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Old Ollie the Trucker

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The car was shot.  Hood up, smoke flying like an ancient signal, and a cold wind blowing up her skirt, Angie was looking around and wishing she had not left the party in a huff…or her cell phone…or coat….or her purse…or what was left of her friendship with Dan and Gina.  But when she saw them together it was more then she could take.  She could stand Dan breaking up with her because she wasn’t ready to take their relationship to a sexual level and still “be friends” with him…but to see him with her best friend Gina, the girl who advised her that she was doing the right thing by moving on…well that was too much.  She had run out of the party in tears, and now she had her crap ass car was giving her hell.  She looked down and her 36 B tits were frozen.  Her nipples stood out hard inside her tank top and she rubbed her forearms as she peered down the road for any sign of life.


She cursed her car, she cursed her luck, she cursed Dan and Gina and she cursed herself, she was 19 but her only sexual experience had been terrible, she had been raped at 14 by her mom’s boyfriend and had never told.  She had also never sought help for the tear he caused her tiny cunt and she had healed up, but the small scar “down there” was always tender, a raw nerve that felt like a branding iron when she had attempted sex with anyone else later on, so that now, 5 yrs later, she felt marked and alone and upset that Dan couldn’t be more patient with her until she was ready to try for a “normal” love life.


The headlights caught her off guard as she thought about this and she instinctively started to jump up and down waving her arms before she realized how stupidly juvenile that looked and stopped.  The 18 wheeler stopped and the Driver edged to the passenger side to look down on her.


“Need a lift little lady?”


She blew a cloud of frozen air as she said “Yes!” and started to climb up towards the cab.


“There’s a truck stop about 30 miles up the way,” he said, smiling through his Santa-like white beard, flecked with red.  He was a big, bear of a man in a faded Grateful Dead shirt and Blue Jeans.  Maybe 285 lbs and ham fisted.  “Name’s Olaf, call me Ollie.”


She smiled back shyly, and extended her hand as she sat down.  “Angie.”  She pulled down her skirt and pulled her hand back crossing her arms over her chest when she saw Ollie’s eyes resting on it.  She felt stupid, he was a man and they were kinda obvious in the cold…of course he looked. 


Ollie looked away with a smile.  “Sorry Hon, I didn’t mean to stare.  Not often a beautiful young lady rides with an old duffer like myself.”


“That’s okay…sorry I got jumpy.”  She laughed nervously.  “Bad night.


The truck jerked as he started it up the road.  She looked sidelong at Ollie.  He was not old enough to be her grandpa, but he looked older then her dad, maybe mid 50’s, a big muscled Santa with wind burned cheeks and raw, calloused hands.  “Salt of the Earth” her mother might say.


They fell into a silence as they listened to Johnny Cash and the road hypnotized Angie with its headlight lit monotony.


“There’s a thermos under the seat there.”  Ollie said cheerily.  “Not coffee….Cocoa.”  My missus makes it for me for long hauls and I keep a heated thermos of it to take the edge off the cold.


She jumped at the break in silence and thanked him for the invitation.  She was still chilly and the cab wasn’t well heated, so she undid the top and poured some out and drank it down careful of the burning heat.  It made her feel warm inside and she relaxed into a silent comfort as the music and road played on….and on…and on…and on…and on…


She yawned a bit, her eyes felt a bit unfocused.  It wasn’t that late.  And it wasn’t really sleepiness she was feeling.  Just a leadenness.  The thermos rolled off her lap.  She was glad she had put the lid back on it, she didn’t want to spill cocoa in her host’s cab…..


The feeling was hard to place for a second, a pressure.  A growing pressure and then a sharp pinching, Her eyes opened and she looked into Ollie’s face.  It was so close to hers and she saw him move closer, his mouth closed on hers and his fat tongue forcing its way inside her mouth, pushing her head against the seat.  His hand was under her shirt and it covered her left breast squeezing until she felt tears roll down her eyes and the tongue made her struggle to breathe.  But her attempts to push him away were pathetic, her arms felt like lead, and her legs twitched but didn’t obey her mind’s demands that she kick him.


The truck, she could tell was still, and she tried to shake off the lethargy and fight, but he was so much larger, she was just 5’3, and 100 lbs, he was hard living muscle and experience and he had her pinned down.


