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Daddy and his princess #3

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As I walk in the kitchen I notice my princess putting up the dishes. I sneak up behind her and put a blind fold over her eyes. She instantly stops what she is doing, and says “Daddy what is this all about?” I respond “Nothing I just want to have some fun with you”. I lead her into our bedroom and have her stand straight up. I help her take off all of her clothes and I pull out our toy box. I know she can hear me rustling around in it, I don’t grab anything yet I just want her to think that I have. I get as close as I can to her and I whisper in her ear “Stay standing the whole time, if you need to relax let me know” as I pull away I say “But you better hold out as long as you can”. She smiles as I say this and responds “Yes Daddy”. I take my hands and lightly run my fingers from her cheeks down to her toes. She shivers and instantly gets goose bumps. I lightly run my fingers down her arms as I get close and kiss her shoulder. I grab a handful of her hair and tilt her head to the side and I bite her neck. I bite hard and start to suck. She moans as I get harder and harder. I let her go and step back. I slap one of her tits, she gasps from the slap. I pull my hand back and slap her other tit. Her nipples are getting hard at this point. I grab her nipple clamps and put them on her. I flick them both a few times and she whimpers from the pain. I go back to the toy box and grab the cane. I can tell she is wonder what I grabbed because she starts to fidget. I look to her and say “Didn’t I tell you not to move princess?” She responds “Yes Daddy, I am sorry”. I take the cane and give her little ass a swat. She whimpers loudly, as her ass clinches and her legs shake. She starts to breath somewhat heavy as I give her ass a few more swats a couple seconds apart. With ever swat tears start to roll down her cheeks smearing her make-up. Her ass is a bright red color and you can see the whelps from the cane start to form. I take my hand and lightly it and fingers over her red ass and whelps. Her legs shiver from the sting of my hand running over her fresh marks. She whimpers loudly as I smack her ass with my hand. I take the cane and run the end of it down her spine all the way to her ass. I give her one more, good swat to the ass and then I run it up her thighs onto her stomach. Once I reach her tits I gently hit the nipple clamps that are still attached to her nipples. I start to hit the clips harder and harder. The harder I hit them the more she moans and whimpers. I stop hitting the clamps and I start to take them off of her nipples. She starts to moan and whimper as I slowly take them off of her. Once they are off I smack both of her tits a few more times. She bites her bottom lip and starts to moan. She is starting to drip down her leg. I hit her thighs with the cane and she opens her legs so I can get to her pussy. I slide two fingers between her pussy lips and inside her. I pull my fingers out and I bring them to her lips. She opens her mouth gladly to taste herself “Mmm” she says as I take my fingers away. I grab her vibrator and make her hold it on her clit as I turn it on. She is still standing there like a good little girl. She starts to moan more now that there is a vibrator on her clit, still blind folded and not knowing what I am about to do. I tell her not to take the vibrator off her clit or to cum no matter what. I grab the cane again and without warning or even touching her with it I give her a good swat with it. In between moans she yelps and whimpers. She never takes the vibrator off her clit the whole time. In the middle of a moan she says “May I have another Daddy, I love it when you spank my bottom with the cane Daddy. Please hit me more Daddy, I love when Daddy hits me. I am a dirty slutty little princess and I deserve it.” I smile at this and start to hit her more with the cane, till she can’t take it anymore. Her legs are getting wobbly and she is starting to lose balance.  “Do you need to sit princess?” I ask as I watch her struggle to keep her balance. She shakes her head no. I continue to hit her a few more times, the closer she gets to orgasm the more her legs start to shake. She loses her balance and I catch her. “Okay princess you need to sit down now” I say to her as I help her to the edge of the bed. Not taking the blindfold or letting her take the vibrator off her clit. I tell her “Open your mouth princess” as she does I slide my cock in her mouth. She starts to suck my cock, getting it sloppy just like daddy likes. Her spit is running down her chin just like the make-up that has ran from her eyes onto her cheeks. I grab her by the hair and I start to fuck her throat. She is moaning the whole time she sucks my cock. “Are you my dirty little whore?” I ask as I continue to fuck her throat. She mumbles yes as I pull her off my cock. I ram her face into my balls and she starts to suck and lick them like a good little whore. I Pull her sloppy spit covered and make-up smeared face off of me and ask “You ready to cum now princess?” She says “yes Daddy”. I tell her she can cum and I start to fuck her throat again. She starts to moan loud on my cock and bite down just a little, but the pain turns me on so much. As she starts to cum, I cum down her little throat. I hold my cock down her throat then I pull it out. She burps up some cum but swallows it back down. She starts to pant from the orgasm and throat fucking she just had. Her legs still shaking, the sheets are soaked but I love it. I take off her blind fold and lean down and kiss her. As I do this I say “You are such a good girl princess.” She smiles and says “Well I love to make my Daddy happy every day so I do what I can to please him”. I clean my little princess up and lay in bed on my back. She grabs her teddy bear that I bought her the other and lays her head in my chest. I wrap my arm around her and I start to run my fingers over her still pretty fresh whelps. She moans and smiles “I love it when you mark my bottom Daddy, I really do.” She says as I kiss her forehead. I look at her neck, laugh and say “Wow princess I left a huge hickey on your neck it’s nice and dark now”. She makes a pouty face and giggles “Daddy now I am going to have to try and cover it up. Can we watch movies and cuddle now?” “Yes princess we can watch movies and cuddle” I get up to put on her favorite movie and I start to throw a ton of blankets and pillows on the bed. She starts to bounce and get happy, because she loves to cuddle and watch movies with a ton of blankets and pillows. We watch movies till we pass out for a nice relaxing nap. 

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