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The Day He Finally Raped Her

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The Day He Finally Raped His Sister (And She Loved Him for It)

by Reeb


Ever since she turned 13 years old, Ron knew his sister would grow up to be one very foxy chick. Her breasts started pushing out, her hips widened and she began loosing that baby fat which was replaced by smooth tight sexy muscles. He started having numerous sexual fantasies about her, but that's all he'd thought they would ever amount to, just fantasies a brother 10 years older would have as his little sister developed into a voluptuous young woman.

Amy picked up at a young age of the special way her brother looked at her. At first not understanding why, but as she grew older she soon realized it was her sexuality which caused her brother to treat her differently. She did what all sexually attractive women do, and that was to use her looks for her advantage. She would get her brother to do things for her like take her and her friends to the mall, almost anything she would ask for, he would do.

Around the age of 15, she now had breasts a full C cup and curley sandy blonde shoulder length hair, but in this weird sort of way, she convinced herself that by sexually flaunting herself, teasing her brother, she was rewarding him for all those years of special attention. She began by simply wearing sexy attire whenever he came home to visit. Nothing to bold so as mom or dad would notice, but things like short cut-off shorts or her bikini top whenever possible.

She convinced her brother to bring her and her friends over to the small house he rented as his land lord had an in-ground pool which they could use anytime. As her and her young friends bodies developed into sexy young girls, they sexually tormented her brother with their sexy little bikini's, which got smaller and more daring every summer.

The summer Amy was 16 years old, her body now nearly fully developed into a very sexy young woman, Ron found his cock getting rock hard everytime Amy and her sexy young friends came over to use the pool. Now able to drive, the girls showed up 3-4 times or more a week. Ron loved the sexy sight of these young hard bikini clad bodies, stepping out of the pool, dripping wet with the small patches of fabric clinging to their wet bodies.

Sometimes he would have to go into the pool house and quickly jerk off as he peered out the small crack around the door, looking out at his sister most of the time as the cum erupted from his huge thick swollen eight inch cock. He would have to stifle his moans of pleasure as the thick streams of cum blasted from within.

Amy's best friend Audrey was about the sexiest of Amy's friends. She was about Amy's height, 5 foot 2 or 3 inches, smaller tits than his sister, jet black hair and always sported a very deep dark tan. The two together in their skimpy bikini's, nearly caused Ron to cum in his swim suit every time.

Ron was content with masterbation fantasies about his sexy little sister and her hot little friends, but the summer they turned 17, he found himself luring Audrey into the pool house while Amy was dozing off tanning in the sun, and slowly peeled her small bikini off her tight tanned body. The sight of sexy pale white tit flesh and white pussy mound with neatly trimmed pussy hair just above her wet slit was exquisite.

As completely beautiful Audrey's body was, his mind kept picturing his hot little sister in her place. As she dropped to her knees and sucked his thick cock between those soft teenage lips, he imagined his cock entering his sister's mouth. He didn't understand why, but thinking of his sister, intensified his sexual excitement beyond his imagination.

As he pulled his swollen cock out of Audrey's mouth, pushed her softly onto the towel covered pool house floor, he pictured Amy spreading her legs wide for him. As his thick cock head began spreading Audrey's tight pale white pussy lips, his cock grew harder as he thought of his sexy sister laying only 15 feet from where he was fucking her best friend. Again he imagined he was sliding his cock deep into his sister's hot pussy, and not her sexy best friend.

Amy's hand was inside her bikini bottom, sliding up and down the length of her wet pussy as she watched her older brother's cock glide deep into her best friend's pussy. She was peeking through the crack of the pool house door as her brother's sexy tight butt pushed up and down between Audrey's long tanned legs, which were now wrapped around his lower back.

