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My name is curt and i am 21 years old and this girl Megan waas just out of my mind hot 32 dd tits nice figure big ass and I was 16 at the time and she was 18 man did I have fantasies until one day my mom said we have to go to my friends house and I said cool but when we got their it was more than cool my mom's friend was Megans mom so her mom said go up to the pool house and grad some trunks and go swimming so i walked out into the pool house and I hearf a vibrating sound zzzzzzzz zzzzzz then I heard some moaning it was Megan she was masturbating with a 12 inch dildo I got a hard on in ten seconds and she said i didn't see yo their i was still speechless but their was something about her she had a skirt on and her panties down and a tight wiffie on i could see her erect nipples..... She said I am really horny and looked down at my dick and she said you look like your horny too I said hell yea but she said Can I have it I said go ahead she unzipped me and sucked on my shaft for ever and her phone rang it was her boyfriend he called to tell her he needed to see her so she started to get dressed and my shaft throbbing wanting somemore i said lets have a quickie she said no she had to go..... So I did what i had to I ripped her clothes off and threw her on the bed and rolled her over with her ass in the air i took my dick out. ( My dick erect is 10 in) and I placed the head on her ass hole she pleaded noooo and i slammed her once and then twice picking up speed and she was yelling and screaming I looked at her she was crying with pain so i pulled her ass up and placed my dick head on her erect clit and hammered away I felt my load cumming up and blasted her in her sweet pussy she was so  out of it she was hurt so bad. i told her if she told she would be a gonner and if she didnt agree to sex everyday she would get it twice as hard. we have done for two years and 22 trips to the abortion clinic and she finally said she has had enough and I have too

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