“Nice titties bitch,” he growled.  No longer Santa figure but a hairy beast feasting on her.


She moaned and when he pulled his face back she could see his eyes dilated wide with lust as he reached his hands up and tore her shirt down the middle revealing her bra-less breasts.


“no….please…” she breathed.


“What’s that girlie?” He smiled his breath rancid on her face.


“please…I was…raped…when I was 14..please, it still hurts…” she was sobbing weakly. 


“What’s that?  Someone mark you first?” he grinned, interest in his eyes.  She felt her thighs pushed apart and he wrestled her panties off her tearing them as he pawed her.  Then she felt him pinch her clit and she squirmed and bit off a sob.  “…”


And then he shoved a thick, greasy finger inside her and it was like she had been struck by lightening.  He was rubbing right against the scar, and her back arched in a spasm and tears sprang from her eyes as shockwave after shockwave tore her just from his finger’s intrusion.  She opened her eyes and turned them on her attacker and saw him smile broadly.


“Damn bitch, he musta done you real good!”  He laughed deeply, his breathing deepened as his excitement grew.  “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to move for the next 10 years without feeling like you’ve been opened with a hot poker!”  She saw him open his pants and pull out his massive cock which sprang up in his lap half erect and frightening still.  He grabbed her honey blond curls and growled for her to open her mouth our he’d break her jaw and fuck her mouth anyway.


She opened her lips and he shoved the mammoth, rubbery mushroom like head of his penis inside her mouth, stretching it open until she thought her jaw would dislocate and he began to force her head up and down on it while she tried to catch breths through her nose before it was rammed into his hairy belly where he sat.  He roared with laughter.


“Suck it whore, suck it you fucking slut!”  He grunted as he pushed her head down and held it down.  “Use your tongue bitch.” She obeyed to keep him from smothering her and she sucked in a breath when he let her, pleased by the sensations he was getting from her humiliation and pain.  “Yeah bitch, bad luck getting raped again…maybe you should face it that THAT is all you’re good for.”


He let out a groan and she felt her mouth and throat fill with his load.  “Swallow it cunt, swallow all of it.”  He pulled her head up when he was satisfied and he smiled.  “Oh sweet jeezuz, I am gonna rape you, bitch, I’m gonna rape you long and hard, I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.” And he threw her back over his lap and his drained cock and he yanked her arms behind her and tied them tight, behind her, tying them up to the elbows which were wrenched so hard behind her they felt like they would pop from their sockets, and they met, elbow touching elbow, her chest thrust far out in front of her.  He threw her backwards again and she struck the back of her head on the door and lay there looking at him dizzily.


“You’re gonna be the best I ever did girl.”


He drove down the road again, talking to her, telling her of other women, “lot lizards” he called them, prostitutes he’d raped, and killed.  He bragged and chuckled and her fear caused her to shake as he promised her worse.


When the engine turned off she was terrified.  He removed his pants, humming the song that just finished on the radio and then reached out and grabbed her byt the hair pulling her upright on the seat.  He scooted over to the passenger side and scooped her up as she struggled sadly and sat her on his lap facing him, her back to the dashboard.  He took a knife out of a pocket on the visor and held it in front of her eyes.  It was big and had a black bone handle that shined in the moonlight, The moon glinted off the blade and she froze.  “Put those legs over mine, straddle me bitch, I want to see what I’m doing.”  And the knife tip poked the dimple at the base of her throat.


She choked a sob and lifted her leg until it slid on the other side of his fat thighs and she was spread open in front of him, sitting there face to face, her arms aching as he pushed her backwards on the dash so that her tits stood in the air and her torso was elongated in front of her rapist.  “Nice.”  He smiled as he cut away the pushed up skirt leaving her completely naked in front of him now.  “Real nice.”


“Now tell me about the other rape sweetie, tell me and get me hard.”  He laughed and pushed the knife against her navel while the groped her right tit hard.




So she told him, she told him about the man who woke her from her sleep, and put his hand over her mouth and took her virginity, while her new rapist smiled approvingly and pinched her nipples.  “Good, good,” he groaned.  He felt no pity for her as she tried to tell him how it had scarred her physically and socially.  He was delighted to know she had not had sex since the rape and he put aside the knife.