Amy had heard her friend moaning from within the pool house as she soaked in the suns rays. Audrey had always told Amy how hot she thought her brother was and she knew what they were up to. As Ron's thick cock pushed deep into Audrey's pussy, Amy felt jealous for a second as she wondered what it would feel like with her brother fucking her. She quickly put it from her mind, really he was her brother she thought, but her fingers continued to caress her clit and pussy as her sexy brother fucked her best friend deep and hard.

Seconds later Amy's body shuddered in orgasm as her brother shot his load deep into her best friend's teenage pussy. Audrey too shuddered and quivered as Ron ground hard into her clit, sending her over the threshold into sexual bliss. Amy quickly regained her composure and quietly moved back to the sun deck. She would often revisit the sexual sights taken in that day, nearly every time she masterbated from that day on.

After that day, Ron often fucked Audrey and several other of his sister's young friends when they came over to use the pool. One night, after supplying Amy and Audrey some beers, he convinced them to peel off their bikini's and go skinny dipping. Although only the pool lights provided minumal lighting, you could still get an acceptable view of the sexy nude slightly drunk teenage girls moving about.

That night, as Audrey's tight young pussy wrapped around her brother's thick shaft while he was holding onto the diving board as they slowly fucked, thinking nobody was watching, his eyes locked with his sister's. They looked deeply into each other's eyes, some 15 feet apart, as Amy began to cup her perfect breasts and rolled her huge swollen nipples between her wet fingers for her brother to see.

As she watched her sexy brother again fuck her best friend, she once again imagined herself riding her brother's thick shaft instead of her best friend. With both brother and sister staring into each other's eyes, the sexual excitement quickly escalated between them. Amy's left hand caressed the swollen nipple on her right breast as her right hand dropped down under the water and two fingers pushed deep into her excited pussy.

With this sexual sibling connection taking place, they both soon shuddered with very intense orgasms. Ron threw all caution to the wind and began pounding Audrey's pussy, cumming hard deep inside her. His sister threw her head back and moaned out softly as she clenched her legs together tightly, cumming intensely as this time she did imagine it was her brother Ron's cock fucking her deeply, instead of her best friend.

For the next two years, the sexual fantasies of both brother and sister continued, however both looked at them as just fantasies and never really thought anything would or should happen. The taboo word incest kept popping up in each of their minds and they would push their feelings for each off into a fantasy only land.

A few weeks ago during the summer of his sister's 19th birthday, his very beautiful little sister needed a place to stay. She got into a big fight with her boyfriend and they broke up. He threw her out of their apartment and not wanting to move back home, she begged her brother to move into his small two bedroom house with him.

So after all those years growing up with his sexy little sister and having her teasing her older brother with her gorgeous young hard body, he jumped at the chance of sharing his house with her. He knew she wouldn't be able to resist sexually tormenting him every chance she got. His cock throbbed at just the thought of it.

He was now a 29 year old single bachelor who enjoyed the freedom of coming and going as he pleased, bringing home whoever and whenever he wanted. So having his little 19 year old sister living with him was going to crimp his style. He acted like he had to think long and hard about her proposal.

"Come on Amy, what do I get out of this?" He questioned.

"Alright Ron, how about I do all the cleaning?" she replied.

"Ah I don't know sis, I'm giving up alot here. Tell you what, do my laundry too and I'll think about it." He shot back at her.

She made a face and rolled her eye brow, "Ok, you got a deal. Anything so I don't have to move back home and hear mom say I told you so."

For the next few hours, he helped her unpack her things. She was going to spend the night on the couch and tomorrow, they would grab his truck and go to her old apartment and move her furniture.

It was Sunday, so they had all day to get her moved in. The bedrooms of his small house are ajoining and to get to his back bedroom, you have to pass through the room he was giving Amy to use. He had no idea how this small little fact was going to change his life forever.

Amy now stood about 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighed around 105 pounds, still had curley shoulder length sandy blonde hair, sexy blue-green eyes and a very pretty face. If you had to compare her to a someone famous, some say she looks like the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, only Amy is far prettier than she is.

