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                          Hannah was just stepping of the plaine in london. She grabed her  baggs and headed out to grab a cab to take her to her hotel. Once she was there she checked her watch *4:15, got 1 hour and 15 to get ready.* she thought, Hannah got in to the shower and started to wash her self. Her thoughts trailed to he master, whom she mett 4 years ago over the internet. Since than she has been his sex slave cyber wise, and today she would finely meet him. Hannah pictured her self and him kissing as he would strip her than he would push her down forcefully push her to her knees and shove his cock brutily down her throte, as s
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he thought of this she rubbed her clit with her right hand and then started to shove her fingers  in to her self  viaonatly, her thoughts of his bigg cock down her throte as she swaloowed it made her cum hard as he knees whent limp and she slid to the floor,*Tonight i finaly get to meet the man who has been fulleing my fantisys for the last four years, finaly i can be his real slave. Hannah stood and steped out of the shower. She dryed her dark brown hair and brushed he bangs to the sides. She than puled out of her bag a blood red lace thong and a matching lace bra, she sliped them on and than next she pulled on a blood red silk sleeping gown that ended at the top of her thies and showed of most of her cleaveg. She slipped on some red high heals and looked her self over, the clock read 5;25, Hannah grabed her long black jacket that whent to her knees so no one could see what she was wareing and headed out to meet him. Hannah handed the directions to his house to a cab diver and got into the car. Her thong was already soaked threw with proof of her desier and need of him. Hell she worshiped the ground he walked on he controled her which no one women and especialy a man had ever done.  The cab stoped and she handed him the money and stepped out. Hannah stared at the house infront of her. It was a beautiful house on the country side with a stone path that lead to the door way. *Finaly after these years i can have this, I can finaly be taken by him.* Hannah walked to the door and prepared to knock but it opened befor she could. In front of her stood a man of about 22, at about 5'8 with dark brown hair just off the shoulder and crystal blue eyes. He smilled a cocky grin at her "You are late" he said. Hannah stared at him eyes wide and than to her watch 5:54 it read she was 9 min late. "I supose i am master Anubis, i am sorry." she said with a smile. "Well slave, i will have to punish you than for makeing master waite." he told her, his voice dark as he moved closer to her, "Come in and take your punishment like a good slave." he whisspered aginst her neck., "Yesssss... master" she hissed out her body quivering, his voice had an efect on her  she could just cum listening to him talk. He took Hannah's hand and led her in to the house, it looked normal, he had good taste for a man she thought. They walked up the staircase to his bed room up at the end of the hallway. Master opened the door and led Hannah in, inside was a huge bed with black satan sheets, and the walls were a deep red. Master turned to her and smilled as he leaned foward and pushed the jacket of of her body. "It seems you have dressed for the 'ocassion'  my slave." "Does my master Anubis aprove of my taste in this outfitt?" hannah asked looking up to him smilleing. "Yes, but you will look better naked and...." he paused leaning in close to her ear "And....?" hannah asked, her breath comeing in shallow, "....and screaming my name." he whisspered in to her ear, than licked the lobe. Hannah moaned and he bitt down hard,"MMMassssterr... please dont tease me i need you soo bad" she whined ,"Well than you should have not been late." he chuckled, he grabed her roughly and kissed her lips, shoveing his toung in to her mouth, she gassped and kissed him back running her toung along his. Hannah pressed her body fully aginst his, feeling his erection threw his pants and so she rubbed her thie aginst it, hopeing he would givein and just fuck her. After a minute of that he pushed her away, but she stayed put her arms locked around his  neck as she licked his neck and rubbed her thi aginst his cock. "If you think that will work, than you are misstaken Kitten." he remarked as he took in the feel of her thie aginst his cock. "Well if that wont than maby this will." she pured as she knelt befor him. Hannah pulled at the buckel and than next the zipper and buttonand pushed his pants down, and as he said he did not ware underware. She stared at hi hard cock mear inches from her face *he is so big, bigger than what i thought, how in the hell am i gonna swallow that, well i will do what it takes to do.* "Do you like what you see ?' he asked knowing then answer as it is written on her face but wantted to hear it from her mouth,"Master your so big, bigger than i had thought, i am going to enjoy sucking you master." she said slyly, "So am i Kitten" he said. Hannah smiled at him as she rapped her hand around the base of his cock, she started to pump it slowly than moved it faster up and down pumping hard at his cock. "Mmmmmmm.."he moand, "Suck me now!" he comandad her. Hannah than moved her hand away and took him in to her mouth slowly, inch by inch. She got 3/4 of him into her mouth and pulled back up, she removed her lips and started licking the head of his cock around in circles. Hannah than licked up and down the under side of his cock, up and down each side getting every inch,"Yeah baby, mmmm " he moand as his head tillted back. Hannah moved back down his cock takeing in his every inch till she got 3/4 of the way down, she relaxed her throte and than took in the rest. Hannah gagged at first but took in a deep breath threw her nose and swallowed. He groaned when she did so she repeeted her actions, Swalowing over and over as she moved her head up and down on his cock. Every time she got to the head she would lick it and than move back down swalowing him. With her right hand she started to rub and squeeze his sack gentaly but firmly as she kept up the pase of licking sucking and swalowing his cock. his groanes became louder and faster as she could feel his musceles tightining signaling his release. She moved her head up and down faster than moveed up to the head and sucked fast and hard."Yes Kitten." he ground out as he came hard down her throte and mouth. Hannah sucked out every drop she could swalowing it all and licking up what she missed, she determand that his salty bitter taste was the best thing she has ever tasted as she took up every drop. He sighed and looked down at her as she stared up at him, her eyes glased over with want, he pulled her up by her hands "So you like to suck masters cock dont you?" he more state dthan asked. hannah could not speek only nood her head yes. Master kissed her lips and than pulled down the sleeping gown to see her clad in only a barly there see threw lace bra and matching thong. He stared at her body a moment, she had dark brown hair that whent just past her shoulders with the same collard eyes, 36c breasts and wide hips at a size 9 at 5'4 . At any other moment she would have blushed and hid her body but not now she was to far gone. He moved closer to her and un-hoocked the bra and it fell to the floor than he pushed down her thong to see her shaven and very very wet pussy. He pulled her to him and kissed her as she rapped her arms around his neck. Master kissed and licked down her throte to her collor bone than to her left breast, licking around her nipple than takeing it into his mouth to suck on it. "Oh master... " she sighed than he bitt down on it"Master!!" she cried as she arced her back wanting more of that. He did that for a min than moved to the other one doing the same treatment. Hannahs leggs were shakeing and if he had not been holding on to her she would have fell. He picked her up and layed her on the bed and nelt next to her. he kissed her lips and moved his hand down to her pussy and moved his figers aginst her clit, "You are very wet Kitten" he said huskly "Yes master i am and it is because of you please master i am ackeing i need you in me pleaseeeee" she rasped and moved her hips aginst his hand. "First you need to be punished." he said as he pulled her over his lap. Hannah needed him badly it was killing her but she wanted to see what he had in store for her. He layed her on her stomac on his lap and than brought his hand down firmly on her ass in a loud smack. "Master..." she cried and squrmed around in his lap. "Ifyou dont coperate than i will draw it out longer." he stated. "Yess master ." she said than he brought his hand down agin and agin and agin and she moand louder and louder with each hit "Oh master mmmmmmm Master ohh harder" she cried. Master coplied to her wishes and in a few more swats she came, which suprised even her self that she had never cum like that she never thought she could. His hand was now wet with her cum and he smiled, "On your knees, NOW!" he ordered. Hannah moved quickly off of his lap to be on her knees on the bed. He got behind her and pushed himself aginst her "Tell me what you want " he demanded. "OH MASTER, I want you to fuck me hard and fast, PLEASE I NEED YOU IN ME, I NEED YOUR BIG THICK HARD COCK IN ME!" she begged pushing her hips back. He smiled and than thrust himself in to her hard and fast, she screamed in plesure. hannah was a virgin but she had long ago broken her virgin barrier but she did have a slight twige of pain as he thrust in to her from his size but to her it only added the plesure, she was a rough and tumble kinda girl. Master plungged in to harder and harde with each thrust"Master oh master ...." she cried "yes fuck me fuck me hard,  Thrust your big thick cock in to me over and over " and he did harder and harder. Hannah rose up a bitt on her knees "OH MASTER I AM CUMMING SO HARD OH MASTER!" she screamed. As he pumped into her, master brought his lips down to neck and bit down hard enough to draw blood, which pushed Hannah over the edge as she came  hard on his cock. he sucked on the wound tasteing her blood as he came in her. Hannah felt the the heat of his cum fill her and she shoudered. They colapsed and he rolled on to his back with Hannah  on her side, her head on his shoulder.  She leaned up and gave him a kiss befor laying her head back down and falling asleep, he leaned down and whisspered into her ear, "Rest now Kitten and gather your strenght, cause you will need it for later. At that her eyes opened and than closed agin as thoughts of what might happen later flooded her head.                                               

