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Tara gets punished

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<p> Tara knocked on the principal's door. When she had woken up she had discovered a note requesting that she speak to him at once, and after showering finally and getting dresses that's what she was doing. She hoped that he could help her. She wasn't at all sure about what to do. Mr Clark's door opened quickly and he ushered her inside the office, snapping the door closed. </p> <p> “Please, take a seat dear. We have some important things to discuss don't we?” </p> <p>“Yes sir.” Tara replied hopefully, taking a seat at once. </p> <p> “Because we can't ignore this sort of behaviour.” Mr. Clark said slowly, as though taking great care choosing his words. Tara felt encouraged by this. “Sex of any kind is strictly prohibited on school property and is punishable by expulshion. Do I make myself clear Miss Adams?” He did not. Tara was confused and frightened now. </p> <p> “You, you are going to expel them all?” she ventured. </p> <p> “Who? Whomever you gave yourself to? Of course not! You were the one I found lying in your own filth. One student expelled is enough to set an example for a-.” </p> <p> “What! Sir they RAPED ME!” Tara cried, the full force of what had happened suddenly hit her and tears poured out of her eyes like rivers. </p> <p> “You expect me to believe that? You young girls are all the same and its time at least one of you sluts learned your lesson. I will not be swayed from this decision Miss Adams and so I suggest you prepare yourself for how your mother and step-father will be taking this.” </p> <p> “No! Mr. Clark PLEASE! Please listen to me - what can I do to make you understand? I didn't want this they forced me . . . I'll do anything to see them punished!” </p> <p> “Will you now?” Mr. Clark's expression changed to one of cold satisfaction to something pleased, but dark. “Anything at all Miss Adams?” </p> <p> “What? Yes I suppose . . . what would you ask?” Tara was getting nervous again. She didn't like his tone at all.” </p> <p> “Let us begin by having you remove those clothes for me.” He said. Tara's eyes went huge and she began backing toward the door. “Before you decide to fight me Miss Adams I'll remind you that the school is empty this time of day exept for me. I have also locked the office door so no one but me can open it.” Tara didn't care, she raced for the door, of course only to find that it was locked, just as he said. “Well in THAT case, I guess I'll be calling your step-father won't I?” Mr. Clark smiled as he picked up the phone. </p> <p> “No! No please Sir . . . I'll . . . If I do what you want, you will help me put those boys away?” </p> <p> “Yes dear. I will.” Tara nodded reluctantly at this. Just a few hours ago she had been a virgin, now she was using her body as currency - what sort of world was this? She pulled off her t-shirt in one swift motion, dropping it on the chair which was in front of her. Her jeans came off next, a bit more hesitantly but soon she was standing in front of Mr. Clark in just her bra and panties. Her perky breasts waiting to be released.</p> <p> “Continue Tara.” She was told sternly. And so she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, not wanting to move her hands away from her breasts to catch it as it fell. But of course, Mr Clark was soon reaching for the phone again, so she tugged her panties over her hips and ass and kicked the last of her clothing into a pile by the chair. </p> <p> “Exellent.” Mr. Clark told her as he shrugged off his shirt and pulled of his trousers, revealing him to be moderately hairy, but surprisingly well toned for a man of nearly 50. Tara could see a large bulge protruding from his boxers, some monstrous cock waiting to be unleashed. </p> <p>“On your knees.” He growled, coming out from behind the desk and standing in front of her. </p> <p> “Okay.” Tara mumbled. </p> <p> “What was that?” Mr. Clark snarled.</p> <p> “Yes!” </p> <p> “Yes WHAT!” </p> <p> “Y-y-yes S-s-sir!” Tara stammered confused and embarrassed. She dropped to her knees, her face now right in front of his straining member. </p> <p> “Suck it.” Mr. Clark ordered. </p> <p> “Yes sir.” Tara quickly replied, and carefully began to pull her principal's boxers to his ankles. When they got just about to his knees Mr. Clark's prick popped out, nearly hitting her in the face. It was HUGE! Much bigger than any of the basketball teams it must have been 10 inches, and seemed almost 3 inches thick. Tara hadn't imagined they came that big. She knew this wouldn't fit in her mouth, or her pussy. Both of which were still very sore from their first-ever fucking. But she opened her mouth anyhow, tentatively licking Mr. Clark's head, tasting the pre-cum which was already oozing out. </p> <p> She noticed that his breath was already coming in hard ragged breaths and thought that perhaps he wouldn't last as long as the boys. Maybe all he could take was a blow-job and then they'd be on their way to the police. Yes, she thought. I'll just get it over with quickly. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and began easing his shaft over her toungue. With only the first 3 inches in however she had nearly reached her limit.</p> <p> “Ooooohhh yesss… that's is slut. Now play with master's balls . . .” Mr.Clark moaned, pushing his hips forward, forcing more of himself down her throat - 6inches now. Tara gently moved her hand to Mr. Clark's sack as instructed and began rubbing gently, his moans increased. