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15 Year Old Melissa's Rape

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The sun shone down magnificently through the open window of Melissa’s bedroom, bathing down onto her soft tanned skin. A light white sheet lay haphazardly over her slender teenage body, emphasizing every curve on her developing feminine figure. Slowly, her eyes began to open as a shrill voice echoed from downstairs.


“Melissa! Time to get up!”


She kicked off the sheet, revealing her sexy 5’6” fifteen-year-old body in its full splendor. Her soft smooth legs kicked about as she struggled to rise from her comfortable mattress. She hopped off the bed, and threw off her pajamas in a single motion, heading straight to the mirror to admire herself. She explored her sexy little body with her eyes, starting from her light brown shoulder length hair, to her seductive green eyes, to her soft cherry lips, to her developing supple breasts, perfectly flat stomach, tight little pussy, and slender smooth legs. Melissa liked what she saw, and so did every other male who had the pleasure of laying eyes on her. She skipped over to her closet, and removed a pair of tight jean shorts, with a matching blue tank top. Slipping them on, she put her hair up in a ponytail, and head down the stairs for breakfast.


The smell of pancakes permeated the kitchen as she entered, and she let an adorable smile encompass her face as she went over and snuggled against her mother in an affectionate hug. Her mother smiled in return, and hugged her back.


“Sit down Melissa, breakfast is almost ready.”


Melissa went over and sat her cute little butt on the nearest chair, wiggling around to get comfortable. Soon breakfast was served, which she ate at a leisurely pace.


“What time is the cab coming, mom?” Melissa inquired.


“In about 15 minutes, so you better hurry up!” her mother responded.


Melissa had been looking forward to visiting her older brother Brian for months now. She was all packed up and ready to spend a solid week of summer with her 23-year-old sibling.


Before long, a honk could be heard from the driveway, and Melissa was out the door, baggage in hand. The taxi driver helped her in, and started the arduous 2-hour drive towards Brian’s house. Before long, Melissa’s eyes began to close, and she drifted off to sleep. The taxi driver couldn’t help but look back, and eye her sexy young body as they drove…


“We’re here miss,” the driver said trying to wake Melissa from her nap.


Slowly her eyes opened, and she smiled at her brother’s little blue house. She paid the cab in full, plus some extra, and hopped out of the car. She made her way up the steps to the home, and knocked on the door. Almost immediately, Brian answered with an uneasy smile.


“Hey Melissa!” he said, embracing her. Melissa hugged him back, and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.


“How have you been!?” she asked, hugging him again.


“Well… uhh…good” he said, leading her into the house.


Melissa could tell that something was wrong, but couldn’t quite place her finger on it. If it were her business her brother would tell her about it soon enough, she reasoned.


Brian placed his hand gently on Melissa’s shoulder, showing affection as he led her to her room. She smiled happily, and sat her bag on the bed.


“Melissa, have you seen the basement? I… I…recently got it finished…” his feet shifted from side to side as she spoke, and he looked around uneasily.


“No, I’d love to see it!” Melissa responded enthusiastically.


He led her down to the basement, and opened the door for her, closing it and subtlety locking it behind them. Melissa looked around, and fumbled for the light. With a flip of a switch, her excited smile was transformed into a look of terror. The basement was still its old rutty unfinished self, and several strangers stood in different corners of the basement, all harboring evil grins.


“Brian? What’s going on here?!?!” she demanded harshly, in a terrified tone.


“I… I’m sorry Melissa… I owe all these people money that I don’t have… so… we came up with an alternate arrangement.” Brian responded, looking away in shame.


The information quickly sank in, and Melissa stopped to survey the strangers who were about to violate her… On the far right stood a 60-year-old man with a large beer belly and greasy unwashed hair. He was eyeing her hungrily, one hand down his pants sliding up and down an unseen shaft. Next to him stood a big black man, at least 250 pounds and 6’5’. His pants and shirt had already been removed, and he stood naked, his 9” long and very thick cock fully erect, pointing at the little girl before him. To his left stood a 35-year-old attractive woman. She would have normally been a comforting sight to Melissa in this situation, but the lust in the woman’s eyes removed any hope of her helping. And finally to the far left stood a group of 3 men in biker outfits, all grinning to each other and blowing sadistic kisses towards Melissa.


