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Step Daughter's Friend

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My step daughter has an old high school friend. Her name is Lisa. Lisa is a goofy, big mouthed and rather silly young woman, or she was in years past. Now that they’ve graduated from high school the silly Lisa is still a little silly, but she has turned into one Helluva hot young woman. She has a really annoying voice, bit she’s turned into an attractive girl, built like all Hell. Her best asset is her ass. She has nice “C” cup tits, a cute enough face but she’s really, really sexy.

I hadn’t seen Lisa in at least 6 months or so until one warm afternoon out riding my motorcycle. I pulled up to a light and looked over and saw this cute blond looking at me rather blatantly. When I looked into her eyes she smiled and I recognized Lisa. Over the loud rumble of my bike we exchanged greetings. The light changed and I suggested “Pull into the Wal-Mart parking lot for a sec Lisa,” and she smiled and nodded, went up the two blocks and turned into the lot. I followed her and parked beside her.

We made small talk for a minute and she drooled over my bike. She’d always liked it and wanted to know when she’d get to go for a ride with me. ‘Whenever ya like Sweetie,” I replied. Not wanting to let this chance pass, I said “We can go for a ride now if ya want.” “Really? I would love that, but I gotta go home and change clothes –I’ve been at work, so I need to get out of this outfit.” She was wearing a nice tight skirt, blouse and platform heels.

“Yeah, skirts don’t work on motorcycles, but it’s a shame – you are really hot Lisa – especially in that get up and the shoes are the bomb Girl,” I adamantly told her. She then launched into her being as she called it a “fashionista.” She ran one of the make-up counters in a large upscale department store at the big new mall and was on her way home from her half day’s work. I had to confess the goofy little mile-a-minute mouth had blossomed into one incredible hottie.

Her makeup, while a bit much for me, was sexy too. Her hair had a light blond streak in it thanks to the hairdresser. And she wore some really sexy fashionable glasses and I have always been a sucker for a chick in glasses. But the best part were her ass and legs and how the platform heels shaped them. And her cute little painted toes really set off the whole look. All the while we made small talk I was distracted looking at her.

Lisa had me follow her back to her apartment and we went inside. She gave me a soda and ushered me to sit. She ran off to her room and changed quickly. She emerged wearing skin tight jeans, a tight red and expensive looking t-shirt. She looked at me and said “I don’t have any boots though.” “Shit, wear them sexy platforms ya had on,” I insisted. She smiled and cocked her head, “I thought I was supposed to wear boots on a motorcycle,” she said.

“Well, if we were going on a haul I would say yeah, but for a short putt around town I think it’ll be okay. I promise not to drop the bike, so I think your cute little footsies will be fine!” She smiled and said “Short putt? C’mon…I have been waiting for 5 years to ride on that big bike behind a big, macho biker, so I hope the ride isn’t too short?”

“Whatever ya like Lisa. I can ride all day, so the only impediment is how hard your ass is.” She smiled, turned a bit and showed me the curvy and full ass filling her jeans and replied “Well, there’s plenty of padding so I think I’ll be fine…” and then she looked directly into my eyes for my agreement, which I happily gave. “Yeah, looks like plenty of ass, so you’ll be fine.”

“Hey,” she playfully retorted, “most guys love my ass, so no wise cracks from old men!” “Who the Hell you calling old?” I replied. “46 ain’t old…it’s seasoned,” I joked. She seemed eager to go so we headed out on our little jaunt. I took her all over the suburbs and then out toward the country. We rode for about an hour and a half or so and stopped at a little joint on the outskirts of the ‘burbs to wet our whistle. I had a couple of Bud’s and she had two glasses of wine.

We hopped back on the bike and headed back to her place. It was now almost 4PM. We pulled into her apartment complex and she hopped off the bike and said “Wanna get high? C’mon, we’re partying so don’t crap out on me now, old man.” I shut off the bike and followed her magnificent ass up the stairs to her second floor abode. We sat and she pulled a bowl and herbs from a drawer in an end table and we got buzzed while she told me all about her “fashionista” gig, which she seemed really into. I listened all the while wanting to find out if that pussy tasted as good as that nice ass looked.

