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Sister and her friend and panties!

tzr125r on Fetish Stories

When I was about 13 , Icouldn't resist looking at my sister Cathy's pretty underwear and nighties. I got to wear them when everbody was out and loved the feel of soft nylon and silk on my skin. One day while alone, I sneaked some pretty panties and baby doll from her room and tried them on in my room. I was so artoused, I came almost immediately, pumping my sticky stuff into her panties and soaking them.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was waking up with the sound of her scalding me. She was older than me and I took the wet sticky panties off and promised her I would wash them. She told me she would repay me!

The next week we were at her friend Debbie's house. We went to Debbies room to see the new decorations (or so I thought). When we got there, Debbie said " So you're the one who likes pretty undies?"

I blushed and turned around to leave, only to walk straight into Cathy's arms. " Oh no" said Cathy " Not yet, we have got something very special for you"

I wriggled and struggled but Cathy held me easily and carried me over to Debbie's bed. My face was bright red with embarrassment as she laid me on the bed and held me. "Debbie has some pretty things to show you" she said.

Debbie walked over and showed me the prettiest pair of panties I'd ever seen. They were made of soft stretchy towelling with a silky cover and adorned with pretty lace, almost like a cross between a nappy and baby girl panties, tying at the side with pretty ribbons.Â

"Yes, thy're for you" said Debbie "much better than the last ones you tried. Theres soft absorbent towelling for if you make a messy patch, and look how soft and pretty they feel. Debbie leaned over and pressed the pretty panties against my nose and cheek. They were so soft and pretty. I was so embarrassed.

Debbie reached to my shorts and took them off, stripping me naked from waist down. I struggled and kicked but my sister held me easily. Debbie picked a bottle from her bedside table and showed me it. She squirted baby lotion on me and gently rubbed it all over me. I got an instant hard on and went even harder when she slipped the fluffy towelling underneath me. "Nooooo" I whined but she wrapped the pretty cloth around me and tied the pretty ribbons. I looked and smelt like a pretty girl. Then Cathy reached down and gently stroked me, feeling me so hard inside the panties. "Oh, I think you like them don't you? You like being dressed in pretty clothes" She was wanking me and I exploded, soaking the soft cloth. The girls treated me like a baby as they changed me.

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