Sheila's toilet fart domination

the_fart_lover on Fetish Stories

Sheila's toilet fart domination

It had been about a month when Sheila farted all over me at the
detention. Back then she said something like: "Let's do this again
sometime. When I've loaded lots of gas to my stomach". But Sheila
hasn't talked to me after that day, and I'm thinking, has she forgotten
her promise. I would love to smell her farts again, but on the other
hand, I am a bit terrified if I'm getting under her ass again. Some
days I have noticed, when I'm sitting near her in classroom, that her
stomach is grumbling a lot. And sometimes, by looking her facial
emotions, it looks like she is about to fart, but she is forcing it
back in. Well now it's Friday and
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the last lesson was about to end.
Just before the teacher gave permission to go home, my pencil case fell
to the floor and the things inside it, spreaded all over the floor. I
started picking them up, while everyone else was going home. "Lock the
door when you leave, please". I heard teacher saying somewhere above
me. I mumbeled something like: "No problem". I heard teacher leaving
and I got myself up from the floor and packed rest of my stuff in my
bag. I was leaving, but then Sheila walked in and smiled. "Oh, hi
Sheila!" I said to her. "Hello to yourself." Sheila answered. "You
know, I haven't farted a single time after the detention. So I've
holded up farts and eating all gassy stuff for and entire month!"
Sheila said and started walking closer to me. I was silent and watched
Sheila. She was right in front of me and then she lifted her butt a bit
and: "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!" Oh god, how worse her farts
smelled now. They were at least twice more terrible then a month ago.
She laughed, turned around and moved her ass really close to my face.
"PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!" I started coughing and holding up my nose.
Then Sheila turned back on me and said: "C'mon. Let's go somewhere
more...private". We lefted from the classroom and locked the door
behind. She led me to the lady's room. She locked the door thightly and
pushed me sitting on the toilet. Sheila crouched and pushed her butt
all over my face. She pushed my head all the way to the back wall.
There was no escape behind her ass. "BROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF! Smelly
my gassy pleasure!" I heard Sheila yelling to me. The fart smelled so
bad that my head started spinning immediately. "Get ready for this
one!" Sheila said after the first fart.
"BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFFFFFFFFFF!" I tried to hold my breath, but
Sheila's farts were too powerful. I was feeling now very dizzy. Sheila
took her ass away from my face. I was still feeling dizzy so I couldn't
see very well. But I could see that Sheila opened her jeans and took
them off. She was wearing sexy Tiger-pattern panties. She opened her
jacket and took it off too. She was wearing bras that had the same
pattern like in the panties. She walked over me and grabbed me from my
hair, lifted the toilet ring, placed my head underneath it and dropped
the ring down. She sat on the ring, her ass was right over my face. I
couldn't move and after about two seconds:
"PRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!" A smelly ripper released from her ass
right on my nose. "Suck these slave!" Sheila yelled and released
several smelly farts. "PROOOOF! BRAAAAF! PROOOOOT!..." I smelled them
all and then I couldn't see or feel anything. Sheila finally got up and
I started breathing the air. I still couldn't see properly, but my
vision got better after taking several long breaths. Sheila was
modelling herself through the mirror. "Ooohh! I'm so plump!" She said,
but she looked pretty happy saying that. "Do you find my plump body
sexy?" Sheila asked me. I was feeling so dizzy that I wouldn't care
what would happen, so I nodded. "Can you find my gassy ass hot?" She
asked. I nodded again. All I wanted is to get out. Sheila put her hand
to her panties and started rubbing. "Do you get wet dreams thinking of
me?" Sheila said, sounding pretty aroused. I remembered the wet dream
what I saw last month from her. I nodded again. "Oh...god!" She said,
rubbing even harded. "Come here!" She said. I went. My legs were
shacking when I walked next to her. She grabbed my head and pushed it
against her ass. For few seconds I only could see the Tiger-patterns on
her panties and then: "PRRRRRROOOOOFFF!" She farted again. I was now
very close to collapse. "You get me very aroused!" She said and farted
again. "Nobody finds me hot, or loves my farts, but you!" She continued
while farting small, but stinky farts. She rubbed my head against her
panties. "BRRRRRRPPPPPP!" She farted once more. I couldn't take it
anymore. I passed out.