Instinctively Melissa tried to run, but her brother grabbed her, and carried her wriggling body down the stairs. The group of rapists circled around Melissa as Brian dropped her on the floor. They quickly began to discuss among themselves how this should proceed. The men eventually agreed that the woman should go first; the show should get them all hard enough to give Melissa a nice long fucking, they reasoned.


“Take off her clothes” the woman commanded to the men, who all happily obliged. They tore hungrily at Melissa’s clothing, leaving her naked and quivering before them in a few seconds flat. Melissa sobbed softly, and begged.


“P... Please don’t hurt me!!”


The men laughed, and the woman simply smiled as she removed her own clothing. She was a fairly desirable woman, with a pretty face and athletic body. But men did not arouse this woman; girls were what got her wet. She motioned for the men to restrain her, and soon Melissa was being held at each limb. The woman climbed on top as Melissa writhed for freedom and began to scream at the top of her lungs.


“Its no use Melissa… No one can hear you down here…” Brian commented.


Melissa continued screaming, and begged for Brian to stop this.


“NO! DON’T LET THEM DO THIS!!” she pleaded, but Brian simply looked away.


The woman settled her waist between Melissa’s legs, and began rubbing her pussy against Melissa’s virgin snatch. She grabbed Melissa’s face, and forced her into a French kiss as she worked her hands all over Melissa’s soft skin. The black man snarled, and turned to the woman.


“Don’t get her too aroused bitch, I want my cock to hurt this little whore as much as possible!” he said with a sadistic laugh.


The woman shrugged, and broke off the kiss. She slid upwards, and planted her pussy on Melissa’s face, and began humping.


“Lick it you little bitch! Don’t make me hurt you!” she commanded menacingly at Melissa.


Her hips rocked back and forth over Melissa’s face, and the woman began to rub her own breasts as muffled cries could be heard from Melissa beneath. The woman smiled, and began pushing down harder, and humping back and forth faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder, as Melissa began to struggle harder and harder. The fat greasy man laughed, and pointed.


“Look! She can’t breath! She’s getting smothered by your pussy!” he added menacingly.


Melissa writhed for her life, her breaths were short and shallow, and there was nothing she could do to remove this woman from her source of air. The more she struggled, the more aroused the woman seemed to get, and the tighter the pussy was pressed to her face.


The woman rocked back and forth faster and faster, letting loose moans of extreme pleasure as Melissa let out muffled cries for help. The woman’s head tilted back, and her humping abruptly stopped. She pushed down hard, and let loose a screaming orgasm on Melissa’s face. After a few moments of deep breathing, and having Melissa cry underneath her pussy, she let Melissa up, and went off to the side of the room. She sat in a chair, fondling her breasts and smiling as she looked down at the restrained teenage girl, who was gasping for air.


The fat man stood up and declared, “I’m next!” with a smirk. But the black man pushed him down to the ground, and said, “Fuck that, this bitch's cherry is mine.” He then eyed down the bikers, who were content with going after the monstrous black man. The fat old man frowned, and started to watch the show.


The black man looked at the bikers and said, “Let her go, I want her to fight.”


Immediately the bikers let her limbs go free, and Melissa started to get up. Tears streaked down her face, and she looked into the black mans eyes. “Please don’t do this,” she begged with a sob. But the man just laughed, and towered over her, cock erect. He quickly descended upon her, and pushed her hard to the ground, spreading her legs with his hands, and pushing the head of his cock to her slit. Melissa screamed and struggled, and begged him to leave her alone.


He stood there, looking down at the little tight hole he was about to fuck, and said to the girl. “Awhh, don’t worry sweetie. Have you ever taken a band-aid off?” she nodded, and cried softly in fear. “Well… you know how its best to do it fast?”


Just as he said “fast” he rammed his cock into her pussy as far as it would go, reaching her limit at 7”. Her cherry popped, and she let loose a blood curdling scream. The man smiled as he felt her no longer virgin pussy stretch around his shaft, and began pumping into her furiously and savagely, completely disregarding the girls well being. Like a jackhammer he raped her pussy as hard as he possibly could, using the blood from her popped cherry as lubrication.


“Uggghhh, you like that don’t you bitch? You like my big black cock fucking you hard.” He taunted at Melissa.


