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The Wedding Dress

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Mary Hoffman,40, put a hot clothe over her eyes, God she thought, How?, Shit How could she have done that, shit, guilt permeated her whole body. Mary had been married to her Dr. husband Jack for 21 years. Jack was 42, they had 2 daughter's Julie 20, and Susan,16. her finger felt her wet pussy reliving what happened, so excited at the size of that anonymous cock.

The day had started nice enough with lunch with Julie, she was marrying her fiancee, Thomas Beard, the normal proud mom and excited daughter girl talk. Mary was a little nervous about the negroid area of the dress maker but she came highly recommended.

Meeting Lucy, an older black grandmother type, seemed pleasant. They spent a few hours looking at swatches and dress styles, typical girl stuff. Mary was the first to get fitted, blushing at the nice comments from Lucy. "Julie your Mom is a beauty, wow, 5'8, 120, 36C 25 36, long trim legs,, beautiful brunette shoulder length hair, a lite tan from mystic tanning salon."

Otis James, Lucy's older brother,67, was sitting in the office, Otis had just got out of prison after serving 13 years for assult. On the security cameras he had seen the 2 white beauties walk in the store. His huge 14" black dick stirred at the site of the white gals.

"Lucy, bathroom please?"........Mary ask. Locking the bathroom door, she didn't hear Otis go into a small room off the back bathroom wall. He withdrew the small glory hole in the wall and peeked inside. He saw the mother just pulling up her panties walking to the sink checking herself in the mirror.

Fuck!!! Otis thought to himself, look at dem legs on this bitch, wow, this bitch be lookin fine. He unzipped his pants and slipped his soft 7" cock thru the hole, it hung down the wall because of its weight. He waited.

"Goddamn, Shit".......Mary screamed out. She had reached for her purse when she saw this huge black dick hanging down from a hole in the wall. Mary looked around the room like somebody might be watching. She had only been with her husband since 1 boy in high school. She had never seen a black dick before thinking Negroids were different from her. She thought back on how she and her girlfriends laughed at the white girls who settled on going with black boys, they always seemed happy but she thought they were ashamed.

She got on her knees, God it's not even hard and it's longer than my husband's and look how thick it is. There was a tuft of bunched black skin that covered the uncircumcised dick. She noticed a rounded bulge under the skin.She still hadn't touched it. She looked around again.

Otis could feel her breath, he smiled with a few missing front teeth, a few gold teeth. His hands were on his hips, his huge black belly hanging over his dirty pants. He chuckled bumping his hips causing the soft dick to move away from the wall and fall back. He held back from laughing, then he felt it.

With her manicured right hand she lifted the cock with her right hand. Looking again around the room. God it's so heavy was her first thought, then how hot and soft it felt, like velvet. Mary noticed her hand wouldn't fit around the thickly veined shaft. Mary felt a pang of guilt as she saw her wedding ring on her left hand. She gripped it tighter and pulled down, the thin skin parted uncovering a large dark pink bulbous dickhead. God Mary thought, the huge piss hole looking at her. A small drop of white fluid seeped thru the piss hole.

"Suck it baby, go ahead put it in yo mouth"........Otis said. God Mary thought she had only done that to her husband a few times. "hey slut, suck it I said".....Otis said again. Mary had never been called such awful names, she was shocked, it turned her on. The awful language wasn't what she was used to. Mary moved forward opening her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

"mmmm yeah baby suck that black dick you fuckin slut".........Otis said.

God, Mary reached under her dress her panties were drenched, she had never felt so turned on, so nasty. she started sucking and licking this huge black spear, it was growing in her mouth. She was finding it hard to breath. The large cock head expanded, Mary liked the taste of the tart fluid that seeped out of the piss hole.

Otis could feel his dick getting like steel a load of cumm was churning in his heavy golf ball size balls. His heavy baby batter was moving. "suck it, suck my black dick you ho"........Otis groaned.