“Can’t you see bitch, this is what you were made for, this is all you’re fucking good for, that guy fuckin’ did me a favor, he tenderized you real good and now I get to finish what he started.”  She sobbed and he shushed her.  “Ain’t no one gonna hear you here, or find you and I have a cross country ride to make and you’re riding it with me!” and he growled like a bear as he bit her nipples and fumbled with his cock which was stone hard and standing like a third arm in his lap.  He grabbed her waist and she squirmed and fought but the space was too confined and her arms tied and her legs splayed over his did not give her leverage to escape or even make a blow. 


Then she felt it. The enormous cock head pushing at her rape hole, as it caught the scar and rubbed it, stretching it she began to buck, her back arched painfully her arms wrenching further as she fought,  then he pulled her down, not slowly, not easily allowing her to become used to his girth, but meanly and hard, lifting her back up as her dry cunt fought his progress and then down some more working her up and down until she grew wetter, slowly, the scar stretching, the electricity of her nerves being shredded fighting with the added agony as he filled her, opening her wide, pushing up inside her in a way her first rapist didn’t even do.  With a final shove he held her down as she screamed, her head back, her nipples high in the air banging her head backwards on the dash wishing she could pass out and be spared further suffering.  She could barely breathe, it felt like his cock was pushing into her lungs and he laughed deep and yelled.  “GODDAMN CUNT! YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT!”  She was beyond words or pleading she was on fire, impaled and didn’t think it could get worse.


She was wrong.


He lifted her up and dropped her down, his hips thrusting up with a perverted grunt each time he did so, she was being beaten deep inside, blow after blow, holding her stretched open, causing her to moan helplessly, tears ran down her face and into her open mouth as she drooled when screams were no longer possible.  He would lift her higher and higher until she’d feel the bulbous, misshapen head of his monster prick pop sloppily from her bleeding cunt, only to ram back in just as suddenly for a shatteringly painful descent and the punching stop that left her unable to breath.  Her tits bounced obscenely in her rapist’s view and he would shove his bearded face into them and bite her tender flesh so hard she felt like he was trying to cannibalize her as well as rape her. 


Mid way through this internal beating he stopped and lifted her head and she saw him lift an empty beer bottle from a cup holder and put it in his mouth coating it with his spit, then he stuck it to her lips and told her to suck it.  She was sweating, her body trembling sickly, weakly, as she did what he told her too then the bottle disappeared from her sight until she felt it again, wet and cold at her asshole.  She looked up into his face and mouthed the word “no”, but felt renewed burning pain as he shoved the bottle into her virgin asshole while she was still speared helplessly on his fat cock.  She bucked weakly, exhaustion and pain made her spasm, and shiver as wave after wave of pain filled her.  He rammed the bottle in her ass and ground his hips upward.  His breath was becoming more harsh, he let the bottle go and it slipped from her sodomized ass as he dug his hands into her waist, ramming her harder and harder, pounding her mercilessly, groaning and grunting and moaning his pleasure as he stabbed her deeper and deeper, her body beyond pain, dripping with sweat and quivering as he came inside her. 


“YEAH BABY, Take it all whore, take it all you fucking rape toy.  God what a ride!, yeah baby, take this, and this and this, Hurt Bitch?  This hurt?  Come on bitch, answer me, this hurt worse then the other guy?!”


Her head rolled back, her mouth formed the answer, “yes” over and over and it must have pleased him, he was laughing and his cock deflated slowly inside her as it completed filling her and she fell exhausted, her body beaten and bruised inside, her tits raw and bitten, she sobbed her agony into her rapist’s furry shoulder and her rubbed her back and rocked her in a mocking gesture of comfort.  He lifted her head and kissed her unresisting mouth long and almost lovingly, and slid himself out of her bleeding hole and lifted her off his lap.


He eyed her for a long time in the moonlight., then opened the back of his sleeper cab and lifted her aching body up and laid her on the bed inside.  Her arms still tied. A chain fastened around her neck, held her to the softer surface.  She was terrified, but unable to resist the black call of unconsciousness as she heard him say….


“Five more days on the road with old Ollie, wonder if you’ll be around for all of them….hope so.”

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