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Dad Wants Daughter. Whether she likes it or not!

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Rosa walked in the door and threw her book bag to the side, slamming the door shut. She was very tired and went straight upstairs to her room and layed down.

As she lay there silently she thought about the previous night when she had first witnessed her father stroking his long erect cock. Her mother and father had been divorced for several years now, she was young when it happened, so it had not bothered her so much.

Rosa was very pretty for her age, being only 14. She had small breasts, about a handful. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of green and she had beautiful straight black hair that illuminated her face perfectly. Everyone wanted her, she was the prettiest girl in school.

As she thought about her father she felt her pussy lips moisten. She remembered seeing him open his eyes for a moment and looking straight at her, before quickly closing his eyes again acting as though nothing had happened. She sat up quickly and got up heading down stairs to get a drink of water, completely ignoring her previous thoughts.

As Rosa rounded the corner of the stairs and began down the hall way towards the kitchen, she heard her fathers loud voice notifying her that he was home. "I'm in here, Dad!" She yelled in return. Her father walked in and laid a swift kiss on her cheek.

"And how was school today, sweetheart?" her father asked.

"Dull as usual." She replied, pouring herself a glass of koolaid.

She headed back upstairs not saying another word to her father. As she closed her door and turned towards her bed, she heard her door creak back open. She set her juice down and turned to face her father.

"Can I help you?" She asked innocently.

"Rosa," he gulped, "could you do me a favor?" he asked shyly.

"Sure Dad, what is it?"

"Well, you see I was wondering if you could just um," he paused thinking of how to put it. "Are you a virgin?"

She sat there staring at him, dumbfounded. "Dad, I'm 14, what the hell do you think?"

She watched him then she saw him grin. But this wasn't her dad's usual cheery grin, this grin was evil. She was about to say something until at that exact moment he lept on her pinning her to her bed.

"What the fuck, Dad?!" She exclaimed, completely confused on what just happened.

"You have no idea.. how long I've waited." He said, almost breathless.

Without another word he began messaging her breasts through her shirt. She squirmed a bit resisting him until he got tired of it and tied her to her bed. Both her arms were outstretched as well as her legs. He stuff one of her clean thongs in her mouth to keep her quit. He soon regretted this as his cock grew bigger, he has been looking for him to suck him clean when he was done with her!

"Baby girl, did I tell you that you look so beautiful today?" With that he began ripping her clothes off. He stood and removed his own clothes before stationing himself between her legs. He began rubbing her slit with his finger softly as she began to cry and shake her head furiously. He ignored her wails and continued sliding his fingers up and down her pussy.

No matter how long he rubbed he could not make her pussy the list bit moist. So he improvised and slid down, and began sucking on her clit. He worked his tongue all around her pussy sliding it in and out of her pussy, tongue fucking her. He was going to enjoy this very much, he could tell she was very tight. "You taste so good baby girl. Doesn't this just feel so good?"

He was a bit aggrivated to see her tears continuing to stream down her face and her head shake so he sat up and and started rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy.

"You are going to make Daddy feel really good. Don't you want that?" This time he didn't wait for an answer. He slid a finger into Rosa's pussy and slowly moved it in and out of her. He groaned for her pussy, but her could control it for now. Soon enough he would have it. He leaned down and began sucking on her nipples. He slid another finger inside of her and heard her as she bagan crying more and more, trying to scream.

He could feel his cock getting longer and harder. Rosa looked down at his cock and began crying even more. He was at least 9 inches long and 4 inches thick. This was much too big for her, she was still a virgin! He continued fingering her as she continued crying. Finally he stopped fingering her and pulled his fingers up to his mouth and sucked her juices off. "That's how you are going to suck my cock whenever I am done."

Then without warning her rammed his dick inside her pussy, moaning loudly he thrust his dick inside of her as hard as he could, making her scream through the thong. He didn't care, all he knew is that this was the best feeling her had every felt. He fucked her so hard, slamming her pussy with all the force he had. He was going so fast that he was getting breathless so soon.

"Oh fuck baby girl this is so fucking good. You're pussy is so tight." He moaned while fucking her as hard as he could.

"Mmm baby, oh god." He thrust his hips forcing himself deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. He was going as fast and as hard as he had ever gone before. He knew he was hurting her, but he didn't care. It felt so good!

Rosa continued crying. It hurt so much, he was fucking her so hard she knew that she would hurt for days!

"OH FUCK! OH FUCK! I'm cumming baby girl. Oh my god I'm cumming!" He shouted and he pumped her harder and faster than ever, going as deep as he could go, shoving his whole cock inside of her pussy. She felt his hot sticky cum fill her pussy and she cried out. He kept pumping her even after he had cummed and she whimpered.

Finally he slowed down and pulled out of her, still jerking his dick a bit. He pulled the thong out of her mouth.

"Open wide baby girl..."


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