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My first time as a cuckold

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If you've read my earlier stories you will realise that my wife loves to share herself around and I love being involved in whatever way her boyfriend of the time is up for. You may wonder how I came to recognise that I had this particular trait. in fact it started very early on before I even met the girl who was to become my wife. It started with my first real girlfriend and I suppose it doesn't really qualify as a cuckold story because we weren't married although I was head over heels in love with her. Some of my friends had told me she was a slut but I didn't believe them and even stopped seeing them thinking they were against her. I knew she wasn't a virgin when I met her but I really believed that I was special to her even though I knew she went out with other boys while I was away at university. I believed her when she said she did not let them do more than kiss her that she saved herself just for me. How stupid can you be when you are in love!

The evening it all happened I was home from uni for a weekend and she had arranged for us to go bowling with some of her friends. I guessed that there would be some of the guys she dated there but didn't think more of it, I was even excited that she had arranged for us to stay over at one of their flats thinking we would actually get to sleep together (up till then we'd just had stolen sex in a car or on the settee in her parents house once they'd gone to bed). At the bowling I got a bit jealous when she seemed to spend more time sitting on the other guys laps than on mine. One of them had sneaked in a couple of bottles of booze and she was getting quite tipsy. By the time we left, 4 guys her and me squeezed in to one of their cars she was really quite high. They put me in front with the driver while the other 3 guys went in the back with Suzi sitting on their laps. I kept looking over my shoulder and could see that they were all groping her breasts and taking turns to put their hands up her skirt. She was protesting but she was giggling too so it was evident that she wasn't too serious. I got really jealous when there was a lot of wrestling in the back and someone tossed over her panties and tights. By the time we got to the guys flat it was obvious there was some really serious heavy petting going on.

In the flat I thought she had got control of herself as she sat with me and let me pet her but when I went to get her a drink I found her sitting on another guys lap when I came back. She was kissing him, he had his hand up her skirt and from her actions it was obvious she was enjoying him fingering her so much she was approaching a climax. She stopped when she saw me staring and smoothed her skirt down before taking the drink. She told me not to be jealous that it was just a little fun with friends. The others all laughed and said it was their turn next and she seemed to be enjoying a kind of game as she hopped on to a different guys lap and started kissing him. I realised I was getting even harder watching her than I'd been when she was sitting on my lap and letting me finger her. She worked her way round all the guys and ended up on my lap again. God I was hard when she sat on my lap and she realised and sat astride me rubbing herself against my bulge. I told her if she did that I'd just have to take her into one of the bedrooms and she giggled and told me to get her another drink first.

When I got back with the drink there was no sign of her or two of the guys. I asked the remaining two where she had gone but they just laughed and said she'd gone for a pee and the other two had decided they'd drunk enough and gone to bed. They engaged me in conversation but as time went on I got more and more uneasy about where she was and if she was okay (she had drunk an awful lot by this time). Each time I tried to go to find her the other guys poured me another drink and told me to sit down. After a while I said I really was going to check where she was and got up in spite of their protests. There was no sign of her in the bathroom and I stopped outside the closed bedroom door. I could hear sounds of heavy panting and moaning coming from inside. There were no other closed doors so I knew she had to be in there with the other two guys.

I opened the door quickly but quietly and could not believe my eyes. Suzi was stark naked kneeling up at the end of the bed. She had her head down sucking the erect cock of one of the guys who was laying back on the bed with just his shirt on. The other guy was standing behind her with his trousers and pants round his ankles fucking her doggy style. When she heard me come in she stopped sucking and turned to look at me with a half embarrassed half pitiful look on her face, as much as to say, I didn't really want this. The guy on the bed laughed and said I was a lucky guy to have such a good little cocksucker. The guy behind just grunted harder as he rammed her harder and faster. Suzi just gasped and started moaning louder as the guy behind redoubled his efforts and reached under her to play with her clit. It was obvious she was going to climax as her eyes and mouth opened wide and she started to moan and buck her hips in time with him. He let out a kind of a grunting gasping scream and yelled cum you slut cuuuuuum as he obviously shot his load. Suzi let out a couple more moans saying oh no, no, please no, and then with a strangled little squeal she came too. The guy on the bed grabbed her head and pulled it back down onto his cock. She went back to sucking him obligingly until he let out a moan and bucked his hips as he came too. I thought she would spit out his cum, she always had with me, but she kept sucking and he said that's good bitch, swallow it all! I couldn't believe it as I saw her throat move as she drank the lot!

