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My Boss Raped Me

AldAVeeRA on Forced Stories

Hi friends, this is Sehr here. It is the first time I am writing a story. It also happens to be the story of my first fuck. Let my start by describing myself for you. I am a young lady with a figure of 34b/24/34. I have a beautiful face and fair complexion. My skin is smooth. In short I know that I can make any dick rise at my command. I work as a sales executive in an MNC at Delhi. I belong to a town of Thatta. My mom and sister still reside there, my dad had expired and for work I live alone in Karachi with an old aunt in Clifton. This incident happened 2 ½ ago. A new area sales manager transferred from Lahore. He was a handsome chap. Only Imran Khan could match him in looks. He was the new Hot Shot MBA manager, from somewhere in UK.. I was attracted to him from the very first day. Although he happened to be my boss, I always found myself weak and sexually excited when I was in his presence. Whenever I was in his cabin alone with him, I would bend down or make efforts so that I could give him a glimpse of my curvy cleavage and boobs. Many a times I caught his stealing glimpses of my boobs. In such instances I would give him a sarcastic smile. On 30th Sept 2000, a Saturday, Omar invited me for a dinner. I agreed. He asked me to come over at his hotel as he was new and would not be able to find my place. As I told you that he was recently transferred to Karachi, our company had lodged him at Hotel Avari at Shahrah e Faisal. I reached the hotel at 8 p.m. sharp and called him from the lobby. He said that he had just reached and wanted to change into something comfortable and asked me to come up to his room. I got bit nervous as I anticipated what was in store for me. My heart started to race heavily and was pounding real hard. I waited for the elavator and when it came I got in, there was only this guy besides me in the lift and he kept on looking at me as if he was stripping me of my clothes in the lift and wanted to fuck me real hard. He was nice looking and was dressed nicely as well. Anyhow, When the lift stopped at the 11th floor, I started towards Omar’s room. As I reached the door of his room my hands were sweating and I rang the doorbell with my shivering hands. Omar opened the door and greeted me with a sweet smile. He had the nicest of smiles, which was a real turn on for me. He asked to come in, like a gentleman. He was wearing a nice white shower robe and it seemed he was in the shower. I stepped in and I ran my eyes around he room. I saw that the dinner was already served on the table. I asked him about the food, and Omar told me that we would have the dinner in the room itself, as he was tired but didn’t want to get dressed up. Then my eyes ran over the bed where I saw he had tied ropes to the corner of the beds. I asked him what the ropes were for. Omar told me “ Sehr my darling, I will tie you with this rope and fuck the living daylights out of you. My dick has been hungry for a pussy for the last few days and now all its hunger is about to be fulfilled with yours. I told him “ what nonsense is this” and I tried to leave. He caught me near the door and pushed me hard against the wall, with his left elbow pressing my shoulders against the wall. He immediately placed his hands on my curvy boobs from behind, and began to feel them gently first. I told him. “ Omar! Let me go” He looked at me in my eye and asked me “ Do you want to go u bitch” I said yes. Moment I said yes. He squeezed my boobs with his might. His mighty hands crushed my virgin untouched boobs cruelly. I was in pain. I let out a scream. He immediately muffled my scream by placing his lips over mine and started to kiss me deeply and passionately. His kiss sent a shiver down my spine. I liked it too, but I was too scared to loose my virginity, as I was a small town girl. I liked the way he was kissing but I pushed him back, out of fear. He got angry and slapped me hard and pushed me on the bed. I tried to squirm out of the bed. He caught me by my leg and pulled me close to him and slapped me twice. I became quite as his slaps were hurting me. I pleaded him to le me go. I told him that I was virgin and that is important to me and let me go. He was in no mood. He pushed me to the bed and tied me to the bed. I was tied helplessly to the bed as he began to address me. He told me” Bitch you really like exposing your boobs! Today I will expose your entire body and see every inch of your lovely naked body, my love. Saying so he took the phone and said. “ Whore tell me your home phone number.” I told him the number. He told me “ Tell your aunty that your are leaving for office work and going to Lahore and will only return on Tuesday.” He dialled the number and put the phone on my ears and I did what he told me out of fear and out of excitement also. He planned to fuck me for next 60 hours as next day was Sunday and Monday was 11th Sept, which was again a holiday on account of