I felt something wet was dripping on my face. First I thought it is
water, that someone "good guy" is dripping it on me so that I wake up.
But then I opened my eyes a bit and I got pretty shocked; I was lying
on the floor and Sheila was standing on top of me and pissing all over
my face. I opened my mouth to say something, but that was a big
mistake. Really fast movements, Sheila put a small stick vertically to
my mouth, so I couldn't close my mouth. Sheila pissed in my mouth and
forced me to drink it all. After she ran out of piss, she took the
stick out of my mouth and trashed it. "I hope you don't mind the brutal
meanings I needed to do to get you awaken again". Sheila said and
smiled. I was again wordless. "Shall we continue?" She asked. I just
laid on the floor, saying nothing. I saw that Sheila was all naked. She
spreaded her buttcheeks and sitted on my face again. "Now you'll feel
my toughest farts straight to your nose, slave!" She yelled and took a
smothering position. "BROOOOOOOFF!" Sheila released very wet fart,
which smelled so much that I tought I would pass out again. "Yeah! Have
some more! PRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF!" Sheila yelled and farted. My
eyes got wet and my head was spinning so much that I couldn't feel any
of my limbs anymore. I heard, that her stomach was grumbling again. "Oh
damn! Oh my god! Now comes the big one!" Sheila said and took a good
position and released a long, smelly and wet fart. I tried to escape
under her ass and get some fresh air, but I found it useless. For my
luck Sheila finally got up. I took long breaths of fresh air. I saw
Sheila rubbing her pussy again and looking at me. After few minutes, I
could smell the aromas, rising up from her pussy. Suddenly she came in
front of me. She grabbed my head and pushed it between her hairy pussy
lips and sat on my face again. She squeesed her lips shut so I couldn't
get my nose of there. The aromas were stunning and my vision became
blurr. Sheila started rubbing my nose inside her pussy and I could
heard that made her very aroused. Suddenly she released my nose. Sheila
got up and kept rubbing her pussy. Until she fired her juices all over
my face, just like last time. Sheila bend down and started licking my
face and finally kissed me. She just smiled and got up. I was just
about to pass out again, because of her aromatic juices. Then she
released few more farts on the air. Those farts made me to pass out

I started waking up. I could see only a little, but I noticed that
I wasn't at the toilet anymore. Then I spotted Sheila standing next to
me, naked again and smiling. "You passed out again". She said. "I've
got still few more farts left". She laughed and again, spreaded her
buttcheeks and sat on my face. "PRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFF!
away rest of her farts and I was again nearby to faint, but I managed
to stay awake. Sheila got up and said: "Mmmmh! Not bad. You survived
from my smelly torture." She smiled. "By the way, you nodded when I
asked you, 'do you find my plump body hot', right?" I nodded again and
she then she said: "Good. I'll remember that nod". She smiled again,
dressed up and left and I also got up. I noticed that I was on one of
the corridors of the school. I went home and shower. I found Sheila
pretty hot, when I thought her naked body and ass later in that
evening. I started jacking off and I shot the load in few minutes. I
went to bed still thinking about Sheila.

The End

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Left in a tight situation

Adeana on Fetish Stories

There was a limit to the heels I would borrow and wear to school, especially 18 and a senior. I knew that a few of my step mom’s shoes were what we called FMPs. I forget where, but I think we got the letters from the Sex in the City show. Mrs. ‘nicely-organized-shoes-in-the-closet’ had a quite a few boxes that I explored often. She actually changed one of the empty bedrooms into her dressing room. It had a full length mirror, amore, dresser, and a big closet. I went through her stuff when she wasn’t home, which was occasionally, especially since sometimes her job had her travel overnight for business. I foun

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d a few pair that were two things: #1, I had never saw her wear them before, and #2, I doubt she would wear these out in public. They were 4-5” strappy stiletto heels, some with the metal heel or the ankle straps, a pair was glittery really high platform heels,…etc.

It was senior prom and I got asked to the prom by a really nice guy who was actually older than me. He was a senior and I was a sophmore. I was only a sophmore but as developed and as mature as the seniors. He was a football player, tall, and really cute. We were in a study hall and he knew one of my friends, who was dating one of his friends so they kind of fixed us up. We went out a few times to parties and other times, met up at the local hangouts and hooked up a few times, mostly oral sex, but I gave myself to him a few times and we had sex. It kind of built up from kissing once, to letting him up my shirt another time, to giving him a blowjob in his car, to us getting drunk at his friends house and using one of the spare bedrooms to go all the way. I could tell he had a thing for legs, and mine were (and still are!) one of my best assets, and I could tell he liked them and what was at the end of them…my feet or heels! It’s funny because you can tell when it’s more, and maybe a fascination or fetish.

