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Perverted Neighbour

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        Not too long ago we got a new neighbour. He was around his twenties. Not too bad looking, and kind of muscular too. But it doesn’t take me too long to realize he is not a good man. He installed a big TV in his room, which was facing my room, so I can see whatever he is watching clearly. Almost every night he will watch porno videos. While watching he would play with a long stick between his legs. I kind of know boys are different from girls between their legs, but I never really know what difference it makes.

        I am currently 13 year-old. I am kind of skinny and short for my age, but I mature a bit earlier than most of the girls in my class. It wasn’t long ago I learn that I can make my self feel high by touching my own private parts. Girls at my age are usually curious about sex, and I do too. Every time my neighbour watches porno I would peak over my window and watch as well. Free porn, why not?

        One day after I took a shower I realize I forgot to wear a bra. Coincidently all my other bras are currently in the washing machine. Then I remembered I hung one outside for drying yesterday, so I went to get it. When I was about to take it down, a strong wind blew my bra over to my new neighbour’s house. I thought about going over to take it back, but I am very embarrassed. I tried not to wear it, but it feels very uncomfortable when my T-shirt rubbing my tits. After some mental struggle, I decided to go over to his place and ask for it back.

*Ding Dong*

        A man came answered the door, half naked.

“What is it little girl?”

“Ummm…one of my clothes flew into your house, can I have it back please?”

        My face burns like fire when I see his half naked body, but I decided I have to do what I came to do.

“O…I will go look for it for you, please come in.”

“Ummm…okay…thank you.”

        I was a girl in development, which includes my brain. I have no idea how dangerous it can be for a weak small girl like me to go into a house of a perverted man. It was like a lamb going into a wolf’s cave.

“Please wait here, I will go inside my room and look for it.”

“Thank you.”

        While he was gone, I took my chance to observer his house, and I regret doing so. His whole house is full of nude girl posters. I tried to keep my eyes on the floor, hoping he would hurry up so I can leave this place. After about 10 minute he came out of his room, holding what looks to be my bra.

“Is this what you are looking for?”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

        He passed me my bra, but the moment I touch it I sense something slimy. I don’t know what it’s called, but after watching so many porno over my window, I have a pretty good guess what this white liquid is.

“You…you pervert!”

        I was so pissed and embarrassed it took me a while to say that.

“Hahaha, it looked pretty nice so I borrowed it for a while. Do you want me to show you how to play?” said the man with a disgusting grin, touching my shoulder at the same time.

        He is looking down below my head. Following his eyes I try to figure out what he is staring at. Just as I suspected, he was staring at my breasts. No wonder I can’t feel my breasts a while back. They were stimulated by my T-shirt rubbing against them. They were hard and looked as if they wanted to burst out of my tight T-shirt.

“You bastard! Let go of me now or I will shout!”

        Angry, embarrassed, and scared. I shout at him at a tone I don’t even know I could do. Apparently stunned by me he immediately retreated his hand.

“Yo…yo…chill girl. I was just joking…you can take your bra back.”

        Eager to leave this place, I turned my back and started walking toward the door. That was another immature mistake I made. The moment I have my back facing him he grabbed me from behind and lifted my T-shirt up to covered my face. My shout for help never went far.

         Struggling for my life, I don’t have time to protect my exposed breasts. One hand tried to push him away from me while my other one tries to uncover my face. It took him no time to grab hold of my arms. At the end they were tied behind my back. He lifted me up and carries me under his strong arm. I couldn’t see where he was taking me, but the moment I lend on something soft I knew it was his bedroom.

        Putting his weight over me to prevent me from struggling, one of his rubbed my breast while the other one lifting up my skirt and search for my private part. Sometimes his right hand will squeeze my breast, sometimes he would twist them. His left hand was never stopping moving. He would rub against my private part over my panty. Sometimes hard, sometimes fast. Although I so these things when I masturbate, it was never so intense and my fingers was not as rough as his. Soon my beg for mercy turned into pointless moaning. My sound seems to get him high for he would even speed up his motions. I tried not to make any sound, but the stimulation was too great I can’t control my self.

        After a while he got off me and uncovered my face. Exhausted I breathed hard to regain my breath, but soon my month was covered up by my own panty. He kept my shirt over my breasts. Then, he strikes again. This time he attacks my breast with his hand and mouth. Sucking one of my breasts while his hand tickles my other tits. Keeping my whole breast in his mouth he would lick on my tits with his wet tongue, while his hand would push and pull my other tit in and out. It was my first time being treated this way. The strong sense struck me over and over again; it was beyond the description of word. Soon I can sense my private part getting wet, but it seems like I am not the only one who has noticed it.