Jinnah’s birthday. After putting the phone down he started staring at my body. Then he sat down in the chair in front of me and again started to stare at my body. I could feel his eyes running over my body. I was feeling a chill rundown my entire body. I was squirming helplessly in the bed like a caged animal. Omar began to talk dirty to me. He said, “ Sehr. Tell me hasn’t anyone ever fucked you before me?” I replied negative. I told him I was a virgin. Then he started to ask me if I was ever abused physically in trains or buses. I replied yes, but very few times. Then he told me,” Bitch you have a nice youthful body. It’s really beautiful. I just love your boobs. I mean Sehr, your boobs are very sexy and nicely sized. Today I am going to devour the best set of boobs in Karachi that I have seen so far.” I was getting excited and scared. I was moaning and squirming in the bed, but Omar was taking my fuck patiently. He asked me,” Sehr tell me are you feeling the wetness at your pussy now?” I was shocked. I said no. He asked me again “ Sehr is your panty not getting wet by now?” I replied no again. He then got upon the bed and first split my legs. Then he lay on top of me and he began to rub his hard dick gently against my pussy. Both of us till now were wearing our clothes. The touch of his hardness through his jeans sent a shiver in my entire body. My pussy started to shiver. Then he got up again. He asked me again,” Is your panty wet now?” I still said no. To this he replied, “ I do not believe you. Let me see it.” I realised that he was about to remove my jeans. I pleaded with him not to do so, but he was in no mood to listen to me. He first unbuttoned my jeans so as to reveal the upper line of my panty. Once he caught the glimpse of my black-laced thong panty, I supposed he lost the control for the first time. He like an animal just ripped open my jeans. My jeans were torn to shreds. Now I lay before him tied to the bed in my thong. Now he started to stare at my crouch, which was actually oozing out the juices of love. My panty was getting wet. Omar smiled and he seemed in mood for a long foreplay. He started to stare at my milky white and smooth thighs. He said,” Wow bitch, you have great legs too. Today should be fun filled a day.” He began to smoothly run his hands over my thighs. I started to get goose pimples at his touch. Then he slowly bent over and started to kiss my thighs He started to lick my thighs. First the outer side of the thighs. He was very slow and gentle in kissing and licking me. Slowly licking the outer thighs he moved to the inner part of my thighs. As he reached the inner thighs I squeezed my legs together so as to stop him from kissing me. I did this out of ecstasy and fear. As my legs joined, he opened my legs again and put his arms under my legs and raised my legs with his hands such that my thighs rested on his biceps, and he reached out his hands and caught my boobs and began to crush them real hard. I was screaming in pain and he continued to kiss my thighs. I joined my legs again together in pain. But this time, Omar’s head was placed right between my legs. Me joining the legs took his lips on my pussy. As my legs joined he planted a deep and passionate kiss on my wet pussy. Moment his lips touched my pussy I began to moan I pleasure and Omar continued to eat my pussy. Then suddenly got off my pussy and released my legs and said. “ Sehr u r really tasty honey, but I want to eat you slowly. “ saying he slid his hands inside my T-shirt and slowly he moved upwards till his hands had cupped my breast. He started to slowly caress my boobs. Then with a hard jerk just tore off my T-shirt. Now I was lying in front of him tied to the bed only my bra and panty. Omar then started to play with my breast. He lay next to me and first started to gently press my boobs with his fingers of his right hand. This foreplay of his had gotten me to the wildest point of ecstasy. I just wanted him to enter me and get over with it, but Omar was enjoying every moment of it. After pressing my boobs gently he began to run his fingers slowly over my cleavage, and only a part of my boobs was visible to him as I was still in my bra and panty. His every touch was driving me to next level of ecstasy. I was already in heaven. He kept doing this to me for about 2-3 minutes. Simultaneously he also kept on talking to me and arousing me verbally too. I was squirming and moaning in the bed helplessly. Then he got on top of me again and started to kiss me again. First kissed my lips slowly, kissing all the way and pushing his tongue into my mouth. Then he started to move downwards. He started kissing my neck. Completely kissing every inch of my neck he started to kiss my shoulders. Kissing my right shoulder he caught the strap of my bra in his mouth and pulled it hard, but the strap did not give way. To this Omar took a knife and cut the right shoulder strap of my bra. Then he started to lick my shoulder. Licking and kissing he moved across my chest to kiss