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My Life With Paul Part 3

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My Life With Paul Part 3.

I had all sorts of dreams that night. I just had a veg memory of them when I woke up. For me my dreams seem to evaporate after I wake up. I knew they had to do with sex though.

I went down stairs for breakfast early. I wasn't down there long before Mom came down. She looked as vigorous as ever. She was wearing a long house coat. She has a few of the same kind of housecoats. I see her very seldom in anything else but housecoats unless she goes to town to preach at the gym. At those times she wears a dress down to her knees with long sleeves. I remember dad saying she never bought fancy dresses or jewelery because she believed such luxuries were a waste of money. She didn't believe in wasting money. Now I know she didn't even wear panties or bra.

When I had gotten up I decided I would go without panties and bra myself.

“Good morning mom.” I greeted mom when I entered the kitchen. She was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cub of coffee. “How are you feeling? I thought you would have been in bed when I got home but dad told me you praised over another dozen black boys last night.”

“Your dad is right honey. Word is all over the place about my work with black thugs. Sit down Marrie.” Mom said.

I poured a cup of coffee and sat down across from mom at the table. I tried not to look mom in the face because inside I felt so ashamed of myself. I had behaved like a real slut the night before with the four white boys that saw me in the park. I didn't know what to say to her without lying to her. I didn't like to lie usually but with in the last day lying it seemed had become second nature to me. Lying to dad about going to church service with my boy friend Paul to begin with. Actually he and I went to the park and had our first sex. Very unfulfilled for me that is. I don't know about him since I hadn't talked to him since having our first sex. Actually I was afraid to see him after meeting up with the four hot young good looking boys in the park.

“Look at me Marrie.” Mom said. “There is something different about you this morning. I promise not to tell your dad but did you have sex with Paul?”

I swallowed hard. Without thinking I answered. “How did you know mom?”

“A mother can tell Marrie.” Mom said. “He's a good man and he will make you a good husband just like your dad has made me a good husband. You relax and have a good breakfast before school. I suppose you will be going to the school dance tonight as the chaperone. Will you be coming home before the dance or stay and eat at school before the dance.”

“Probably stay at school. I'm going to be home late from the dance. Paul wants to go over some stuff about the wedding. Okay mom.” I said.

Then I heard a loud knock at the back door beside the kitchen. “Must be more black hoodlums for you to redeem mom.” I said. “I wish I were more like you mom. So good and helping those black hoodlums like you do. I don't know any woman that would take on what you do mom. They look so tough, muscular, aggressive and full of anger when they get here. I see how they change when they leave.”

“I do my best Marrie.” Mom said pulling her house coat around her and walking to the door. “Hello boys. Come in. Your back again Tony. I can never seem to get that evil seed out of you totally.”

“Fuck off bitch. You'll get my evil seed and my new friends from out of the city. I told them all about you slut. Right guys.” Tony said.

Tony walked right in wearing his tight jeans, no t-shirt or shoes. Behind him more black muscular boys around sixteen to eighteen followed him in. There had to be at least a dozen and a half. “You didn't tell us there were two sluts to take our evil seed Tony.” A boy at least six two dark brown with bare chest that was covered with sweat making his muscular chest and stomach gleam in the sunlight from the open door.

“No she is my daughter.” My mom said. “I am the one that will conduct the service of taking the badness from you boys.”

“She's going to take us all on.” Another boy behind Tony asked.

“Yes she is and believe me she knows what she is doing.” Tony said.

“That's right boys just follow me down stairs. I see I have a lot of sinful lust to take care of today. Let's get going I want to get to town later this afternoon. I have a big congregation of adult black men coming in today. Our city basketball team after the game always needs to be relieved of their badness after their aggressive game. Plus their coach recommended I also take care of the visiting team. The visiting team coach said he was impressed by another team I relieved of their badness. It is amazing teams from all across the continent have been learning about my deduction to ride black hoodlum muscular tough men of their badness.”

“Let's just get going slut. Take care of those guys later. I want you to take care of me and my boys right now bitch.” Tony said.

“Sorry Marrie what you have to hear from these hoodlums when they arrive but you are use to it. In just a few hours the boys will be leaving relieved of their bad seed and leave with smiles and content on their faces.” Mom said smiling at me.

“Yes mom. I am use to them mom.” I said ready to finish eating my breakfast. “I probably won't see you until tomorrow. Have a good day.”

“Okay.” Mom answered as she led the black muscular hoodlums through the kitchen to the basement door. They all followed her the last one closing the basement door behind him.

I finished breakfast and headed to school. At school things pretty much went as usual. Although at break I went out for a breath of fresh air and found Jason, Tom, Anthony and Ryan smoking. I was startled to see them there and didn't know how to react. I guess they were so busy talking to each other and talking they didn't see me. So I decided since they had all been nude in front of me and had pushed their cocks in me why should I be shy now. So I walked up to them and said. “Hi guys.”

“Holy shit it's the slut we fucked last night in the park.” Ryan said. “Never saw you around here before.”

“I come here everyday. How come I never saw you guys before?” I asked. “Well except last night.”

“That's because we're not from around here.” Jason said. “Our basketball team plays yours this afternoon and my Uncle let us stay at his place for a couple of days.”

“Yup and we told Uncle Jake all about you slut. He's the coach of your city's football team. You'll like him bitch.” Tom said.