Melissa cried harder and harder, her face covered with tears and contorted in pain. Her little pussy was literally being ripped apart by the hungry and savage rape that she was receiving. Melissa’s hands clenched, and her eyes searched the faces of everyone in the room, hoping and praying that one of them might take pity on her. Melissa couldn’t believe that her brother would do this to her. The harder Melissa fought, and the more she screamed, the harder the black man seemed to fuck, and the more aroused he seemed to get. Slowly Melissa’s pussy began to stretch around the cock, allowing him to go deeper than her anatomy would normally suggest is possible. He looked down at Melissa’s teary eyes and agonized face, and grinned, knowing that he was the one who took something so personal from her, in such a violent and painful way. The jackhammer pounding went on for a good 5 minutes, Melissa screaming and struggling the entire time. The obvious pain she was in simply added to the pleasure of the crowd, who all grinned and laughed at her. Suddenly the black man thrust as deeply as his cock would go, and let out a loud drawn out groan. He pumped his hot seed deep into her little pussy, experiencing the heightened orgasm that all men feel during rape. After another minute of pumping in and out of her, he withdrew his soft but still very large cock from her pussy, and collapsed onto his back, gasping for air.


“Damn that was good bitch.” He commented with a smirk.


Melissa’s pussy was leaking with cum, and she curled up into a little ball, crying and sobbing uncontrollably.


The bikers stood up, and to Melissa’s horror began to approach her.


“No! Please! I can’t take anymore!!!” she begged at them, pleading with her eyes.


The bikers laughed as they circled her.


“We don’t care you little whore.” One of them commented.


The bikers quickly stripped down, and started to position her in a missionary style position. The first biker lay down on his back, cock pointing straight up in the air. The other two positioned Melissa over him. The two bikers moved to opposite ends, one with his cock near her ass, the other at her mouth. The one at the back pulled Melissa’s legs out from under her, causing her hips to fall onto the laying biker. The biker on the ground wasted no time as he rammed his cock into her already ravaged pussy. Melissa began screaming again, but the man at the front quickly shoved his cock into her mouth, muffling her cries. The man at the back immediately pressed the head of his cock to her tight little ass hole, and began slowly pushing into her clenched ass cheeks.


“Fuck that wimpy shit man, fuck her ass hard! I love it when little girls scream onto my cock!” the man receiving the blowjob commented, as he started to face fuck Melissa.


The man enjoying her ass happily obliged, as he quickly forced the entire length of his cock down Melissa’s puckering little ass. Melissa panicked as her butt hole was ripped open, and started writhing hard against her assailants. The man at the front laughed and held her head securely in place, his cock going deeper and deeper down the little girls throat as he began to thrust harder and faster. The other two bikers had Melissa’s waist sandwiched between them, and began to time their thrusts together, causing maximum pain for the previously virgin girl. Her little body fought hard for freedom, but the combined strength and desire of the men was far too much for her petite figure to overcome. The men started to fuck faster and faster as Melissa let loose cute muffled screams. The biker face fucking her suddenly rammed his cock as deep as it would go, cutting off her air as the head of his shaft plugged her throat. Melissa choked and coughed, and struggled even harder, but the man wouldn’t budge. He loved the feeling of her throat contracting around his cock. The men in her pussy and ass laughed, and began to become even more aroused, loving the look of complete horror that encompassed the girl. The men at her backside started fucking her harder and harder, both holes being raped just as furiously as the black man had done.


Melissa was disgusted, panicked, and in agony all at the same time. She felt like if the man in her throat didn’t let her breathe soon, she would pass out. But no matter how hard she fought, the men still had her pinned down. The two cocks in her ass and pussy thrust in and out, faster and harder with each passing minute. Melissa couldn’t believe that anyone could get that deep inside of her, and tried to scream for help, but was muffled by the cock down her throat.


The man down her throat orgasmed first, and pumped his hot white liquid directly down her windpipe. The men at her back watched in delight as Melissa’s face twisted with an unnatural disgust. The cock was removed from her throat, and she gasped for air, crying harder than ever before. The man who had just raped her mouth collapsed onto his back, and watched her face happily as his two friends continued there unending assault on Melissa’s body.


Another few minutes went by, the man in her ass grinning the entire time at the tortured noises that Melissa was making. His cock exploded with cum into her rectum, and he continued pumping in and out of her ass for the duration of the extended orgasm. The man in her battered pussy followed suit, and filled her vagina with yet more cum. The bikers all sat back, and surveyed the quivering and crying girl. Cum leaked from Melissa’s ass and pussy, and she was near vomiting from the cum down her throat. They smiled at Melissa, loving every moment of her anguish.


