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My Wife and her Colleague

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I've always known my wife needed more sex than I could give her but since her hysterectomy and being put on this hormone replacement therapy she has become insatiable. Of course I've known she had the occasional affair, well she knew I had the occasional bisexual dalliance too. We both agreed that so long as we were both careful to not pick up any disease that what we didn't know wouldn't hurt us. We were both determined that we were happy with each other and nothing would ever force us apart, it even seemed to improve our own sex life together. I should say that, since she always wants more than I can give that most of our sex sessions end with me giving her oral, something which both of us love anyway.

Then, over last Christmas, I met one of her business associates at an office party, in fact she introduced us. We were all a little drunk and I could tell he fancied her and she him. He was on his own as his wife lived some way away and he visited Mel, my wife on business trips and I suspect they may even have had a little dalliance before. We all got chatting, he got more and more explicit about how he fancied her and she was flirting shamelessly in return. He was staying in the hotel where the party was taking place and to cut a long story short he dared me to allow her to go to his room with him. To tell the truth seeing my wife being openly chatted up by this other guy had got me as hard as a rock so I agreed.

After about an hour which I spent miserably getting even more drunk she called me on my mobile phone to tell me to take a bottle of champagne and three glasses up to his room. I arrived, my heart racing and my cock almost bursting out of my pants. He opened the door dressed in a bathrobe and as he showed me through I could see Mel lying back on the bed her legs spread wide and with a satisfied smile on her face. She proceeded to tell me what a wonderful cock he had and how much she had enjoyed him fucking her. She told me she was still not quite satisfied and wanted me to do something about that. I could hardly wait so I quickly undressed and started to get ready to mount her but she laughed and shook her head. "No, not like that, Geoff wants to see you give me oral to finish me off!"

This was the first of what was to become a fairly regular meeting when he visits on business, but I'll save the full story for later.

The next meeting - some weeks after

Well, that first meeting was quite awkward. I felt, god how did I feel? Embarrassed? Ashamed? Angry? Confused? Yes all of those but also incredibly aroused! When Mel spread her legs for me I was determined not to do what she asked but she pulled my head hard into her flared wet pussy and before I knew where I was I was lapping up the mix of his and her juices. She started to climax again and say how I was sooo good with my tongue which made up for my cock being so tiny! I don't think its that tiny but she obviously likes to be stretched! When we went home she really went wild and the sex was the best I could remember. oF course i did end up finishing her off with yet more oral and by then I'd totally forgotten that it was some of his seed as well as mine I was drinking!

She teased me a bit from time to time, well, most times we had sex, about how big he was and how hard he fucked her but because we had sex quite often nd successfully it didn't bother me too much. then, about a month or so later she told me he was visiting again on business. he wanted her to go to his hotel and wanted me to go along as well. I was in a real mess about knowing what to do, but each time she mentioned it I got as hard as a rock and she knew this. We even had great sex as she talked about him. So, the day came and she and I turned up at his hotel to find he'd booked a table for dinner in a secluded corner of the dining room. I dont think any of us really enjoyed the food as we were all wondering what would happen next. We were far enough away from other diners to be able to converse in private and he told Mel quite openly what a great body she had and how he was going to make her beg him to screw her and then he was going to screw her till she begged for mercy. He had arranged for her to sit next to him with me across the table and I could tell he was stroking her thigh and she was rubbing his groin and saying what a huge cock he had.

We'd finished the meal and Mel had to go to the ladies and as she left he said quietly "come back without any panties so Dave can feel how wet you are for me." While she was gone he asked me if I was sure I was okay with her going to his room again and I just nodded not knowing what the hell to say otherwise! She came back and he told her to stay standing while he reached under her skirt to feel if she was ready. He smiled and told her to let me feel too. I looked round the room to see if anyone was looking but I just had to do it. My heart was thumping but my hand just had to explore her. God she was wet, her pussy lips were swollen and wide open. sopping wet with juice already running down her thighs and wetting the tops of her stockings.