The other two guys had followed me and they let out a cheer and made it clear it was their turn next. The first stripped quickly and rolled Suzi over on the bed. I was amazed as she lay back pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide for him rubbing her glistening pussy as she did. He fingered her teasing her clit and asking her if she was sure she wanted him to go ahead in front of me. He kept playing with her till she was really aroused again and he made her beg him to fuck her before he gave her what she so obviously wanted. The last guy grabbed my cock through my trousers and told the others that I had a huge hard on watching and they all laughed and suggested I strip off to be ready for my turn. By this time I didn't care how many guys she'd had I just wanted my turn in that tight little pussy. These two guys were obviously determined to have their fun with her because when the first was close to cumming he pulled out to let the other take over. Suzi came soon after he started fucking her but that just increased his energy and he fucked her hard all through her climax as she writhed and moaned and screamed in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. He too pulled out before he came and one of the others took over (I lost track at this point of just who went next or who did what as one or other of them was in her pussy and another in her mouth). I lost count too of how many times Suzi came or how many mouth fulls she swallowed. I know after they'd all had her in both holes they told me to kneel either side of her head so she could suck me while they continued to take turns in her cunny.

After what seemed hours they'd all drained themselves dry (or maybe the booze finally got the better of them). I'd cum twice in Suzi's seemingly endlessly thirsty mouth. I was lying on the bed half asleep (or half drunk) when I realised they had pulled Suzi over the top of me and had spread her legs so she was kneeling either side of my face. I felt her hot, slimy cunt lips pressed against my mouth and heard their laughing voices saying "there babe, let it all go now!" I could taste her familiar sweet spicy juice mixed with all their salty jism. Suzi started to rub herself slowly against my mouth and I thought oh god she cant still be ready for more surely! I felt rough hands playing with my cock that erected again quickly even though it ached and throbbed from Suzi's previous attentions. She slowly slid back down my body kissing my open mouth as she went and licking their and her juices from my lips. I felt her slowly and easily settle her wet wide open vagina over my solid member and start to slowly and steadily ride me to the cheers of the other guys. As I got close she sat right up so the end of my cock rubbed on her g spot. Two of the guys came round behind her and between them groped her tits and rubbed her clit. She moaned and bucked as she tried to get to yet another climax and suddenly I hear her give a little shriek and yell out no, not there. I felt her cunt clench tight on my cock and I realised one of them had pushed his cock into her tight little anus. She kept squealing as he fucked her but from the way she bucked on my cock she was thoroughly enjoying it. We both came about the same time and she collapsed over my chest sobbing and crying while the guy behind her still pumped her ass hard. I think when he finished probably another guy took his place but by then the alcohol had taken its toll and I lost track until I woke up the next morning.

Suzi was slumped beside me on the bed, still naked, covered in drying semen and with dried juices still staining her thighs and ass cheeks. The other guys were all passed out in the lounge. I found our clothes and we dressed and left. We met a few more times but I never felt the same about Suzi again. I'd fallen out of love but she was a good screw from time to time. I did realise though, once I got over the shock, that I got intensely aroused by seeing my girlfriend fucked by other guys so when I found my wife enjoyed other men it wasn't too difficult to persuade me to go along with it!



I don't, know I just know it turns me on. The ache inside when I see her being fucked by a really big guy who can make her moan and beg is absolutely explosive. Even if I just have to wait until after and then wank myself I cum like a volcano! And if they let me lick his juice out of her still trembling and soaking cunny then Im beside myself.

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