So prom day arrived and I had my white and gold Tiffany gown and my Nina 4” white glitter slingback sandals that went with my dress. I did some tanning at the local salon and after spending some time outside in the sun I had a really nice dark tan. I went barelegged in my dress and heels and thought it looked nice. We went to the prom and did the typical prom stuff, such as the pictures, and we got along really good. After the prom we got in his car and went out. It was actually his parent’s car that he borrowed for the evening and according to him he could keep it all night. We followed a few of his friends, one of which, was with one of my best friends and we went to this hotel for an after-prom party. It was one of those suites in a nice hotel. Apparently one of the guy’s older brother rented it for them. We all went in at different times instead of a group to try and not draw any attention. Not that these young guys and girls walking in one after the other in tuxedos and prom dresses didn’t draw attention!

We went up to the suite and it was a crowded party scene. There was music on, and beer and bottles of liquor, and mixed drinks in a few pitchers that were spiked punch. It was amazing that you couldn’t hear it louder out in the hallway with all the people and music inside. That place was pretty soundproof. We went in and talked and played a few drinking games. I had a few glasses of punch and he was drinking beer, as were most everyone there. After 2 glasses of the punch I was really feeling it! I was also not used to drinking so that kind of helped the feeling. We flirted around and he hinted around about how far was I going to get tonight…sexually of course. I sat on his lap on a chair with my legs crossed in my glittery sandals and told him I wasn’t sure. I actually had an idea that I was going to sleep with him that night, and had actually borrowed a few condoms from my friend who had some for her boyfriend. I just didn't feel I should share that with him yet. I even had a little lingerie outfit that I was going to bring with a change of clothes as a few people had mentioned they were going to do after the prom was over. Most of us actually didn’t do it and just wore out prom gowns the entire evening.

So after an hour or so, and a few more drinks, we both were kind of tipsy and he suggested we go somewhere more quiet. We thought about where we could go and I suggested back to my house. My dad was gone on a business trip until tomorrow afternoon, my step-mom had flown out of town after she came and saw me off to the prom. Out of my four older brothers, one was married and gone, 2 were in college and the other was spending the night over his friend’s house where they played video games all night like zombies. That pretty much left the house empty.

We arrived back at my house and parked in the driveway. The house was dark and quiet and I clicked my way in my heels to the front door. I unlocked the door and we went in. We didn’t say too much I just sort of led him up to my room. We went into my room and sat on my bed and kissed and he slowly lost his tux jacket, tie, and shirt. I told him that I wanted to get out of my prom dress because it was killing me and into something more comfortable. He said he really thought I looked great in it and I asked him what he liked the best about it? I asked just seeing where it would go. He gave me a smooth answer like ‘I like all of it’ and then he said he wished I would have wore some sexy pantyhose though. That pretty much sealed it for my intuition about what I thought about him. He DID have a fetish for legs! I asked him to unclasp the back of my dress and zip it down. He did and with that I told him I would be back I was going to change into something else. I slid the straps off the back of my heels and kicked them off in the corner. I suddenly had a little plan. I grabbed the extra clothes bag with the lingerie in it and walked out my bedroom. I looked back at him half lying across the bed and told him that I would be back. He had a smirk on his face.

I went into my step-mom’s changing room, right down the hall, and took off my prom dress, strapless push-up bra, and panties. I had a black sheer one piece, babydoll, that didn’t leave much to the imagination from behind. I then opened my step-mom’s dresser drawer, that she kept all her hose in, and took out a pair of black sheer thigh high hose. I had been in this drawer before to borrow pantyhose, and with permission too. How about that!?! I pulled each one up and they had the elastic top so they stayed right in place. I went over to her closet and decided I needed the appropriate footwear. I checked through a few boxes quickly. The last thing I wanted to do was keep him waiting too long and think something was the matter. I found what I was looking for! I found a pair of TOTAL sex-heels! I actually couldn’t remember if I ever saw these before in my exploring. They were a pair of 5” black stiletto heeled sandals had a X-cross strap acroff the top of my foot. They had a clear heel and had 2 thick ankle straps that came up from the back and wrapped tightly around my thin ankles. I put them on and amazingly stood up and walked out of the room. They were really hard to walk in and my ankles and calves weren’t used to wearing something this high at all. I wondered if I would attempt such a thing if I had not been drinking? I walked back down the hallway and opened my bedroom door and walked in. I guess during my disappearance he seemed to have lost his pants. When he looked up and saw me, he his eyes got big, and all he said was 'whoa!' I took that as a compliment. Guys don’t realize that girls have a complex or maybe want to feel appreciated and complimented when we put on sexy outfits for them.

I walked over to him and pushed him on the back on the bed, me following on top of him, straddling him. We kissed and my hands explored his cock and stroked it as he squeezed and massaged my breasts. After a minute or so, he grabbed me and using his weight, flipped me under him so we changed positions and he was on top now. He undressed me only leaving my heels on. I continued to stroke him as I felt two of his fingers slide in my wet pussy. It felt sooo good! He worked them in and out making me squirm. I whispered in his ear, in between my heavy breathing, ‘I want you to fuck me so hard tonight’. He said ‘I promise I will, but how kinky will you get tonight?’ I replied ‘as kinky as you want’. He asked, ‘can I tie you up?’ I shook my head yes. He then gave me a fiendish smile and pulled his fingers out of me. I let go of his cock as he stood up and went to my closet and opened it. I had two bathrobes in there and he pulled off both of their belts. He came over and grabbed one of my wrists and pulled it to the bedpost, tying it there tightly. I teased him with my other hand stroking him slowly. He then took my other hand and tied it tightly to the other bedpost. I was now on my back with my arms stretched wide above my head.  I also wonder if I would have let him do that if I was sober? He got down between my legs and I spread them for him. He began licking my wet pussy and teasing my clit with his tongue. I pulled against the belts with my wrists and moaned out loud, I didn’t care. I felt myself getting very hot and buried my heels into the bed arching my hips up and into him as much as I could, as he continued to lick and suck. In my lust I then brought my legs back up, screaming out in pleasure as he continued to work his tongue and a finger in and out of me. As I brought my leg up my heel hit him in the shoulder and he responded with an ‘ouch!’. I apologized with a ‘sorry’. He said ‘we are going to have to keep these heels out of the way. I wondered what he was going to do next as he got off the bed? He then took each of my thigh high hose, tied each of my ankles to each bedpost my wrists were tied, and put my heels back on, which I could tell he enjoyed. I was now spread eagle on my back with my pussy wide open, with each ankle to wrist, tied to the two bedposts.