Lisa was always friendly and almost flirty, but now she was really pouring it on. “That was so awesome Jim,” she excitedly told me. “Riding a Harley is exhilarating!” “Yeah, they don’t’ call ‘em Milwaukee Vibrators for nothing!” She laughed and agreed the vibration was exciting. “Most chicks do love it. Seems to warm ‘em up a bit,” I fished for her response and she delivered. “Fuckin ‘A’” she said, “It’ll get ya hot riding on the damned thing.” I smiled knowingly.

She puttered around the kitchen for a minute. She slid off her platforms and cutely sashayed her ass around in front of me and I was all for that. She emerged from the kitchen with a Michelob Light for me and another glass of white wine for her. She plopped down on the couch beside me, her leg resting against mine and refilled the bowl. “Damn woman” I fake pleaded, “are you trying to get me fucked up and take advantage of me?” I was joking of course, but fishing all the same.

She shot me a look as she lowered her head and looked over the rims of her glasses. The look on her face was seemingly serious when she replied “maybe I am….” “Well, if ya are, I am there. I have a firm rule…any chick gets me tore up can rape me…course ya can’t rape the willing, but ya know what I mean….” “she smiled and put her left hand on my leg and said, “So if I slid my hand up a bit, what would happen?”

“Ahhh….you’d likely find yourself pinned against the couch with some 46 year old sweaty biker pawing at every inch of your glorious body.” “Oh well, that sounds terrible…” she said with a wink then went on “I mean terribly inviting.” She looked dead at me and then slid her hand up about an inch from my bulging crotch and smiled a sexy grin. “So about here…where my hand is now is where the trouble starts, then right…? I mean I wouldn’t want to do the wrong thing, right?” I looked her in the eye and she taunted me “Or was all that just talk?”

My right hand went to the back of her neck and I pulled her too me. She looked up at me with whimpering eyes. “If your hand stays there or moves any closer to the danger zone, you’re gonna find out,” I told her. She then slid her hand another half inch or so until her pinky was up against my bulging crotch. “So here,” she said looking down and pointing to my crotch “is that legendary danger zone, right?” She looked back up at me and I nodded, “Yep, that’s the one.” She smiled, left her hand there for a second and then added, “Gee, my little hand has been there for 10 seconds and I’m still unmolested. Huh? What to make of that?” she teased.

She looked into my eyes and I pulled her all the way to me. She parted her lips and we kissed. Her hand then began to gently squeeze my crotch. Her tongue was hot and talented. This formerly goofy little chick could slam kiss a man, and I was the lucky fella! She put down her wine and took my beer from me as she looked into my eyes, little if any shyness about her actions at all. Then she returned to me with both hands and climbed onto my lap facing me. We kissed again and it was in-fucking-credible! She held my face in her hands as we kissed so passionately. She began to grind forward and back on my cock as she kissed me.

I grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and she began to whimper as we kissed sloppily. She was pressed against my chest and I could feel her firm “C” cups smashed against me. I released her ass and reached and held her feet in my palms as we kissed. I began to rub them a little and hold her firmly into place, her knees bent tight, as she ground on my crotch. “Jesus Jim,” she panted, “I’ve never had my feet held while I grinded against anyone in their lap. That’s so fucking hot.” Ya like that Baby?” She looked at me, her forehead resting on mine as I rubbed her feet holding her to me. “God yeah…” she replied, her breath short and shallow.

I held her to me tightly and stood. She squealed and giggled as I did so. I held her under her shins and walked her to her bedroom. She was kissing me for all she was worth, hanging on around my neck as I did so. I sat her on the bed. She was in the upright kneeling position on the bed, my feet still on the floor as I held her ass after setting her down. She was locked onto me for dear life and I to her.

