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Taking by men on a dance floor

enjoyme on Forced Stories

My husband and I for many years found it to be hot and wet for us to go out to a dance club have a few drinks at the bar, check people out and I would dance with men that might ask to or join us on the dance floor. I wear a short mini skirt no panties pump heel and a  hot  top. The heel I wear are thin and high and have black lace that tie up my legs. Iam the type of women that when wear heel like that my pussy would be seen just by bending over slightly. So any way we get to the club we always get in I think because I look so hot iam 5'2 100 lbs tight body light skinned hisp. long brown hair. So were in the club we sit at the bar order a drink, in a short time we start to dance on the dance floor. After a bit we sit back at the bar and I would go dance when the floor gets a bit more crowded and my husband would watch as men would dance next to me and if I like them I would show an intrest to them and dance with them. As I get a few more drinks into me it get more hot and wet for us . At this point I have danced with about five different men. My husband came to the floor and danced with me and some guys came around us dancing so we all danced for a few then my husband said he had to take hit the men room so we started to walk off the dance floor and one of my hottest songs came on so I said Iam going to dance this one too. My husband said he really had to go and I said I be right here dancing. So as i danced a guy turned around and was dancing with me, now early on when I danced with several men I also cock tease them by touching there crouch and cock and pushing my ass up on the crouch. So now this guy dancing with me and he start to grind a bit and he hold my hands before I new it there was five guys that formed a circle around me and one came up behind me as the one in front was holding my hands the floor was real crowded and I felt the guy behind me pushes my skirt up and I try to pull away when he steps in and grinds up to my ass as the guy in front pushes up against me also now my skirt is up over my ass and I feel a warm cock pushing into my wet pussy I try to yell and look for my husband by all these guys get real close and push me toward a dark conner of the dance floor. I could not beleave a cock went inside me before I new it another guy switch and was up my ass pushing his cock into me and the guy in front is just saying relax you wanted it then the guy in me squirts his load into me with just a few pushes. then fades away as another one step in I was going crazy that i was being fucked on a dance floor and know one knows. The next guy drops his load and i feel it run down my leg and another one steps in I try to break free but the guy in the front really but a grip on my hands that they really hurt making me bend down. He forces me down to my knees and the guy in my pussy pops out and more cum run out of my pussy. the rest of the guys form a tight circle around me and the guy in the front pulls his cock out and try to put it in my mouth there all around me and no one can see me. Then all of a sudden thay all walk away and i stand up and see my husband making his way over. I told him I dance enough and was not feeling well so we walked off the dance floor and got our stuff and started to walk out and as we got to the car my husband said why your legs so wet. I look at him and said I guess I danced to much and with no panties it must be sweat so I got some napkins for the glove compartment and wipe my self and put on right up to my pussy and tryed to push out what ever cum was left in me. To this day I did not tell my husband and have not cock teased any more men but the thought of what happened does get me hot and wet from time to time. I wonder if this would ever happen again.


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