He said ‘I’ll be right back, I am going to get some protection’. Did he know he was going to get lucky?…..I wonder. He returned with a condom on and got on top of me, and mounted my submissive pose I was in. I felt him slide his cock inside me slowly, but filling me all the way up. I screamed out and grabbed my spiked heel, as the only thing to hold onto. So there we were having sex in the missionary position as I watched my legs tied wide and my stiletto feet in the air.

Then time sort of stood still as I heard the hardwood floor creak outside my door and the door open. We sort of froze in the middle of our sexual act…him on top of me…me tied to the bedposts, my legs tied wide with my stockings…and my step-mom was standing in the doorway! I closed my eyes for a second and started trying to pull my wrists loose. He panicked and jumped off me. Everything was a blur and I remember her screaming at him to get the hell out. I was looking at my wrists as I was still trying to get them loose and was twisting and pulling my ankles, but making the nylon dig into my ankles tighter, as if squirming would get me loose. I didn’t see him grab his clothes and run out, but I guess he did it naked, and still with his condom on! I could not see, but I could hear my stepmother yelling something at him as she sort of followed him, or chased him, out of the house. I don’t think he even said a word the whole time! He was probably in shock!

I realized I wasn’t getting my wrists or ankles undone and had only got the knots tighter, the nylon now digging into my ankles and obviously leaving a mark. I lay there thinking ‘I am so fucked!.. This is embarrassing.’ I lay there for about 5 minutes and I tried slipping my wrists out of the belts, but that didn’t work at all and made them tighter. There wasn't even a blanket on my bed for me to try to wiggle under. I heard the footsteps coming back down the hall and looked over my tits and my dripping wet pussy to see my step-mom standing at the doorway. I was tied and there was nothing I could do as she looked at the vulnerable position I had put myself in. I think maybe she was waiting for herself to calm down before she came back in. She was caught off-guard too. I saw her in the doorway again shaking her head, and I just looked up at the ceiling TOTALLY embarrassed. She didn’t say anything, she just came over and after some work, untied my ankles, letting each slump onto the bed. She then untied each of my wrists still with neither one of us said anything. After that, she walked out of the room and I heard her go downstairs. I stayed upstairs and got dressed in a pair of shorts and a tshirt and put her stuff back where I got it. I was stone sober now! I sat down and wondered what to do next.

I figured I had to eventually face her and I walked downstairs. She started the conversation, which didn’t involve any yelling. I apologized and told her how embarrassed I was. She actually gave me a speech about watching what I did and who I was with, and she objected to that behavior in our house. It went a lot better than I thought and ended with me asking ‘You are not going to tell dad are you?’ She promised she wouldn’t as long as I was more careful with what I did. She told me he could have done anything to me with me tied up like that. I didn’t say anything and tried not to smirt thinking ‘that was my plan’. I went up to my room, still totally embarrassed as ever from the episode. I tried to call my prom date on his cell phone and no answer. Either he had the phone off, he was out getting drunk wondering what just happened, or he absolutely didn’t want to talk to me. With all the stress that had happened, I went to bed exhausted.

The next day I didn’t leave my room until lunchtime. I went downstairs and my brother had got home and my dad was there. They were all in the kitchen with my step-mom having lunch. My dad asked me how the prom was, and I replied ‘good’ . My step-mom acted like nothing happened and I am pretty sure she didn’t say anything. Whew! I went into the living room and watched TV for a while and got online to check my Email. Later, I went up to my room and there was a shoebox on my bed. I stopped and knew that I didn’t leave it there. I opened it and inside were the black 5” strappy stiletto heels I had on last night with a note! I didn’t recognize the box probably because I was so tipsy last night, but I did recognize the handwriting. The note said ‘You can keep them, they look better on you and you’ll probably get more use out of them’. I was in total shock! I closed the box. I walked out of room and down the hallway and noticed my mom walking down the hallway toward me. I stopped. She passed me with a smirk on her face, as I looked totally embarrassed again! Amazing!

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Fish and Chips

Lynabo on Fetish Stories

Fish and Chips

Richard sat in the fish shop eating his lunch not taking much notice of the half filled tables or the other diners.He pulled out his mobile and inadvertantly dropped a pound coin on the floor,so he moved his chair and got under the table to pick up his coin.His mouth dropped open and he was rooted to the spot on the next table sat a woman with no knickers on. He could


Scatwoman on Fetish Stories


Profile 6: How Toilette Got Her Name



This is THE most perverted story I have EVER written (so
far!). It covers many topics, F/F, D/S. Humil, WS, Scat and a
few things that I don't think even HAVE abbreviations. However,
it does NOT have incest, pedo, S&M or snuff. It IS extremely
scatological, however.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! If you don't like the sounds of this,
don't read it.