my other shoulder. He started to slowly bite my shoulder. Biting my shoulder he again took the other strap of my bra and cut the strap too. Then suddenly he got up and removed his own clothes except for his boxers. I could see the bulge of his hard tool waiting to break free from the imprisonment of his boxers and it was a pretty big bulge, 7 inches as I could see. I was in horror and excitement. After removing his clothes he climbed back on top of me and he continued to kiss me again. He started again from where he had left. He started to lick my shoulders again and started to roll his tongue over the upper outline of my boobs. This foreplay had made me reach my peak. I was widening my legs and trying to feel his dick on my pussy. He sensed this and while kissing my chest he touched his hardened bulge inside his underwear on my pussy. The feel of his dick on my pussy made me reach my first orgasm. With a scream I reached my first orgasm. My pussy was flowing the juices of love and making my panty wet. Smiling, Omar made me turn, and now I was lying on my stomach with my arms in crossed position as I was tied. First he slowly started to rub his dick on my ass. I was still moaning. Then he began to kiss my back He kissed every inch of my back right from the shoulder till the panty on my waist. Then slowly he unhooked my bra. Then he made me lie straight on the bed again. Then he sat on my stomach and started to fondle with my boobs again. He started to press my boobs with his hands again. Do not forget that my bra was still cupping my breast. Then he again bent over me and first planted a kiss on my curvy cleavage. Then catching my bra cup in his mouth he removed my bra from my body to reveal my boobs to him. This was the first time that my boobs were revealed to a man. I screamed when he removed my bra. But Omar closed my mouth to muffle my scream. He signalled me to stay quiet, and released my mouth. Then he began to stare at my boobs. Then he started to play with my nipples. He caught both my nipples by his thumb and forefinger and began to pinch my nipples gently. This pinching of my nipple made my nipples hard. He then started to fondle my bare boobs. He began to pinch my boobs. He pinched every inch of my boobs first. Then he bent over me and began to suck my boobs. He started to suck my boobs real hard. He engulfed more than half my boobs in his mouth. Then he began to gently kiss my boobs. First he started to kiss from the outer edges of my boobs and in figure of 8 kept kissing both my boobs in a sequence. He kissed every inch of my boobs but my nipples. After kissing he started to lick my boobs in the same fashion. After he had finished licking my boobs completely except for my nipples. He planted a kiss on my nipples. This kiss of his on my nipples made me reach a next level of ecstasy. I was moaning louder and louder. Then he took my nipples in his mouth and began to play with my nipples with his tongue. He stated to roll his tongue over my nipples. He then applied his saliva on my nipples to make them wet and blew air on the wet nipples. This gave me a cold sensation on my hot nipples, sending shiver through my entire body. I began to beg him to fuck me and relieve me from the torture. Omar just smiled and was thoroughly enjoying fucking me. After leaving my boobs he began to kiss me downwards. He started to kiss my stomach. He started to roll his tongue on my waist. He began to lick my navel in circle. This was getting me more and more wild. Then he got up and looked in my eyes, and asked me “ Has any other guy ever seen you in all your naked glory?? “ I replied “no”. He looked at me and said, “ Wrong answer” and with a jerk just tore off the thong panty from my body. He looked at me and said. “ From now onwards you cannot say that no man has never seen you naked. I have.” I was now lying totally nude before him tied to the bed. He bent forward again and began to tongue fuck me. He licked my pussy for about a minute. My pussy was oozing juices of love. Then suddenly he got up and looked at me and said. “ Lets have dinner.” I was in horror, as I could not believe that he was going to leave me after getting me to this level of pleasure and anxiety. I was still tied to the bed. He took some rice and put them on my pussy. He then began to dine on my pussy. He licked rice from my pussy mixed with my cum and began to eat the rice. He kept eating rice and I kept cumming. After eating rice he poured Lentil over my breast and sucked the lentil from my breast. While sucking the lentil from my boobs, he began to softly bite my boobs. After about 5 minutes. He asked me if I would like some custard. I did not know what to say. Before I could reply he removed his underwear revealing his 6 inches dick. I was excited and scared looking at the size of the dick. He then dipped his dick in the custard and gave his dick in my mouth for sucking. I was wild by this time I began to suck his dick vigorously and began to blow him. He pulled his dick out