We broke the hot kiss and she started stripping me, sliding off my black vest and pulling my old, worn black Harley T over my head. When I was bare-chested she began to lick and suck each of my nipples. “Oh, you’re sweating Jim…” she said as she licked a bead of sweat from between my pecs.

I let go of her and she pulled her fancy t-shirt off over her head revealing gorgeous tits stuffed in a black, low cut bra. I reached behind her and unsnapped the three hooks holding back her tits. She leaned slightly forward and shook and the bra slipped off her shoulders revealing the most perfect tits I think I have ever seen. I reached down and cupped each one and kissed each nipple gently. She put her hand behind my head and held me to her breasts as I licked and suckled her nipples, which exploded in firmness in my mouth.

She began undoing my belt buckle and unsnapped me. The weight of my knife, chain wallet, keys, etc caused my pants to lie at me ankles. I wasn’t wearing underwear and she loved the concept of me going commando. “Nice cock for an old guy,” she whispered at me as she held my cock in her tiny hand. She looked up and smiled at me as she said it and she was peppering my face with little kisses and licks.

“Want this old guy to show ya what he can do with it that them fucking young boys haven’t a clue about?” “Oh, that would be nice…” she smiled playfully. She tugged at me cock and exclaimed “It’s so hot in my hand!” I unsnapped her jeans and slid down the zipper, sliding the waist over her nice hips and ass. Her panties were a blue thong. “Nice under britches Lis,” I said. “Ya like?” she asked. “Oh Hell yeah!” “I put them on when I came home and changed – ya know, just in case my clothes fell off somewhere along the way today. I wanted to make sure I looked nice and all, ya know, just in case…?” She teased me.

I backed up and she slid out of her thong to reveal a trimmed bush with just a little line of dirty blond pubes running straight up and down to her labia. I took my right fingertip and tickled her cunt lips and she sucked in deeply between her clenched teeth making a hissing sound. Her hands were on my shoulders, her eyes closed as I gently teased her clit and labia to warm her up, but it was hardly necessary. My cock, even though she let go of it, was almost fully hard and nearing its 7 inch length.

“Hold on Lis…” I said. “If I don’t get these boots off and my jeans form around my ankles I’m gonna fall on my old ass,” I joked. She held my hand to balance me as I used the free hand to slip out of my boots and slide my jeans past my feet. When accomplished she grabbed my hand and let her weight fall back onto her double bed and pulled me down. I grabbed her and rolled her over and pulled her down on top of me.

She laid on me and kissed my face, neck and shoulders and began to chatter, as she always seemed to do. As she talked she laid her full 120 lbs on my body and then crossed her legs and pumped them back and forth. I held her ass tightly and could feel the muscles flexing and relaxing in her ass and upper thighs. I gotta admit it was so fucking sexy. She was nervous and sexual and nonchalant all at the same time and I was smitten. She began telling me how she’d fantasized about seducing me even when she was in high school and would come and spend the night with my step daughter.

Then she told me she’d told one of her “friends” about wanting to “get nekkid” with me as she put it and her friend told her she would love to join in that little scene and make it a threesome. I was in shock, especially when she told me the girl she told it to was my step daughter. I was shocked as all fuck at that revelation.

Lisa then really sexed me up describing the event. She told me she and my step daughter were drinking and getting high in my step daughter’s room while her mom and I were in the next room asleep. She confessed she wanted to “get nekkid” with me and when my step daughter expressed her desire to see and join in. she and Eve, the step daughter, had sex together as they fantasized about me joining in. I was gobsmacked for sure.

“Does that turn you on, old man? The thought of me wanting to fuck you so badly and your slutty little step daughter wanting to fuck you too? Have you been fucking her Jimmy Boy?” she asked. “Ahhh, no, but I goddamn sure might fuck her now…” I imagined out loud. “Well, that’s all well and good, but before ya fuck her ya gotta fuck me and show me your more than just a really hot biker. I wanna see what that fat cock can do,” she said as she ground her belly against my cock that was wedged between our nakedness.