Amy's 19 year old body is about as absolutely stunning you can get. Her measurements are 35C-22-34, so her boobs are very large for her small frame. He had seen Amy in her bathing suits over the years, some very small bikini's but one of her sexiest suits was this red, white and blue one piece. God, he wanted to just rip that suit off her sexy body and fuck her deep and hard!

She must have removed the liners because when wet, it clung tightly to her body and left little to the imagination. You could see the perfect outline of her rounded pussy mound, slit and pubic hair, as well as her rather large boobs and protruding puffy nipples. His mind drifted back to that night they all skinny dipped as that was the first time he saw her bare breasts. He remembered the sight of her huge swollen nipples in the dim twilight of the pool lights.

Amy has very large nipples which when erect, push out a good half inch or so. Her breasts and nipples were identical to those of 1992 Playmate Suzi Simpson, if you saw hers, you would understand. Any man who has a hot sexy sister that could grace the pages of Playboy, would be lying if he said he never thought about making love to his sister.

Along with Amy's gorgeous set of tits was her second best tribute, her butt. His sister's ass alone could cause any man to cum in his shorts. Her butt was shaped just perfect, each globe of butt flesh pushed out above her tight tanned thighs. Her legs were perfectly shaped, long tanned with smooth soft skin. She has a deep dark tan that she is very proud of and works hard at keeping it nearly year round.

As they moved the last of his sister's possessions into his house, he began to think of all those sexual fantasies again. It was a warm summer day and Amy wore these sexy tight short beige shorts and a small light blue tank top which exposed alot of cleavage from those great tits of hers. Several times he caught himself behind her, staring at her sexy tight ass as she carried things into his house. His cock was rock hard nearly the whole afternoon.

All afternoon, Amy teased him every fucking chance she got. She must have bent over in front of him, showing that perfect heart shaped ass a dozen times. Each time she gave him the view a little longer or she would lean forward showing plenty of soft tanned tit flesh. A few times he thought he'd cum in his shorts just looking at her sexy young teenage body.

It was near 90 degrees out and Amy's sexy clothes were sticking to every inch of her hot sweated sexy body. As her beige shorts dampened, the sight of her sexy lace panties slightly came into view. You could just see the shape of her sexy pussy mound and as her body cooled from the light summer breeze caressing her glistening sweat covered skin, her huge nipples hardened and pushed through her sheer bra. She was a sexy sight to behold.

After hours of pleasurable sexual torture, they finally got everything moved in and sat down in the living room to relax a bit. He rolled a joint and they toked some and got high together. As they talked and watched TV, he couldn't help looking at her sexy body and imagining her without clothes on. Without thinking, his left hand dropped to his crotch as he lightly and just barely stroked his hard shaft.

Amy noticed what he was doing, she watched out of the corner of her eyes as he slowly and just barely stroked his thick swollen shaft. She smiled and snapped out, bringing him back earth, "Yo Ron, that was some good weed. I really got a buzz from it." In this very sexy tone of voice, she purred, "I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned up." she said as she left the living room and headed upstairs to her bedroom.

"Yeah OK Amy, towels are in the bathroom closet." he replied wondering if she saw him stroking his hard cock.

His mind raced as he thought, man, how was he going to do this? His sister, his

sister mind you, living with him and having to see her incredibly sexy body every day. This was going to be pure sexual torture, but he smiled as he knew he was going to love every second of it. That he was sure of but he wondered just how much of this he could endure.

Amy came bouncing back down the stairs, her dark blue terry cloth robe over her arm and stepped into the bathroom. The bathroom door is one of those folding types with louvers and one of the louvers were missing. If you are real quiet, you can walk right up to the bathroom door and peek in to see inside.