Finally the fat old man stood, eyeing the battered girl hungrily.


“Pl… please… no more…” Melissa begged in a defeated tone.


The man laughed sinisterly at her. “Don’t worry sweet heart, your holes are too nasty to fuck now. But, you’ve been a very bad girl!” he responded with a smirk.


Slowly the fat man removed his belt, and let his pants slide down, stepping out of them as they hit the floor. He took off his shirt, and stood in front of Melissa in his soiled underwear. He grabbed a low stool, and ordered Melissa to lay over it face down.


Melissa’s cute, yet horribly ravaged ass pointed up into the air, and the old man smiled. He let his belt hang down from his hand, and moved behind her.


“You need to be punished for being such a little whore!”


With that, the man began to beat his belt viciously on Melissa’s ass. Her eyes went wide, and she let loose scream after scream with each whip. The man got more and more into the beating as Melissa’s ass became redder and more swollen with each loud crack. Melissa sobbed uncontrollably, mixed in with agony-induced screams.


The businesswoman started fingering herself, sadistically loving the girl’s brutal beating. Melissa looked over to her brother, pleading desperately for him to help. But to her horror, Brian’s pants had been removed, and he was now masturbating! She couldn’t believe that her brother was getting horny from her pain.


The spanking went on for a good few minutes, before the old man grew fatigued, and stopped whipping her as he gasped for breath. Melissa’s ass was completely red, and starting to become very swollen. She cried loudly and sporadically, just wanting this nightmare to be over.


The old man lifted Melissa off the chair, and put her in a doggy style position in front of him. He removed his underwear, revealing a small wrinkled cock.


“Suck on it you little whore!” the man commanded, as he grabbed her hair, and pulled Melissa’s face to his crotch.


The cock fit nicely in her mouth, and he started face fucking her. One of the old mans hands stayed on Melissa’s hair, and yanked on it hard, pulling her up and down his shaft. His other hand slid down to her breasts, and began pulling and twisting her right nipple.


Melissa screamed and cried onto the old mans cock, but this only encouraged him. His pelvis began rocking in and out; shoving his cock as far down her throat as it would go.


The old man was ecstatic with the sight of the brutalized young girl beneath him, sucking on his cock, and was quickly sent over the edge. As he pumped his seed into her mouth, he yanked down hard on her breast, nearly tearing the skin. Melissa screamed loudly as the cum leaked down her throat, and she was once again disgusted by the vile taste of her rapists cum. Melissa collapsed onto the floor, and curled up once again into a little ball.


The rapists got up, and got dressed. “Damn you’re one sexy little slut, aren’t you bitch?” One of the bikers commented. All the rapists nodded, and grinned evilly at her. Melissa cringed at the thought of what had just happened to her, but was comforted by the fact that it was over, for now. The rapists headed up the stairs and let themselves out of the house.


Brian looked at his little sister, so violated, and in such pain. He tried to stop himself, but couldn’t help but grin at the sight before him.


“Get some rest, you have more guests coming tomorrow.” Brian said, slowly turning and walking up the stairs.



To the douche bag who is posting all the anonymous comments pretending to be different users (obviously the same moron, with his signature !!!!!!!!!!!! at the end of every sentence) shut the fuck up! If you don't like this type of story (which is obviously not intended to be true) then what the hell are you doing reading stories in the "forced" category of an adult forum you dumb fuck!? Honestly, what exactly were you expecting to find? If it's too adult for you, then go to church and beg for forgiveness if that suits you, but keep your ignorant and immature rantings to your self, so people that actually want to give real feedback can. Anyways, to the author, very well written. One of the few stories on here that actually delivers what it advertises. Thank you, and keep writing.


Hope it's just a person's very twisted fantasy. Violent, NOT sexually stimulating, and scripted like a bad porn movie.

What I found most objectionable was the line "experiencing the heightened orgasm that all men feel during rape".

That makes it sound like rape is a good thing.

And did you know that more than a few men who have committed rape never orgasm?

It's about power and control, using a male's anatomical difference as a weapon.

Do us a favor, and do not continue this. We do not need a part 2.


- did a great job on the story. Hope to read more about Melissa partying soon. Take your time with the sex and be more graphic/ descriptive of Meliissa and how she gets it.

Of course you know brother deserves some too but his should be real spec

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