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My sexy spanish teacher

Bluewall56 on Ethnic Stories

I was a freshman at college last year, which turned out to be the best year of my life.  It all started when I went into my spanish class around 1:00.  The class had about 320 kids in it.  As I waited anxiously for the class to begin I saw this hot woman walk in.  She turned out to be the professor.  She was probobly thirty years old and was about five foot five inches tall.  She had a wonderful ass and huge tits.  I immediatly had a hard on.  As she taught the class I could not help but think about what she would be like when she fucked.  A couple months went by and I was struggling in understanding the spanish.  I later went to her office to talk to her.  I walked and said " I would really appreciate some help in your class after school if you don't mind."  She smiled and said " I ould love to teach you some more after school."  We set up a session for that afternoon.  I could hardly wait, because I was going to try and make a move.  When I walked in she had changed her clothes.  She was wearing a tight pinstriped suit, but wa swearing no shoes.  I was struggling to hide my hard on which was a buldge in my jeans.  She smiled at me and said "Buenos tardes."  I lauged and said how I appreciated her help.  She laughed and said "You can come here anytime for my help."  At this point I was ready to do something.  An hour went by of practicing conversations when all of a sudden a strange moment of silence came between us.  I finall leaned in to kiss her.  She immediatly stuck her tongue in my mouth and we started to make out.  After that she looked at me and said "I want you to fuck me right now."  I couldn't believe it, I was finally going to get some of this teacher.  So she took off my shirt and pants and I started to sstrip her clothes off.  When I took off her tight suit jacket and pants she was wearing a matching pinstriped laced bra and a pinstriped thong.  This outfit really turned me on.  So she leaned over and started to suck my cock.  It was the best blowjob that I had ever gotten.  After about five minutes I blew my load all over and in her mouth.  She just looked at me, smiled and then said, "It's your turn."  I then took off her bra and thong and started to eat her out.  As I was doing this I felt her tits, which felt so soft and warm.  After she orgasmed I was hard again.  She looked at me and said "Fuck my pussy now."  I immediatly started to pound her tight pussy untill she screamed with excitement.  After about ten minutes of that She looked at me and said " I want you to cum inside of me now."  Without thinking I immediatley released my load inside of her whomb.  She then got up and looked at me and said, "You just got an A in this class."  I was feeling great at that point and went back to my dorm exhausted from the events that took place earlier.

As the months went by I started to notice something strange about my spanish teacher.  Her stomach was starting to get very large.  I thought she was gaining weight and disconcerned it.  But at the end of that year I was notified to go down to her office later that day.  When I did she was sitting behinde her desk.  She looked at me and said " Thanks for giving me a kid."  I was shocked, I had gotten her pregnant.  She looked at me and said, " When you get out of school, I expect you to take care of me and your your child.  I was furious, this woman just ripped me off for money.  However she started to walk up to me and said, " I might be 8 months pregnant, but I can still fuck."  I took off her dress and I was shocked, she was wearing the same pinstriped bra and thong from last time.  She said, " I know that this is your favorite outfit."  I looked at her and nodded."  When I took off her thong, it still had old cum stains on it from the last time we fucked.  So I started to pound her pussy and then cummed inside of her whomb again.  We then cuddled naked on her office floor and thought about the future that soon awaited us and our family.

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