He sat on his chair in the living room, listening to the water start running into the tub when I finally got the nerve to move toward the bathroom door. As he got to the door, he peeked inside and again nearly came in his shorts. Amy had her back to the door and was sliding those damp sexy beige shorts over her perfect ass and down those sexy long tanned legs. She had already removed her tank top and only had her bra on above her waist.

As she bent over to step out of her shorts, he could see her white panty covered pussy mound from behind. God, what a sexy sight to behold. Her panties were one of those sexy boy shorts panties, which exposed over half of each of her tight butt cheeks. There was lace on the edges and sexy stripe lines in between. Very sexy!

He rubbed his hard shaft through his shorts as still with her back to the door, she undid the front clasp of her bra, setting those perfect mounds of tit flesh free. He could see the curvature of each boob as it was exposed at her sides. He felt light headed and dizzy as she slowly slid those sheer sexy panties down over her smooth butt cheeks, down her long legs to the floor. God, his sister was an absolute doll!

Amy knelt down, still with that sweet butt pointing at him, turned off the bath water as he could now see her white pussy mound from behind. He felt cum starting to travel up from within him as her nearly came, he held his cock firmly until the sensation subsided. Unknowing, she gave her brother a perfect view of her sweet ass and pussy from behind, her bikini tan lines encasing her perfect globes of butt flesh.

She then got up and stepped into her hot bubble bath. As she stepped into the tub, he got his first clear fully lighted frontal view of his hot little sister. She had tiny little white patches of skin over both her large breasts and her hot little pussy mound. The mound of her pussy really pushed out from between those sexy hips and thighs. Her sweet pussy lips spread slightly as she stood there in front of his devouring sexually excited eyes.

His heart was pounding as she stood with her perfect tanned body somewhat toward the door and slid down into the steaming hot bubble covered water. He watched her large breasts and nipples, which he found the pale and not tanned sexy skin very arousing compared to the rest of her dark tanned body. She had this small white trangle with thin white tanlines and a sexy light blondish brown racing stripe of pussy hair just above her sexy pouting pussy lips. Her pussy mound was also a pale sexy white void of tan.

As the hottest body he had ever seen in his life slid below the sudsy bubbles, he quietly backed away from the bathroom door and headed upstairs. He had to relieve himself while the visions of what he had just seen were fresh in his mind. His body shuddered as I laid on his bed and shot a huge load of cum high in the air, landing on his upper chest, as he had one of the most intense orgasms of his life once again thinking about his sexy 19 year old sister and her sexy hot bath.

For the next week or so, Amy sexually tormented him by wearing all kinds of sexy attire around the house. Each day she took it a little further, Monday she wore only a sexy light blue tank top and black lace panties as she walked out of her bedroom, down the stairs, into the kitchen, which he could easily see from the living room. She came into the living room, her panty clad butt facing her brother, checked out what was on the tube and then proceded back upstairs to her bedroom.

Tuesday she actually came into the living room after her shower wearing only her robe with nothing but her bare naked teenage body underneath it. His cock was solid in seconds as she bent over for the remote and exposed nearly all of her perfect breasts to his eagerly searching eyes.

Wednesday she pushed it even further by strutting around the house wearing only a matching sheer blue laced bra and thong panty set. He was wearing only a pair of thin grey gym shorts with no underwear underneath and the outline of his

throbbing eight inch thick shaft quickly caught her attention. His sister gave this sly sexy smile as she tried to act nonchalant as she studied the size of her brothers swollen shaft.

It turned her on to know she could make her older brother's cock so hard by wearing such sexy things. Her pussy was moist as her eyes glanced again at his thick stiff cock. She could feel her nipples swelling, pushing through the soft thin material of her lacy bra, her heart pounding with excitement as she walked about the house.

She was driving him wild with sexual arousal, to a point of no return but she was his sister and he knew she was just playing around teasing her older brother. Several times he made comments on how sexy she looked and she better watch out if she kept running around the house that way. She would only laugh and say "Only in your dreams buddy!"

