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The Training of a Wife...part 1

snarebull on Fetish Stories

"Honey, I’m home!" Aaron said, "What’s for dinner"

"I dunno. Figure it out." his disagreeable wife, Judy, said, "I don’t feel like making dinner"

"I work all day and this is what I come home to?!"

"Guess so"

He was glad today was Thursday, and that there is no work for the next three days... "Fix me some dinner, woman!"


"You’re gonna be sorry!"

"I'm sure I am"

After fixing some dinner for himself, and watching some news, they both got into bed. He "snuck" up on his wife in the bed, wanting do give her anal or oral, but knowing that she wouldn’t let him...but that would change...yes it would. He was just about to emerge into the rich folds of her pussy, when, "if you think we're going to have sex tonight you are so wrong, buddy"

So it was off to sleep, without any sex.

The next morning, Aaron wakes up before his wife, 5 minutes later she moves and yawns. Aaron grabs her by the shoulder and throws he to the ground. He rams his hard dick in to her gaping mouth, she cant make a sound. "Come on bitch! Suck me! Suck me good and hard!"

She sucks, but not good enough. WHAP! A hand hits on of her dangling breasts. "Faster bitch!"

Finally it ends, she hopes, "from now on slut"

She interrupts him," I’m not a slut!"

"Whap!" another hand hits her tender breasts.

"You’re my slut now, do you here me?"


"Master" he prods

"Yes master"

"Good, that’s how it going to be from now on, IM the boss, not you, I make the decisions, and you are going to LIKE it"

He pulled her by the ear to a small box, from which he took out a collar, with 4 rings on it, and it had two small prongs on it. Aaron put it on her neck, and attached a small leather leash to it. "Now, my slut, come with me to the kitchen on all fours"

Shocked, but smart, she knew what would happen to her if she disobeyed, "yes, my master"

As they came into the kitchen, he said, "Now, make me breakfast, for one. Undress, I want you to cook for me naked. Now I want eggs, bacon, coffee, and a glass of OJ"

"Yes, Master"

She slowly took off her nightshirt, and dropped it into the laundry basket. "Now, don't even think of running away, right now, I've installed hidden video cameras, and if you leave the kitchen I shall shock you"

"It's understood Master"

He went around shutting and locking all the doors with one master key, "She can't escape now!"

When he came back, his breakfast was ready, he sat down at he table, "Now, my little whore," he heard a little gasp, " you are permitted to sit down beside me on the ground, and eat what I give you, now down."

He ate a bit of eggs, and then dropped some on the floor in front of her, and she started to pick up a peice with her hand in disgust. She was immediately slapped on her breast. "Not like that, eat with your head, that's right, with your mouth, like the bitch dog that you are!"

He finished his breakfast, and kicked her, "Clear my plate, bitch!"

He watched as she slowly walked to the counter with his plates, and put them in the dishwasher. "Now, slut. Since you've been so good, I've decided to reward you!"

Aaron grabbed the leash that Judy was attached to, and walked to the living room. "Kneel in front of me, dog. Like that, that's right. Now close your eyes"

She heard the sound of a zipper being undone, and the sound of clothes falling to the floor. Seeing her like that, all tied up, and in his power, had already made him hard. So in one quick movement, he thrusted his 9" hard cock into her tight virgin ass. "OH!", she moaned. as he brought his dick in and out of her ass. "Stop, please! Master! Stop!"

But he wouldn't, and in a few minutes, when he was done, she was worn out. "Now, my sweet slave, I can tell your pussy is yearning for this, and before she could reply, he was already going at it. "Oooh! Oooh!" she moaned

"You like that don't you..."

"Yes....Yes Master! I love it..."

To be continued...maybe :)




This is the only story that I've commented on have read 80 to 90 percent of the lesbian ones. I absolutely LOVE this story and I promise I've read it about 5 different times! I'm sure it's all true and wish that I could meet Kita from the story.

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