I pulled her to me and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. She began to moan and I slid her down a bit, as she’s only 5’1” and quite petite, lithesome and all too sexy. She opened her legs and straddled my hips as my cock brushed her pussy and ass cheeks and she then slid her hips up and down on me. She reached back around her ass and held my cock in place as she looked into my eyes from three inches away and rubbed my swollen member against her soaked cunt lips.

My cock slid into her pussy and she gasped her pleasure. “Oh fuck that feels good,” she moaned as she slowly slid up and down on me until my entire cock was buried in her tight little quim. “Now fuck me like ya mean it!” and I did. I wore that little cunt’s pussy slam out. We fucked for 30 minutes, she cumming a dozen times before I grunted and filled her pussy with my cum. She pulled me to her and kissed me passionately as I released in her.

We fucked in every imaginable position until almost 6PM when I had to scoot and get the fuck home. She took my cell phone and put her number in and disguised it as the number of one of my biker buddies, so no one would know it was her number.

As I dressed she lay there completely naked and womanly, not shy at all. She watched me get ready to dress and then rose and helped me look like I had when I first saw her earlier today. Before I’d dressed she’d washed my face, chest and cock so I did not smell like her and the heavy perfume she wore, nor had her lipstick anywhere on my body as I swear she kissed every inch of me from the cock up to my forehead. She then laid and watched me all the while a silly little girl like grin on her pretty face.

When I was dressed and ready to haul she leaped up and still nude, grabbed me and was kissing me deeply again. “So, any chance for a repeat performance?” she asked. “What, the bike ride, this or all of it?” “Whatever,” she acted nonchalant again, then she cracked and pulled herself to me to smashed her gorgeous nakedness on my chest and whispered as she leaned up on tiptoes “the bike is great and all but if I had to choose I’d rather ride the owner,” she sweetly smiled.

“That would be awesome Lisa. You are one hot and beautiful little lass, that’s for fucking sure.” She smiled and said “That was an awesome romp Jimmy Boy, and we can repeat that whenever the chance happens by,” she intimated. “I hope it’s soon,” I said. “Me too lover boy, me too!” she grinned. “Anytime ya like, I am yours.” I walked out of her room, her holding onto my belt loop and following me, still naked and awesome. I grabbed my helmet, etc., and headed for the door. She followed along and stood holding onto me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, stood on her tiptoes again and kissed me deeply. “I really did fantasize about this Jim, and I am glad it happened and I want it to happen again – lots!” I loved that thought and told her I’d call her in a day or two and see if she felt the same then. She smiled and assured me this was not some little lame-brained act, but one of purpose and one she loved and eagerly awaited.

I opened the door a crack and with my blocking her from view she stood naked in the threshold of the door and added, “Oh, and if you’re really nice, and keep fucking my brains out like ya just did, in a few months, I MIGHT share ya with Evie!” she said, that sexy and determined smile on her pretty little face.

I slipped out the door as she stood behind it and leaned out and quietly mouthed “That was some fuck there Stud! Ride safe and call me tomorrow. I am off all day, and if ya find yourself bored or whatever, ya know, maybe I can entertain ya or something….” I stepped back, leaned in and kissed her again. She was sweet as all get out. “Good thing you’re married” she said, “or I might fall for your old ass!” and she gave me a peck on the lips and said “Now scoot before y get busted and I never get that incredible cock in me again. Now that would break my heart!” she added and I headed down the stairs. I got to the parking lot and looked up and she was peering out the window behind her shades at me. She waved and blew me a kiss as I fired up the sled and headed down the road.

All the way home I was in lust and knew I would never look at my step daughter Eve the same again,. Besides, she was hot and I have wanted to fuck her since she reached puberty, so we’d indeed see just how far all this could go. I grinned all the way home.

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