For the next several days, they played this game with her sexually teasing him to death with all kinds of steamy sexy attire. He left for work at 6am and Amy left at 7:30am, so he always went to bed before her. What she didn't realize that with the door to his bedroom angled in just the right way, he could see from his bed, into the full length mirror on the door and right into her bed.

Every night he got to indirectly watch her undress and get into her bed. He stroked his hard shaft to orgasm many times while watching her remove her sexy bras and panties. The one night she actually was caressing and tweaking her swollen hard nipples as he silently groaned and dumped a huge load of hot sticky cum into his sheets.

His hot little teenage sister was driving him wild with lust. Just jerking off was quickly becoming not enough. On this night, thinking he was sleeping, Amy undressed wearing a very sexy black lace bra and panty set. God, she looked so fucking hot as she unclasped her bra, exposing those sexy swollen erect nipples again. He stroked his stiff rod harder as she pulled each nipple and rolled them between her fingertips.

She slowly slid those sheer sexy panties down her smooth perfectly shaped legs and pointed that sweet butt right at him looking in the mirror. Amy then slid into bed, ontop of her sheets, leaned back and spread her sexy legs. He stroked his thick shaft hard and slow, not believing what he was about to see. Amy began to masterbate, very quietly, in the bedroom next to him while he watched her in the long full length dressing mirror mounted on his bedroom door.

He watched for several minutes as his heart pounded heavily while he slowly stroked his thick eight inch shaft. His cock felt harder and thicker than it had ever felt in his life as he watched this young beauty pleasure herself right before his eyes. His head felt light as the blood rushed to the huge purple cock head of his extremely excited body. He was beginning to lose control.

His little sister's sexy mouth was open slightly, eyes closed and head to one side as her left hand caressed her right swollen nipple and her right hand slowly traced circles around her aroused clit. He could just barely see her hard clit sticking up as her fingers pushed it back and forth, between her fingers as her hips wiggled back and forth. She would stick her juice covered fingers in her mouth, wetting them and the go back to rubbing her excited clit and pussy again and again.

Tonight something snapped, he couldn't take just watching and jerking off again. He very quietly slid out of his bed and as if on a cloud, slowly walked toward the sexy young teenage beauty pleasuring herself in the next room, never taking his eyes off her figure in the mirror. He slowly stroked his huge thick cock as he silently walked into his sisters bedroom.

For what felt like minutes, but only seconds, he stood in front of his naked masterbating sister, her eyes closed, not knowing her horny beyond the point of no return brother was watching her as he pulled slow and hard on his blood filled shaft. Amy's orgasm neared as her fingers increased the pressure and pace quickened the sensations on her aroused clit.

Suddenly she felt the presence of being watched and opened her eyes, completely shocked at the sight in front of her. "Ron, what the hell are you doing!" she yelled as she tried to cover herself with the blankets she was lying on.

"Get the fuck out of here!" she blurted out angrily.

With a look of a stranger in his eyes, he quickly jumped on the bed, pinning her down, grabbing her wrists and straddling her hips as she clamped her legs together, "God Amy, you look so fucking hot! You've teased me long enough!" he said as his hard shaft throbbed against her smooth tight tanned belly.

"Get the fuck off me, I'm your sister for christs sake, you fucking asshole! ........What the hell do you think you're doing!" she screamed but he didn't really hear her as he had one thing on his mind, and that was to finally fuck his teasing little teenage sister, NOW!

She pushed and twisted but was unable to free herself from his strong grasp. He held her wrists and shoulders down as he pryed her legs apart with his knees, finally spreading them, working both his knees between them. She felt so exposed as the cool air passed over her excited and soaking wet pussy mound.

"Hold still you fucking little bitch while I give you the fucking you've been asking for all these years." Ron commanded as he moved his hips around until he felt his hard cock pressing at the opening of her tight young cunt.

