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My Wife And Her Black Ex-Boyfriend

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My wife and her black ex boyfriend

I had always wanted to know if my wife had fucked a black guy before or had a bigger cock than mine in her she had always said no but that was all about to change.

I have been married for six years to my school sweetheart, we met when she was 15 I was 18 and got married 2 years later. I will describe my wife best I can.

She is 23 now 5ft7 long dark hair a size 12 with perfectly round and firm 34d breasts she has sexy dark eyes and a big bum that is great to grab onto as she takes it doggy.

She has always told me I was her 2 nd lover but since I have found out more.


It all started in a pub on an old school friends birthday meeting at school we had the same group of friends. I was getting drunk and showing off my sexy wife who was wearing a tight fitting pink dress no bra and a pink g string that covered nothing.

She asked me to dance but being slightly tipsy I said no and said she could dance with anyone if she liked.

I went to the bar to get a drink and turned to see her dancing with john a 6ft3 piece or solid black muscle I never knew him that well but had seen him around. They were dancing very sexily and she was enjoying every minute of it he was grabbing her bum nice and hard and rubbing himself against her which seemed to turn her on.

I went to chat to a group of friends but was watching my wife and when I saw her go outside with him I had to have a look to see what was going on.

When I got out I couldn’t see them so I looked around and they were outside down a dark alley but I could make out the two of them in a passionate kiss I went to have a go but stopped about 5ft away, they couldn’t see me and just continued kissing. She was loving it her hands were all over him then she started rubbing his cock and her was saying “that’s it Kate you remember what to do don’t you, you can still please your black man”

She then got on her knees and pulled out his massive thick 10inch black monster cock mines 7inches but nothing like this it was huge. She licked his dark helmet till it shined then opened her mouth so wide to just get in 4 inches he held he head and pushed till she started to gag. He carried on pushing deeper into her mouth tears were rolling down her cheek but he never released until she managed to struggle from it. he said “that’s your punishment for fucking and marrying a white guy you should be black owned and I will teach you a lesson you will never forget” he then pulled he up and bent her over leaning against the wall her arse was pointing into the air he lifted her tight dress and ripped her fragile pink g string off and put them in his pocket.

He then positioned his cock right onto her swollen wet pussy lips that were now throbbing he entered her only 2 inches she gasped and then in a flash he rammed all 10 inches into her she screamed and he grabbed her mouth to silence her it was amazing seeing her take such a massive black cock seeing it slide in and out against her pale white skin she started asking for it harder and he obliged lifting her off her feet as he fucked her. He said “I am bigger and better than your white husband aren’t I” she screamed “yes” and said “no one ever fucked me like you, you are the biggest and best lover I ever had I wish I always fucked big black cocks” he then pulled out his cock and put it against her arse I thought there’s no way she wont let me near her arse but to my amazement she pulled her arse cheeks apart and he slide his cock in it was tight but he kept going my wife was crying out loud tears falling but she was saying it felt so good. He said he was going to cum and fill her up with that he jerked hard and I could see his cum spilling from her stretched arse he then held it in her for a few seconds then with a plop it dropped out and out came so much cum more than I have ever seen. He wiped his cock on her dress and told her she was still a good fuck and went to leave. I managed to get in first and went to the bar I watched and saw john come in followed by my wife they both looked like they had run a marathon but what happened next shocked me. John come up to me at the bar and said “your wife is still a good fuck you can never compare to us black men”

Then handed me my wife’s knickers and walked off. My wife walked out but I followed and said she can always fuck black guys as long as I can watch her. This was a year ago and out sex life is 10 times better now so thanks to john and the other black men that fuck my wife every week. 

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