“Getting watery aren’t we? I told you this game is fun. Time for schooling little girl.”

        He separated my legs by force and places his head between my legs.

“This here where I am rubbing now is called labia. It feels great doesn’t it? I can tell from you moan. Now if I open your labia like a door, it will reveal the clit. This part where I am squeezing now…Wow, you are twitching. Feels great huh? Now, where my index finger about to enter is called…the cunt!”

        Finishing that he suddenly thrust his finger into my cunt, I tried not to listen to his filthy words, but the vocabularies seems to be burning into my brain. Going in and out with his finger my clit was never left alone. He sucks on it like some kind of candy, and sometimes he would squeeze them a little with his lips. Mixed with the humiliation was a pleasure feeling that I never felt before. When I was about to come to my climax, everything stopped. I looked at him in doubt. Don’t know when he stripped himself completely naked. I looked down between his legs in disbelieve. His private part was huge. Thinking that he was going to insert that thing into me frightens me. How is it possible for such a monster to go into my small cunt?

“This thing you see now is called a penis. Its gonna take you and me to heaven together, but this is not the first time you see it isn’t it?”

        What could he possibly mean? Does that mean he knew I was watching over him all this time when he watches porno?

        He grabbed both of my feet, and separated my legs wide. My attempt to close them doesn’t seem to have any effect at all. Shaking my head wildly, stupidly thinking it can stop everything. Slowly his penis enters me. My cunt felt like as if it was going to be tear apart. Slowly, but definitely moving, his penis gone deeper and deeper into me, until I can feel it hitting the end. Then he start going in and out of me, and speeded up gradually.

“Ah…ah…mmm….ah….” moaning was the only response I can do, he removed my panty a while ago because he wanted to hear my voice of defeat.

        I can feel my whole cunt being filled up. It feels satisfying somehow. After about 20 ~30 strikes, he let go of my legs, and throw his whole body on me. The move brings me a whole new experience. Suddenly he kissed me, and his tongue invade my mouth. It feels pretty disgusting because his slimy tongue chased mine around my mouth like a live being, but it somehow brings even more pleasure to me.

        He suddenly stopped all his movement. He told me he want to savage the moment, then he lifted me up over his head. Placed me over his shoulder I was sitting him his shoulder with his mouth facing my private part. His tongue thrust into my cunt like a worm and starts feeling around.

“Ha…no…stop it please…I can’t take it anymore….” Once again I begged for mercy, no reply.

        His short beard stink my labia and clit while he sucks on my cunt, tongue inside. Throwing my back against the wall he secures my body in its position, then both his hand reach up to my breasts. He twisted, pulled, pushed, and squeezed. Both my breasts and my private part sent strong signals to my brain. I felt as if the body does not belong to me anymore.

        After a while he lowers me, but still keeping me in mid-air. Once again he thrust his penis into me. With both my arms still bounded behind me, all I have to keep my self in balance was the wall. Slowly he would draw his penis out, but before exiting he will thrust it in very hard.

“O yes…I am coming soon.”

        Suddenly he sped up. In and out his penis moved in great speed.

“Ahh! Ah! No! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

        Together we came to our climax. He continued to fuck me until his penis became small again, he then throw me on the bed. Breathing hard for oxygen, I lay on the bed-totally exhausted.

“It was great isn’t it? Let’s have another round after I recover. But I am surprised that you are not a virgin anymore. So you are a little slut after all, heh heh heh.”

       He drew back my bad memory about how I lost my virginity, but that incident seems to prepare me for this nightmare, so I don't have to suffer that much this time.  I was sure I will die if he does it again, but suddenly I heard a sweet voice coming from over my house.

“Sis, sis where are you?”

        It was my sister! I am finally going to be saved! But my mouth was soon covered up. I looked his face I can see him grinning at me.

“So that is you sister who goes to high school ai? I always wanted to play with her. Shall we invite her over and join our party? I knew your parents were gone for the month. We are gonna have a lot of fun together.”

        Finishing his sentence he left the room, leaving me lying on the bed, stunned. I tried to shout but my mouth was covered up. My hands are useless because they are still bounded behind me. I tried to move my body and legs seems to be paralyzed by exhaustion. All I can do is to await the terrible fate that awaits me and my sister.

The End, if you enjoyed it, pleases reply. I might write part two.
















































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