Mary felt the dick harden like steel in her mouth, she made herself more stable getting on both knees, sucking harder, jacking the large shaft with her hand. The first gob of spunk hit the back of her throat, she choked withdrawing, the next hard spurt hit her above her eye, another hit her nose, she put her mouth back over the outpouring and drank two more spurts into her mouth swallowing eagerly, having her own orgasm.

Mary closed her lips around the rubbery cock head licking the final small discharge, God she was shocked she loved the taste. She fell back, feeling the thick cumm dripping down her beautiful face. Mary was stunned.

"Baby yous born to suck black dick, come back anytime you whore"......Otis said. Mary looked up, the anonymous dick was gone. Not another word.

Mary was tranquilized by the awful language, spooning the cumm off her face and licking it off her fingers. Combing her hair and putting on some lipstick, Mary unlocked the door and walked outside to the front of the store. "Mom, where have you been, Mom you look flushed are you alright?......Julie ask. She replied brushing her hair with her hand, looking down........."Oh honey I'm fine." She looked up.

"Otis where have you been, stick around I need you later".........Lucy yelled. Mary's blood ran cold, she turned beet red with embarrassment. "Mary, Julie this is my older brother Otis".......Lucy said, Otis walked over his 5'9, 270,big belly hanging over his pants, toothless smile, hand out shaking Julie's hand. "very nice to meet you Otis"........Julie said innocently.

Otis with a sly knowing smile said........"Julie, is this your older or younger sister, laughing".holding out his hand. Mary shook his hand ....."Hi, nice to meet you", she saw her reflection in the mirrors that her nipples were sticking out. She caught Otis looking at them knowingly, a sly smile on his ugly fat black face. "I'll see you in 30 days for the next fitting"......Lucy said.

In the car......"mom your flushed, you okay, God everybody saw your nips sticking through your dress"........Julie laughed. Mary was silent, ashamed at how that old black man affected her and the things she had done the last 45 minutes.........."I'm okay, just tired I think"......She replied.


4 Days later.......

Getting out of the tub, sitting at her dressing table looking in the mirror. Her beautiful green eyes looked back at her, god she couldn't believe that last night making love to her husband all she could think about was that huge black dick and that nasty talk and how it affected her. She felt guilty but a feeling was buzzing between her legs like she had to pee all the time. Her husband kissed her goodbye, not knowing what the change was but he liked the passionate Mary that mauled him last night.

Sitting in the PTA meeting wearing a blue jersey dress, Mary was distracted. Her mind was racing, how could maybe, well how she could go back to the dress store. After lunch she would just drive down and talk to Lucy.

"Otis heard the bell ring signal ling a customer. He chuckled looking in the security camera seeing the white whore from a few days ago. He walked outside.

"Oh hi, is Lucy here, I'm Mary, we met last week about wedding dresses".........Mary said nervously.

"She's not here little lady, I's thought she said 30 days, I's thought I's heard her say that".......Otis said playing with her. He scanned her body in that short blue dress, fuck look at dem tits he thought.

Damn why had she worn such a short dress she thought. "Well I had something important to ask her, I thought I would just take a chance and catch her".......Mary said trying to stay strong, she felt his eyes looking at her breasts, dammit her nipples were hard again.

Walking towards her with an evil smile........"you's no lady I think the reason whys you came down here is to talk to me, old Otis, abouts what happened in the bathroom last week, that's what I's think", standing close to Mary confidently.

Mary turned beet red stepping back......I, I well no, no I mean no way".......Mary was ashamed as she spoke.

"Yous say that, but's these say something else".......Otis said reaching out and pinching Mary's nipples, rubbing them with his thumbs, grabbing her hand and placing it on the tent growing in his pants. He grabbed her nipples and pinched them harder causing Mary to cry out in pain and ecstasy. Her hand never let go of his cock. His thick black lips covered hers his black tongue snaked into her mouth seeking her tongue. Mary had never been kissed so passionately, the lust from his kiss was something new to her, her pussy was leaking, the lust, it ran thru her body. She opened her eyes as Otis broke the kiss, suddenly walking away locking the front door, grabbing Mary's hand.

