging some very fulfilling and promising mouth time. Her lips were soft, her tongue tasted like honey and her tits were....well they had been big in college on her thin body and they seemed to have grown. She was still only 5'4" but now she sported at least 34DD's.

According to Nola, she had led a life of celibacy, not of her doing, but because her husband of the past 10 years had just stopped fucking her.

It became my bounden duty to make the sacrifice to allow her to fuck me to death for the next three days, every position, every hole, every possible time (I had to rest, you know?) She wants me to come to Maine and do this on a regular basis, but I have a life and a wife in Texas. I think I'll just cherish Atlanta for the experience and go back to my existence. But I will fantasize about living in Maine.

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