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Forced mom

Slim Summerville on Forced Stories

I am 14 my mom thinks I am 5 every night she puts on a show.She walks around with her robe open half way. I try not to stare but I have seen her tits plenty of times.The other night she was sitting on the couch I got a glimps of her pussy hair .I got a hard on right away. I had thought about fucking her plenty of times. I went into the bathroom to take my shower when I came out she had fallen asleep on the couch. I walked over to her and I got a good look at her cunt. All I had on was my robe and my prick jumped out of the opening. I knelt down and started to eat her love hole and I don't know why as I had never done anything like this before. She opened her legs and let me stick my tongue into her. She began pumping her cunt into my face,but she never opened her eyes. I don't know how I knew, but I knew when she was cumming. She moaned and then relaxed,I pulled my prick out and forced it between her legs.She screamed"No,you can't fuck me I am your mother."My reply was " you can't stop me,I ate your cunt for you." "NO just jerk off like a good boy"she said" I will jerk you off if you want." As she started to get up I pushed her back down saying " I am going to fuck you one way of another." I jumped on top of her and forced my cock to her opening she was still very wet. I pushed  my cock into her cunt until it hit bottom.She said "you are hurting me.""Mom your cunt is big enough for two pricks my size,now move your ass and fuck me or I will squeeze your tits until you cry.She didn't fuck me like she fucked my face so I pulled at her tit until she screamed." OK I will give you a good fuck if thats all I'm good for"she replyed." Tell me how many guys have fuck your hole and tell the truth?" I said." I think 10 as best I can remember" she started to cry." How many cock have you sucked?'' I questioned her I wanted to know it all." A few I don't remember for sure" she cryed. "Open your mouth you are going to suck mine" I told her.She did as she was told and I stuck my cock in her mouth. She began to suck it like she loved it." You love to suck my prick don't you."" O yes" she said" cum in my mouth like I came in yours." She didn't have to ask twice I let my load go and she drank every bit of it. What a night I had eaten my  Mom's cunt,fucked her cunt and blowen a load it her mouth. As I got up I bent over and kissed her hairy cunt and said" I will see you again."

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