She tried one last great effort to push him off her but he was too much. She began to cry, begging him not to do this to her, "Please Ron, don't. I'm sorry I teased you but I was just fooling around." she cried out.

"I can't believe you're doing this to me, pleassssssssse stop!" she cried out with tears running from her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up cunt and take what you've been asking for!" he bellowed out as his hard shaft began to spread the slick wet pussy lips of his little sister's sweet tight cunt.

She asked him softly now, "Ron, please stop this. We can't do this, it just isn't right. Ohhhhh my god, Ronnnnnnn!" she gasped out as she felt his thick cock head spreading her open and pushing into her juicy wet pussy.

Ron placed his hand over her mouth, her eyes widened as he pushed his hips forward and slid his long thick shaft inside his sister's tight cunt. He felt this strange sense of power as he forcefully took advantage of his little sister. He reached a point of desire and lust that he didn't care if the sexy body beneath him was his hot little sister. He was finally going to fuck her, fuck her hard and make her pay for all those years of sexual teasing.

Slowly the huge purple cock head disappeared inside his sweet teenage sister's pussy. He rolled his head back and moaned as his shaft slid deep inside one of the hottest and tightest cunts he had ever fucked. As his cock pushed completely into her until it's full length filled her tight cunt, he leaned forward and pressed his body weight against her. He finally had enough and was actually raping, actually fucking his sexy little sister.

"Feels good, don't it bitch!" he moaned softly into her ear as he held her down, his cock now deep inside his sexy young sister's tight little cunt.

Amy couldn't believe what was happening. She felt like she was out of her body looking down at her brother as he raped her. She cursed her body as it began to sexually respond the her brother's thick cock shaft buried deep inside her. Her pussy began to tingle as he slowly began a real slow hard grinding fucking motion, his thick cock moving ever so slow out of her pussy as it grew wetter with her juices.

"That's it Amy, take your big brother's cock. You know you want it, yeah that's it babe. My hard cock finally inside you, it's what you wanted, isn't it?" he moaned in her ear as he fucked his sexy sister slow and hard.

He moved his hand from her mouth as she had her eyes closed, head to one side as he again drove his thick shaft slowly deep inside her tight wet pussy. He could feel her resistance weakening as her body betrayed her and became aroused to the thick muscle working it's way deep inside her. Slowly her hips began to move with his and soon she was pushing her hips up to meet his as he drove his hard thick shaft deep inside her again and again.

"Oh god, yeah, that it sis. Fuck me like I know you want to!" he whispered into her ear.

"God your pussy is sooooooo tight, just like I dreamed it would be." he moaned softly.

The act of rape was passing and now each of their bodies responded to each other sexually in a way only a brother and sister can. Neither of them had ever experienced such hot and intense sex in their lives. The fact that they were committing incest, the greatest taboo, was such an extreme turn-on for both of them. Their bodies tingled all over as the sexual pleasures increased from the hot friction created between them.

Her body was pulsating with a sexual energy like she had never felt before. She could feel the tears drying on her cheeks as her pussy quivered from the penatration of her brother's thick hard shaft. She finally opened her eyes and looked deep into her older brother's eyes. Her mind said she should be screaming at him to get the fuck off her but her heart felt nothing but deep love for her older brother.

She loved her brother so much and could barely comprehend the fact that they were actually making love together. She wondered why they never crossed this forbidden boundry before this night. She thought that maybe all the sexual teasing she put him through was her hidden desire to get him to actually fuck her, drive him beyond his senses until he couldn't take no more, to a point where he would actually RAPE her. Her mind raced all these thoughts as her sexual pleasures built up deep inside her.

As his hard shaft again pushed deep inside her, he ground his pubic bone hard into her aroused clit, sending ripples of sexual pleasure all throughout her teenage body. She moaned out in pleasure as her brother fucked her like no man had ever done before, bringing pleasures beyond those ever felt in her 19 years of life.