Mary knew then, a married white mom of 2 beautiful daughter's, PTA mom, beauty queen, was going to get fucked by this old black man and she never wanted anything so much in her life. As the door closed their lips met kissing passionately her mouth opened her tongue snaked in the black man's mouth, her arms went around his black neck pulling him close feeling his huge bulge rubbing her pussy. Her breathing was labored, Otis after minutes of kissing broke the kiss looking in Mary's eyes, pushed her onto a old mattress in the corner of the room.

Unbuttoning his shirt he looked at Mary........"get undressed".......He said almost casually. Turning around with his hand on the old desk he stepped out of his dirty pants, his soiled underwear pulling them down his short black legs.

Mary unzipped her blue jersey dress, slipping it over her shoulders tossing it to the side. Otis turned just as Mary unhooked her bra exposing her beautiful breasts as they fell heavily into view, tossing it away, she knew looking at Otis smiling, that he liked what he saw.

Mary didn't see the toothless smile, the huge belly or short legs all she saw was a black warrior's spear pointing at her, it's huge piss hole looking at her moving closer, it looked bigger than last week and she noticed his golf ball size balls hanging loosely 6" below his cock.

Looking in his eyes she spread her long smooth trim white legs welcoming, inviting him. Leaning down grabbing his thick cock he rubbed his huge cock head along her wet slit wetting it with her leaking pussy juice. Mary's eyes closed she raised her hips.

"OOOOOHHHGod".......she moaned her eyes rolled back in her head as his dick entered. He pushed forward......."damn baby, yous got a tight pussy".......he whispered. He waited as her love tunnel spritzed this new invader with warm love fluids, he leaned in and pushed again.

Never had Mary felt this full, she was shaking, feeling pain and an intense unknown pleasure building inside her. An orgasm ripped her body, another. Otis raised up and pushed again......."Ahhhhh, mmmmm"..........Mary groaned,. She wrapped her smooth white legs around his huge black ass, Otis grabbed her hips to steady her.

"baby's I's goin to give your white ass a nigger fuckin like you's never had.......Otis said rising and withdrawing his dick and with all his strength and weight he rammed his huge 13" black thick cock thru the love channel, thru the cervix wall ending in the fertile garden of Mary's womb.

"Noooo, Ohhhhhh, God it hurts, Oh God, take it out, please, no, no"........Mary yelled............"Damn, fuck, you's got a little girl pussy baby".........Otis said waiting for her wet pussy to adjust to his size........"please, oh please, it's too big, no, no, take it out"........Mary cried out. Otis was silent, lifting up.

He jammed his huge black cock back thru harder, even deeper........."I's been waitin my whole life to fuck a fancy white gal like you bitch, now's you going to get it"......Otis said moving faster, harder. Bam. Whap.

"OOOOhhhh, God, Oh, Oh".....Mary groaned, yelling but not hearing her yells, orgasm, another, the pain was being replaced by a pleasure unknown to her, indescribable. Suddenly she raised her hips meeting his savage thrusts. Bam! Whap! Slam!, another, and another, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, longer and harder fucking, sweat mixing between the bodies. Wham! Slam! God how long can he keep this up Mary thought.


Lucy and her 2 workers entered the store hearing the noise from the back of the store. Halfway down the hall she recognized the sound of passion not one of trouble, she smiled, peeking inside, she smiled surprised that it was that pretty white gal from last week getting black fucked. She walked into the store, looking at Eddie and Jerome......"Otis black fuckin a fine looking white bitch"........They all laughed.


Suddenly, Mary heard her own screams as she was overcome with bright colored lights, her body shook and spasmed, locking her arms and legs......."Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhh, God".......she felt Otis's cock harden and expand, Mary realized she was unprotected.

