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Revenge Rape is Sweet

jjames on Forced Stories

I had been planning this for a long time now. I was long ago bored with my usual conquests of drunken bar whores and desperate cyber sluts.  I wanted the real thing; I wanted to rape someone.  Thankfully my douche bag boss fired me, and I had a few months on employment insurance to really plan it out well. My fans on my newsgroup were always wanting in on my action, since they saw sometimes I would share the goods, I had made this plan and if all went well I’d get my revenge, get my rape on, and get some of my followers in on the action.


It was Thursday night, of a long holiday weekend. I waited until most lights were off in the house before I made my move. I entered through the back door, having already found out the dumb asses never lock the back door. I slipped quietly into the den where I knew I’d find their teen son on the computer, taking him by surprise, I used some chloroform to knock him out, then I tied him up well and put him on the couch he was the least interest to me in the house. Then I made my way to the front room where I knew from the blue glow he was watching tv. I could have used chloroform right away on him too but I wanted to get a punch or two in. Turns out he wasn’t much of a fighter, I walked right up to him and knocked him out cold before he could spill his beer in surprise.

I tied him up right where he was. I made my way upstairs to attend to the lady of the house, She was a bit heavy, I’m not into big girls, so I used chloroform on her, tied her up and took her down the stairs. Then I went back up where I knew little Jenny was sleeping away. I saw her picture on his desk a few times, watched her grow up from a gawking little girl to the pretty teen princess she was now. On the thicker side, but 14 thick, so she had a bit of a woman’s figure before her time, but not fat. I sat on her bed, it didn’t take but a few seconds for her eyes to fly open and she let out a little screech before I stifled it with my hand. “Shhhhh sweetness, we’re going to have fun this weekend.” I tied her up too, and made her walk downstairs. I was wearing gloves, a mask the whole deal.  This was a real crime, and I wasn’t about to get caught. I had mom, dad and little Jenny in the front room, leaving the son in the back den. I closed the blinds, locked all the doors and came back. They were all awake, and their eyes were flying around the room. I chuckled.

Mom and dad were crying muffled speech behind their duct tape gags, I didn’t care what they were saying. I went right over to pretty 14-year-old Jenny. I stroked her hair. Squatted down to where she was sitting so we were face to face. “I’m going to take your gag off hunnie, don’t scream or I’ll kill mommy and daddy, understand?” this is when I showed my .45 auto to her and the parents. She nodded, and I took off her gag.

I sat back in the recliner and pulled out my soft cock. The woman started screeching behind her gag. “Shut up you cow” I scolded, she didn’t’ quite down until I put the gun to the girls head. I turned to the girl and spoke softly “Jenny if you want your family to live I want you to suck on my cock” she didn’t seem to understand, so I explained how I wanted her to put her mouth around my penis. She was crying, her hands were tied, but I managed to get her mouth around my shaft, and move her head up and down, it got hard.

I made eye contact with the old man. He couldn’t see my smile behind my mask; I wish he could. “Oh yea Jenny baby you’re so good with your mouth” I coaxed the girl as she picked a rhythm on my cock “Your daddy likes watching you suck my cock Jenny” the girl had tears streaming out of her eyes but she didn’t stop. “Don’t you daddy?” I asked the old man. He tried to get up, and again I pointed the gun at his little girls head as she blew me. The wife was sobbing. I shortly blew my load in Jenny’s mouth, and smiled as I wiped the dribbled cum from her mouth. I kissed her full on the mouth and told her I was proud of her. I took Jenny with me into the kitchen to get a drink. “Jenny dear, you’re a very good girl and I know you’re scared but I want you to know I won’t hurt you or your family if you do as I ask, do you understand?” She nodded. “Good, now im going to untie you, but remember to behave” I waved the gun. Again she nodded and I undid her arms.

I got some ice tea and sat at the table, chatting with the girl. Asking her questions to calm her, it seemed to work. Then I got on my phone, and uploaded the invitation to the newsgroup. I took Jenny back into the living room and turned on the TV. After about half an hour of this awkward family time, the doorbell rang. “The first of our guests” I sang out and answered the door. It was someone in full-face paint. “Hello, and welcome” I greeted. I brought him into the living room “There’s the wife, and the dad, a boy about 19 in the back room if you’re into it, but the girl is all mine” The face paint smiled and went up to the wife. “I likes em chubby” he says, grabbing her tit. The wife tried to struggle, but I scolded her with a stern look and wave of the gun “Now be friendly moms!” she quieted down, and just sobbed as face paint ripped her night gown from her. The doorbell rang again and left face paint kneeling in front of Moms sucking on her tits. Two were at the door this time; I brought them in, with the same introduction and instructions. One of them joined in with the mom, the second one just looked around the house. Soon two of the men were double teaming mom, one had her lips wrapped around his cock while the other plowed into her ample ass. The screams were muffled the tears plenty. I was having the time of my life. As the night wore on, we had a few more visitors. Then finally one guy showed up who wanted the dad. I was waiting for this. He was a large black man wearing a Nixon mask, which made it hilarious. I ordered my ex boss to stand up, and the black guy pulled down his pants. He leaned him over the chair he had been sitting in and right there plunged, without ceremony his large black erection into my bosses bum. The screams, even behind the duct tape were loud, so I walked over, and knocked him on the back of the head, dazing him. I laughed and laughed as I watched the black guy fucking him in the ass. The wife was nothing more than a simpering mess by this time. Having serviced more than her share of men. I knew the older boy in the back was probably awake, a few guys had gone back there earlier, messed with him a bit, but nothing as bad as dad was getting. I had worked myself back up, and turned to my date for the night pretty Jenny. I sat her on my recliner and pushed back her nightgown, I pulled down her panties exposing her pretty pussy. I lifted the bottom of my mask to taste her sweet innocence. I threw each of her legs over the arms of the chair and scooted her ass to the edge. I realized I had an audience, so I really took my time, kissing her pretty thighs and the outside of her sweet pussy before I slid my tongue up and down her blossoming slit..