from my mouth. He told me” No sweetheart it is my time to enjoy. Let the fun begin. Now I am going to fuck you.” I was now over anxious for this moment. I just spread my legs for him to come in. Seeing my split legs he smiled and said you are becoming a real bitch now. Let’s do it. He first took his dick and just gently placed the tip of his dick on my pussy. The feel of his dick on my pussy made me cum for the second time. My pussy by now was totally moist and shivering and hot waiting for a dick to enter it now. He then got away from me again and began to first widen and loosen my pussy a bit with his fingers. He began to finger my pussy. He first inserted one finger in my pussy. It pained me and I screamed. He removed the finger, waited for a second and again inserted finger again and began to masturbate me. I was moaning in pleasure and pain. After about a minute he inserted his second finger and continued to masturbate me. Then 3 fingers. His 3 fingers were tearing my virgin pussy and I was in pain and screaming. While he was doing this he took my right foot and placed it on his dick. I was excited and I began to give him a foot job. After about 2-3 minutes he took position to fuck me. He lay on top of me. He split my legs, widened my pussy with his fingers and then with a jerk just inserted his dick inside my pussy. The insertion of his fat dick in my pussy caused pain, I let out a loud scream. Omar just placed his lips over mine to muffle my scream. With the jerk only half his dick was able to penetrate in my pussy. But due to my pain he just held his position for a brief moment. His lips then left my lips. He looked in my eye. And comforted me and asked me to be quiet as he was in and will not pain anymore. He asked me to loosen my pussy that I had tightened due to pain. I believed him I loosened my pussy. Holding for couple of seconds after I loosened the pussy, Omar with another jerk inserted his entire dick in my pussy. I was in pain again. My pussy began to bleed. I tightened my pussy again, not allowing Omar to move. Omar also just held the position to let my pain subside. He just lay there on top of me for about a minute. He kept talking to me. After about a minute. When my pain subsided and my pussy loosened. Omar began to fuck me. He started to slowly go in and out of my pussy real slow. His elbows resting on the bed near my shoulder, he continued to slowly fuck me. I began to enjoy it. In-between he kept kissing my lips and my boobs. After stroking me slowly for about 2 minutes Omar slowly began to increase the pace. His increasing the pace started to pain me again. I started to scream. But this time it had no effect on Omar. He just kept on pumping me and his pace kept on increasing. I pleaded him to slow down. But he was in no mood to listen to me. His pace just kept on increasing. Finally after about stroking me about 30 minutes Omar finally reached his orgasm and to my horror he released his cum inside my pussy. I could feel his hot fluid inside my pussy. After releasing his load inside my pussy Omar got off from top of me and lay next to me. I had lost my virginity; Omar released his load inside my pussy, that made me scared of the possibility of a pregnancy. I began to weep. Omar just lay next to me undisturbed and exhausted after a good fuck he had. I kept crying and I too was tired due to the fuck. After about 20 minutes Omar got up. I noticed that his dick was hard again. I pleaded him not fuck me again. He looked at me and said he will not fuck me but will clean my pussy for me. He released me from the bondage of the ropes. He asked me to turn around and get in a doggy position so that he could clean my pussy. I believed in him and did so, not aware that he was still in mood of faking me. This time he wanted to fuck my ass. After I got in doggy style, Omar took a cloth and first began to clean to cum from my body. Slowly he reached my ass. He was standing. He slowly widened my ass, and before I could realize, he inserted his entire dick in my ass. I was in extreme pain I screamed. Omar pushed my head inside the mattress to muffle my scream. This time he did not even wait for the pain to subside. He just kept on ruthlessly faking and tearing my ass. While fucking my ass he kept on fondling with my body. He would stop in between and reduce his pace to catch his breath. After fucking for about 20 minutes, he reached his orgasm again. He released his cum inside my ass. I just fell on the bed exhausted. Omar fell next to me. This was just the beginning. He then fucked me for next 60 hours in positions and in holes. And I too began to enjoy it. Since then Omar and me have become sex partners. We regularly have sex now. We have had sex in real exciting manners, even in public places like in the bathroom at this really nice restuarant Evolution since then, in the elevator, in his car, on the beach, etc,stories of which I will tell you later. Bye for now and happy fucking.

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