God he really knew how to make love to a woman. What a difference compared to the fast sex of her ex-boyfriend, her brother's slow hard grinding consuming pace was driving her wild with sensations she never felt before.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, Ron! Fuck your lil sister real good!" she moaned as she finally gave up any resistance to her brother as he fucked her hard and slow.

"Yeah Amy, that's it. Let go, you love that thick cock inside you! Come on babe, fuck your big brother!" he moaned softly as he released his grip on her wrists, arched his back and held himself up, looking down at his sister's sweet young pussy and watching his juice slickened cock shaft sliding slowly in and out of her tight young pussy.

He watched her large firm breasts jiggle, with pointy swollen erect nipples atop them, as he drove and ground his hard shaft deep inside her tight cunt. She was the most beautiful and sexy sight he ever had laid his eyes on, his sexy little sister who he finally got up enough nerve to RAPE her. He was extremely glad she was responding in a sexually positive way as he continued to slid his swollen shaft between her tight wet pussy lips.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, fuck me big brother!" his sister moaned as she gasped for air as her breathing became heavier as she neared her orgasm.

Feeling his cum beginning to boil, he wasn't ready to cum just yet so he commanded her to turn over as he wanted to take her from behind, doggy-style. He just had to see his cock sliding deep inside her as he held her hips, feel her soft buns against his thighs on each full penetration.

"Amy, roll over and show me that sweet ass of yours. I need to fuck you from behind!" her brother commanded as that was his favorite fucking position.

She obeyed his every command, rolled over and put her face in her pillow. She arched her back and pushed her sweet butt high in the air, spreading her knees giving him full access to her hot pussy from behind. Her tight young cunt was dripping with her juices as she anxiously awaited her brother's thick shaft pushing deep inside her again.

Her wait was short as he positioned himself on his knees behind her, grabbed her left hip with his left hand, his hard cock with his right hand and sought out her wet opening. Slowly she felt the huge cock head pushing deep inside her once again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss! she hissed into her pillow as her brother's thick hard cock spread her open and drove deep inside her now completely willing cunt.

She pushed back hard in time with each of his forward thrusts, feeling his cock penetrate deeper each time. He gripped her hips and pulled her hard back toward his hard shaft as the tempo of their fucking became harder with each thrust. The feeling of her soft butt flesh slapping against his thighs made his cock even harder, as if that was really possible.

"God Amy, you've got the hottest ass I've ever seen!" he panted out as he drove his shaft deep inside her.

She felt proud and smiled with her face in her pillow as her sexy brother complimented her hot teenage body. Her body was beginning to tremble with sexual excitement as she again neared orgasm. He was driving his thick cock deep inside her like a piston inside an engine. Faster and faster, harder and harder until he was ready to cum.

"Roll over Amy, I want to cum on your sexy tits!" he bellowed out. She again quickly obeyed his commands.

As she laid back on her pillows, he straddled her waist and stroked his huge swollen cock pointing it at her gorgeous soft mounds of perfect tit flesh. She locked her eyes on his huge swollen purple cock head as he slowly stroked his hard shaft.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, here it cums Amy!" he groaned out as his shaft erupted.

Seconds later a huge white stream of steamy hot thick cum erupted from that purple cock head and landed from her left cheek down across her neck onto her right breast. Three huge streams of thick white hot cum landed on her face and sweet tits. Even Peter North would have been proud of the cumshots her brother produced. Large pools of hot thick white cum all over her face and the perfect breasts of his sister was a sexy sight he'd never forget.

Amy watched the thick cum erupt from her brother's hard swollen cock head. She was like in a trance, totally amazed so much cum could shoot out from his cock that way. Never in her young life had she seen such an erotic and sexually deviate sight. She thought her brother cumming on her would disgust her, but it turned her on tremendously.

