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She came to her entire body being slammed back and forth.  The last thing she remembered was bringing her co-worker Mark to his home.  He said they needed to discuss a file.  She entered his home and sat down on the sofa, and he handed her a Coke.
That was the last thing she remembered.

“What’s going on?” she tried to look around and realized that she couldn’t move her head.

Panicked she started screaming “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” but her screams fell on deaf ears.
Then she felt the cold metal bench just underneath her breasts just stopping short of her belly, her legs were spread wide and tied down to each leg.

The slamming started again she was being fucked!  “Oh my god please stop, oh god pleasssssseeeeee just stop,” she cried.
Out of the shadows of the room she saw a figure walking towards her.  Mark it was Mark.

“Mark thank god help me get out of here.”  She said as she struggled against her bonds.

“I don’t think so my dear Jenny, see you told me that you couldn’t wait to get married and have children.  Well I can’t do any thing about the marriage part, but me and my friends could do plenty for the baby part.”  Winking at her.

“No I’ll get rid of it.  I don’t want a baby now! AAAHHHHHHHHH” she yelled, as she felt hot cum shoot deep inside her womb.

“You wont get rid of anything you see, you have become our newest breeding mare. You’re going to stay here for a good long while, see we make specialty babies here.  If a couple wants a white baby or black, Asian or any other type we supply them.  And right now there is high demand for lots of mixed babies.”  His smile was pure evil.

“Someone will come looking for me, you cant hide me forever!” she exclaimed as another cock slipped in her, forcing her whole body to rocket back and forth but this time the guy reached down as he started to play with her clit it was only a matter of seconds before she came long and hard.  She was shocked she never came like that my god she was being used as breeder and yet she came.  She was so ashamed.

"No they wont everyone thinks your dead sweet cheeks.” softly stroking her head.  “We gave you special drugs to enhance your breeding that is why you will enjoy it so much. Now open up and say AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh.”  As he pulled out his cock and pointed it to her face.

Her will was broken; she opened her mouth and accepted the throbbing cock into her mouth.  In and out of both ends pummeling her holes.  Filling her, stuffing her with the spunk.
Over time she wanted and need to be fucked to be filled with sperm so much that she thought she would pop.

A week pasted she had counted over 200 hundred cocks enter and deposit their spunk in her.  Mark came and told her she was pregnant, but that didn’t stop the men from using her over and over again.

Hell she asked for them.  She asked for it the day she went into labor, the guy she was fucking suddenly made her go into labor and as the baby was being born she was getting fucked in the ass.

That was her purpose in life to be gang banged and bred.
May all your dreams be dark and sweet


XXX  Shamefulone OOO



I suppose you where what... 5 star every story? This is a free and constructive site moron. If you don't like the story, tell how the writer can improve or else go start your own Free Sex Story magazine and see how hard it is to get great writers. (FREE!)


You do realize that cumming in the mouth won't do anything for these sicko's need to breed? Other then the last two paragraphs I like it. The concept is GREAT, but what? Did you have an appointment or something? The ending seemed rushed and detached.


SSP will get it together.........hopefully. They must have a new editor who is not familiar with some of the good authors (like Abbe) and just posts the quickest ones.

I think I would have enjoyed this story if the "reviewer" hadn't cut it off and poste

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