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands and thrust himself the rest of the way down her throat, cutting off her air. He pumped in and out slowly, clearly having great trouble keeping himself from cumming then and there. </p> <p> Tara moved her hands fantically now, trying to make him blow his load quickly so she could catch her breath. She rubbed behind his balls and he spasmed, moaning again and again breathing heavily. </p> <p> “God, what a hot little thing you are . . .” he managed to say. Still though, he didn't cum. Tara was getting frightened, she couldn't breathe at all now with him humping her mouth vigorously and within seconds she blacked out. </p> <p> When Tara came to she was tied face-down over Mr. Clark's desk, her wrists tied to the feet of one side, her ankles to the other, ass sticking up into the air. “Ah, you're awake.” She heard Mr. Clark say from somewhere behind her. “So glad. Most ladies don't have quite so much trouble with my cock as you. I guess the basketball team just isn't as well-endowed huh?” </p> <p> Tara hear him rummaging about in a drawer somewhere in the room. </p> <p> “No matter. I'm looking forward to stretching your cunt out like never before. First though, I'm afraid you'll need to be punished for your inadequacy. Passing out like that is quite unforgivable.” CRACK! - something came down hard on Tara's ass, making her scream. “Now now, my pet that won't do. You will count the blows or we will start back at one each time you fail.” Mr. Clark's voice seemed different now, hardened and cruel but full of lust which terrified Tara. She knew she would never be able to fit his cock inside her. CRACK! - </p> <p> “Ahhh! One . . .” Tara moaned. </p> <p> “I didn't hear that whore. Lets try it again shall we?” CRACK! - </p> <p> “ONE!” Tara screamed, tears running down her cheeks as she was hi again and again with the ruler. </p> <p> “TWO!” </p> <p> “THREE” </p> <p> “FOUR” it went on and on until nearly twenty. Tara's ass-cheeks were on fire as well as her pussy which has been the target once or twice.</p> <p> “Good girl.” Mr. Clark praised. Now onto the good stuff. There was silence for a moment, then Tara felt something wet being pushed into her ass. Something WIDE. “Don't worry my dear. Just a little plug to get you ready for me later.” That 'little plug' stretched Tara out about 2 inches and even with the lube he smeared on it she was in agony. More so when it began to vibrate.” </p> <p> “Ahhhh! No! No! PLEASE! Sir take it out! Aaaahhhhh.” Tara begged for his mercy and he turned the vibration up higher. Tara could feel an orgasm coming dispite the discomfort and her hips began to buck, her pussy dripping her juices all over the floor. “Ohhhh goooodddddd! FUCK!” she moaned as the pleasure built and when she came she came violently, her stomach cramped and she came again and again as Mr. Clark turned the vibrating plug up to its highest setting. </p> <p> She felt his hands on her clit too, pinching and rubbing it hard, this man knew EXACTLY what he was doing she couldn't stop cumming now and was in a constant state of extacy. </p> <p> “Do you want me to fuck you slave?” Mr. Clark boomed at her as her pulled her clit harder. </p> <p>“OOOOH! YES!” Tara screamed, not knowing what she was doing. “FUCK ME MASTER! LET ME HAVE YOU ALL!” She moved her hips back and forth with his hands as her began to tease her, never quite giving her the friction she needed to get off from his fingering. </p> <p> “What did you say slave?” “YES! YES SIR PLEASE FUCK ME! PLEASE!!!” Tara had never known such feelings, she was an animal. Her most carnal lusts were being let loose and any shame she had once felt was gone. Her cunt was soaking wet and Mr. Clark pushed his massive cock gently at its opening, teasing her even more. Letting her feel his magnificent manhood at her entrance, yet unable to have it in her. “PLEASE!” she begged. “LET ME HAVE IT SIR! MASTER I NEED IT!” </p> <p> He gave it to her in a single thrust, knocking the wind out of her as his head smashed against her uterus and renewing all the pain from her earlier rape. He pumped in and out violently, pulling almost all the way out, and then slamming his 10inches all the way back in, to the hilt. Tara was immediately disillustioned, her pain was emmense and her begging took a different tone. </p> <p> “Sir! Sir please, I can't! I can't take you all AHH! You're too big Owwwwww!” but Mr. Clark was not listening and he fucked her like this for what felt like hours, the butt-plug still buzzing furiously and Tara crying for him to have mercy on her the whole time. Her pussy was rubbed raw on the inside and dispite how wet she was he was too large, she felt like she would break in half with how full she was. At last, and with one final thrust Mr. Clark came. His hot seed filling Tara's hole and dripping onto the floor as he pulled out slowly, his breath short.</p> <p> “I haven't had a girl that tight in a long time Miss Adams.” He praised her, slapped her ass approvingly and walked around the desk so that his now limp member was in her face. “Clean it off.” He ordered, and rather than wait for her to reply, shoved himself down her throat and let her toungue wipe her juices - and his - from his tired prick. </p> <p> Tara felt empty now that he'd pulled out of her. It was a strange and annoying feeling. The butt-plug continued to buzz in her ass but that felt distant now and she was unsatisfied. When she had done her best to clean her master's cock he kissed her mouth gently and with great care that she did not expect. It made her heart flutter slightly, but that feeling was short-lived, for only a second later Mr. Clark pulled the butt-plug out of her and smeared more lube across her opening. He let himself slide into her cunt once more, then began to worm the massive head of his cock into her ass. </p> <p> Tara couldn't speak, it hurt, but not as much as when the boys had fucked her in the changeroom. Mr. Clark was being gentler now and he pushed himself in very slowly. 2inches, 5inches, 8inches and he rested there for a moment before pulling 7 of those inches back out, gripping her ass-cheeks tightly and ramming the rest of himself into her in one push. </p> <p> Tara was breathless. She was in pain yes, but after having the plug in her for so long it wasn't much pain, infact most of it was very pleasurable. She felt Mr. Clark slide something into her pussy aswell and it began to vibrate, much like the butt-plug but much more obvious. With her cunt spasming from the egg vibrator Mr. Clark had inserted and him pumping in and out of her ass with slow diliberate thrusts Tara soon found herself again lost in extascy cumming over her principals prick over and over again moaning like the whore he said she was. </p> <p> When he was at last done Tara felt as though she'd left her body and was sluggish and confused as he told her he would speak to the police about her situation provided she remained his sex-slave, and that if she mentioned anything about him blackmailing her, he had it all on tape - including her begging for his cock again and again and again. </p> <p> Check out the next installment when Tara is forced into permanent submission. </P>

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