Read More
How DARE you disobey me?!" The sudden admonition
from her mistress startled Toilette.
"Mistress Ilsa- what do you mean? What have I done?!" she
pleaded, approaching her mistress on her hands and knees.
"Cunt, you mean you don't even remember my orders?!"
"No, Mistress, I...I..."
"Come here," Ilsa seemed to be seeming with fury.
"But-" Toilette pleaded tentatively, a sob forming in her
throat in anticipation of her Mistress's anger even as her cunt
began to get wet for the very same reason.
"HERE!!!" yelled Ilsa, stomping her high-heeled mid-thigh
black patent leather boot on the metal floor with a loud clang.
"Yes, Mistress," she sputtered nervously as she scuttled
over to her dominatrix. The bigger woman proceeded to grasp he
by her hair, Ignoring her protests of pain and slapped her
briskly three times across the face, completely stunning her
slave. She immediately shoved the girl's face between her legs
and pressed her open mouth roughly against her bared labia.
Taken by surprise, Toilette assumed that her Mistress wanted her to
eat her out again (as her usual punishment goes) and began to
lick Ilsa's cunt in earnest.
"I ordered you to clean my bathroom. Now, since you
'forgot' to do so, I figure a sufficient punishment would be for
YOU to be my bathroom until I can get ANOTHER of my slaves to do
this task. Understood, whore?!"
"Yms, Mrsstrrs," Toilette managed to mumble from between
Ilsa's legs.
"Good, now, lick my feet. I have had a long day, and my
feet really smell, so make sure you give them a good cleaning."
With that, she pulled Toilette from her sopping cunt and shoved her
down to the floor.
"Y-yes, M-Milady," the stench of her mistress's sweaty feet
disgusted her but the idea of being forced to degrade herself in
this way turned her on enough for her to overcome her revulsion.
She began by licking the top of her mistress's right foot, where
the sweat was the least pungent.
"No, bitch, the bottom!" Yelled Ilsa as she pulled her foot
from the young girl's grasp and spanked her with her riding crop.
Toilette let out a loud startled yelp and rolled over on her
backside to protect it from further abuse. Ilsa used this
opening to stick her filthy big toe in her slave's mouth, "Suck
it, whore! Suck all the filthy shit off it!"
After a brief moment of shock and revulsion, Toilette did just
that, and with vigor once she realized that her Mistress must
have planned this scenario- no one's feet get that dirty unless
on purpose. She definitely detected a foul taste on the woman's
feet, and it wasn't just toejam.
"Mmm, yeah, that's good. You know, I can't believe that
even in space, if I take a short barefoot walk through the park,
you just can't avoid stepping in some animal's shit!"
"Urrmgh!" Toilette was no longer very turned on by her
Mistress's preparations.
"Shut up, whore, just be happy i didn't bring the whole
thing back here for you to eat! There are worse things than
having to suck MY toes, cunt!"
Toilette couldn't think of any but she had enough faith in her
Mistress's ingenuity to continue her chore obediantly. Soon, she
had thouroughly cleaded both of her Mistress's feet and had the
nastiest taste in her mouth.
"Good, good, but as I said, I've had a long hard day," (It
mainly consisted of raping the hell out of all of her "personal
servants") "and I feel all gross and sweaty. Now, since my
shower is in no shape for usage, you'll just have to cleanse me
youself. You may begin with my armpits." Again, she lifted the
smaller girl up by her hair and shoved her face in her ranchy
Toilette was revolted by the salty taste, but at least it
wasn't as bad as the feet, so she quickly and competantly did as
she was told. Soon she had completed the task her Mistress had
demanded of her. She was ready to get some rest, this punishment
session was going on a bit long. But to her surprise, as soon as
she finished licking up the last drop of her mistress's sweat,
the woman pulled her head back and placed her face over Toilette's.
"Say ahhhhh..." Obsequiously, the girl did, completely
perplexed by this new torment. It's meaning became horribly
clear, however when she heard the odd snorting sound her Mistress
was making followed quickly by the sickening feel of slime-
covered chunks of snot dropping into her mouth and coating her
tongue. They slid slowly down her tongue like snails into the
back of her mouth, right on the opening to her throat. The
disgusting feeling made her gag uncontollably.
"Barf and that's fifty strokes with the cat o' nine tails,
Toilette hated the feel of the tart snots, but she hated the
pain of her Mistress's whip more, so she controlled herself as
best she could, the only sign of her discomfort being a slow
stream of hot tears running down her cheek. Ilsa continued the
disgusting ritual for few more minutes, thouroughly disposing
all the mucus in her nasal passage. When Toilette had swollowed
what seemed to her to be mouthfuls of snot, Ilsa stopped and
ordered the slavegirl to suck and lick each of her nostrils in
turn in order to insure their cleanliness. This was a fairly
easy task for her since most of the offensive material had
already been sent to her stomach.
"Good, very good, you dirty little piece of shit! Now-"
Ilsa roughly dropped the girl to her knees with her riding crop
and once again shoved the girl's face between her legs.
Finally, thought Toilette, she would make her mistress cum and
the session would be over. With that thought in mind, she ate
her Mistess's cunt with renewed ferver.
"Now, my little toilette, I am You are going to drink my
"Hrrrm?!!" Toilette began to panic.
"yes, and if you spill ANY of it, I may decide that I have
to take a SHIT too!"
"Nrm! Nrm!" the little slave pleaded.
"Well, then, swallow fast, bitch!" And with that, Ilsa let
a slow stream of hot yellow piss pour into Toilette's tiny mouth,
making sure she kept it at a slow enough rate for her to swallow,
at least for now. She planned to savor this perverse moment,
making this prepubescent little slut drink her hot foul piss made
her hotter than hell! She'd have to be careful not to cum before
she was finished pissing!
"You like my piss, cunt?"
"Mrr-glurp-ack," Toilette had to catch herself as she almost
spilled some of the tangy hot urine.
"I can't hear you, you fuckin' little tramp! DO YOU LIKE MY
PISS?!" she slapped Toilette's head, almost making her spill it,
"Answer me, whore!"
"Yss, Mrstrss!!" She managed to spurt out between gulps, her
mouth half filled with dark yellow fluid, and rising rapidly- she
had to take a large gulp that was a little to big and made her