“Your still meeting us after the dance aren't you cunt.” Anthony said.

“Yes I am.” I said. “I got to get back to class now though. Meet me by the gym door around nine. That's what time the dance is over.”

I went back to inside for an uneventful afternoon. After school I went to the cafeteria and had supper. I was not much one to socialize with others at school so went to the library to read until the school dance. I have to admit though all day I was looking at the hot looking boys at school with an entirely different light. I tried to make it obvious but I did look the boys up and down and at their crotches especially all the athletic boys. I even began looking all the black boys up and down and wondered what their cocks must look like. Yes I had seen probably hundreds of black boys over the years enter our house in need of moms preaching in the basement. Other than that I didn't know any black men personally. I saw many black hoodlums in the halls that had been to our house late at night. Most of them hung out together and played hooky. I knew I didn't have what mom had to tame those hoodlums and stayed away from them. So never knew what they thought of me. Even though I was intrigued I still thought I would keep my distance.

I noticed the time and knew the dance would be starting soon so headed for the school gym. I got to the dance and stood by the front of the bleachers. Already a few of the boys and girls had entered the gym. The boys sat on one side and the girls on the other. To the far side sat a bunch of black boys. I could tell they looked like trouble. I decided to ignore them. Probably later they would coming to visit mom. I know she would have her work cut out with those hoodlums. I just hoped until then they wouldn't cause any trouble at the dance.

I wasn't really surprised not to see the four hot boys that had fucked me the night before there. I didn't think a school dance would be their kind of place. The dance went pretty well. I didn't go around the other chaperones very much and they moved through the students. They were mostly older than me. Around 8:30 the dance was wrapping up and soon the dance would be over. The students began to leave. I went over and helped the chaperones to clean up after the dance. It was about ten to nine when everything was wrapped up. I went to the washroom to look at myself. I took the top of my dress down and took off my bra and put my dress up again then took my panties off. I remembered Ryan, Tom, Anthony and Jason’s request I didn't wear panties or bra when I met them outside the gym. I didn't want to take my purse with me so I went to woman’s locker room and put my things in my locker.

I came out of the woman’s locker room looking at the clock on the wall. It was two minutes to nine. I went to the front door of the gym and walked outside. “Over here slut.” I heard from beside the Gym. It was Jason. He had a hold of his crotch messaging it. It looked he was hiding one hard cock that would be needing taking care of. “Let's go the rest are waiting in the boys locker room. I got a key so we will have the locker room along with my pals, me and you to ourselves.”

I followed Jason to the entrance of the boys locker room and walked in after Jason held the door open for me. It was dark. I could feel myself trembling. I wondered what I had got myself into. Maybe this was a trap to injure me not have sex. Then the lights went on. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light after the darkness. I looked around. To my delight and amazement I saw at least a dozen hot looking young men nude. All muscular and hot looking but except for a man in his early twenties they were all black. I don't know why but I got more aroused than ever. I felt so hot and even without touching myself I could feel my pussy getting wet. I couldn't help pushing the top of my dress down and begin messaging my breast and hard nipples. “Oh yes guys.” I said and looked around looking at the hot black teenagers standing side by side. They varied in tallness from about five nine to well over six feet. Of coarse my eyes went to their cocks. Every one of them had hard on. Not one of them had less than seven solid inches.

I heard Jason suddenly say. “Well bitch is this what you wanted, because I made sure I rounded up the roughest, horniest guys I know. I don't think any of them except me, Tom, Anthony and Ryan had a bitch like you. A fucking slut. I can see by your eyes you want these hot black bucks. Don't you slut.”

“Yes. Oh yes.” I heard myself moaning. “I do. Mmmmmm.” I didn't realize I had pushed my dress off and was standing nude. I then realized my fingers were pushing into my hot pussy. My mind seemed lost in lust.

“Lay down on the mattress bitch.” Tom said stepping from behind me. I looked back to see Ryan and Anthony behind me also.

“Then suddenly one of the black teens yelled. “Holly fuck I've seen this slut before. She's the daughter of that slut I fucked a couple of days ago. Shit I never knew you were a slut like your trashy mother.”

I looked up to see it was Tony. It was the guy that had been at our house when I had gone out yesterday. Wow did he look hot nude and did he have a huge cock at least ten thick inches.

“My mother trashy slut. Are you calling my mother who told me she wanted only to preach to you a slut. How dear you.” I said defending my mother. Tony had to be wrong about my wonderful mother she wasn't a slut.

“Dam girls your stupid. It's one thing convincing your dad she was giving me and my buddies gospel meetings but you look intelligent. She only fed that crap so she could enjoy her lust for us black boys. Now get on the mattress. I know you want to get fucked and fucked hard like I've been fucking mother.” Tony said.

I went to the mattress and laid down stretching my legs wide. “Shit Tony fuck me like you fuck mom. Fuck me like that slut of a mom. She sure pulled the wool over my eyes with her praise the lord junk. I want to feel what mom feels.” I said.

Before I had a chance to finish Tony was on the bed laying on top of me. He squeezed my breast together and pinched my large nipples. “Shit your so hot. You have me so hard bitch. I got to screw you hard. These white boys told us blacks you were one hot fuck. Let's try you out. Len get over here and let her try sucking your dick. Think you can suck that dick slut.”

End of Part 3 My Life With Paul Please watch for Part 4.

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