The mother, who was untied and un-gagged because of her earlier activities started crying and begging me not to. “Shut her up” I ordered over my shoulder. I heard a few slaps and then her muffled cries as she obviously had another cock stuffed in her mouth. I could hear the fathers breathing heavy behind me. The black man had already finished with his ass. I reached up and removed Jenny’s nightgown. She was like a docile angel.

I leaned down and took one of her budding breasts in my mouth, and then the other.

I murmured sweet things to her as I reached between her thighs and rubbed her clit.

There were a few cocks out being rubbed as they watched. I looked behind me to make sure my boss had an unobstructed view of me defiling his little girl. I decided to move Jenny over to the coffee table, where I had her sit on the edge, I knelt before her and stared right into the old mans face as I slid my cock up into her daughters tight virgin hole. Jenny cried out as I snapped her hymen. God damn this girl was tight. I looked over at my ex boss, and saw his staring between his daughters thighs. I looked down too to see her little red swollen pussy lips wrapped tightly around my cock. She had only traces of hair yet. After I let Jenny’s pussy relax a bit around my cock I started moving in and out of her. It wasn’t the easiest thing; she was tighter than I’ve ever had. She was a pretty little girl, but I knew a lot of girls 14 who had plenty of cock in them, thankfully Jenny was a good girl. I finished with a great show, and when I pulled my cock out I was oddly turned on by my white cum being mixed with a little bit of her virginal blood.

I saw my ex-boss was weeping into his gag. I wanted more. I went over and put the gun to his head.. I ripped off his gag and ordered him to go eat his little girl’s cunt. He begged me not to, I clicked off the guns safety. He got the message, I kicked him as he tried to scoot over, his gaping bloody ass dripping over his torn down pants as he hobbled on his knees over to where his daughter sat on the table. I put the gun at the back of his skull and pushed his face into her pussy “EAT my cum from her pussy now” and he did. It was obvious too obvious that after a few minutes he enjoyed eating his little girls pussy. She was lying back on her elbows, and I thought I heard a few sighs of pleasure from her as well when her dad worked his tongue over her love button. The night tore by in a hurry, more people came and went. I lost track. At daybreak it slowed down, the neighbors were awake and might notice the traffic. There were about 7 of us in the house with the family.

Some slept, some took turns fucking the wife, the boss and I’m sure back in the den the son. But no one fucked my sweet Jenny except for me. I took her at least 3 more times that day. I had her make me some sandwiches, and I ate as I had her blow me. As night fell, I let some of the guys leave. I knew no more would be coming; I had put the end note on my newsgroup. I rounded up the family. The teen son had been worked over quite a bit , probably from those fairies who showed up drunk. Poor kid. The dad had his share of cock in his ass and mouth too, recalling the scenes made me chuckle. The mother and her big floppy tits disgusted me so I made her sit behind the couch. Jenny I had sit in my lap as I explained how this all would end.

“I’m going to get cleaned up and get Jenny cleaned up, then I’m going leave and instruct Jenny when she can untie you all. You will not call the cops; you will not come and try to find me. Remember all those people in this out last night? HALF of them WERE cops. You won’t get anywhere”. The boss stared at me with blank angry eyes. The son’s eyes still held fear. “You can of course do whatever you want, but remember, I know where you all live, and this could have ended much differently.” I said this while staring at my ex boss, I wonder if he recognized my voice yet.

I tied the 3 back up and went upstairs with Jenny to shower. I took my time, I soaped up her pretty body, got my cock hard again, In her parents shower I slicked up my cock and her ass, and I took the only thing Jenny had left to give me. Her ass virginity. She cried but did not scream as I felt her ass stretch around my man cock.

I finished too quickly. I used the shower head to clean her out both front and back, just incase they did go to the cops. I kissed her tenderly as I toweled her off and slipped a new nightshirt over her head. I put her back into her bed, and had her swallow a sleeping pill.

I told her to sleep and dream and when she woke up on Saturday morning she could go downstairs and untie her family. I sat there by her bed stroking her hair until I knew she was sound asleep. I trotted downstairs whistling, stopping short when I noticed, that apparently I did not tie mom up quite tight enough because she was loose and trying to get her son loose. She saw me and cried in fear. I quickly made my way over to her and knocked her down. I tightened the knots on the kid’s hands and turned with rage to the mother. “BITCH!” I yelled and kicked her in the stomach. I pulled her up by her hair and drug her into the kitchen. She was sobbing and crying. I pushed her down on the kitchen table, and spread her legs. I took my gun and shoved the barrel up her smelly pussy. “You don’t listen well you cow” I said in a menacing voice. She was pleading for me not to kill her. I stepped back and removed the gun. I went and wiped it off.

I went to the fridge and got out two cucumbers and tossed them at her. “Shove these in your holes cow” she hesitated only a second until she looked at my gun, crying she did as she was told, she lay there legs spread on the table, once cucumber in her pussy one in her gaping ass. Her thighs were bruised from the last 24 hours of rape I took out my phone and snapped a few dozen shots. “Your husbands office will enjoy these” I said laughing. I tied her back up that way and left her spread eagle fucked by veggies on the table. I went quietly out the back door, jogged the few blocks to the mall, got into my car and drove home. GOD that was fun.

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