gag- but she still didn't spill any- she wouldn't dare disappoint
her Mistress like that! She was revolted by the taste of her
Mistress' piss, but she knew better thatn to tell the truth.
"Liar!" Ilsa cut off the flow.
"No, Mistress, No!!" Toilette pleaded cringing from the blow
she knew must be coming.
"Yes! How DARE you contradict me!? I saw you gag! Well,
we'll see how much you love your Mistress' piss- If you REALLY
loved it, you wouldn't miss a drop, would you?"
"No, Madame," Toilette didn't like where this was going...
With that, Ilsa shoved the little bitch's face back in her
twat and let go full force- the piss filled the startled little
girl's mouth, and though she pressed her face to the older
woman's cunt as ahrd as she could and desperately grabbed her
Mistress' ass trying to pull it even closer, she simply could not
swallow any faster. Hot yellow piss ran out of her mouth and
down her chin and neck, staining her small white breasts and made
its way down to her almost hairless blonde crotch-which was
aldready dripping with perverse excitment.
About a good thirty second or so later, the stream trickled
to an end, Toilette could swear she must have drank a gallon of her
Mistress' piss- where the fuck had it all come from? She must
really have prepared for this one, she thought. There was a
distinct hint of alcohol in the unusually stong-smelling piss.
She could feel her body was drenched in it and there was a small
pool formed about her knees which were hurting from kneeling so
much. In an attempt to appease her Mistress and make up for the
spillage, she licked the cunt before her clean of the nasty piss
and then proceeded to eat her out the way she knew she liked it
best. Ilsa moaned with pleasure but then suddenly pulled away.
"Bitch!!! You don't DESERVE to lick my cunt! Look at that
mess!" Toilette bent down and licked and sucked up the small pool
of piss from the dirty floor which had an odd metallic taste.
She thought that this was what her Mistress wanted of her, but
Ilsa had a much more severe punishment planned for her little
"Look at you, you're nothing but a little piece of shit!"
Gasping from the strain of sucking up the piss, Toilette
responded,"Yes, Mistress," she knew always to agree with her
Mistress whenever she was supposed to speak- this usually eased
the punishment. But Ilsa was being unusally nasty today.
"Say it! Tell me how much of a piece of shit you are,
"Yes, Mistress! I am zee worst piece off sheet!"
"What kind?!"
"Zee worst!"
"How? What's the worst?"
"Zee beegeest, smellieest, steeckieest piece of sheet!"
Toilette was overemphasizing the phrase, like a little girl
describing her favorite thing in the world. She knew well that
her Mistress demands enthusiasm, or else!
"And how do you taste?"
"W- What?" This one caught Toilette completely by surpise.
"I....I don't know..." she had no idea how she was supposed
to answer her. A great apprehension began to build up inside
her- an uncertainty of what her Mistress would do next that both
frightened and thrilled her.
"Well, then, time to find out, after all, you ARE what you
eat!" She pushed Toilette back so that her buttocks rested on her
heels and then squated over her face, her throbbing anus poised
directly over Toilette's mouth.
"Mistress, please-NO!" she began to plead, tears streaming
down her piss-stained face. She had NOT expected these sessions
to go this far.
"What?!" Ilsa yelled and spun around, quickly slapped her
twice briskly across the face,"Who is in charge?!"
"Y-you are, I'm sorry..." The stinging pain of the blows
reminded her what her Mistress was capable of.
"I TOLD you that if you spilled ANY of my piss, you would
have to eat my shit, too! Or had you forgotten, my little slut?"
Toilette hadn't forgotten, but she had thought it was an empty
threat. She'll know better than to make that mistake next time.
"Now," she continued as she placed her asshole directly on
Toilette's lips which were quivering with fear,"Show me how much
you want my shit, spread my cheeks and lick my ass." Toilette
proceeded to do so, overcoming the vaguely offensive smell that
she knew would be increased a hundred fold soon. And when Ilsa
moaned in pleasure, she redoubled her efforts in spite of
herself- nothing turned her on more than pleasing her Mistress.
"Oooo...good, now shove that naughty little french tongue of
yours in there- tongue-fuck my ass! Suck it, talk to it, make
LOVE to my fuckin' ass!"
"Oh, yes, I love your ass" Lick "I LOVE it!"-Lick-Suck-Kiss-
"Now- tell me how much you want me to shit in your mouth,
you dirty little bitch!"
"Yes, please! Shit in my mouth- PLEASE!" Toilette knew she'd
better play along- but some small perverse part of her really DID
want her Mistress' shit!
"No." This shocked the hell out of her, and now that it was
being denied it, she wanted it even more- that small part of her
took over and all sense was lost to perverse lust-
"PLEASE! I want it!"
"No, whore, you don't deserve it." She began to walk away."
"PLEASE! MISTRESS! NO! I REALLY want it!" she scrambled
over to her Mistress' feet and grabbed her ass and licked, sucked
and kissed it voraciously-"PLEASE, GOD, OH PLEASE!" she sighed
with lust-filled breath.
"Good." Ilsa violently grabbed the little french girl's
forehead and sat down on her face and let loose a long wet fart
that splattered on Toilette's face who hungrily licked her beloved
Mistress' ass and devoured the first bits of Ilsa's load. The
vile smell she once despised was now the biggest turn-on in the
World! Then Ilsa let loose the first sticky, wet smelly soft
shit right in Toilette's mouth. Toilette was surprised at first and
her first instinct was to pull away but Ilsa's firm grip on her
head made this impossible. She tasted the shit with her tongue,
but before she could decide whether or not she could stomache it,
the brown slimy thing was forcing its way deeper into her mouth!
To avaoid choking, she began chewing it, spreading its taste
around her mouth. She had to swallow in spite of her natural
urges to barf which she managed to supress for the moment. The
excess shit gathered about her lips and on her chin. She tried
to shove it back in her mouth with her fingers, but some of it
still dropped onto the floor. Once she finished the first piece,
she began licking her Mistress' ass clean, but when she stuck her
shit-and-piss-stained tongue up her ass, she tasted the tip of
ANOTHER piece! This one came out much faster, it was softer and
tasted even more stongly like foul dogshit! This one was bigger
and she had to swallow without chewing in order not to spill much