He smiled at me, "I think she wants it don't you Dave? Tell me to take her and give her what she needs". I was shaking so much I could hardly speak but I blurted out more or less what he wanted to hear. As they walked away hand in hand she turned and said "oh make sure your phone is on, we'll call when we need a drink". I moved from the dining room into a quiet corner of the lounge to drink some coffee and brandy, at least that was all charged to his room. I was surprised to feel my phone buzz after only about 30 mins or so and even more surprised to hear his voice on the other end. His words made my hair and my dick stand on end! He described Mel's body in the most intimate detail and went on to tell me what an incredible cock sucker she is. He said how she had stripped for him then laid on the bed and played with herself for him and now how she had been sucking his cock for so long without making him go over the edge. He moaned softly and then said he thought it was time and he wanted her to talk to me.

She told me how she had sucked his wonderful cock and how she was now laying back with her legs apart. he was obviously egging her on because she was moaning and begging him in more and more explicit terms to make love to her. After several minutes she was almost screaming into the phone, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, SHOVE THAT HUGE COCK UP MY CUNT EVEN IF IT MAKES ME SCREAM! I could hear his voice saying , really, you really want it? Then there was a kind of muffled scream and Mel's voice saying oh god...oh god...its huge......followed by her moans and his grunts as they obviously started to fuck. She gasped into the phone before it went dead, I....I...I'!

It must have been another hour when my phone buzzed and his voice again said, "she is a wonderful fuck, I think your slut deserves some champagne, charge it to my room and bring it right up". My face burned at his words but I did as he said and took the bottle and glasses to his room. As before he opened the door dressed in a bathrobe and when I entered the room I could see Mel lying on her back on the bed with her knees raised and legs spread wide. She looked exhausted. He told me to strip and watched me while I did, so much so I began to wonder if he was bisexual. He got me to open the bottle and pour two glasses then told me to lie on my back on the bed next to Mel. He smiled and said, "the champers is for your slut and myself, you can drink from her cunt". I started to protest but they'd obviously planned it because next thing I knew Mel had straddled my face and was pressing her still aroused cunt lips firmly against my mouth. She started to rub herself slowly to and fro and I could feel her firm clit pressing against my top lip. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and could taste and feel the salty slimy flood of his seed draining with her own spicy sweet juices into my thirsty mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see him hand her some champagne and they clinked glasses and both said how much they had enjoyed it. I could feel my cock getting hard and Mel reached back with her free hand and laughed "see I told you drinking your cum from my cunt would get him hard. Shall we let him wank if he's been a good boy?" They drank the rest of the champagne while I drank every last drop from Mel's juicy pussy. She even came once while I did which earned me the right to be allowed to wank. She sat on his lap with him fondling her while they both watched me lay back on the bed and shoot right up my belly. Mel even came over and wiped it up with her hand but then made me lick it all off. I thought he might want her again when I saw his bathrobe bulging but he simply stood and turned his back to me telling her to kneel and drain him of the last drop. I couldn't see the size of his cock, more of that about their next meeting, but she let me have a running commentary about how big and wonderful it was as she sucked him. Eventually he let out a moan and I could tell from her silence that he'd cum in her mouth. He turned round pulling the robe into place to hide his member and told me I could kiss my slut. My stomach almost heaved at the thought of what she was about to do but Mel approached me with a self satisfied smile and pulled my head to hers for a long lingering, and of course open mouthed kiss where she transferred half what he had given her laying me back as she did so that I couldn't avoid swallowing it all.

It was the early hours before we dressed and left, bemoaning the fact that we all had work the next day. His parting words to me were that he would look forward to the next time I'd give my slut wife to him and maybe next time he'd let me see how she responded to a real cock inside her. I was ashamed of how much the thought inflamed and aroused me in the car on the way home and each time we had sex after.

More to follow..........................


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