The first gob of burning hot black spunk coated her fertile female garden. Otis sounded like a bull impregnating a heifer. Spurt after thick spurt entered Mary's pussy. Mary was yelling, orgasm after orgasm racked her body. The bed mattress was banging against the wall. Suddenly Otis leaned forward kissing Mary sweat rolling off her, they kissed her tongue slipping thru a toothless mouth deep in his mouth.

A loud farting like plop sounded as Otis withdrew his softening dick, getting up, lighting a cigarette. Turning around looking down at Mary taking a drag of his cigarette, his huge black body glistening in sweat, he said nothing. He thought, this ho be lookin fine.

Mary her hair matted sticky with her own sweat, she could smell her African Warriors sweat mixed with hers. She did not see a huge old fat black criminal, she saw a black man a real man. She saw cumm oozing out of the large piss hole, hang like a small wet rope strand, just hanging. His loose hanging balls that held and produced the thick baby batter that she loved hung loosely 6 inches down from his cock.

There eyes met..........."Yous my whore now, you my woman, my wife........Otis said sternly, taking a drag of his cigarette.....Mary said nothing walking over and getting on her knees opening her mouth taking the gooey cumm dripping from Otis's piss hole, she licked and swallowed it licking down the vein filled shaft. Giving her silent approval. Her trembling hand cupped his heavy balls enjoying the musky man smell her chin rubbing up against his short brillo pad pubic hair, she started licking his balls. Mary never heard Lucy.


"Otis we have work to do, oh hi Mary good to see you again".........Lucy said winking at Otis. Mary, her mouth full of Otis's huge black cock his cumm dribbling down her sweaty face, turned beet red. "I's be right wit you sis soon as she's get's done doing her cleanin"...........Otis said grinning taking a drag off his Marlboro. Mary saw their condescending looks at each other........"see you later Mary".......Lucy said giggling.


Mary heard Lucy telling some others and heard the laughter. So ashamed, her body filled with embarrassment she continued her cleaning. "hurry up slut, time to go"..........Otis said, smoking, looking down at her with a degrading look. Mary wanted some kindness or gesture of warmth, she got the treatment of a common whore but she liked the feeling in some crazy way. She felt owned for the first time in her life, owned by a man, a real man who she could not control like the others, all white men.

"Baby you's born to fuck black dick but's yous a mess sucking black dick".........He said, throwing a towel hitting Mary in the face. Mary fell back ashamed at what she had become and done with this man the last hour. She was going from excited to ashamed, just crazy.

Zipping up his pants he turned, Mary was zipping up her dress, pulling on her shoes. "Yous my wife now baby"....he said.........Mary looked at him........."is there a back entrance I could leave by so I don't have to face Lucy and her friends, or side exit"..........she ask.

SLAP, then another SLAP across her cheeks, Mary fell back on the mattress cowering. "What!!!! yous ashamed of something, are yous?".......Otis stared...........Mary had never been slapped before, scared she looked up at Otis glaring at her........."I didn't, I, I well, I didn't mean it like that "..........a new respect in her voice.........."Yous my whore, my slut, cut that whitey better than me attitude out right now you fucking tramp, get your ass out of here"..........He said.

Mary with her head down, shook Lucy's friends hands ashamed at what they were thinking of her, she could feel their stairs. "How's Julie dear?".........Lucy ask......"Great, oh just fine".......Mary answered........."Guys Mary's daughter Julie is a hottie like her mom"........Lucy said chuckling.

"You's ain't left yet, git along"........Otis ordered. Mary closed the door feeling like a common whore tears coming to her eyes. Almost home, how did a beautiful white mom get herself in this, but she couldn't deny the buzzing going on in her panties. She reached down and spooned some of Otis's cumm and licked it off her finger. "mmmmm" she liked the taste.

The house was empty, Mary poured herself a glass of wine and sat down, Oh, some more cumm on her thigh, she scooped it up and licked it off, Mary had to figure out what had just happened. God she thought to herself, we just went to buy a Wedding Dress.

Closing her eyes, Now What?


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