of it. She squished into smaller pieces with her tongue and
gulped down piece after piece of the raunchy shit. After that
piece, she felt Ilsa's asshole dialate and a HUGE solid shit with
yellowish-green streaks and peanut-looking things in it began to
emerge! It smelled worse than a stablefull of horseshit and must
have been two inches wide and a foot long! Toilette
chewed and chewed and swalloed as much as fast as she could- she
gagged on a particularly large piece of it and half-barfed,
filling her mouth with regurgitated shit, hald decomposed by her
own acidic fluids! Ilsa seemed ignorant of Toilette's plight and
the shit kept on coming, forcing some of the barf out of Toilette's
bulging mouth and onto the floor. Toilette had no chopice but to
force herself to swallow her own vomit and continue eating the
rest of the shit which was getting wider now that she was
apporaching the middle of it. The last six inches of it seemed
to last forever and she thought she'd suffocate if this didn't
end soon- some of the shit-barf had made it up into her nose and
clogged it up. Ilsa's anus finally contracted on the end of the
shit and Toilette munched and gulped until she had the whole thing
in her mouth. Before she even started to chew the tremendous
mouthful of shit, she opened her mouth and gasped a deep breath
air, but all she got was foul-smelling fart, and just as she was
about to finish her intake, a large stream of diarrhea exploded
out of Ilsa's ass and right into her mouth! Toilette was shocked
and glued her mouth to her Mistress' asshole in an attempt to
drink it all down as she finished off the remnants of that last
collossal shit. The diarrhea went down much easier even though
it was inundated with shit-chunks. However, it was flowing so
stongly that she couldn't stop it from spilling over, no matter
how tightly she sealed her lips to her Mistress' anus. It ran
down her chin even as she swallowed vigorously for all she was
worth! The diarrhea was amazingly foul and tasted of piss and
sperm- undoubtedly her mistress had been fucked up the ass and
given direct piss enemas to prepare for this little session. All
this preparation made Toilette feel extremely special and she
swallowed the disgusting anal treat with renewed appreciation.
About this time, she was feeling very full and was farting
uncontollably. To her surprise, she herself let a long, soft
shit out and it dropped right between her feet just as a hot
stream of piss broke from her clit and splattered all over
herself and the floor. The relief was heaven and she swallowed
down the viscous diarrhea voraciously. Unfortunately, and to her
disappointment, the flood of diarrhea finally ended with a few
long, wet farts and there was no more to come. There was still
some of that last chunk in her mouth and quite a bit of diarrhea
when Ilsa suddenly pulled away before Toilette could finish what
was in her mouth and properly lick her Mistress' asshole clean-
mIlsa quickly spun around and grabbed Toilette by the hair with one
hand and pulled her head all the way back into a position that
made it impossible to swallow- she looked crazed with horniness.
Toilette moved to clean off her mouth and chin, but before she
could, Ilsa stopped her verbally.
"No! Don't touch it!" She looked at the mess on the floor
and suctioned up a large amount of hers and Toilette's piss with a
turkey baster she usually used for enemas. "You've got to clean
up after yourself, little piggy!" Ilsa squirted the piss into
Toilette's mouth and she found that she could swallow the piss in
small amounts, even in this position. She did so as Ilsa sucked
up the more of the piss and squirted it into her mouth. Finally,
all the piss had been sucked up and Toilette still had about half a
mouthful left to go when Ilsa feverently commanded her: "Don't
Swallow! Don't Swallow!"- Ilsa then picked up heaping handful
after handful of the shit debris and shoved it in Toilette's mouth,
including Toilette's own shit! Once she had shoved it all in, she
smeared the extra all over Toilette's face, hair, neck and tits.
She then looked at the filthy little frech girl, enjoying her
humiliation. Then she slipped her hand between the girl's narrow
white thighs and found the dripping wet cunt- Toilette moaned
through the mouthful of shit and piss and gyrated in response.
"Look at you, you filthy little whore, this turns you on,
doesn't it?!" She yelled suddenly fingerfucking her, Toilette
groaned and nodded, closing her eyes in ecstacy-a bit of shit
escaped her parted lips as she slid on her mistress' furiously
working fingers. "Fuckin' whore, take this!!" Said Ilsa as she
whipped out her double-dildo and fucked Toilette's dripping cunt
and shitty asshole simultaneously. "Don't swallow!!" she ordered
again as she fucked the little bitch who was pushing herself on
the dildo harder and faster. Overcome with lust, Ilsa shoved her
mouth down on the disgusting shit-covered lips of her favorite
slave as she continued double-dildo fucking her and fingered her
own cunt and ass. She parted the little slut's lips with her
tongue and forced her way inside, deep kissing the little whore-
feasting on the soft disgustingly foul yet exciting combination
of shit, diarrhea and piss. She devoured the shit from Toilette's
mouth sloppily, the taste of her own shit mingled with her
sexslave's turning her on more than the ever fantasized was
possible. As the girl began to moan, Ilsa frigged herself
faster, harder and deeper, eating the both of them eating the
shit with lustful hunger. Their tongues touched through the mass
of shit and the two came together, shit filling their starving
mouths, entwined in their lustful tongues, and smothering their
beautiful flushed faces. They collapsed to the ground and Ilsa
turned to her slave and caressed her shit-covered face and hair
lovingly. She laid there upon her exhausted slave and chuckled
remembering that it was SHE who had forgotten to TELL her slave
to clean the bathroom.
"Now, my dearest little shit, how do you taste?"
"Delicious, My Mistress, Delicious," Toilette replied
"Very good, bitch, and next time?" she grabbed her by the
hair and pulled her face close to her own,"I won't be so easy on

Daddy and his princess #1

daddies_always_horny on Fetish Stories

After a long day of work and finally arriving home I walk in to see my little princess sitting on the couch in nothing but her pink see through teddy, pink thigh high fish nets and nothing else. She smiles as I walk in the door and says “How was work Daddy?  I thought I would surprise you with a cute little outfit”.  I smile and respond “Daddy real