She was so aroused, her heart pounding as without thinking, she found herself rubbing his cum all over her breasts and rolling her erect nipples between her cum slickened fingertips. She squeezed her nipples real hard as she rolled them in her brothers thick cum when suddenly, her body shuddered.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh my god, I'm cummmmmmmmingggggg!" she yelled as her sexual pleasures overflowed from the caresses and attention she paid to her swollen nipples.

Her body stiffened as she shuddered in orgasm, "Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!" she moaned as she passed over the threshold of sexual pleasures from seeing her brother's thick cum shooting all over her tits.

Amy had brought herself to orgasm many times in her life by just caressing her sensitive erect nipples. It was like her nipples were directly linked to her pussy and with the added slick friction created from her brothers cum, the erotic sight in her mind of her brother's huge cock erupting on her, she easily brought herself over the threshold of sexual orgasm.

She closed her eyes, rolled her head back and pushed her hips up pressing her legs tightly together as she shuddered through several waves of strong sexual orgasm. Her pussy gushed hot juices as she trembled and shook all over. Her hips jerked up, down and side to side as she squeezed her hard nipples very hard.

Ron couldn't believe how fucking hot and beautiful his little sister looked as he straddled her body while she shook and writhed through her orgasms. With his cock still hard as ever and dripping with cum, he pushed it up to his sister's sweet soft lips. Her eyes opened as he pushed his cum slickened cock into her mouth.

"Suck my cock clean sis!" he commanded his little sister and she obeyed his every wish.

She sucked his thick shaft a few inches into her mouth, tasting the salty thick goo as it leaked out of his shaft into her mouth. His cock grew thicker as her tongue swirled around his swollen shaft. He moaned out as his sexy sister sucked him dry.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck yeah sis, that's it, suck my cock! Uuuuuuuummmmmmm!" he groaned out.

He was straddling her upper body as she worked her brother's cock in and out between those soft sexy lips. He watched as his thick shaft glided in and out of her hot mouth, her tongue working all around his erect cock. He could still see the globs of thick white cum on her cheeks as he fucked her face. Seconds later, he was ready to cum again.

He pulled his blood engorged shaft from her mouth and commaned her to open her mouth. As she held her mouth open, he felt the cum rushing through his stiff cock one more time. With his cock head inches from her mouth, he shot a thick stream of thick white semen right into her waiting mouth, landing on her tongue. The second stream shot over her tongue, hitting the roof of her mouth, causing her to swallow and close her mouth.

He squeezed his cock hard and milked out more thick cum that dripped onto her soft lips. He took his thick swollen purple cock head and smeared his cum all over her pouting lips. He watched as her tongue cleaned his cum from her lips as she swallowed all she could.

"God sis, that was fucking hot!" he gasped as he fought to catch his breath.

What he wanted now was to taste his sister's sweet young pussy. He slowly moved down her body, spread her legs and put her knees over his shoulders. His face was now just inches away from one of the prettiest and sweetest cunts he ever laid his eyes on. Her pussy was overflowing with her juices, running down to the crack in her butt causing the bed sheets to become wet. He took a deep breath, smelling the strong smell of a woman completely sexually aroused.

Her brother flicked his tongue out, lapping up a good amount of her sweet juices. His cock hardened again as her juices stimulated his arousal once again. Slowly he slid his tongue up and down the sides of her opening, he kissed the insides of her thighs softly.

He licked his sister's pussy for several minutes, until her juices started flowing again. She was starting to moan and breath hard as her pleasure built up again. After several minutes of expert pussy licking from her older brother, he slid up her body, caresed her swollen nipples and once again pushed his thick swollen cock head inside his sister's tight pussy.

For the rest of the night, they fucked in nearly every possible position imaginable. Hours later, they fell asleep in each other's arm, his cock still inside her wet pussy. The next morning, they both called into work sick and jumped into the shower together, his hard shaft once again found it's way deep inside his sister's hot cunt. Their relationship, from that night on, was more like young lustful lovers than that of brother and sister. They would forever be lovers.



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