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Rest Stop

b_ray1964 on Forced Stories

Dillon had been driving for about 6 hours straight and had drunk more cups of coffee than he could count. It was still about two hours from home but he had to piss like a race horse. He saw a sign for a rest stop 3 miles.

As he pulled of the high way into the rest stop he saw that it was pretty much deserted. Not much traffic through this part of the country at 3am. There was only one other car parked at the other end of the parking lot. Dillon jumped out of the car and made for the restroom at a bit of a jog.

Lord it felt good to let go and just have a good piss. He was standing there with his eyes closed and his head back when he heard some one enter the bathroom. He looked around and two large black men had come in and where standing looking right at him.

The first man walked right up to Dillon and said we can do this two ways bitch, one you can just do what I tell you or two, I can beat the shit out of you than you can do what I tell you. Dillon looked at the second guy as he pulled the biggest dick he had ever seen out off his pants. Dillon felt his dick instantly harden in his pants.

Pain spread across Dillon’s face as the first man slapped him hard. I guess you want it the hard way then he said. No No, said Dillon reeling from the blow. I will do what ever you ask just don’t hurt me. The second man said then get on your knees and start sucking this.

Whit out another thought Dillon dropped to his knees and took the man’s huge cock in his hand. It was now hard as a rock and must have been a good 10 inches long and god was it thick. But it smelled like shit. For that mater the man smelled like he had been sleeping in his own shit and piss for days.

As Dillon put the head of the man’s cock in his mouth and he gagged from the smell and sour taste but he did not let that stop him from working as much of the man’s hard cock in his mouth. He was working hit in and out and stroking it with his hand at the same time.

The first man had now taken his dick out and was rubbing it agents the side of Dillon’s face. With his other hand Dillon started stroking his hard black cock. It was now were as big as the one he had in his mouth but it was a good 7 inches.

Dillon was going back and froth sucking each mans cock and sucking and licking there balls. He could not believe how hard his dick was he could feel the precum running down his leg. He could not get enough of these big black dicks.

Get up and pull down your pants bitch the first man said. Dillon quickly stood up and dropped his pants, his 6 inch rock hard dick sticking out with precum dripping off the end. He reached to stroke his hard cock and the first man slapped the shit out of him again. I did not say you could do that bitch, just do what I say.

Now bend over and get back to sucking my friends big dick. Dillon did so happily. Sucking for all he was worth. Than he felt the other man put his and on his ass and push the head of his hard dick between his ass cheeks. Dillon tried to relax but it hurt like shit. The man was not gentle at all he kept jamming it until he got the head of his cock in to Dillon’s ass. Finely Dillon was able to relax enough so the man started fucking his as with longer and harder strokes. The man with the huge cock was now face fucking him while the other man was fucking the shit out of his ass,

The second man started groaning and let go a huge load of cum Dillon tried to swallow what he could but it was running down his chin and on to the floor and he pumped load after load in to his mouth.

The first man was not far behind and he grabbed Dillon’s hips and let his hot load fill up Dillon’s ass. Dillon could not take any more he shot his load all over the floor with out even touching his own cock.

Both men pulled there cocks out of Dillon and he feel to the floor in a puddle of all three of there cum. The two men never said a word just packed up there wonderful cocks and walked out the door.

Dillon got up and cleaned him self up wiping the left over cum from his mouth and ass, and started walking back to his car. This had been one hell of a rest stop he thought.

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