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handy69 on Forced Stories

It was a hot summer day and i was real thirsty and as i past by the farm an old man was standing at the fence. I ask if i could have a drink of water and he gave me a strange look and said come on in boy. We walked to the well and he gave me the water. As i was drinking three people walked up .One old woman and two younger guys. Maybe their sons as i never found out. The old woman smacked me on the ass and laughed.She told the old man to take me in the house. I said no thanks but they grabbed me and took me inside.This place really stank as there were pigs running around everywhere.As i was very young i started to cry and beg them to please let me go home. The old woman said when we finish with you we will so shutup. As i sat in the chair one of the boys had pulled his cock out and was stroking it . I  knew what he was doing because i had been jacking off about six months. But i didnt know what was about to happen.The boy came up to me and put his cock in my face and the old woman said  suck it boy. I dont know what you mean lady so she told the other boy to show me. He came over got down on his knees and put his mouth on the other boys cock. I got an instant hard on watching this and the old woman told me to suck on the old man and i resisted and he grabbed me and forced his cock in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. The old woman came over and started pulling off my pants .I tried to stop her but the old man was holding onto me really tight. She got my pants down and laughed and said look hes got a hard on he likes what we're doing to him.I must say i was getting excited. I began enjoying the old mans cock in my mouth and i think he knew this as he relaxed his hold on me. The two guys had swapped places and now the otherone was being sucked. At my age my dick wasn't very big but was really hard and the old woman started playing with it. She told them she was going to fuck me and they all stopped what they were doing and grabbed me and took me to the bed room where they took all my clothes off and then the old woman came in naked. She had to be fifty or sixty but had a desent body .she laid on the bed and they put me on top . I had never fuck anyone before but in the next ten minutes they taught me how to fuck.Damn this started to be fun. As i started fucking the old woman pretty hard i felt the old man running his finger up my ass . I just about came right there.He fucked my ass for a few minutes and then he put some vasaline on me. But as i was enjoying fucking the old woman i didnt know he was about to run his cock in my ass.He got on top and placed his cock at my ass and shoved it in hard and fast and i came right then.He started fucking me and i was screaming pretty loud but then it was feeling pretty good and i found myself pumping my ass trying to take it all in. The old woman had to lay still while he fucked me .He started grunting and throwed his load in my ass and that made me cum again.Because i had quit fucking the old woman my dick had slid out of her so i came all over her stomach. Then they all got up and tied me face down on the bed  packed several pillows under my stomach and the boys and the old man took turns fucking my ass over the next hour. When they untied me and said if i told anyone they would do this again. The old man was sitting in the chair and i walked over and got down and sucked his dick again.He shot off in my mouth and i swallowed it all. Then got up went over to the old woman pulled her tit out and sucked on it for a minute and then got up put my clothes on and left .

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