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Lost in the Ghetto

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That asshole melissa thought seeing her boyfreind take off and three black guys chasing after him. I told him not to buy weed here , dammit now how an I going to get home she thought.  She was in a strange place at least to her and looking to pretty thats for sure.

Melissa stood 5'8 weight was around 115 lbs 34 c tits , shapely figure . Blond hair soft blue eyes , she wore a sweater and a long skirt . It was probally about 9 pm and she began walking down the street. Street lights were poping on and the and cars drove by honking at her. She wasen't so much a raccist girl . But then again the black people who lived in her neibourhood never were like these people . She clutched her purse and saw a dim light coming from a Appartment complex it read payphone .

Thank god she thought , as she hurried down the pathway there was a group of about 5 black guys smoking weed and drinking sitting on the steps of a appartment. They started whispering low as she grabbed the phone and put her money in . Dialed and got no dialtone no nothing , she sighed and looked around. Then mustered up enough courage to approach the group.

A tall man probally in his early 30's cornrowed hair and a beer in hand was talking to the guys.  "Yo and then right these motherfuckers got scared and they tried ta leave " She spoke in a low voice , she was about almost 18 and it showed. "Excuse me um do you know where a phone that works is ?" He stopped telling his story and turned around to look at Melissa . "What ? Man sugar there aint no phones that work here baby. This is the progect's girl, but you give me 3 dollars and Ill let you use my phone its inside. " She sighed and decided she dident have much of a choice and agreed .

She handed him the money and he led her in.  The house was small a studio a bed there messy and the fan on . There was little in the way of furnature he stepped out as she dialed the number.  She reached a recording , damn she thought . She left a message and then tried another number , the man now had walked back into the house with the other guys.

He closed the door and locked it she turned around and the guys were smiling at her. She just made a mistake she figured, the man who let her use the phone hung the phone up and smiled . "Look here fella's we gots ourself a white bitch ! What do ya think we should do ?" She backed up and bumped into one of the men . He pushed her and she fell onto the bed.

One of the guys spoke, "Well I say she gives us all a blow job or we beat this bitch down ! " A few agreed and the man who owned the house reached for her tit and she tried to back away . He grabed the sweater and grunted" Listen here bitch you go along with this and you wont get hurt . Understand ? " She started to cry and shook her head yes and he smiled as he instructed her to take her sweater off and show them her white tits .

She pulled her sweater off and sat on the bed one of the guys had pulled his dick out and was stroking it . Melissa had never seen a dick that big ever ! She was beging to get really scared as the Man pulled her bra off letting her tits fly . Soon there were hands on her tits . Someone grabbed her hand and it was soon filled with a black dick then the other hand had another in it .

The Man had his dick out and it was nearly 9 inches and very thick he grabbed her by the hair and led her mouth to his dick. She opened up and was choked by the mans massive cock . He slammed it in and out of her as she was stroking the other two cocks . Then he pulled his dick out of her mouth and another dick pushed into her throat . This continued for about a hour as now the guys had her skirt off and panties .

She lay on the bed totally exsposed as the Man climbed onto her and pushed his cock into her tight pussy . She screamed then had a dick shoved in her mouth as he started to fuck her . After some strokes he pulled out of her and a fat black guy the called Luni got on. He pushed his cock into her as she sat crying. The guys all lined up taking turns fucking her , then she was sat down on the Mans cock as another pushed into her ass . She cried and they started to fuck her . She dident know what a orgasim was but she had a few in this time .

After each guy had a turn in her ass they all lined around her and started to cum all over her . The Man then tossed her a towel and the guys got up and dressed and left. She then got dressed and pleaded to use the phone again. The Man said no and instead drove her to the edge of the "hood" and opened the door...."Get out bitch dont come back here ya hear?"

She nodded and the car screetched off as she cried and headed down the street wich lead to her home.

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